tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLet Them All Look

Let Them All Look


Andrea regarded her image in the fitting room mirror critically.

Objectively, it was not bad at all for her being forty-three and having borne two sons. A few wrinkles, but not enough to distract from her deep hazel eyes with naturally long lashes, her strong but graceful nose, and her wide, lush lips. Her dark hair, cut medium length to frame her face, had a few strands of grey, which she left in defiantly.

Looking down at her body, she saw that it too was younger looking than her age might indicate. Her belly was convex rather than flat or concave as common beauty standards dictated, but smooth; her stretch marks from childbearing had faded over the years to the point where they were neglectable. Her figure narrowed to a waist above the wide hips that Jeffrey adored. The tee-shirt bra that she had just purchased in Penney's held her breasts in firm seamless cups that would complete the effect of the top she was about to try on. Without the bra, they would sag more than enough to fail the pencil test, but her nipples would still point proudly forward.

Her inspection should have been reassuring, but Andrea Delgado was not satisfied. She could not remember ever being happy with her appearance, especially during the years with her ex-husband Brian. His constant criticism had worn her down, she supposed. Then there was his infidelity, which had crushed her. He was gone now. Thank God her sons were grown now and living independently. There was no reason left to have to interact with him.

This must have something to do with her being there, in the fitting room at "Forever 21", while outside the door young girls in tight jeans and close-fitting, provocative blouses and tees shopped for the latest fashions, and she herself was about to don a sweetheart-neck tee that would hug her body and that was designed with a woman twenty years younger in mind.

She pulled it on and straightened it all around. The neckline came to just above the top of her bra, as it was designed to do. The tops of her breasts, like Solomon's twin fauns, peeked over it and guided the eye of any naturalist there on safari to the valley between them. The stretch fabric clung to her waist unapologetically. Tucked into her jeans or a skirt it would be perfect. Jeffrey would love it, she was sure. But more than that, part of her hoped that it would give other men, and women, a moment of thrill at her daring, her audacity to be flaunting her middle-aged but still feminine body in public.

She couldn't wait. After she had paid for the top and left the store, she slipped into the mall rest room and changed back into it. Walking through the mall, she saw the eyes fixing on her bust, the looks of lust on some faces and of disapproval on a few, and in one case a knowing smile from a fortyish woman in a short skirt and a tank top. It all excited her in a way she had not expected. A familiar tingle of pleasure and need emanated from her sex. She caught herself hoping Jeffrey would be in the mood for some loving tonight. Which was needless, because he always was.


Jeffrey Logan considered himself the luckiest man alive, at least right now. He had almost been reconciled with being alone, two years after the sudden death of his wife had devastated him. He and Liz had had no children; he had no comfort to turn to or responsibility to keep him centered. Just the black hole of depression that had taken almost a year to crawl out of. But then he had started to come alive again, pursuing his interests in life again, going places and doing things for the enjoyment of them. He could walk into a restaurant and ask for a table for one without shame.

Then he had met Andrea.

He could not imagine how any man who loved women could look into those soulful eyes and not be utterly captured.

He was home now after work, waiting for her to arrive for their regular Friday night date, the one that usually lasted until some time Sunday afternoon. They lived, as it happened, only a few blocks apart, within easy walking distance. So she would arrive on foot, as he would at her house when that would be their home base for the weekend. And here she was now.

He opened at her knock and took in the sight of her, breathing deeply from the slight exertion, the skin of her face, chest and neck aglow, her breasts, as revealed by her low-cut top, rising and falling with each breath, and most of all her excited smile.

"Oh my, honey, are you a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful! New outfit?" he greeted her, as she stepped forward to embrace him. Her kiss was long and passionate.

She pulled back and whispered, "Missed you."

"I missed you too baby. Oh, do you look good tonight." He kissed her again, and she crushed her mouth against his. After a long minute she pulled back, breathing fast.

"Jeff, I need you," she panted. "I need you right now. Please, before we go out..."

He smiled, took her hand and led her to his bedroom as if she didn't know the way by heart. She unbuttoned his khakis and pulled them down while kissing his neck, then quickly removed her jeans and panties. She climbed to the middle of the bed, still wearing her top, and reclining on her back, spread her legs while he finished removing his pants and shoes. She reached down and rubbed her mound with her palm, using two fingers to tease her clit. She shuddered at the sensation.

"Please," she said. "Right now. Just get inside me. Just fuck me, please." The feeling of need inside her was almost painful.

He pulled off his briefs, which had been binding on his insistent erection. He was ready. This was an urgency he had never seen from her before. It excited him more than ever.

"Yes," he said.

"I'm so close," she explained. "I need to come so bad. We can go slow later. Right now I just need you in me. And don't be gentle."

She was very wet, glistening. He knelt between her parted thighs and entered her. Andrea gasped as his cock filled her aching need. It felt like an electric current running through her. She rocked her hips, sliding him in and out of her. He started thrusting in time with her movements, until their bodies were thumping together in a frantic rhythm. He leaned forward and kissed her as he continued to drive into her.

She screamed into his mouth as the fire of her orgasm flashed through her. Her hips were off the bed and working him in spasms while her inner contractions milked at him. He rose up and with a roar of pleasure and one last hard thrust released his seed into her. The first load felt like a ball of lightning traveling down his cock to explode inside her.

Time lost its meaning for a brief while.

A little while after that, he was lying by her side, alternately kissing her breasts and her mouth as he cuddled her. Their breathing was gradually slowing to something approaching normal.

"My god, babe, you were one hot firecracker," he murmured, while running a hand over her warm, smooth bottom. "What was it got you going so? Really good dream last night?"

"No, but it...well, it's a story. I was shopping at the mall. I had bought this bra, and was looking for a nice top to go over it, something casual, you know. So I was in front of 'Forever 21', and it was just calling to me to come in. I know that their stuff is for the young girls and I was being kind of silly to want it, but I was like 'Dammit, I want to be hot too. I want to be beautiful and sexy like they are in those clothes.'"

"But Andie, you are beautiful and sexy. I must tell you so every day," Jeffrey said.

"You just say that because you love me."

"Can't I say it both because I love you and because it's true?"

"No, it doesn't work that way. You're biased."

"Well, okay. So you want independent verification, then?"

"Something like that. So I put this top on—it works really well with the bra, doesn't it?—and started walking around in the mall. And the looks people were giving me were really turning me on. If I could tell they liked it and wanted me, that was great. But even if they were frowning, like 'You shouldn't be wearing something that revealing, you look like a slut', that did it too. I would be thinking 'Screw you, this is what I look like, like it or don't.'

"Anyway, by the time I got here—there were lots of people on the street—I was really worked up. Then when you kissed me, I felt like if I didn't have you right then and there I was going to explode."

"Wow," said Jeffrey. "So that's what it was. I have to tell you, I'm all for it, honey. I sure got the full benefit from it. Do you think it maybe gave you more confidence too?"

"I don't know. It did feel good. Maybe I should try this some more. You know I've never been able to really like my body. I've always felt like it wasn't good enough. I wish I could."

"I wish I could find a way to help you with that. To make you feel like it is good enough. Because it is more than that to me."

They lay there in silence, holding each other.

Presently he said, "I guess we should see about getting up and going to dinner soon."

"Another minute," she said.


They were seated at Givanni's, their favorite Italian place. They were just finishing their salad when a familiar voice spoke near them.

"Well, look who we have here."

Andrea looked up at Brian, who was just coming into view between them. He was a little taller than Jeffrey, with dark hair that was thinning on top. He had in tow a blonde who had to be not more than twenty-five.

"Oh, hello Brian," she said. "How are you this evening? You know Jeffrey, don't you?"

"Yes, we've met. Say, you're really dolled up tonight. Dress to impress, right?"

"The only person I need to impress is me," she retorted. "Who's your date?"

"Oh, sorry, my bad manners. This is Sherri." They could almost hear the 'i' spelling.

Sherri gave them a smile and a quick wave. "Hi," she said. She was conventionally pretty, with a narrow waist and large breasts, which her tight dress did everything possible to show off. She looked vaguely familiar to Andrea, though she couldn't place her.

"Hi," they responded, almost in unison. Brian did not then proceed to introduce them to her.

Instead he asked, "So, Andrea, heard from the boys lately?"

"They're hardly boys now, Brian. They're grown men, and I'm very proud of them. I hope you are too."

"Yeah, sure," he said.

"Anyway, Ben has a new job. They're telling him he's manager material. He's still going with Beth, guess it's been a couple of years now. They're a cute couple, wish they'd come visit again."

"They should be visiting their dad, too," Brian broke in. "I mean Ben and Chris, both. They spend enough time with you." His voice had an edge that Jeffrey didn't like.

Neither did Andrea. "I can't imagine why they wouldn't." She left off the sarcastic follow-up that was right there in the air, ready to be plucked. No point in getting into it here, on their night out.

Instead she said, "Why don't you give them a call and invite them. I'm sure they would be happy to spend some time with you when they're free."

Brian was successfully defused. He said, "Yeah, I guess I'll do that. Anyway, nice seeing you, Andrea. Have a good evening."

"Good night, Brian. Oh, and nice meeting you, Sherri."

Once they were out of sight, Andrea sighed. "It's difficult to be polite sometimes."

"You did quite well, though," Jeffrey said. "Considering."

"Always controlling, always so needy. I wonder how I ever stayed with him that long."

"You had your boys to think of," he reminded her.

"That's true," she said. "You do what you have to do."

"And you made it through, just like I made it through my hard time. Now all we have to do is enjoy our time together."

"I'll drink to that," she smiled and clinked his glass with hers.


It was their time to go slow. That night, in his bed, the lights dim but giving enough light to show Jeffrey the way as he slowly kissed his way down Andrea's body, from her neck to her breasts, then slowly down her belly, pausing to tease her navel with his tongue, then slowly down to the dark patch of hair on her mound.

He lingered at the junction of her thigh and groin, tasting the tender skin there while she shivered in anticipation, before slipping his tongue into the folds of her pussy.

"Oohhh, yes!" she moaned, pressing her blooming lower lips into his face. "Yes oh god don't stop!"

He traced his tongue along the curve of her inner lips, slowly but firmly. Taking one between his own lips, he sucked it in and pulled back slightly, stretching it out to full length and pulling on the hood of her clit. She arched her back and let out a sound somewhere between a sigh and a growl.

His face was now wet with her fragrant juice. He reveled in it, moving his tongue up to draw circles around her pink jewel, first clockwise and then counter. Her hips were starting to buck, and her sounds were moving up the scale, heading for a climax.

When it hit, she started wildly fucking his face, her cries permeating the air. He buried his face in her wet groove and held on through the storm.

When it had passed, he crawled back up her panting body. She kissed him deeply, tasting her own essence. They rested. The night was still young.


Saturday was a fine summer day, sunny and warm. In fact it promised to get downright hot by afternoon. They were headed for the beach. The beach in their case was on "the lake", as everyone referred to it, the city where they lived not being blessed with a seaside. But it was a very good beach none the less. There was plenty of white sand, the water was relatively clean and refreshing to swim in, and the boaters mostly observed the "go slow" rule when near the designated swimming area. It was good for pulling one's chair to the edge of the water and dangling one's feet in it.

Today, though, Jeffrey and Andrea parked their chairs farther back. He had convinced her to wear her two-piece suit, or so he thought; actually, she needed very little persuasion. He always enjoyed the ritual of rubbing the sunscreen on her back, and having so much more exposed skin to attend to made it more exciting.

He would often make their whole outing an extended foreplay session, turning the application of sunscreen into an impromptu massage, whispering to her what he planned to do to her when they got home, grabbing a quick feel while they were in the water. Those were very good days, which led to memorable nights.

Now he watched her apply the cream to all the places she could reach, and admired her body as she went. Her tummy she was self-conscious of, but honestly, how many women her age didn't have at least a little pot? It didn't sag at all. He actually found it cute. And hips you could hold on to need some padding.

"Okay honey, time for me to take over," he said.

She folded her chair back to its full reclining position and turned over onto her stomach. Jeffrey squirted a generous amount of the lotion onto his hands and rubbed them together to warm it up. He started rubbing it over her back with massage-like movements. He unfastened the back strap of her top so that no part would be unprotected.

Andrea felt her tension start to melt away under his touch. It's so good, she thought. Sun so warm my man taking care of me his hands oh so good what else could i need.

He started rubbing the cream on the backs of her thighs, working up toward her butt. Her suit had the shorts style bottom, and it was pulled up enough to expose the beginnings of her round, full cheeks. Hey, that skin needs protection too, he reasoned. He got some more sunscreen and spread it on that soft, smooth flesh, letting his fingers stray under the edge of her suit. He was getting a rapidly growing erection as he openly stroked her bottom.

"Pull them down," she told him, almost in a whisper.

"What...did you say..." he started.

"Yes, pull them down," she repeated. "Pull down my pants. I want the sun on my ass. I want your hands on my ass. Please!"

He hesitated. "I'd love to, baby, but that could get us in trouble. If someone complains—"

"I don't care. I want it. Please..."

Some of her daring was infecting Jeffrey. Why the hell not? And then it struck him. This is what she wants. This is what she needs.

He would help her get what she needed.

He took hold of the waistband of her bottoms and pulled down. She flexed her knees and arched her back to allow them to slide down freely. Inch after inch of soft, untanned skin slowly came into view, until finally her entire ass was naked to the sun.

He wasted no time with the sunscreen, but got a glob of it on each hand and each hand on a plump, yielding cheek in seconds. As he rubbed the cream into her globes, he contemplated the crease between them. His cock was harder than he could remember it ever having been. When he imagined sliding it through that luscious valley, he thought he might come without even touching himself.

Andrea was in a world of her own. Oh my god i'm doing it the sun his hands i'm like a newborn let them look let them all look i don't care. She felt herself getting wet as the desire took hold in her. Oh god i have to get him alone soon.

He finished with the sunscreen and let the sun kiss her baby-soft bottom. She stayed in this position for maybe five minutes. He remained straddling her thighs, blocking the view of anyone directly behind them. But those to the side would see quite clearly if they cared to look. He considered the absurdity of the situation. Young women played on this beach in thong bikinis all the time. What was the difference? A silly strip of cloth. Still, people being what they were...

There was no lifeguard, but the park office was just fifty yards down the road. There were children on the beach. He knew that a mere flash of ass was not going to do them any harm, but parents could get quite upset. They needed to wrap this up quickly.

"Honey, I love this, but we'd better cover you up before someone makes trouble. Too bad we don't have a clothing optional beach here."

"Okay," she agreed. She quickly pulled her suit back up. Jeffrey reattached her top strap.

"Oh, but it was heavenly while it lasted. You have no idea," she intimated.

"Oh, I think I do," he replied. "If we're careful, we can do more of this. Now let's go in for a swim. Blend in with the crowd."

"Right," she said. "But just you wait until I get you alone, mister."


"I can hardly believe it myself," she told him. They were home at Jeffrey's house, in towels, their suits drying on the shower rod.

"It was like I just let go and didn't care anymore. Didn't care if anyone saw me. Well, wait, not quite. I actually wanted them to see me. Get aroused if they wanted to. Get outraged if they wanted to. But no, I didn't actually want to get caught, you know, have some authority get in my face. This is risky stuff, isn't it?"

"That it is, Andie," he said. "That means we have to be careful."

"I guess I wasn't being too careful out there today. I was bad today, wasn't I?" There was a certain look in her eyes.

"No, you weren't bad. Not bad bad. You were certainly naughty, though."

"I was very naughty. Someone needs to teach me a lesson."

"Why?" he asked with a grin. He suspected where this was going. "I liked your being naughty."

"Still," she maintained. "I was naughty and I need to be taught a lesson."

"What do you think your lesson should be?" Now he was getting hard.

"I think you need to spank me."

"Do I?"

"Yes. I really deserve a spanking. And you are the only one to give it to me."

"God, baby. Do you know what you're doing to me?" She had to: his towel was now a tent.

"Yes I do. Do you know what you're doing to me? I'm frustrated. Because you should be spanking me right now but you aren't."

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