Let Me See


It was almost a week later when Mary and Sandra stopped by his dorm room. Mary was bubbling with excitement. "We got an A+ on our theses. Here, take a look at the manuscript."

She produced a thick folder. He looked at the cover page and began to read:

"The subject was a well-developed, robust male in his early twenties. He was sandy haired with blue eyes and was 6 feet 2 inches tall and 205 pounds. His circumcised penis, when erect was larger than normal being 21 centimeters long and 18 centimeters in circumference. It was far larger than the model we studied in class. It was well formed and because it was circumcised, the glans was smooth and the helmet was well shaped. It is noted that it responded well to manual stimulation and the urinary meatus seeped preseminal fluid when faced with the possibility of sexual intercourse. During the first session, he ejaculated almost immediately while being manually stimulated but during the second session, he caused two separate researchers to orgasm before he did. Even then, it was necessary to orally stimulate him before he became so excited that he used a researcher to gain a second climax and release seminal fluid. The preseminal fluid (or pre-cum) was a clear, almost tasteless liquid but the semen (cum) itself was thick and milky, with a mild odor of bleach. It was had the reminiscent taste of saline but was not unpleasant to the palate."

See the pictures inside. The first group is the completely flaccid penis. The second is the excited, erect penis. Note the ruler in one picture and the hand in another for size reference. The third group is hand stimulation causing ejaculation. Note the amount of the seminal fluid. The fourth group is the penis actually being inserted into two different vaginas. Note the lubricant being produced by the various vaginas. We were unable to take pictures of oral stimulation without revealing the identity of the researchers."

Paul was very pleased and smiled as he leafed through the volume of reference material and the pictures.

Mary was looking directly into his eyes when she said, "Now for the very best news. Our anatomy professor Ms. Strickland wants us to do another study, but this time on the female reproduction system and organs. She wants a couple of chapters on the female libido and intercourse. She has volunteered to be actively involved as a subject and wondered you would help us with our research. She wants us to explore both fellatio and cunnilingus."

"She said if you are interested she would like to host a dinner for us at her home this coming Saturday. We could stay over Saturday night and have all day Sunday to explore our study course. She also said that some of our other female classmates may become involved later on. Since you don't take her anatomy course you would be the only male."

Paul had a dreamy look in his eyes as he mused to himself, "Perhaps my second goal is obtainable after all".

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