tagIncest/TabooLet Me See

Let Me See


When Paul got out of the navy, he knew he wanted to do three things.

One, he wanted to have fun. Two, he wanted to get laid (a lot). Three, he wanted to become an electrical engineer. From his time in the navy he knew he liked women and liked to fuck, he had the ability and skills to become an engineer and, what the hell, everybody liked to have fun.

In order to achieve all three of his goals he enrolled in the same college where his older sister, Mary, was a pre-med student. All his life, Mary had been his mentor, his supporter, his advisor, but most of all, the subject of his wildest sexual fantasies. In High school, as she evolved into a full blown sexual beauty, his imagination ran rampant.

Although she was just a little more than two years older than him, his time in the navy had put him way behind her in school. She was a senior while he went in as a freshman but, at 22 years of age he had filled out into a handsome, 6 foot 2 blue-eyed Adonis. He was far more experienced than most of his classmates and peers. Mary lived off campus in a luxury apartment mostly funded by her roommate's well-to-do parents, while he was forced to live in the dorm with a geeky, 19 year old, liberal arts student as a roomie. He wasn't doing too well on goals one and two.

He was trying to study one Thursday when Mary knocked at his open door. She was accompanied by her hot colleague and roommate, Sandra. He was happy to see them (especially Sandra) and invited them in. Mary looked a little uncomfortable when she said, "Paul, we need a big favor from you."

Paul and his sister got along very well and at age 25, she was epitome of college womanhood. She was a very pretty blonde, blue-eyed, average height with voluptuous breasts and a cute round ass. Sandra was almost the direct opposite. She was also pretty but she was very tall and slender, her long dark hair had highlights that made it shine like a raven in the right light. She had long graceful legs and although her breasts weren't large they were more than adequate. She oozed sex appeal and mystique.

Paul had helped them do lots of things around their apartment and imagined this was one more household repair chore they needed. "Sure sis, what can I do for you?"

Mary started, "We need your help with one of our anatomy assignments. It's very embarrassing; I'll let Sandra explain it to you."

Sandra was a little hesitant. "In one of our classes, we have been asked to write a paper on the male reproductive system and we need to closely observe and write about the reproductive organs and glands of an adult male."

Paul was puzzled. "I don't understand."

Mary broke the ice when she blurted out, "We need to study your penis and testicles!"

"Wow! Okay... I'm happy to oblige... I guess." Paul stood up and started undoing his belt.

"Oh God, we don't want to do it here! We need for you to come to our apartment where our books and study materials are. Can you come tomorrow after class?"

Paul didn't hesitate. "Of course, I'll be there at five tomorrow."

When the girls left, Paul mused about what had happened. So they wanted to see his cock and balls. What did that entail? Would they touch them, take pictures of them or just what? Why did they pick him? The thought of the girls fondling his dick and testicles gave him an erection.

The following day, he had a tough time concentrating on his studies and time crawled by. After his last class, Paul dashed back to the dorm, bathed, shaved, put on clean shorts, a new polo shirt and knocked on the door to the girls' apartment just a little before 5:00 PM.

He was a little disappointed when Sandra opened the door. She was barefoot and dressed in a bulky college sweatshirt and jeans. Mary was almost the same except that she had on a short sleeved, form-fitting T-shirt that showed off her breasts to advantage.

Sandra reached out to him and took his arm, "Come in, come in, we have been expecting you. Would you like a beer?"

When he declined Mary said, "Well let's get right to it. We'll have to use my bedroom because Sandra's has a big double bed and we need my twin beds to be able to get on both sides of you to see everything. Go right in there and take off your shorts. We will be along in just a moment."

Paul did as he was told and was standing there with his shirt, boxer shorts and socks on when Sandra came in the room laden with books, writing material and a camera. "Okay Paul, before we start I need to get a couple of pictures. Please drop your under shorts and, for the camera, I think it would be best to remove the rest of your clothes too.

He was very embarrassed but he did as he was told just as Mary walked in. Unfortunately, the thoughts about what was about to happen had him greatly aroused and his cock was standing up, almost at full attention. Sandra was on her knees in front of him about four feet away, focusing the camera.

Mary giggled a little. "See Sandra, I told you it was a big one. Those will be some good pictures. When you finish, have him lie down so we can take some measurements."

Sandra led Paul to the bed, had him lie down and said, "Close your eyes and keep them closed, I don't want you watching me while I do this. Also, please refrain from making any comments; this is very awkward for me."

He did what he was told but was uncomfortable, laying there completely nude and his cock standing straight up, staring at his chin.

From somewhere across the room came his sister's voice. "Okay, Sandra let me take some more pictures. You hold it so I can get your hand in the shot for size reference. I think it's a lot bigger than the replica they had in class. Maybe you should hold a ruler alongside. Good, that's it, now, do the same with his balls. Look there is some moisture coming out of the end of his penis; I think that little slit is called the urinary meatus."

Sandra laughed. "I think he is excited and that is pre-cum. It is used as a lubricant when he has sex. You do know that we have to taste it as part of our assignment."

Paul couldn't tell who it was when he felt a finger swabbing the end of his cock until Mary said, "I don't know, it's not at all what I expected. It doesn't have much taste, just a little salty. Try it."

He felt a second finger rubbing the end of his dick and there was no comment but the warm hand still had it captured in the upright position.

Sandra said to Mary, "I need for you to find these things as I identify them." She began to read, "The human penis is made up of three types of tissue. The shaft has two corpora cavernosa muscles next to each other and a corpus spongiosum, which is a spongy muscle, between them. He is circumcised so the glans penis is exposed. Look at the area on the bottom of his cock, where the foreskin is attached, that's the frenulum. I understand it's very sensitive."

The warm hands were moving all over Paul's tender cock, probing, feeling and caressing. Sandra was right; the area under the head of his dick that Mary was rubbing was very sensitive. He was afraid he would cum as her finger continuously rubbed it. "Sandra, he's so stiff; it's hard to tell just what I'm feeling. See if you can find the things you read about. We may have to make him soft before we go much further."

"The only way I know how to do that is to make him ejaculate. Maybe that wouldn't be too bad, we need to look at his semen and also see if we can feel the muscles that push it from his balls up his cock and out. We have to taste it too."

Mary sighed. "I tasted some once and I didn't like it. It was very strong, kind of fishy and smelled a little like bleach. But it was from a guy I didn't care for anyway. Maybe my brother's won't be as bad. Okay, how are we going to make him cum?"

Paul could think of a lot of ways but Sandra said, "We will have to masturbate him with our hands. That way the semen remains pretty clean. Do you want to do it or should I?"

"I'll do it. I've always wanted to. Last summer, when he first got home from the navy, I saw him sleeping nude. He had a hard on and I couldn't believe how big it was. God, I really wanted to touch it then. Let me use your vibrator on him, I've always wanted to do that to a man."

"Not on your life, I wouldn't put it in my pussy once you have had it in him."

"I wasn't going to stick it up his ass; I was just going to rub it around his dick. Someone told me that some men really like that."

"Let's just try it with our hands first. If that doesn't work we can try something different. If we have to we can suck him off, but that will be the last resort because I don't want our saliva mixed with his semen."

Paul couldn't believe what he was hearing. Two desirable women chatting about giving him a hand job or a blow job as if they were discussing a ham sandwich. If anything, his dick got even harder. He had just resolved himself to hold out for the blow job when he felt an indescribable feeling on the underside of his cock.

Mary quipped, "The book says that this is the most sensitive spot on his penis. Let me massage it a bit and see what happens. You keep stroking up and down with your hand and I will rub right here."

Paul could see, or rather feel, that his plan to get one of them to suck him off was rapidly falling apart. His libido couldn't get any stronger and with the finger massaging the tender spot on the underside of his dick and the warm hands caressing the shaft and his balls, he was about to explode. Finally, it was more than he could stand and he couldn't stop a fountain of his cum from spurting towards the ceiling.

Paul had to peek when Sandra exclaimed, "DAM! It almost hit me in the face. Boy, there sure is a lot of it. Were you able to feel the vas deferens pushing the sperm up?" He quickly closed his eyes again.

I think so but I'm not sure. You do know that we have to taste it and describe it in our report."

"Well, there was buckets of it, it's all over my hand and arm. There's a lot on his stomach, some on the bed and some more on the floor. I may have some in my hair."

Mary sounded excited. "I tasted some that was on the bed. It's not fishy at all. I wouldn't mind giving my boyfriend a blow job if his tasted like this."

"I think you just like it because he is your brother. Oh, maybe you're right, it isn't bad at all. Okay, what's next?"

Mary began to read. "Ejaculation is when semen is pushed from the penis. It usually happens during an orgasm while having sexual intercourse or by masturbation." She giggled. "Like what we just did to him. Anyway, when a man has sexual intercourse with a woman, he places his erect penis into her vagina and moves it in and out." She giggled again. "That's what we call fucking." She began to read again. "The vagina is warm and soft, and it places pressure on the man's penis and rubs against the sensitive spots described earlier. This causes the man to have an orgasm and ejaculate. Semen moves through the urethra and comes out of the hole at the tip of the penis or the urinary meatus. During orgasm there are muscles that push semen from the penis into the woman's vagina."

Now, Sandra was giggling. "In other words, he puts his hard cock in her pussy and fucks her, shooting his cum into her. God, it makes me hot just thinking about it."

"Do you want to do it with him?"

"Uh... you mean here... now... with you here?

"Sure, why not? Maybe I'll do him too. I know my pussy is very wet. Besides, look at him, he's hard again. I think he wants to do it."

"Well... I'm not sure. Paul, did you hear us? Would you mind?

Paul's voice was almost like he was strangling but Sandra heard a definite, "Whatever you want."

"Okay, just stay like you are and keep your eyes closed. We'll be right back."

A few minutes later, Paul jumped when a cool hand touched his bare leg. Someone shushed him when he asked. "What's going on?"

Then he felt someone get on the bed with him and then straddle his legs. He longed to peek and see if it were Sandra or Mary. When the person moved up enough to trap his dick between his and her bodies, he didn't care but when he felt long hair tickling his face he knew it was Sandra. He felt a hand on his throbbing cock and then felt it being guided into a warm, wet pussy. He couldn't help it, he opened his eyes.

Sandra's was above him, her face almost hidden by the luxurious hair forming a halo around it. She still had on the bulky college sweatshirt. Her hands were on his chest, supporting her body, her eyes were closed and she was smiling with a look of serene pleasure. Slowly she started to move up and down, causing his hard cock to slide in and out of her slippery pussy. She established a cadence that increased a little more every few thrusts. In a couple of minutes she was pounding up and down like a cowboy riding a wild horse. Each downward thrust was accompanied by an exhalation of breath and a grunt.

Faster and faster she rode but when Paul moved his hand to touch her bare bottom she whispered "Don't do that. This is a laboratory experiment. I want both of us to be completely neutral."

Across the room Mary quipped "If it was me and he wanted to touch my ass, I'd let him. In fact when it's my turn I think I'll get nude and let him touch whatever he wants." Paul glanced at her only to see that she was rubbing her breasts through her T shirt and that her nipples were very prominent underneath the flimsy fabric.

A change in the tempo of Sandra's movement up and down on his hard cock caught his attention. She had slowed noticeably. When he looked up, her head was back, her eyes were closed and she seemed to be gasping for breath. As he watched, a shudder wracked her body and with a loud sigh she seemed to wilt, or better yet, melt and ooze down to lay on top of him.

He felt a movement and became aware that Mary was standing alongside the bed and caressing Sandra's ass. She looked down and said to him, "It looks like you out did yourself. I think Sandra will remember this for a long time but I question if she can be clinical about it. I'm afraid she was so wrapped up in the results she forgot that this was a laboratory test."

Mary slowly eased Sandra off of Paul until she was lying alongside of him. She couldn't help but notice that his Dick was still hard and shiny with the secretions from Sandra's pussy. "You didn't cum, did you?" He shook his head and closed his eyes when she reached out and stroked him.

"Well, come on, I've got to experience it too so I can write scientifically about it and besides I'm horny as hell. We'll go into Sandra's bedroom and let her sleep here. Her bed is much bigger than mine so we will have lots of room to move around. Go ahead in there and I will be along in a minute. You might want to clean up a little." Obediently, Paul went into the bathroom and did as he was told.

By the time he got into Sandra's bedroom, Mary was already there and had pulled off her t-shirt. She was working on her jeans. He marveled at the perfect symmetry of her breasts, beautiful, perfectly formed ivory orbs with well-defined large pink nipples. She dropped her jeans, kicked them out of the way and looked up to see him and ogling her. "You like? I thought you had seen me lots of times. If you didn't it wasn't my fault, I certainly tried to show them to you." Her right hand was caressing her left breast suggestively while her left was doing the same thing to her pussy.

She crawled up on the bed and took a position on her hands and knees and presented her hot cunt to him, doggy style. He approached her and put his hands on her buttocks. He hesitated and said, "I'm not sure about this."

"Don't give me any of that brother and sister shit; you've got to do me for our class project. You've got to cum and Sandra certainly is not in a position to help you. Mine is the only pussy available and besides, I've kind of been looking forward to this for a long time. Come on now and stick it in me, I'm ready."

Submissively, Paul slowly inserted his hard cock into her wet pussy. Holding her hips, he gently eased in and out of her. His head was back and his eyes were closed as he enjoyed the pleasant feeling of the warm cunt that was engulfing his hard dick. Soon, Mary let her arms relax until her head was turned sideways and her shoulders were flat on the bed. In this position, she was able to slide her right hand between her legs and use it to massage her clitoris as Paul fucked her. Paul began to perspire but was determined to see this to its ultimate conclusion. Now, with every stroke Mary let out a little whimper that slowly built in crescendo until it was a series on loud moans.

Faster and faster Paul pumped until Mary was wailing almost continuously. Finally, Mary let out a noise and was almost a scream, and slowly sagged onto the bed letting Paul's hard cock slide out of her wet box.

Paul was standing there bewildered, his stiff tool sticking straight out, glistening with Mary's fluids when he felt a warm hand on his buttocks. As he turned, another hand found his penis and gave it a friendly stroke. It was Sandra, recovered from her earlier session.

"I see you used up Mary too. Well, not to worry, I think I know how to finish this experiment." With that, she fell to her knees in front of him and took his meat in her mouth.

At first, he just stood there and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of her soft mouth engulfing his stiff cock but then he took hold of her head with his hands and slowly began to pump in and out of her. For two or three minutes he continued this before he became aware that Mary was sitting up in the bed looking at them. She smiled, opened her legs and started to stroke her hairless pussy. When she saw he was interested, she inserted her middle finger and began fucking herself.

He was mesmerized by the sight of his wildest sexual fantasy being played out right in front of him. He pushed Sandra aside and went to Mary on the bed. He kissed his sister, not as a sibling but as a lover that was going to seduce her. She responded by opening her lips to accept his tongue. He was lying between her legs, his lips pressed against hers and his rigid cock pressed hard against her pussy. As she sucked his tongue into her mouth, she used her hand to guide his hard penis into her vagina.

Paul was in heaven. This was the fulfillment of his wildest fantasies. He had often dreamed of fucking his ripe sister but had never thought it was possible. Until today, he had no idea that she had such fantasies about him. The softness of her pussy enveloping his sensitive tool as he slid in and out of her was paradise. He kissed her again and when she offered her tongue to him he sucked it greedily into his mouth savoring the sweetness. He was aware of the tightening of her muscles and that she was on the verge of another orgasm. That was all it took. He could feel his own climax slowly building up. One, two, three, four strokes and he was nearing the pinnacle of rapture. With a final mighty thrust he unloaded the remainder of his pent up semen into her willing receptacle. Now he was barely moving but with each twitch he could feel diminishing spurts of his cum oozing out of his sensitive cock.

He was aware that Mary, underneath him, was almost comatose with ecstasy. Each spasm on his part brought a shudder from her. He kissed her for a final time before he withdrew and moved away from her. She rolled over with her back to him and by the time he returned from the bathroom she was asleep. Sandra was in the bed, on the other side of her, and fast asleep also.

He went back into the other bedroom, put on his clothes and left, wondering if all of that had really happened this evening. The fulfillment of his fantasy and having seduced both his sister and her sexy friend was more than he could have hoped for. Over the next few days he daydreamed about the events that had occurred in that apartment.

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