tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLet's Go for a Ride

Let's Go for a Ride


Let's go for a ride; with a surprise ending

Oh yes, this really happened!

One night a couple of years ago my wife and I were sitting on the couch and enjoying each other's bodies before moving into the bedroom for sex. We'd been kissing and touching for well over an hour when she asked me "what would I like to do?" After not too much thought I suggested that we go for a ride dressed as we were. She thought about it a minute and said ok. It was 11 pm.

I should mention that at the time I was driving a older model luxury car that had a big front bench seat that was almost like a couch. This was the same car we had in the "Driving through Duluth" adventure.

This made it possible for her to sit right beside me so I could easily play with her tits with one hand as I drove. Without much preparation we got the keys, and my wallet for a drivers license and started out of the driveway.

She was wearing a set of long sleeve, long leg flannel pajamas. Nothing very sheer or sexy, but something that was easy to unbutton, and had a loose elastic on the waist. I had on a T shirt and a pair of flannel pants. We barely made it out of the drive way before I started to caress her tits and stroke her body.

We only had 2 blocks to drive before we came to a main street that took us to the freeway entrance. By the time we got on the freeway her shirt was completely unbuttoned and her tits were showing in the streetlights of the road.

She was still feeling a bit self conscious about being exposed in public so I had planned a route that would bring us down a well lit freeway, into a more residential area that was still pretty much a highway, and then into a dark rural area where I had planned to get her totally naked. Then we would suddenly exit back onto a well lit 4 lane highway where anyone near us would be able enjoy looking at her nudity. By then I knew she would be so turned on that she'd happily ride in the car totally nude.

By the time we'd traveled the 10 miles on the freeway her shirt was pushed down around her waist and I'd started to try and slide off her pants. As soon as we exited and no one would be along side of us she allowed her pants to come off and even slipped one foot out of them. We traveled through the residential area, passing through a couple of commuter communities while we met several cars who should have had enough light to look through the windshield and see my wife's naked tits.

Finally we drove into the darker rural areas and she allowed me to completely remove her shirt and leaned into me as I continued to play with her tits.

By now she was getting quite turned on since it was dark and a remote area she actually had both feet up on the dash. I was driving quite slow as I worked her sopping wet pussy with my right hand and drove with my left. This part of the drive was the most enjoyable as in between my stroking her pussy and playing with her tits she would lean over and suck on my cock for a few minutes now and then and then put her feet back up on the dash.

By now, for all practical purposes, she was totally nude, except she still had her pajama bottoms around one ankle. Soon we were coming back into an area with more housing, and many more street lights and as I had thought by that time she was too turned on to care if some one might see her nude. There was also starting to be more traffic, but I stayed will within the speed limit and didn't drive too slow.

I noticed a car pull out of a side street and start to follow us and before I could say "there's a cop behind us" his flashing red lights came on! My wife quickly scrambled to try and twist her pajama bottoms around and pull them up and then get her shirt back on before he walked up to her side of the car and shined his flashlight through the window on her.

Just about the time his light flashed across her chest she managed to get both arms back in her top but didn't have a chance to button up until after his flashlight was shining on her chest. All I had to do was pull my shirt down and I was covered up.

The cop seemed to find the situation a bit funny, and wasn't irritated at all. Especially since he may have thought he'd be pulling over some young, perhaps drunk kids, instead of a couple in their 40's.

Most of the time he talked to us he kept his flashlight shining on some part of my wife's body, and after briefly looking at my license had her get out of the car so he could ask her if she "was all right" or "being forced to do anything she didn't want to do." Fortunately for me she was also amused by then or could have really made my life hell by telling the cop I had kidnapped her or forced her into the situation.

He seemed to keep shining his flashlight up and down her torso while they talked outside the car and then he finally let her get back into the car while he wrote me a ticket for a cracked tail light which had given him reason to stop me.

Needless to say we never did get back on the well lit 4 lane highway with her being nude, that's where I had planned to really show her off. I'm not sure how many people had gotten a look at my naked wife that night, I think the cop got a look of at least one bare breast, maybe both. Others we passed or met on the road should have also been able to enjoy the view of her naked tits. It just didn't work out to the finish as I had planned.

I don't have the big car any more and it hasn't worked to get her into a smaller less comfortable car to try the same experiences. (Damn those center consoles anyhow) I think maybe I should have kept that car as we had several fun experiences while driving in it and several people got to enjoy looking at her bare tits as she sat along side of me while I drove down the highway.

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