tagInterracial LoveLet Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 04

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 04


Dominique was actually a little shocked by how much fun she was having with everyone, including Candy. She didn't let anything between her and Nik hinder her from being all over him and playing touch-football with everyone but Katrina. Candy decided to have the wedding there and Dominique put on a fake smile as she made notes in her planner. What shocked Dominique more was the permanent smile that she had every since she showed up. Nik was actually playing along nicely and she allowed herself to fall into the lie briefly, despite what happened the other night.

As everyone was leaving, Nik followed Dominique to her car in silence, which was killing him. Just a few minutes ago, she looked so free and happy, like she enjoyed herself and now; it was back to the old Dominique. He liked seeing her with that smile on her face, it did something to him. He felt like a heel every time he thought about her finding out his full name. He needed to explain it to her, but he could barely explain it to himself.

"Dominique, I'm glad that you came." He finally said and she nodded, not even glancing his way. He needed to get this out. He grabbed her arm and turned her towards him, "Look, we need to talk about the other night." She stuffed her hands in her pockets, staring back at him, "The reason why I didn't tell you about me being Batista is not the reason you think it is. I mean, I'm not ashamed to admit it; I may have a little problem with commitment. When that old woman said something about I would meet the person I was supposed to be with, I was a little skeptically, but intrigued. Then when I saw it was you, I got a little scared. Hell, your little pack of friends already claimed two of mine." He chuckled lightly and she couldn't help but to return that smile, "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you earlier, but I didn't do in an attempt to make me look like a hero or anything like that. I mean, look at me, I don't have to play any games." He said flashing his killer smile.

Dominique just shook her head, "That almost sounded sincere until that last part, but I believe you. I shouldn't have gotten upset like that especially with everything that I'm making you do for me right now."

"Did what happened inspire your outfit today? Because I have to tell you, you look smoking hot in jeans." He said noticeably checking her out.

"Nik, please. I just thought that I would be a little presentable today."

"Well, I like it and it seems that your boy toy is watching too." Nik said briefly looking off.

"Are you serious? He is like watching us, right now? With Candy watching?"

"I don't think she is paying attention; she is talking to Jade right now."

"Oh, wow." The smile that spread across her face made Nik jealous a little, "So, what should we do about that?"

"Well, I think the way we are standing and looking at each other is making it look like there's a little trouble in paradise, so" he hinted pulling her closer to him as his body heat instantly relaxed her, "we should make a good show, huh?" he whispered before kissing her softly, feeling her body rest against his.

He always knew how to make her melt, she thought bitterly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He grabbed a hold of her hips, drawing her closer to him as he pushed his tongue into her willing mouth. She didn't want to make this a habit that every time he touched her, she would forget why she was mad at him. She pulled away briefly, but he quickly closed the gap again with a bold urgency that she never felt from him before that made her knees buckle.

"Are you trying to make this look really good?" she whispered against his lips.

"Well, I always have been known for being a good actor. Plus there maybe a possibility that I miss your lips." He said and she shook her head stepping away from him as he laughed.

"Why do you have to play like that?"

"I'm not playing, but I do have a favor to ask and it's slightly big. I need your help."

"Oh, you need my help for a change? What's going on?"

"Remember I told you my father is retiring and they are having a big party for that and my parent's anniversary?" she nodded, "I was wondering if you would come with me."

"Wait. You want me to pretend to be your girlfriend to your family? No, I can't lie to your family."

"You are not lying and you don't have to pretend. Look, my big mouth sister, Ama, told my mother that you were over at my house and I was cooking for you, so she wants to meet you."

"Just because you cooked dinner and I happened to be there? What's the big deal?"

"I told you Dominique, I don't do that for everyone and apparently, my family knows that so she wants to see you. I told her I would ask and see if you want to go."

Dominique frowned, wondering if he even wanted her there, "You don't sound too excited about me being there."

He instantly shook his head, "No, it's not that. It's just I don't want my family to make a big deal out of this and I have a feeling that they are."

"Why do you say that? I'm sure you have brought plenty of girls home to meet your parents." There was a brief silence before he slowly shook his head, "None? At all? I'm the first?" he nodded, "I don't like this no more." She said suddenly loosing her breath.

"Come on Dominique, I know it sounds a little overwhelming but it will be alright. I already told them that you are my friend so nothing is going on between us."

"You are bringing me to meet them? I am the first girl that you are bringing over there; how could they not think that something is not going on between us."

"Dominique, come on now. You can go and have fun with some Italians. That and if you tell boy toy over there that I went to see my parents and you didn't, he could think that something was suspicious." He hoped that he had roped her with that last statement.

She took a long sigh, trying to think of something to say but in reality, he had a point, "If I do this, then this whole I do what you say when you say it thing is over. Deal?" Damn, he thought to himself, "Deal." He reluctantly said, "Do we seal the deal with a kiss."

"You already had your kiss, buddy." She said folding he arms, "So, when do we leave, so I can arrange some things in my schedule."

"You can't just go on a vacation and enjoy it, can you?"

"I do sometimes, but this is going to be different. You said you don't live far from here?"

"Yea, maybe five hour drive from here. It's by the coast and the weather is going to be real nice, so wear more jeans." He said giving her another look.

"Nik, stop being such an ass." She said feeling hot under his glare.

"Well, just my opinion," He nodded, "but really, I do like what you are wearing." He ended by pulling her close to him, wrapping his arm around her lower back.

"Well thank you very much and no I didn't wear it for you." She said trying to put some distance between them by placing her hand on his chest.

She tried not to stare into those sensual eyes that held so many promises. She had to admit that the connection was getting more intense at times but she didn't pull away. There was that girlie side of her that always snuck in and enjoyed the extra attention. She could allow herself to feel desirable for little bit.

"Hey you two, you thought about getting a room." They both turned and saw Jason standing behind her.

"Hey, what's going on?" she said turning in Nik's embrace.

"I was just wondering if something was wrong; you two have been standing around here for a while."

"We are just enjoying the scenery." Nik smiled, laying his chin on her shoulder.

"Actually, we were talking about plans for this weekend."

"Oh, well I was going to see if you wanted to hang out a little this weekend. I have some spare time and Candy is flying out to New York to try on a couple of dresses." He was alone, she thought smiling to herself.

The moment Dominique finally waited for; he was going to be alone for the weekend and she could really win him over, "Um, I could possibly do that. I will let you know." She said and instantly felt the hold around her waist loosen.

"Alright, I will give you a call." He smiled, "Hey man, no hard feelings about earlier. I just worry about her sometimes."

"That's sweet man, it really is, but it's not your job to worry about her. Anyway, I'll catch you later, baby." He said moving away from her and heading over to his car.

Dominique's brow wrinkled in confusion at Nik's sudden outburst. It wasn't till he got to his car that she put it all together and she felt like slapping herself across the face. What could be going through Nik's mind since she just told Jason that there was a possibility that they will see each other this weekend? Well, he should understand, right? That was the whole point of them pretending to be together, but she still felt like a first class heel. She watched him burn rubber down the street, leaving her standing there with her thoughts.

The next day, she was pacing her apartment rationalizing with herself on what she wanted to do. She already promised Nik that she would go, but she couldn't miss this opportunity to be alone with Jason. Little miss perfect is going away for the weekend and she could have him all to herself, but for some reason the thought didn't really appease her now. The worst part was that she has been trying to call Nik and he hasn't picked up his phone. How did it go from her being mad at him to him being mad at her? She was about to go to the kitchen when she heard the door bell. Must be one of her friends, she thought as she went to answer the door.

"Hello ma'am, I'm from the phone company and I'm just here to check your phone since you haven't called your younger brother." She looked up and saw Taro standing there.

"Very funny." She said shaking her head and walking away from him.

"So, what's up? You don't want to call me or is it that you are too busy?" he said showing off his cute boyish smile that made girls swoon.

She always thought her brother was adorable in his own little way. He was a little taller than Dominique, but inherited his father's looks. She remembered that people use to always compare him to Jet Li, but he would just laugh that off. In truth he really does and she couldn't quite understand why he was still single, other than being picky. Taro was more of a skater guy, she tried to make him look more professional but, he wasn't having that. He liked to be comfortable but still be in designer clothes. He has his own house and owns a successful photography business. She remembered the last relationship he had was eight months ago.

"Um, I have been a little preoccupied." She said plopping down on the couch.

"That doesn't mean that you cut me out. What's going on little sister? How is the book?" he said walking around the place, a little habit he always had when he comes here.

"It's going good. It should be released in a couple of months."

"How is Katrina?" he said with a little smile and she just shook her head.

"She is still married, pregnant, and happy." She listed.

"So, are you pretty much saying that I have no shot?"

"In the long run, yes; me, on the other hand, I am confused."

"Well that's normal." He said sitting next to her as she looked at him up and down, "What's going on?"

"Jason is in town and he is getting married." She sighed.

"Jason? Isn't that the guy you had a huge crush on when we were little?"

"Yes, it is and I think I started something in my haste to get him back."

She went through the whole story of how she got Nik into this and everything that she had planned, leaving out the deal her and Nik made. After she was done with the story, Taro just sat there staring at her.

"Wow, I'm shocked. I didn't know you had that kind of deviousness inside of you." He said with a hint of a smile.

"I know, I feel terrible about hurting Nik's feelings like that, but I don't want to miss this chance with Jason."

"I'm still shocked. Dominique, why are you going after a man that's not yours? You are so much better than that."

"It's not that I'm going after him and besides, he was mine first." She pouted.

"No, he wasn't. Ya'll have always been just friends and you haven't made any moves on him. Now you brought this other guy in the mix."

"Why do you have to make me feel worse than I already do? Besides, I think me and Jason will be great together."

"Okay sis, let me ask you, would you want me to lie to you or tell you honestly what I think?"

"I'm scared to hear what you think."

"I think you should go with this Nik guy. He sounds like he doesn't ask for much and that he could be feeling you a little bit." He nodded pulling his skull cap further down his head.

"You just don't know Nik. I mean he is the typical player and wants a different girl every night."

"If that was so true, why is he wasting so much time with you? If he can truly have any woman he wants, why hasn't he used his gifts on other women since you two have been pretending?" Dominique swallowed hard, running her fingers through her hair.

She wouldn't admit it but he somewhat had a point, "I thought I had the degree in therapy and you are here trying to counsel me."

"Hey, what can I say?" he shrugged, "I'm multi-talented. Now, let me give you a deciding factor before you do this: do you like Nik?" he asked and Dominique nibbled on her lower lip considering the question that she has asked herself several times. After all her emotional meltdowns that she put Nik through, she should do something for him, right?

The next day, Dominique hurried out of bed and jogged her mile and half on the treadmill. She hadn't contacted Nik with what she decided to do about today. She was stepping out of her normal comfort zone, but hell, why not for just once. She did hear that he was leaving around ten so she hurried and threw on a turquoise flowing summer halter dress and denim jacket. Well, here goes everything, Dominique thought to herself as she looked in the mirror one more time before grabbing her bag and heading out the door. She was taking a risk assuming that Nik hadn't left yet, but she had to have some sort of hope. She was about to knock on the door but jumped back when it swung open and Nik was standing there with his own bags and Armani dark shades on. Her eyes scanned the rest of his body in a black button down shirt with dark blue jeans that fit him very nicely especially around his thighs. For someone on a cop's salary, he sure can dress. She shook her head and looked back into his covered eyes.

"What are you doing here?" he asked not even bothering to remove his shades.

"Well, I made a promise to you about going to see your family and I don't break my promises; most of them."

"What about lawyer boy?" he quickly asked.

"I already told him I have plans with my boyfriend, so he will just have to live with it." Dominique breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the corner of his lips turned up, "I'm glad you changed your mind. Now we have to get on the road, it's about a five hour trip with stops."

"Okay, well I made some food, so that should eliminate some of the stops." She said holding up a basket.

"Good thinking." He took her bag and lugged everything down to his truck.

After loading the bags, they took off down the road. Dominique text Katrina and Jade to let them know so they can check in on her place. She fumbled with her planner, realizing that she was a little bit nervous about this going away for the weekend thing. She didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but it sort of was. She never got that far meeting a guy's parents and even though they weren't dating, it still made her nervous.

"So, am I going to hear a lot of Italian this weekend?" she finally asked, thinking that talking would make her feel a little better. He smiled, "More than likely. My mom and dad were both born in Italy, it's just my dad stayed longer than my mom. He use to serve in the Italian navy and moved here and met my mom. Even though English was his second language, he learned it real well and quick."

"So, your dad served as well? Is this a trend with the men in your family to be in the armed forces?"

"Not really. It's just both my mom and dad wanted all of us to go to college. My brothers knew that if there was any college money saved up, it was going to go to the girls. So, all three of us got into the military; my youngest brother is in the navy now."

"Wow, I can't believe how big your family is and you seem pretty close."

"Well, just like any other family, we bicker and argue, but at times of crisis we are always there." Any other family but mine, Dominique thought with a sigh.

She just took a deep sigh and pretended to be interested in what was going on outside. She didn't want to think about how families are suppose to be. She had enough examples of that looking at Katrina's family. She knew this was going to be a long weekend and she wasn't sure what to expect. That was the scary thing; she was always prepared for anything, but now she was going into this thing blindfolded. Well, at least all of her friends knew where she was heading too. Dominique laid her head against the back of her chair and slowly felt her eyes getting heavy.

Dominique didn't even realize she had fallen asleep till she felt someone shaking her. She sat straight up, trying to collect herself as Nik looked on with a smile on his face, "I'm sorry, you looked so cute when you were sleep, but I had to wake you up."

"I see, are we almost there?" Dominique yawned.

"Yep, about a good ten minutes away."

Dominique looked outside and saw trees and fields galore with nice houses in between. Wow, the scenery looked so beautiful, she thought as he pulled into one house with a lush garden that rivaled her mother's. Her mouth instantly dropped as she stared at the two story house that was modeled after a very small Italian villa.

"Nik, this is beautiful." She said in awed.

"I know, my dad got some of his friends together and they built this for my mom as a wedding present."

"Seriously, so this has been in the family?"

"Yea, and they want to keep it that way." He said getting out of the car and she followed behind him, "Now, don't let my sisters scare you away too bad, they can be a bit pushy sometimes and my brothers, well, they may flirt with you a little."

"So, none of them are married?"

"Well, Rafael is engaged and Gianni, well with his career, he can't afford to get married right now." he said noticing the way his tone dropped when he mentioned his older brother.

"How close were you?" she asked as he took out some of the bags.

"Real close. I wanted to be him, but after I realized what he actual does; I didn't want to hang out with him much. Then when he found out what I was doing, he really laid into me. That's one reason, why I wanted to move away to go into the police squad." She nodded, trying to take one of her bags from him, "No, you will not. You will not have my mother tongue lash me for letting your carry your own bags."

"It's okay, I'm a big girl now."

"I know you are, but I will not hear the end of it if I let you."

"Well, I will explain it to her." Dominique said grabbing the handle to her roll away bag and when she looked up, she was met with Nik's lips against hers in a light chaste kiss. One that she never had with Nik before; it was sweet and made little butterflies in her stomach, but she felt him holding back. Once she felt that, she realized she didn't want him to hold back. She dropped the handle and pressed her body against his, wrapping her arms around his neck. As her body pressed against his, Nik felt his control on the edge. He meant for it to end quickly, but he couldn't pull away; he had to actually feel her lips.

He quickly realized where they were and pulled away and met her dark slanted eyes, "Mmm, I had to get one taste to last me the weekend."

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