Let's Get Down And Fuck Some More


He hesitantly took a step forward, looking up at you for approval as you nodded slowly. He continued to make his way towards you and you gulped slightly as your back hit the wall, with Nathan just inches from your face.

'You can stop me if you want', he murmured. You were completely paralyzed as his devoured you're soaking wet body. You said nothing as he traced his fingers along your cheekbones, pushing the wet hair from your face.

'You should probably say something now..' his hands travelled down your down your back and stopped at your waist as he pulled you towards him so your bodies were almost touching, but not quite. It was almost nerve wracking as you could feel the electricity in the air like a cloud around you. His eyes met yours briefly; they looked almost golden under the light and were ablaze with a dark desire. His eyes, the first thing you had noticed when you had seen him only hours before. Those impeccable eyes, you realised had you captured the minute you had looked into them.

'Carley I-' before he could say anything you placed your index finger on his lips, indicating the silence as you raised yourself slightly on your toes so your lips could reach his ear. You heard his sharp intake of breath as the words spilled out of your mouth before you could take them back.

'Fuck me Nathan.'

Your back hit the brick wall forcefully for the fourth time that night as Nathan leaned over you, showing no mercy as his mouth found your ear, biting down hard on your lobe, making you cry out. Holding you against the wall with one hand he snaked the other arm above your head, grabbing a fistful over your hair and pulling it roughly to the side, leaving your neck fully exposed. You whined softly as his nails dug into your scalp, his hot breath was raspy against you ear.

"How hard." Your breath hitched in your throat, a soft moan escaping your lips at his harshness as he suddenly brought your head back, gripping your saturated hair tighter.

'I asked you question' Nathan's voice was almost a growl as he looked somewhat aggressive. 'How hard.'

You tried to bring your arm up only to have Nathan pin it roughly to your side again, leaving you powerless under the weight of his body.

'Make me scream', you gasped at your own command and looked up at Nathan smirking down at you. His mouth found yours as soon as the words left your lips, his tongue lapping on your bottom lip, requesting entrance. You beckoned him in eagerly, battling and as your lips moved hungrily against each other you felt a sharp pain as Nathan bit down hard on your bottom lip. You whined against his mouth as he chuckled darkly.

'You told me to make you scream.' The sharp coppery taste of blood soon filled your mouth as you pulled Nathan closer. Despite the fact that the cold rain was continuously lashing down, sticking everything to your restless body, you could still feel the feverish heat that radiated from Nathan. Grabbing a fist full of the soaking fabric you pulled his mouth roughly down to yours, your tongues working rhythmically against each other.

You tugged lightly on the hem of his shirt indicating for him to take it off, only breaking contact for a minute as he tossed his shirt over his sculpted shoulders, letting it fall freely to the ground. His hands found your waist as his lips travelled from the corner of your mouth down your jaw line. He planted soft wet kisses down your neck making you tilt your head back in pleasure as he began sucking and biting the wet skin around your collarbones. Not to be outdone you slid your hands up his toned stomach, your small fingers teasing the skin above his boxers, tracing his snail trail lightly. He moaned against your neck as he began nibbling at your sweet spot, breaking the skin as the blood ran to the surface.

'Nathan', you whispered in between moans as he soothed the tender skin, his tongue trailing along the red marks.

'Hmmm?' he murmured against your face, the vibration sending chills through your tense body. Your eyes rolled back in your head as he ran his tongue along the line of your jaw, flicking in and out slowly,

'....rougher', the word tumbled from your mouth; your heart began drumming slightly against your chest as you felt him stiffen. He smirked against your neck, a deep chuckle coming from low in his throat.

'You're such a tiny thing Carley, I really don't think you could handle it.' your eyes darkened at his audacity and using your sharp nails you dug your fingers into the pads of his shoulders, a small hiss escaping his lips.

'I did not give up my boyfriend for some pussy pop star who's too afraid to get a little rough. I guess Baby Nath likes to play it safe?', He looked up at you slowly, his clouded eyes narrowed into slits as he cocked his head to the side, eyeing your slim body up and down. A deep growl erupted from his throat, making your legs shake slightly beneath you.

'Well don't say I didn't warn you.'

His lips crashed frantically down on yours, his was tongue rough as he forced your mouth open, tearing your lip down with his teeth. His fingers dug into your thighs sharply as he hauled you up, rapping your legs around his waist, you kept your hands tangled firmly in his sodden hair. Your wet faces slid together effortlessly as Nathan carried you further down the alley. You didn't know where you were or where you were going but you didn't care. You looked around breathlessly as you realized you were somehow inside the old warehouse you had seen earlier on.

Kicking open the first door he came across, Nathan backed into the room slamming you down roughly on a large mahogany desk. You yelped against his lips as your back, connected with the hard wood; Nathan's hands instantly pinning your arms above your head. Your hips bucked upwards involuntarily as Nathan slid his tongue down your chin and throat, lightly sucking on the skin of your neck.

"Oh god" You breathed as your lashes fluttered, your eyes rolling into the back of your head. Your entire body tingled as his hands skimmed up and down your legs. Wrapping his hands around your shoulders, he sat you up; your legs dangling over the side of the desk as he pressed his body firmly against yours. Leaning into you slightly so your crotches touched, he dug his hard erection in between your thighs, causing you to buckle slightly against him as he hardened by the second. He gripped the wet fabric around your waist, tearing the thin material slightly. His fingers roamed you stomach, messaging the tight skin around my ribs.

'Mmm, you smell so good.' Nathan whispered, inhaling deeply as he nuzzled his nose into the dip of your collarbones; before trailing the very tip of his tongue over them lightly. You could feel his hot breath against your neck, sending the blood rushing mercilessly to your crotch. As his mouth roamed across your chest, his tongue snaked out trailing along your collarbones, biting down hard making you writhe beneath him as he soothed the sensitive skin. His hands found the hem of your dress, pulling what was left of the sodden material up your body and over your head, His hungry eyes raked over your underwear clad body before dipping his head down, sponging his lips away on what your bra didn't cover.

"So you want me to make you scream, huh?" he smirked against you.

'Yes', you mumbled barely audible as his hands palmed roughly at your breasts.

'I'm going to make you cum so hard Carley'. Ripping the cup down, he ran the flat of his tongue over your nipple; drawing small circles with the tip of it, he sucked lightly, also taking it in between his teeth for a second or two. 'Do you want that?'

'So much', you exhaled heavily; the throbbing in your crotch was getting more unbearable by each passing second. Keeping his mouth on your chest, he tackled the top button of his jeans, before hastily ripping them from his hips. You moaned as the friction of his crotch rubbed off the thin material of your underwear; his hardness pressing roughly against your centre. Laying you back down on the desk, he crawled on top of you, looking down as his eyes devoured your awaiting body.

Starting at your ankles, he placed hungry wet kisses up your legs until he reached the insides of your thighs. You felt him purr slightly between your legs, the vibrations were running up your spine, driving you crazy. He hooked his thumbs into the hem of your underwear, dragging them down your thighs almost painfully slowly. You moaned loudly as his lips hit the place you wanted him the most. Teasing you, he ran his tongue down your centre, skilfully working his mouth between your legs as you squirmed beneath him.

'Oh My God', you whined, the immense pleasure was almost unbearable. You gradually began to feel the tingling warmth spreading through the pit of your stomach, sending shivers racking through your whole body. Wrapping your legs around him you tilted your hips up, instantly erupting in moans as he rolled his tongue inside you. Almost sensing your climax he suddenly pulled away from you, unlocking your legs from around him you looked up for the second time that night, disappointed and confused as to why he left you before your release once again.

'I want to wait until I'm inside you', he whispered darkly against your legs as he looked up at you through hooded lids.

You groaned under him as he removed his boxers before climbing back on top of you. You were both gloriously naked now, Nathans frame cowering over you slightly as he bent his head down, his face just millimetres from your lips. Using his own legs he parted yours before positioning himself just above you. Looking down at you for reassurance you nodded slowly, your breathing heavy with anticipation.

'I want you Carley', he whispered before slamming into you unexpectedly, causing you to cry out. He stilled immediately, waiting for you to get accustomed to his size.

Your breathing was shallow as he stretched out inside you, filling you entirely. His dark eyes were hungry yet concerned as they bore down on to you. You brought your legs up and wrapped them tightly around his waist, winding your hands around his neck, signalling that you were ready. The initial discomfort quickly subsided, and was taken over by an indescribable pleasure that spread quickly throughout your body. His thrusts started slow and deep, his hips rolling gently as you got used to the steady rhythm. Your fingers dug into the pads of his shoulders as you met his thrusts, your hips rising slowly beneath him.

Manoeuvring slightly he rested his forearms either side of your head, before easing slowly out of you, only with one sharp thrust to fill you completely once again. You cried out, filling the otherwise silent warehouse with your soft moans as he bent down to cover your hot skin with wet kisses. Taking you by surprise he took one of your hands, lacing your fingers with his own above your head. His fringe hung from his head, occasionally brushing the clammy skin of your forehead as he dipped down to meet your hungry lips. You eagerly lifted your head up his inviting lips, his tongue teasing yours as he intertwined it around your own. Soon your hips were meeting his own as he thrust in and out of you effortlessly, the skin around his arms tight with concentration. You gasped loudly as he pulled himself almost completely out before looking down at you. Your body slowly writhing underneath him as he once again, slammed himself forcefully back into you, hissing as your nails clawed mercilessly into his back. He smirked above you; his bright eyes alive as he could sense you were close to the edge.

'Nathan I-', you whispered but were immediately cut off as he reached a hand down between you, entering a finger slowly inside you. Your shaky breaths echoed off the walls as he soon began thrusting sharply, his finger still working inside you. Grabbing your leg he hitched it over his shoulder, allowing him a better angle as he bucked his hips slightly, rewarded by the sound of your sharp squeal. As Nathan bent down, whispering wild profanities in your ear, you wound your arms around his neck, leaning up to bite and suck on the skin around his chest. He moaned above you, his eyelashes fluttering as you met his thrusts perfectly with your own, your hips moving under Nathans skilful body. Knowing you were close to your release Nathans eyebrows knitted together, his hand squeezing your own as your body lay submissively beneath him. With one shaky deep breath he brought himself completely out of you, leaning down carefully to plant a soft kiss on your yearning lips before slamming into you with so much force it was enough to knock you right over the edge. Your back arched off the desk as you surrendered completely to the fiery explosion that took over your body. You came hard, digging your angles into the small of Nathans back as convulsed around him, moaning his name repeatedly.

You looked up at Nathan then, his brow covered in a thin layer of sweat, his eyes dark and aroused as he watched your succumbing body crumble beneath him. This was almost too much from him as hot, heavy pants fell from his lips and his whole body tensed before he gasped suddenly, spilling himself inside you. He collapsed on top of you then and you held him as he shook slightly in your arms.

Your bodies trembled against one another with the aftermath of your orgasm. Your arms lay heavily around his clammy neck, still clinking to the damp skin. He smirked against you; the vibrations of his small breathless moans against the nook of your neck, running through your worn body. You lay there for a while together, your sweaty bodies atop of the huge desk, and the sound of your ragged breathing echoing through the warehouse. Leaning up on his elbows, he rested them beside your head before looking down at you, the familiar glint in his eyes.

'I told you I could make you scream...'

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