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Let It Snow


It was the evening before Christmas Eve when he rushed through the city after work. As usual the city streets were crowded and people were hurrying along the snow covered sidewalks. All the shop windows were filled with shining lights and glittering Christmas decoration, and from the speakers the sound of the familiar carols almost managed to cover the loud shouts of the salesmen in front of the shops who were trying to get the attention of the desperate last-minute buyers.

"Fortunately I do not need to buy any more presents" he thought with a relieved smile and continued his way through town, glancing at a shop window here and there without major interest. But then, all of a sudden, he stopped... without noticing he had come to the exclusive lingerie store he sometimes couldn't resist of looking into the luxurious shop windows. But today there was for sure a "Christmas Special" to be seen.

A young pretty girl was seemingly getting one of the displayed dessous from the window to show to a customer. Accordingly to the season, she was wearing a rather daring basque and very short swinging skirt made of fiery red lacquer material trimmed with white fur. To complete the outfit, she was wearing thigh high, high heeled red boots with a white fur trimming on top, and as she now bent over to pick the desired piece of lacy material the little swaying skirt displayed a delightful sigh of black stocking tops and suspenders. This was all the invitation he needed – he had got presents for everyone else, he thought, why not make himself one of the finest presents? With the thought in his mind and a smile on his handsome face he entered the inviting warmth of the boutique.

A little soft chime of the bells above the door indicated the new customer, and only a moment later he faced the "Christmas Elf" he had seen in the shop window a second ago. With a sweet smile and a mischievous sparkle her blue eyes fixed his and she asked "May I help you, Sir? Anything special I can show you?" For a moment he thought that yes, indeed, there were quite a few things this "Angel" could show him ... but in the last moment he got back his control and told the girl that he was looking for a Christmas present and if she could show him something ... She took his hesitation for a sign of mild embarrassment, as so many male customers showed when finding themselves in a shop filled with exquisite female lingerie, and so she offered: "If you like Sir, we have private show rooms for our good customers, if you would please follow me..." and with an inviting gesture and a even more inviting sway of her hips she turned around, sending the little red fur trimmed skirt into a swirl to reveal once again a tasty bit of stocking top. The little steps she took fully underlined her slim waist and full round hips, the long firm legs in the high heeled boots bending and stretching delightfully.

He thoroughly enjoyed the view of the swaying white fur, hiding and revealing stocking tops with each sway of her hips as she walked in front of him to the back of the shop and then stopped to open one of three doors, indicating that he should enter. The little room was hosting two comfortable chairs and a little table with a tray of assorted spirits, in the rear there was a paravant who would allow the model to change and show the precious goods the shop had to offer to the fullest advantage. He took a seat and silently praised the Christmas Spirits for this chance to relax and enjoy the moment, being able to hide behind the excuse of shopping for a last minute present.

"Would you like a drink Sir?" The still nameless Christmas angel stood in front of him and her smile would have turned every snowman into a puddle in moments. "My name is Lara. Now, what can I show you, Sir?" He took a deep breath , and once again had to concentrate to not tell her what he really wanted to see right now ... "Hmmmm – I need a Christmas present for a Lady, about your size and age ... so maybe it would be best if you suggested something, Lara.... what would make your eyes sparkle with joy when unwrapping it under the Christmas tree my dear?" He fought hard to hold back a chuckle when he saw her eyes beam with excitement and couldn't suppress the tantalising mental picture of unwrapping this little one under the Christmas tree for his own delight. She had rushed out of the little dressing room with another swirl of red and white and hints of black silky nylons to only return a moment later with a bundle of lacy and silky material piled high on her arms. He was amused to see the glow on her cheeks and with a sigh figured that this trip would become an expensive one.

Only a little later she stepped out from behind the paravant again, now dressed all in white, like a snow flake she danced through the room on the matching high heels she had put on to complete the ensamble of lace and satin. The dress she was wearing was of semi-transparent white Chiffon, with a lacy stripe worked underneath where her hard nipples were peaking out treacherously, the skirt allowing a misty view on the lace panties and the matching suspenders underneath that held the finest nylons with a lace trimmed top. She gracefully paraded in front of him, up and down, her knees, calves and ankles bending and stretching delightfully with each little step that sent her hips into a swaying motion. As she stood right before him, she quickly spun around herself, thus causing the light material to fly high around her hips, displaying her firm thighs and buttocks. He felt quite warm now, not quite sure whether to blame it on the heat in the room or the little one there in front of him... after some more parading up and down she turned around and said "Sir, may I now show you my personal favourite?" Yes please, Lara .... " and with a giggle she once again disappeared behind the paravant, from where he could hear the characteristic soft rustle of silk and satin, nylons and lace in motion.

"The little vixen sure knows what she is doing – taking her time and all..." he thought amused. And then he watched completely fascinated, as one long leg appeared from behind the screen, scandalously high heels, shimmering black nylons fine as spider webs ... and a seemingly endless firm thigh before then finally the rest of her appeared. Clad all in black this time, she had completely lost the innocent or angelic look from the white she was wearing before – now she reminded him of a dangerous wild cat that needed to be tamed. He looked at her, surprised about the change.

Her short blonde hair was combed back, around her neck she wore a tight black velvet collar studded with little sparkling gemstones. The top she was wearing revealed an abundant amount of cleavage, her ample breasts pushed high in the tight-bound basque she was wearing seemed to challenge the material that held them captive. The very short skirt hardly covered her buttocks and were obviously not intended to even reach the stocking tops, plain black, that were held up by the suspenders. For a moment the picture of her being a big black cat crawling at his feet, held by a diamond-studded leather collar around her neck, controlled by a strong chain in his hand sneaked before his eyes and he had to shift in his chair to not reveal too clearly the bulge in his pants.

He tried hard to gain his composure again and to calm himself he said "Lara, would you please pour me another drink?"

"Of course, Sir, immediately..." she answered, but he could tell she was not really in a rush to do so... her swaying hips and little steps spoke a clear enough language of seduction he though – and then he smiled "Let me see" he placed a bet with himself "how far she is going to take it..." Now she had reached him and standing only a fraction away from him she bent over to take the bottle from the table to pour him another drink. Oooops... she had dropped the lid... right in front of him, her back towards where he was sitting , she bent down. Her legs slightly apart with straight knees and delicately balancing on the extremely high heels, she reached down to grab the lost piece, thus revealing for him her firm round buttocks and the black suspenders that led down to the stocking tops. To make this sigh perfect he now noticed the seams on the stockings she was wearing. He drank in this sight – and too fast for him she had captured the bottle lid and picked it up.

Looking up from her bent over position, she smiled at him, once again reminding him of a feline that tremendously enjoyed playing with its prey, and tossed the lid into his lap. Her hands now free again, she took a lot of time to stand straight again, while her hands straightened and caressed the smooth soft nylon that covered her long legs. "Sir, would this be something the Lady you want the present for could enjoy?" she asked. And coming now very close to him, she provocatively raised one leg and placed the high heeled foot right between his legs on the chair he was sitting on. Brazenly she then took his hand and placed it on her thigh "Sir, feel this material – I know these stockings are quite expensive, but they are sooooo soft and smooth .... " she led his hand up and down over her leg. "Sir, please touch this material – I am sure every women would be captured by the feel of this sheer silk on her skin, Sir....."

He felt the bulge in his pants grow painful and he knew that he either had to leave immediately or drag the little vixen into his lap on the spot. He knew the latter was completely impossible, so he took his hands of her and raised from his seat. "Thank you Lara, I think you have convinced me and I have made my choice" he said. She tried to smile, but her eyes and full ruby lips were pouting as she said "I am glad you found something you like for your Lady", the accent she had put to it making it more than obvious that she had hoped he would find her more interesting than the garments she was wearing. He chuckled – she was lovely he though, if only she knew how close he had been to make her his right there on the spot, and he was reluctant to loose this completely unexpected Christmas Present out of sight so soon again. "Mhhhhh – yes, Lara, I think you are right... and I think the Lady in question will be very pleased about this present. Listen – I guess you are much better at wrapping up these things as nice parcels."

"Oh yes Sir, no problem at all... since it is rather late today already and the wrapping up will take some time, how about you leave your name and address and I will deliver it tomorrow after work on my way home?" He could tell by the sparkle in her eyes and by the pouting lips that she was eager and willing to please him and that was exactly what he wanted. She was delightful – and he finally felt the Christmas Spirit he had been missing all day. When she came to the front, once again looking the sweetest Christmas Elf he could imagine in her red little dress and the fur trimmed high boots – he followed her to the cash register. "Very well , Lara, here my address – I hope you will bring some time so I can thank you for your assistance tonight...."

With a happy smile and a merry tune on his lips he left the shop – and even the tremendous bill for such a tiny bit of material had not managed to influence his mood at all .... he knew that this Christmas present, once unwrapped by Lara the next day, would only be the wrapping for his Christmas present a little later ....

* * * * * * * * ° ° ° * * * * * * * *

Christmas Eve dawned as a cold and gray morning. He opened his eyes and with a content sigh noticed it was still early – too early to get up. Although his cock seemed to have a different idea about "getting up" he mused as he realized he was idly stroking his meat. Immediately his thoughts drifted back to the previous evening – to the little Christmas Elf that so delightfully had put him into the joyful spirit the season required.

His hand slowly pumped his hard shaft as he recalled the intriguing pictures of her long slender legs disappearing under the fur lined little red skirt. Lara, yes, Lara was her name … and if he had any say in this, she would be his Lara tonight. With increasing speed and pressure his hands slid up and down on his cock as the memories of her parading before him fanned his lust, her cute round globes right in front of him as she had bent over to pick up the lid of the bottle, her mischievously twinkling eyes as she sent him those glances full of unspoken promises … with a moan he felt his balls tighten and his juices rise as a final picture of her pouting full lips closing around his raging hard-on sent him over the edge. With a moan he allowed himself to drift off into another pleasant dream as the waves of his orgasm slowly ebbed.

When finally his radio alarm went off he didn't get up immediately – "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ….", a song that never ceased to put him into a good mood was just the perfect way to start this special day. Although he had been sleeping for another hour the light that filtered through the closed shutters seemed still weak and ghostly. With a sigh he flipped back the covers and felt his nipples harden when a shiver ran through his body as his bare feet touched the cold tiles, reminding him of the season. He finally opened the shutters to greet a day that he hoped would become special and couldn't suppress a gasp when he noticed that over night the world had been covered in a blanket of virgin fluffy white.

After he had taken a shower and getting dressed he felt a tingle of anticipation course through his body … and all of a sudden he realized that his Christmas preparations would never suffice now with his so delightfully changed plans for the evening. While he was thinking hard about what he would still need to get done he watched the snow flakes dance outside the window. It didn't take him long to finish his coffee and write his shopping list and soon he was on the way to the garage.

While his tires painted zigzag patterns into the untouched snow in his driveway he imagined Lara's little face, her cheeks glowing with anticipation and her eyes shining with passion – hopefully while in his arms. The windshield wipers were busy fighting the big fluffy snow flakes that seemed to wrap the whole world into a white fluffy blanket… and from the car stereo sounded the familiar sound of "Let it snow. Let it snow, let it snow …" and he couldn't help humming along with a big smile on his face and a warm glow in his heart.

When he pulled into the parking lot of the shopping center the usual chaos of last minute shopping engulfed him – but although he had to circle the lot twice before spotting a free spot to park he never felt the tension and aggression well up he usually would be feeling under similar circumstances. Instead – he kept humming and whistling along the tunes from the radio, Christmas carols most of them. Finally he pulled the keys out of the ignition and pulled up the collar of his jacket before he squeezed his body out of the car, unable to open the door any further. Immediately the falling snow settled on his hair, leaving a wet sheen and giving him a rebel look.

He hurried through the crowds and soon his shopping cart filled with all the good things of life – there was a fresh, still warm Baguette, the last one of a load that had just come out of the oven, there were marinated slices of chicken breast, there was smoked salmon .. and then there were two lobster tails. Sure, they were frozen but there were no others available and somehow he felt that this Christmas Eve would be special and needed a frame that was slightly out of the ordinary. When he already strolled towards the cashier all of a sudden he recalled a line from the song that seemed to accompany him all day: "…and I brought some corn for popping..." With a smile he turned his cart and hurried through the aisles till he found the pop corn, picturing Lara giggle as they prepared the hot sweet fluffs and how he would put it into her mouth, her little tongue licking the melted butter from his fingers afterwards.

Again he made his way to the cash register and this time left the shop with a big bag under his arm. Through the dense snow flurry he fought the way to his car and happily dropped the goods in the rear seat before sliding behind the steering wheel again, brushing the snow flakes from his shoulders. Without too much traffic he made it back home, and then hurried into the kitchen to prepare his improvised feast, happily humming "Let it snow …."

It was around 3 in the afternoon when he had everything ready, his hair was combed for the twentieth time and he had checked and adjusted the collar of his dark turtleneck sweater every ten minutes. He had brought up the best wine he had found in his cellar and put a bottle of his best Champagne on ice. The scent of cinnamon and pine drifted through the rooms and the Christmas CD he had just bought supplied the necessary romantic atmosphere he hoped would make his Christmas Elf stay for a while… if not forever.

The snow was falling with unbroken vigour and he started to worry about Lara. Maybe she had decided to not make this special delivery after work – when was the shop supposed to close today? At two, at three or was she working late? Naa, she would be coming – he couldn't have been mistaken – it was a mutual attraction they had felt, he was sure of this. Another hour passed but still no trace of Lara. He started to feel preoccupied – what if he had been wrong the previous evening? Reading feelings in her incredible eyes that had never been there? He sighed and poured himself a glass of the mulled wine he had prepared – she would be cold and it was a good excuse to ask her in at first … then he turned on the TV to distract himself, and there it was again "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow", Doris Day was singing and he felt a strange reassurance from the old movie – everything would be just fine, romance and love were still in this world.

The Winter Wonder World outside started to darken – and he stood at the window, watching the hundreds, thousands of lights come on in the neighborhood… and then he spotted a little figure at the end of the street, looking around, obviously seeking something. A strand of light blond hair peeking our from under her red fur trimmed cap – and he felt his hear miss a beat – she was coming – finally!

He hurried to the bathroom, again combing his hair – straightening his sweater and pants, and then he hurried to the door, taking another deep breath. Only a second later he heard the door bell announce his visitor and while slowly counting to ten to not seem over-anxious he desperately tried to steady his breathing. And then he opened the door and stared – stared into the biggest bluest sparkling eyes he ever remembered having seen … Her breath caused little clouds in the cold evening air when she smiled and said "Good evening Mr. Gordon, I wish you a Merry Christmas and I am very sorry for bringing your parcel that late, but the shop was busy until the last minute and then with the heavy snow the bus was late… I hope the late delivery didn't cause you any inconvenience Sir!"

He drank in the moment – her face with the shining red cheeks, the little snow stars that kept falling and now and then rested a heartbeat on her long eye lashes before melting to little sparkling watery ornaments – and her eyes, her eyes shone brighter than the illumination of the whole street … it took him a second to realize she had stopped talking and was smiling at him, awaiting his answer. Apologetically clearing his throat he replied: "Merry Christmas to you too, Lara. And no, it didn't cause me any inconvenience, on the contrary – please, come in and warm up, I am really feeling awful now for having made you come out here in this weather." He took her arm and guided her inside, not giving her a chance to refuse his offer.

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