tagGroup SexLetha, AKA Lisa

Letha, AKA Lisa


My college girlfriend Jessica was a wild one. We had done everything sexual everywhere except group sex. I saw my opportunity and went for it.

Jessica and I had been to an afternoon football game and had been partying all day long. Day turned to night, and we continued to drink whiskey, smoke dope, and snack on hash brownies. We were dancing to the ear-splitting-loud Cars' first album when we finally heard pounding on my apartment door.

It was Letha, the girlfriend of the asshole guy John who lived next door to me, and she was totally wastado--drinking vodka straight from the bottle. (Although we had known her about six months, we thought her name was really Lisa because she had a lisp, but John maintained her name really was Letha. I still think her real name was Lisa, and it just came out of her mouth sounding like "Letha." Ha!).

She said she'd come over to John's only to find out he was not there and learn from his roommate that he was out on a date with another girl. Some friend John's roommate was! John's roommate had to go, so she heard our music and knocked. We already knew John to be an utterly despicable human being, had wondered why in hell she was dating him, as she was a really nice, sweet girl—not to mention extremely sexy. Feeling sorry for her, we asked her in, thinking she'd want to go with us to a party we were about to leave for.

Though disheveled from crying and drinking heavily, she still looked really good, wearing a royal blue wrap-around silk dress that clung to her voluptuous young body, and matching high heels. We got a glass and some ice for her vodka, smoked several rounds of the hash from a bong, listened, and tried to comfort her.

She was past the tearful part and was even laughing a bit when we told her about the party. She smiled real big, jumped up from the couch, and nearly keeled over. Letha was in no condition to go anywhere, not even to walk with us to the party and certainly not to drive back home, so I asked her if she'd just like to lie down while we went to the party.

We led her back to my bedroom, dark but for the street light outside, where she tried to take the pretty silk dress off. The silk rope-style belt was in a hard knot, so Jessica with quite some effort untied it, and the dress dropped to the floor as Letha steadied herself on the dresser.

Jessica literally gasped and remarked what a beautiful figure she had. I couldn't have agreed any more. Very fleshy and of average height, with shoulder-length, wavy blond hair, huge blue eyes, very full lips, and smooth, fair skin, she resembled Claudia Schiffer, the super-model.

Wearing only a pair of tiny black panties and a matching little bra, Letha kicked off her heels and fell back onto my bed, her D cups jiggling alluringly in perfect time to rippling upper arm and thigh flesh. We pulled the sheet over her, told her to make herself at home, and that we'd be back in a few hours.

My plans for a threesome were already taking shape as Jessica said on the way out the door, "Wow, Letha has a gorgeous body. Classic hourglass, you know. Did you see those big boobs, thin waste, and curvy bottom?"

"Yes, dear."

Despite these comments, I knew Jessica had nothing more than an aesthetic appreciation for women, but I was hoping to alternately pound them both when we returned.

It was 3:00 AM by the time we got back, stripping naked as we ricocheted pooty-faced down the dark hall to my bedroom. Jessica ripped the sheet down and cackled in laughter as she discovered Letha asleep but now completely naked in the bed, forgetting that she was there. I had not forgotten.

Master blower that she was, Jessica sat on the edge of the bed and proceeded to suck me as I stood facing her. To be honest, though I loved to watch Jessica suck--perhaps the world's finest fellatio--I was looking at Letha.

Like an arty photographic shot, the street light shining through my match stick blinds cast an interesting pattern of thin, dark lines of shadows alternating with slender strips of light across the full length of Letha's nudity. What a lovely image to stare at while I received a premium blow job. But the best was yet to come.

Jessica knew not only the tactile tricks to a great BJ, but also the importance of the audible portion of the show. She would purposefully make noisy sucking sounds, the occasional loud "pop" as she'd pull it out of her mouth, and the always-titillating "I love your big, hard dick," "Your pre-cum tastes so good," and such. As Jessica tended to my balls, something caused my eyes to snap from Letha's breasts to her face. A blink! She was awake!! And her big blue eyes were riveted on the blow job in process!!!

I reached down between Jessica's legs to twiddle her twat, and Jessica shifted back, accidentally poking Letha in the ribs as she did so, which prompted Letha to utter a surprised, "Ooooh!"

Good, I thought, now everyone knows everyone is awake. Now with Letha's face only a foot or so away from Jessica sucking my cock, she studied the blow job closely, licking her lips often and softly making "mmmmm" commentary when Jessica would swallow me particularly deeply or I when would moan.

"Take notes, Letha, for Jessica is the BJ queen," I suggested.

"Oh, I'm watching clothely," she said, "And enjoying it immenthely!"

Jessica and I had had sex in the same room, even the same bed, as others making love before, but never had we had sex with another woman, not to mention one as sexy as Letha!

Shortly, I rolled Jessica backwards, bent her legs back to her ears, and proceeded to go down on her, not exactly accidentally brushing against Letha in the process. Responding in kind, Letha repositioned herself on hands and knees for a view of my oral machinations, carefully resting her left boob in the crook of my right arm, where I could actually feel her nipple getting harder.

I don't think Jessica could see this contact, but she said, "Letha, dear, he is the best oral man in the business, can you see?"

"Yes, I thee, I thee, I thee."

As I would lick-suck-finger Jessica to the point she was making loud, unintelligible noises, Letha watched closely, saying things like, "Thath's it," "Oh, I like that, too," "Exthelent," and "You definitely know what you're doing."

Jessica and I had talked about group sex in general terms, but we'd never talked about US having an orgy. We'd discussed homosexuality and lesbianism, so we knew neither of us were interested in that. We'd been with other couples fucking right beside us, but no cross-couple contact had been made. Where I found myself with her and Letha, with no advance discussion at all, was risky. It was a "crime of opportunity." Option 1: I could take no risk and regret it the rest of my life. Option 2: I could go for it and see what happened.

I decided on Option 2, proceeding with an incremental approach.

Yet, no matter how small the increments, there comes a step when the watching turns into touching, and that is a BIG step. So, what to touch? Letha's boob was already against my arm, but Jessica's bent-back leg blocked it from view. With Letha on the bed on hands and knees, her magnificent breasts were hanging down, one cradled in the crook of my arm, the other swaying. Her full, luscious wet lips were so close to my face; I could easily kiss her between licks of Jessica's pussy. With my long arms, I could reach Letha's butt, squeeze it, spank it, twiddle her clit, finger her pussy. Decisions, decisions.

I decided on Letha's boobs. Why? Well, that was the thing I missed most about Jessica. She was a terrific, kind person, intelligent and funny, with a positively sparkling personality. She was real good-looking, too, having a beaming smile, long brown hair, tall with very long legs, a perfect ass, and a pussy with a big clit and large labia. I loved her; she loved me, and we both loved sex, agreeing that the other was the best lover we'd ever had. Nobody's perfect, and Jessica's imperfection manifested itself in her boobs.

You see, she had weird breasts. Imagine taking two rubbers, unrolling them about half way, and filling those halves ¾ full with water and then hanging them from a woman's chest—not at all firm and quite wobbly. Her nipples were the puffy kind, not my favorite. Finally, she felt no sexual arousal by having them stimulated. They were novel when I first started dating her, and of course I never criticized them, but the novelty quickly wore off. OK, call me petty; call me small, but call me honest, because I missed nice boobs. And Letha had some of the nicest I've ever seen. Hence, they were the first part of her I touched.

Still lick-suck-fingering Jessica, I reached up with my free hand and began to fondle Letha's wonderfully firm and perfectly shaped hanging boobs, tweaking the nipples up hard as she softly cooed.

To make sure Jessica knew what was happening, I simply said, "My, what nice breasts you have, Letha."

Jessica was OK with it. Whew!!! She even said out loud right then that she wished hers were like Letha's, uttering her often-repeated line, "I haven't tits to speak of."

Well, I continued to 3-finger Jessica fast and furious while I squeezed and licked and sucked Letha's fabulous tits in plain view of Jessica, now in a spread-eagle position with a wonderfully loving you-just enjoy-those-nice-boobs look on her face.

Still drunk as Cooter Brown, Letha slid off the edge of the bed, where she was in an admittedly awkward position feeding her breasts to me, onto the carpeted floor. I maneuvered her so that she was sitting on the floor facing me with her back against the side of the bed, directly below and between Jessica's legs. In this position, I could go back to eating out Jessica, while Letha could suck me or I titty-fuck her or possibly even fuck her. (I'm very flexible. Gumby, get out of town!)

Jessica, as usual, exuded so much pussy juice that with just a few of my facial vaginal fluid transfers between her pussy and Letha's cleavage, there was enough lubrication there for prime titty-fucking. Ah, titty-fucks!!! It had been 2 years since I'd had a titty fuck, and did Letha ever have the proper equipment with her firm, very close-together D cups. Talk about the best of both worlds—sliding my dick between Letha's boobs with Jessica's juices while slurping her super wet meaty labia and big clit, all while she howled like a wolf at the moon.

Well, next thing I know, Letha's slid down, pressed her tits together and up with her hands, and is sucking me as I titty-fuck her. Letha had very full facial lips and an extraordinarily long tongue, which was circling round and round my cock as she sucked hard and loud while I thrust up and down between her mammaries. There is a God!!! My prayers were answered. Damn atheists go to hell!!!

Although I'd brought my girlfriend to several orgasms already orally, she was the kind of girl who needed the dick in the hole. Well, I certainly had the hard dick, which I thrust into her big wet hole, as I pulled her hips just out over the edge of the bed. As I did so, I looked down between my legs to see Letha staring up at the underside of my cock plunging in and out of Jessica's lippy pussy as she worked her fingers in a blur between her own legs. I'll be there shortly, Letha, I thought.

Mouthing through the overlay of the match-stick blind's street-light pattern, Jessica repeated over and over, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Fuck my big wet pussy with your big hard cock." As hard as I concentrated and tried, I could not cum, though Letha had begun to lick and suck my balls. Why? Simple—I wanted to fuck Letha, the new, strange pussy.

Even so, I fucked Jessica for all I was worth, giving her numerous orgasms. Realizing my dilemma, I scooted Jessica back on the bed and resumed eating her out again in order to face-fuck Letha, who sucked loudly—and very pleasurably. Due to the awkward position I was in, my legs began to cramp, so I eventually had to pull out of Letha's mouth and climb up into the bed and into Jessica, pounding her with all my might. Letha climbed into the bed, too, lying face up beside her looking me in the face, saying, "Fuck her, fuck her good."

As I did my duty with my girlfriend, I reached over and fingered Letha. She was at least as wet as Jessica and felt tight on my fingers. My dick, sonofabitch that he is, wanted to be inside the new girl. I kissed Jessica, her neck, her weird boobs, then slowly kissed Letha's neck, her magnifico boobs, and her lips, still fucking Jessica. I needed Letha's pussy, so I carefully slipped out of Jessica and slid into Letha, inserting my fingers into my girlfriend. Mr. Johnson's sperm connection suddenly felt secure, as he had decided THIS was the pussy into which he'd spew.

I alternately looked at Jessica's and Letha's face. Letha was smiling, biting her own lip, enjoying my dick in her pussy for the first time. Jessica was at first fine, then expressionless, then transformed rapidly into a look of anger and fear. Then she jumped up and ran—ran out the bedroom, down the hall, and out the front door, all the while wailing, "No, no, no, I can't."

"What in the world is wrong with her?" asked Letha, my indiscriminate cock still pistoning in and out of her fine, tight, wet pussy as her magnificent tits heaved.

Another decision point. I disengaged and ran out the door, intercepting Jessica naked in the parking lot.

She was totally berserk, yet what she was saying DID make sense. She could simply not be OK with my fucking another girl, even though she knew Letha meant nothing to me but sex. It was not about cheating since she had been there all the while, and no one had lied or misrepresented anything. She was fine with everything until she saw that I was enjoying fucking this other girl. Fucking belonged to us exclusively, and she only knew that by virtue of my fucking another before her very eyes.

I ran back to my apartment to get our clothes. Letha was still there, naked and beautiful, wanting my now deflated dick.

"Is Jethica OK? Everything theemed thplendid. I mean, we were all having thuch a good time. Is Jethica sick or thomething?"

"Letha, remember what brought you over here in the first place tonight? You were terribly upset because your boyfriend went out with someone else, knowing he would surely fuck her. Now I've had sex with you, someone other than my girlfriend. The only difference is that Jessica thought she could handle it until it actually happened, while you knew you could not accept it even if it might be happening. I'm spending the night with Jessica at her place, but you can sleep here if you like. I gotta go."

Sometimes people don't know what they can handle until they actually try it.

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