tagInterracial LoveLet Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 07

Let Me Help You, Good Doctor Ch. 07


Dominique's eyes flickered open and stared at the ceiling as she over heard Nik in the kitchen. What was he doing in there, she thought as she raised her heavy head. After everything that happened the night before Dominique had little energy to do much, but lay there. She had never been so thoroughly satisfied and exhausted at the same time. So, that's angry sex. At first she thought it was overrated, but now she definitely sees the upside. After their little tryst in the living room, they went back to the bed for a quick nap, then started making out like they were teenagers on a date before he ordered a pizza for them. They ate in front of the fireplace, naked and Dominique was actually shocked that she had no inhibition about being naked around him. She even turned her phone off.

She had to move around though; she couldn't just stay around here, no matter how much she was enjoying it. She slowly pried her way out of bed and grabbed one of his shirts to put on. She didn't even bother to look into the mirror; she just went directly into the kitchen to find him in front of the stove. She giggled silently as she watched him flipping pancakes in his green lounge pants that fit nicely on his hips. Okay, enough of this watching. She tip toed over to his side and his eyes immediately met hers.

"Good morning you." He said as she sat down on the counter.

"Hey, and here you are again in the kitchen." She smiled.

"You've seen my family, us Italians cook." He shrugged and she laughed.

"Are you telling me those pancakes are homemade?"

"If you count Bisquick as homemade." He laughed and she couldn't help but laugh as well, "Have I told you how sexy you look all rumbled?"

"Plenty of times, yes." She smiled as he leaned closer and kissed her, "Don't start that again." She whispered against his lips.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." He said still kissing her.

"Well, your mother would be very disappointed in you if you burn my breakfast." She laughed and he started laughing too.

"Alright then, what were you going to do today?"

"Finish the plans for Katrina's baby shower and then possibly talk to Jason to see where his head is at."

Nik tensed up immediately when she mentioned his name. She was still harboring over that maniac. Nik blew out hot air narrowing his eyes at the pancake. Dominique immediately noticed the tension in his body and slid off the counter and stood behind him. She wasn't sure what to say and the only thing she could do was wrap her arms around his mid-section. She felt his body slowly loosen up at her gentle touch. She planted little kisses on his back when they heard the door. Who could that be, Nik thought to himself as he slowly moved out of her embrace.

As soon as he opened the door, he felt a sudden soft jab on his shoulder; "You know, little brother, you have to be on alert at all time." he looked into Giovanni's smiling face.

"What are you doing here?" Nik smiled embracing him.

"I came to see you and check out some places to stay since you want me down here." Giovanni said walking in.

As soon as Dominique confirmed that it was really Giovanni, she tried to quietly move to Nik's bedroom to hide. He already caught them in a bad situation once, no point in him catching it again.

"Yea, that's great. I know some places around here you can look at. I was just cooking some breakfast."

"Oh really? Well, I'm sure Dominique is enjoying that breakfast. How are you doing, Dominique?" He said and she turned around to face him.

"Hey, I was just..."

"Save your breath. You both are grown and I already had a feeling that something was going on."

Dominique was going to say something but thought it was best to keep her mouth shut, "Yea, well I will just put on my clothes."

"Don't get dressed on my account." Giovanni said and Dominique just shook her head as she went into the room.

He waited until Dominique shut the door, admiring the sway of her ass, "You sure know how to spoil a nice breakfast." Nik finally said.

"Apparently, I've done it before, so I'm use to it. You are going to show me some houses?"

"You are trying to get right to it, huh?"

"Well I want to establish some sort of ground when I get ready. Right now, I'm just dealing with getting money together and stepping out quietly. That's the main thing that the boss wants is for me to step out quietly and make sure that I don't get anyone coming back for me."

"Wait a minute; you think that's going to be a problem?" Nik said crossing his huge arms.

"Well, I don't think it is, but he seem to think so. I think it's more that he respects that I am getting out and he wants the transition to go smooth."

"The boss sounds real cool about losing an employee after so many years."

"Well, he told me that after so many years of being loyal and me wanting something more, he can't help but let me go." He sighed and Nik just nodded, "Don't worry little brother everything is going to be cool. You just worry about that woman in there."

"Speaking of which, I have something to talk to you about."

"Oh, so you mean you want some advice about women? You haven't asked me for any advice since you became the Italian Stallion."

"Ha ha, very funny. I'm being serious though." Nik was about to open his mouth but that's when Dominique came in wearing what she had on yesterday.

Nik went back to the kitchen as he watched her sit at the table, "So Giovanni, what's your next step when you move here?" Dominique asked.

"Getting a job really, I just don't know what to do. I mean when you spend years doing nothing but security work, you kind of draw a blank on what's next."

"Well, what about working with your brother?"

"Um, no. I don't want to be a police officer, I will leave that to my brother and papa. I want something different, just not sure what."

"You will find out brother. You could always open a business." Nik said fixing a plate and sitting it in front of Gianni.

"I must admit, hanging around the boss made me want to own a club, but I would want something real classy and nice. A place where you can listen to good jazz music, listen to poetry, and enjoy some Italian food." Giovanni smiled.

"That's actually a pretty good idea Giovanni. I mean I would certainly go. You should look into a silent partner though, just a thought." Dominique shrugged.

"Maybe, but everything is still up in the air. I just want to concentrate on getting a job for now and then possibly working on the club thing." Nik sat a plate in front of Dominique and sat next to her.

"Yea, I think you may even get mom and dad to come. You know they love old school jazz, but we will get into that later. Let's eat." Nik said and everyone dived in.

After breakfast, Dominique went back home trying not to disturb the two brothers. She had a pretty busy day, trying to finalize a couple of things for Katrina's shower and the rehearsal dinner. She sighed leaning against the door thinking back to last night. There was something so spontaneous about what they did as well as romantic. She took a deep inhale, trying to get a hold of her rapidly beating heart. Why was it reacting this way thinking about Nik? It was very welcoming but scared the crap out of her at the same time because she didn't understand why she was feeling this way for Nik but nothing came up when she thought of Jason. She sighed to herself; she needed to clear her head.

She threw herself back into work and planning. She didn't even call her friends, just spent most of her day trying to make arrangements. She called Candy to setup for them to go and pick out some food for the rehearsal dinner tomorrow.

Everything was going up so fast and Dominique couldn't figure where her head was at. One moment she was all for going after Jason and the next she would have doubts about them being together. This wasn't suppose to go this way. She ran her nervous fingers through her hair and headed out, "Nicole, I'm about to head out for awhile."

"Yes, ma'am, want me to sit by the phones?"

"No, you have some tests I know you have to study for. Let's go ahead and close up the office. I'm going to take everything else home."

"Okay, I hope everything is okay."

"I'm fine sweetheart; just want to do some work from home if that's possible."

"Well, thank you Dominique. You want me to come in tomorrow?"

"I'm going to be so busy with the wedding and everything that I'm not going to come in."

"Seriously Dominique, are you alright?"

"I'm just a little tired with planning and everything. I'll be alright." Nicole nodded and followed behind her.

Dominique met up with Candy and waited patiently for the food samples. Candy was doing her usual babbling and Dominique half listened and half went into her own world. She should pay attention to Candy and make sure she is not missing important things about the wedding.

"Dominique, are you okay?" Candy asked and Dominique finally looked at her.

"I'm fine, just have a lot on my mind."

"It's not about the wedding is it? I don't want to put too much stress on you." She said it as if she was actually concerned.

Dominique bit down on her lip, "It's not the wedding, just other stuff like work."

"What's been going on with work?"

"Nothing serious, just not enjoying it like I use to. I don't understand why because I'm coming out with a book soon and I have plenty of clients that come to me but I don't get the same enjoyment that I use to get, it's been that way for awhile now."

"You know before I decided to be a doctor, I use to be a secretary for a big Fortune 500 company that my dad owned. I was destined to take over the business, but one day I felt like I was in a rut and it didn't give me that same enjoyment. It was then that I realized that I did that for my father. So one day I left the company and started going to medical school."

"That's fine Candy, but I'm too far into my business to just start over."

"Why not? People do it all the time. I know lawyers that have been doing it for over ten years and then decide to go to culinary school because it makes them happy. What makes you happy?"

Dominique swallowed hard and sat back in her seat, "I'm starting to really love planning again. Every party or special occasion that my friends or aunt have put together, I planned and coordinated. When I was younger I use to plan the weddings for my dolls." They both started laughing, "I went into this career because..." she paused remembering who she was talking to, "I just thought it was convenient and whose to say that years from now that will make me happy too."

"No one, but it's better than how you feel now . Besides, just the experience and the ride is worth it. You never know until you tried."Dominique shrugged, "Dominique, I know that you and Jason are very close and that will make us close as well. Jason cares about your well being and happiness. If this is what makes you happy, I'm sure he will be all for it."

"What if I fail?"

"You made a therapist business very successful and that's a hard business to do as well, especially getting clients." She paused, "Have you talked to Nik about it?"

"Huh? Oh Nik." Dominique quickly recovered, "I haven't really had this conversation with him."

"Are you going to?"

"I mean, it may be something we talk about later. You know when the time is right. We are pretty early in our relationship for us to discuss future plans."

"Ladies?" he couldn't have come at a better time, Dominique thought as he sat down the sampler plates.

"Well, I can tell you if you do decide to go into that career field, I can recommend you to a lot of people. I may not be from around here but I know people that know people." Candy smiled. Dominique smiled, "If I decide to do it, I'll keep that in mind."

They finished the rest of the sample lunch talking about the rehearsal dinner and Candy went ahead and decided to have this place serve at the wedding. Dominique thought about what she told Candy. She couldn't change her career now, she put so much time and effort into therapy, but she still didn't feel the same about it.

She went to the restaurant and saw Katrina and Jade sitting around, laughing. Dominique promptly plopped herself at the table and they both looked at her as if she was a stranger.

"Okay, I'm guessing that something is wrong." Jade said.

"I just came back from lunch with Candy. I think I'm unhappy with my job." Dominique said.

"What? I thought you liked getting into people's business."

"That's not what I do!"Dominique pouted, "I'm starting to realize how much I really like planning parties and weddings."

"Well, we always told you that you were great at it. I know anytime I want to have any kind of party to call you." Katrina nodded.

"Do you think that I can start doing that as a career? Wedding planning and everything?"

"Dominique, we think you can do anything and we will be right there supporting you. Are you thinking about quitting?"

"I don't know anymore. I've been so confused the last couple of weeks with work, Jason, and Nik."

"What's going on with Nik and Jason; besides, that huge fight they had?"

"Well, you know that he kissed me in the office? I didn't feel anything when he did not like how I feel when Nik does it and I know what you all are thinking and it's not like that. I know that I'm meant to be with Jason."

"If you know it, then why aren't you feeling this way with Jason. Apparently hanging around Nik is making you rethink a lot of things."

"I know, that's why Nik and I can never be together. He is making me question everything that I'm so use to and I don't like that. I'm comfortable and I just want to be happy."

"Well if that's the case sweetie, why did you start off the conversation saying that you think you are unhappy with your job?" Jade asked and Dominique clamped her mouth shut.

At that moment, Nik and Giovanni walked in with Scott and James. Giovanni was the first person that came over to the table.

"Hello ladies, let me introduce myself..." Giovanni said turning on the charm and Nik put his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Both of them are taken." Nik assured him.

"Why the hell you invite me to stay in a town where most of the beautiful women are taken?" Giovanni said shaking his head.

"Ladies, this is my older brother Giovanni. He just came to visit and look at some places to stay." Nik said.

"Nice to meet you Giovanni, I'm Jade." Jade smiled, shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Jade. You must be the one that James was talking about?"

"Oh, he talks about me?" she said casting a glance at James who only shrugged, "I guess I am. Well, are you guys hungry?"

"Starving, that's why we are here." Scott said.

"Alright, get a table and one of the waitresses will be ready."

The guys went ahead and picked a table but Dominique grabbed Nik's hand, "Can I talk to you for a minute?" she asked.

"Sure, is everything alright?" he said and she stood up.

"Yea, let's just talk outside." She went outside and Nik followed closely behind her telling everyone that he will be right back.

She clutched on to her purse looking down at the ground as they walked up the block. Nik could tell that something was on her mind as he looked at her fidgeting fingers. This must be something big, he thought.

"What made you go into police work?" she finally asked.


"What made you go into police work? Was it your dad?"

"Well, like I told you before, it was part of that, but the other part is I always wanted to help people."

"Even with the risks?"

"Believe me, I know about the risk, sometimes my dad would come home so late and he would work so much over time. I know about the bad risk, but the good out weighs the bad. I love protecting people, part of the reason I joined the military."

"So, you could see yourself doing this like ten years later and still be happy?"

He stopped in mid-step and she stopped too, "What's this about Dominique? Are you thinking about going into police work?"

"Oh no, it's just I'm wondering about me being happy doing what I do."

"So, you're having second thoughts?" She sighed and they started walking again.

"Truthfully Nik, I did get into therapy because I thought it would make my mother proud of me. Remember I told you how proud she was when my older brother got into it. I graduated at the top of my class, I got my license at a young age, and my own practice."

"Well, looks like that didn't work because she still hasn't talked to you." She quickly turned her head to him and shook her head.

"You're right. I liked doing the work but it's getting to the point where I'm ready to go as soon as I get in. I feel like if I stop doing it, people would look at me as a fraud."

"When are you going to stop doing things for other people? It seems like we have this conversation all the time. Dominique, what makes you happy?"

"Honestly? I love planning parties and weddings. When I was in college, I use to look into Public relations work and I even met a woman who did it. She had her exciting days and her not so exciting days but it was still cool. Now that was really something that I could see myself doing."

"Why didn't you do it, besides your mother?"

"I was scared. I didn't know if I would be any good at it, plus when my brother decided to go into photography, my mom went on and on about how unpredictable it was and that he needed a lot of people to know who he was. She wanted her sons to be doctors, so I figured if I became a doctor she would be proud."

"You have been doing it for years and nothing has changed. If you are unhappy doing this then it will reflect to your clients. If you think you will be happy, you know planning parties or P.R. work then do it."

"Wouldn't it be useless because I'm not in a big city where a lot of people would need me?"

"Hell, Dallas is not that far. You can do that in Dallas. You build up a client list here, if you're good word will spread and you will get plenty of business. And since I do know you, I know that you will be good." They both stopped and turned to look at each other.

"That means I will have to go back to school and start all over again."

"You can do it."

"What about...?"

"Stop questioning and just do it. As long as it's something that sounds plausible and legal, you can do it. I mean you survived medical school and everything else, you can survive this. I believe you can do it." He said grabbing a hold of her hand.

"You really think so?" he nodded, "You know, I really appreciate that. I'm going to look into it."

"Don't look into it, do it."

"Thank you Nik."

"Now, can I get some food to eat?" He said, point his head in the direction of the restaurant.

"Well, how about you come over later tonight and help me look at some schools?"

"Oh, are you inviting me to come spend the night again?" he smiled and she just sighed.

"Yes, I am Nik. Besides, I know that you will help me. Come on, let's join everyone else." She said pulling back towards the restaurant.

Later that night, Dominique was sitting in front of the computer on Nik's lap looking through some of the local schools. They left Giovanni in Nik's apartment which was fine with him. He didn't want to real be witness to them being all snuggly as he calls it. They weren't snuggling, they were just hanging out, Dominique thought.

"So, I think that one would be your best bet. If you want, you can take some online classes and still work on some other stuff. You know you can gradually let the business go, that way you can really know if you are ready for this." Nik suggested.

"That's what I was thinking. I'll call the academic counselor tomorrow and ask some question. See, I told you, there was some good to you being here." She smiled.

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