tagGroup SexLessons Learned Ch. 06

Lessons Learned Ch. 06


Jon opened the door to his hotel room and looked both directions before slipping into the hall. He walked with confidence, the ice bucket in his hand as the plush carpet tickled his bare feet. If one of the chaperones saw him, he would say he was going to get some ice for a soda he'd bought earlier. He couldn't hide the grin on his face, though. He'd won the bet with Sonja and it was time to collect his prize. He looked around once as he neared her partially opened door and then slipped inside without fanfare. The door clicked closed behind him and he turned his head as Tamara waltzed by him.

The tiny blond was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and she did not look at Jon as she stepped into the main part of the room. Jon followed her, leaning against the corner as he took in the scene. He tried to appear self-assured, but he felt his heart rate increasing. Sonja had on a tank top and pink high-cut brief panties. He'd never been with two women at the same time, and despite the fact that the bet he won involved how long he could last while Sonja sucked his cock, he was as excited as a virgin.

Sonja crossed to him. She was a tall, dark beauty. The contrast of her dark skin and Tamara's light complexion was an intoxicating combination. Sonja trailed her fingers over Jon's cheek and leaned forward to kiss his lips. He placed his hand on her hip as he returned the kiss, pushing the tank upward to touch her smooth skin. His palm journeyed toward her firm globes, but she curled her fingers around his wrist, moving his hand away. She broke the kiss. "I make the rules," she stated in a husky voice. "You don't get to touch us until we come to you, and you can only cum once." She reached down and roughly grabbed him through his jeans. He wasn't fully erect but her hand caused him to stiffen. "If you can't follow those rules, you can go back to your room and let your hand take care of this."

She released him and quickly kissed him again before stepping away. "Sit down," she ordered, moving to Tamara. Jon sat down without taking his eyes from the two women. Sonja slid one of her long arms around her girlfriend's slender waist, pulling Tamara against her. Sonja pressed her lips to Tamara's mouth, her tongue dancing along the blonde's lips before slipping inside. Jon's eyes were riveted on the women as Sonja cupped Tamara's small breast through the t-shirt. When the outline of a hard pebble appeared, Sonja bent and sucked it into her mouth through the t-shirt.

Sonja pulled back when the t-shirt was thoroughly wet. She stepped away, pulling her tank top over her head. Tamara smiled hungrily as Sonja returned to sucking her lover's breasts through the t-shirt. Tamara combed her fingers through Sonja's dark hair. She cupped her girlfriend's breasts. Jon watched as Sonja nipples hardened instantly at Tamara's touch.

Sonja's hand rested on Tamara's hip. Her fingers glided upward, pushing the material of the t-shirt away as her fingertips danced over her girlfriend's rib cage. She pushed the shirt over Tamara's small breast, breaking her mouth contact only long enough to reveal the small globe. She immediately latched onto the swollen nipple. Sonja's hand crept southward, slipping into the waistband of Tamara's shorts. Tamara arched into her lover's questing hand and released a small gasp of pleasure.

Jon's cock had hardened. It was pushing his fly outward, the metal teeth straining to stay closed. He took a deep breath, his eyes focused on the two beautiful women standing in front of him. His palms itched to slide over Sonja's firm rump and cup Tamara's small breasts. Instead, his fingers massaged the vinyl of the chair arms. Sonja sank onto one knee, her lips dragging slowly down Tamara's flat stomach. The taller woman pushed the shorts down as her mouth traveled lower. He sat up as Sonja revealed her girlfriend's blond curls. She glanced at him and grinned teasingly before extending her tongue and dragging the tip through the forest of curls. She slipped her tongue between Tamara's pink lips and the small blonde arched her back and released a low moan that sent shivers through Jon. His fingernails cut into the vinyl as the urge to free his throbbing erection overtook him.

Tamara fell back on the bed, her legs opening wider for her lover's hungry mouth. Sonja slid her arms beneath Tamara's legs as she delved deeper into the small woman's warmth. Sweat beaded on Jon's forehead and upper lip. His breathing was shallow, matching Tamara's frantic panting. Her firm breasts were rising and falling as her head tossed from side-to-side on the cover of the bed. Her fingers were combing through Sonja's thick hair. Her voice was a constant song now. She was pleading for the pleasure to continue and to end in one breath. Sonja did not relent in her attack. Jon knew how powerful and talented her mouth was. He could still feel the lips wrapped around his shaft and the tongue swirling languidly as she swallowed his stiff cock.

The image of Sonja's mouth buried in Miss Moyers' pussy suddenly flashed over him. He knew the teacher he had been fucking all semester would not tell him no to anything he desired. He had total control of her. She was afraid she would lose her job if anyone found out about their relationship. The relationship had moved beyond blackmail now, though. He was confident that she was addicted to him. Sonja had said she wouldn't mind a piece of Miss Moyers, so he didn't think he would have any trouble convincing his friend to participate.

"Fuck," he growled as the image almost pushed him over the top. Tamara lifted off the bed as Sonja's tongue carried her over the top. The wave crashed and she cried out her pleasure. "Fuck," he said again, closing his eyes to the image. He inhaled deeply, holding his breath as he attempted to gain control of his body. When he finally opened his eyes, Sonja was looking at him. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Tamara was a puddle on the bed.

Sonja rose from her knees in a fluid motion. Jon forced himself to relax as she shimmied out of her pink briefs. He allowed his eyes to travel leisurely over her full breasts and slim waist. Her mound was shaven except for a small patch of dark hair at the top of her slit. He could see her lips glistening as she glided toward him. He reached out as she came closer, laying his hand on her thigh. He sat up, gliding his hand over her smooth skin. He leaned forward, kissing her flat stomach as his hand snaked between her legs. His fingertips danced against her wet lips, teasing her opening as he licked each of her nipples.

She reached down to grip his erection and used it to pull him to his feet. He went willingly, not wanting her to apply too much pressure to his sensitive instrument. She said he could stay until he came and he had every intention of being inside both girls. He needed to keep the stimulation to a minimum if he was going to last that long. Sonja seemed to sense his desire for little contact, because she was vigorously massaging him through the rough denim of his jeans. "No fair," he managed to whisper and she chuckled, lowering the zipper and opening the fly.

The release eased some of the tension. He exhaled slowly as the purple head peeked out of the open V. Sonja pulled his shirt over his head. She used her fingernails to scratch down his chest, pausing to tease his hard, flat nipples. His hands cupped her large breasts as she continued exploring. They were soft and full as he squeezed gently and then pinched her nipples and tugged lightly. He bent his head to suck one breast into his mouth as his free hand slipped downward to cup her warm, damp mound.

He slipped his middle finger between her slick lips, trying not to think how easily his cock would slide into her. He searched and found the hard nub buried in her folds and began rotating his finger against it. Sonja's fingers dug into Jon's hair as she released a moan of pleasure. He quickened his movements, wanting to push Sonja to the top. If he could exhaust the two women before he came, he could prolong the experience. He also hoped to bring them enough pleasure that they might change the rules.

He switched his attention to her other breast, his tongue swimming over her nipple, squeezing the hard button between his tongue and the roof of her mouth. He changed the position of her hand, using his thumb to massage her clit as he pushed two fingers into her canal. Her body shuddered and her hips rocked into his thrust.

Some part of his mind was aware of his jeans pooling at his feet, but it wasn't until a tongue began licking his thighs that he remembered there was another woman in the room. Tamara was on her knees, wedging herself between him and Sonja, and bathing his thighs and pelvis and stomach with her long tongue. Her tongue moved up his body in long licks.

Jon's breathing quickened and he began twisting his hips in an effort to bring his fully erect manhood into contact with her lapping tongue. It was not hard for Tamara to avoid him. Sonja bit his neck and began sucking as his fingers sawed in and out of her. She growled low in her throat, her hips thrusting violently. She scratched his skin and brought blood with her teeth as she pulled away from him to throw her head back and howled at the ceiling. He felt her flood his hand as she crashed into the stratosphere.

He didn't have time to enjoy his victory over Sonja's body as Tamara increased the intensity of her attack. Her tongue had moved between his legs and was rubbing his heavy balls. "That's right," he muttered, hands on his hips, feet apart, allowing her full access. Her could feel the warmth of her skin and breath on his stiff cock, but tried to think of something else. When he could take no more, he reached down to pull her up, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth, swirling inside to taste her as he maneuvered her body in front of him. He reached down to tease her with his fingers but knew he couldn't take the time with her that he had with Sonja. His body was begging to be buried in either of the women.

He lifted Tamara's small body with his strong arms, his hands on her firm ass. She wrapped her legs around him as he lowered her onto his thick shaft. He slid until he was buried to the hilt, his throbbing cock surrounded by tight, hot muscles. He stepped forward and laid her back on the bed, placing his hands on either side of her head so that he was in the best position to piston in and out of her.

Her muscles gripped him. Her ankles linked behind him locked him in place as he drove fiercely into her over and over, each deep thrust punctuated by a deep grunt. He had lost his resolve to hold off as long as he could. His body was in charge as he slammed into her again and again. He felt lips against his and opened his eyes as Sonja climbed onto the bed. She was facing him, her knees on either side of Tamara's head. Tamara lifted her head, extending her tongue to begin licking her lover's clit.

Sonja's tongue tangled with his as Tamara teased her and she moaned into his mouth. The tall, dark girl made her way down his body, licking his hard nipples, his flat stomach, and dipping into his navel. He felt the tip of her tongue against his thrusting cock as she buried her face in her lover's mound. Each time she licked Tamara's clit, her tongue rubbed against his thick, hard manhood. "No fair," he mumbled. "Ahh, fuck. Fuck."

The last word was a low, long moan as he spurted inside Tamara. "Fuck!" he barked, his hips slapping hard and uncontrollably. He felt long threads unravel as his body jerked stiff. Sonja's tongue did not relent in its assault on Tamara's clit so he kept thrusting, hoping neither woman had noticed that he had cum. Sonja had said the threesome would stop the moment he came, and he didn't want it to end.

He leaned back so he could watch the two women. Sonja was bent over Tamara's body, her hips gyrating as she rode her small lover's face. They were both totally enraptured with each other and Jon did not lose his erection. He started pounding hard and fast again, feeling Tamara's quivering pussy muscles and Sonja's tongue against his shaft.

The duel sensations caused Tamara to slip first. She screamed into Sonja's pussy, the sound muffled by her lover's skin. He scream sent Sonja over the top and she howled. Jon let himself go, shooting into Tamara's pussy again. The trio was trapped in an endless cycle of trembling lust and delight. When Jon came back to his senses, he was laying back on the bed. Tamara was asleep on one side of him. Sonja lay on her side on the other, her hand wrapped around his flaccid prick and stroking it slowly up and down. "You were a bad boy, weren't you, Jon?" she whispered in his ear. "You kept fucking my girlfriend after you came. That was against the rules."

The steady motion of her hand had him beginning to stiffen again. He hesitated to answer, unsure of Sonja's intentions. "What are you going to do about it?" he asked, attempting to hide the tremble from his voice.

She smiled slowly. "Bad boys need to be punished."

He was standing at attention again, but she didn't seem to notice. She was still stroking him casually, admiring his girth and length. "Are you going to spank me?" He grinned playfully. "Or just spank little Jon?"

"Not so little. Must be uncomfortable when it's hard and there's no soft pussy or wet mouth to put it in."

"Little Jon is the bad boy. He's the one that needs to be punished."

"Oh, he will be." Her hand fell away and she rolled away. "You can go now. I want to fuck my girlfriend again and then go to sleep wrapped around her."

"What about my punishment?"

Her chuckle gave him chills. "The punishment begins now, and part of the punishment is not knowing what it's going to be or when it's going to come. Rest well, Jon."

She turned away from him, effectively ending their evening. She rolled toward Tamara and began lathering attention on her girlfriend's breasts. He reluctantly put on his jeans, struggling to pull the zipper over his erection. He peeked into the hallway, making certain it was clear of any teachers, before slipping out. A glance over his shoulder before the door closed gave him a glimpse of Tamara gripping the headboard in her hands, her legs draped over Sonja's shoulders and Sonja's bare ass in the air. It took all of his resolve not to go back in and take Sonja from behind while she tongue fucked Tamara. However, she had indicated that he would get to sample her again. He didn't want to push his luck, so he hurried back to the room he shared with his best friend. Without answering any questions, he stepped into the bathroom, turned on the cold water in the shower, and jacked off thinking about all the different punishments Sonja might have in mind.

He fell asleep with a smile on his face, thinking about the second part of the bet and when he would claim the prize of his best friend's girlfriend.

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