tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLet's Just Call it Rape

Let's Just Call it Rape


He hadn’t meant for it to go as far as it did. He sat in the chair in his office over looking the city from a wall of windows twenty stories above the ground. He was confident that police would be coming for him any minute. He ran is fingers through his dark blonde hair. His shoulders were tense; his entire demeanor was a study in tension. He noticed that people had been steering clear of him all day. He wondered if what he had done, what he wanted to do again was written on him like some kind of tattoo that screamed “Rapist”.

It had started out as a total accidental view into the window of this woman’s apartment. The drapes to her bedroom were parted about two inches and offered an unobstructed view into her bedroom. The first time he had seen her, he had been walking his dog. He just happened to glance up when he passed this house and he saw her on her bed naked with a vibrator between her legs. He couldn’t hear her, but the look of her face was pure ecstasy. He had gotten hard just thinking about her breasts bared, and her hands holding on to this bright red vibrator jamming it in and out between her legs. He looked at his watch it was 10:45pm. He walked home with the vision still in his mind. He dreamed about it and woke up in the midst of a wet dream for the first time since he was 19. He showered and changed before he went back to bed.

Every time he closed his eyes he would see her. Her red hair flowing across the pristine white of the pillowcases, her full bottom lip caught between her teeth. He couldn’t tell the color of her eyes, but he would bet they were a deep green. Her skin had been pale to the point of being alabaster. She was a vision. He knew he would have to see her again. That is how it started, as an accidental sighting of a woman taking pleasure in the privacy of her own home.

He began going the same route every night, at the same time. He would sometimes catch her getting ready for bed, standing in her underwear as she pulled something silky over her head to slither down covering her skin. Her breasts were always peaked and he wanted to badly to rub the palms of his hands over those hard nipples. She was a pretty woman. He started walking his dog in the morning too, to see if he could catch a glimpse of her as she left for her job. He finally managed to catch her one morning after a week of getting up two hours early, and his dog confused, but happy about the bonus walk. She left by way of the garage where she kept her little red car. The door rolled up and out she drove, then the door came back down again. He got an idea as he watched her leave for work the next week. She had started to wave at him when she saw him jog past with his big English Mastiff. He looked like a decent guy. Ask any of his friends, they would tell you that Gary was a decent guy, a great guy. Gary was good people.

After Gary figured out when she left for work, he waited to see what time she got home from work. He discovered that varied. Sometimes she would be home by 6, other times as late as ten. That is when Gary decided to follow her to work. He parked down the block and when she pulled out, he followed after her. She worked at a publishing house down town, only two blocks from his office. Then he followed her after work, to see where she went. He got her entire schedule this way, by following her, or as the legal community calls it, stalking her.

He still watched her at night. He had taken to looking in her windows. The word peeping tom never entered his mind. He was oblivious to the fact that he was well on his way to becoming a monster. He was a nice guy. Gary was good people, really. The night she brought a date home Gary was surprised by the jealous feelings that made his stomach burn and his throat tight. He watched the ass-hole make love her. She had a window partly open so he could hear her moans as he gave it to her as hard as she gave it to herself. She kept urging him on as he thrust into her. “Harder baby, please…harder.”

Her date obliged sending them both into a realm of pleasure that Gary could only imagine. He had to bite his lips together to keep from screaming at them to stop. It was supposed to be him in there with her. It was supposed to be HIM. He went home that night depressed and angry that she had let another man touch her. She had been pure before, but now, well, now she was just a fucking whore.

He broke into her house the first time two days after that. He had taken off work, where he worked as a technical advisor for a huge Corporation. He had to make sure everything was updated, and that it was virus protected. He told the Vice President of Operations he had some plumber coming to his house, so he had to go home. Mr. Kegle just nodded and smiled and told Gary to go ahead. Gary left work at 11 that morning and drove right to the woman’s home. He noticed a window in the back of the house was raised. He pushed it up further and gauged that he could jump up and wiggled through without a problem. He climbed in the window and discovered himself in the laundry room. He ran his gloved hands over the cool metal of the appliances and taking his shoes off, carrying them in his hand so as to not track up her white tile floor.

Walking into her bedroom, he opened the drawer to the bedside table and took out one of the toys she had stashed there. He put the vibrator to his nose and smelled it. He stuck his tongue out to taste it. All he tasted was rubber. The bed was neatly made, and her bathrobe was tossed at the end of the bed. Pushing in the door to the bathroom, he caught what he imagined was her scent. It was a light sexy smell. Gary saw in the laundry hamper, a tiny pair of silk panties. He picked them up and crushed them against his face breathing deeply. A mixture of aromas sucked deep into his lungs. He smiled as he pushed the pink panties into his pocket. He wandered into the living room, then the home office. He noticed a stack of mail sitting on a side table by the desk. Picking up an envelope, Gary noticed her name. Anna James. His obsession had a name. He left the house via the back door, walking out as if he had a perfect right to be there.

What he did with the panties when he got home was something he had never done before. He pushed them to his face with one hand as the scents invaded his senses and he used his other hand to masturbate, the smell of Anna taking him to heights he had never been before. In his mind he could see him jamming his dick into her hot wet body, with her begging for more, begging for all he could give. Gary had stolen a key from the desk drawer that seemed to be a master to all the locks. He made a copy and replaced the original the next time he visited Anna’s home.

Gary went about his days, working, stalking Anna; he even found time for a couple of dates. He fucked them, but it wasn’t as good as he knew it would be with Anna. He just had no interest in any other woman. His friends wondered what had him so preoccupied. He never wanted to go shoot pool, or play a game of pick up basketball. He was always in a hurry to get home from work. They started speculating that he had found a woman, and he wasn’t ready to share her yet. The started to rib him about the mystery woman and Gary just smiled.

He took it to another level the day he hid in her closet. It was a Friday. He had left work about an hour early. He let himself in the back door and hid in her closet, the door ajar just a little bit. She came in alone, and puttered around the house. He heard the TV go on, and then a while later, it went off. She came into the room and took off her clothes. She put on some music and reached into the bedside drawer for her vibrator. He watched her play with herself with her fingers first. He watched as she stroked her pussy, watched as she became wet. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was partly open as her breathing deepened. She turned on the vibrator and let it stroke the outside of her pussy. Anna’s legs opened wider and her pelvis was angled downward as she slid it into her. He heard her sigh. He watched as she fucked herself with that fake dick. He closed his eyes and bit his lips together. He wanted so much to be the dick that was inside of her. Soon. Soon, she wouldn’t be able to resist him. As she reached orgasm, she gasped and sighed as her entire body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. She smiled and rolled over and went to sleep.

Gary waited for an hour. Then he snuck to her bed, kissed her on the forehead and took the vibrator that was covered with her juices. He left by the back door. He went home, and sucked all of her flavors off the vibrator, as he worked his dick into frenzy with his other hand. He had to have her. He started planning when. He started planning how. In two weeks. He would have her.

Those two weeks seemed like a year to Gary. He didn’t go by her house, or walk his dog in the mornings anymore. He didn’t watch her or break into her house. He wanted this to be special. He wanted this to be real. On the chosen day, he took care with his clothing. He chose apparel that was dark and easily removed and replaced, sweats. His shoes were slip on Nike’s also black. He didn’t do anything about his hair, or his eye color. He wanted her to know who he was. He wanted her know who it was giving her so much pleasure. He bought the daisies and tulips on his way. It was five thirty in the afternoon.

Gary let himself in. He got a beer out of the fridge and enjoyed it as he waited for her to come home. He sat in a chair in the kitchen and acted as if it were his home. As she came in, at first her face showed surprise, then fear. He smiled at her, to let her know that he meant her no harm. He handed her the flowers, which she looked at as if they were snakes.“Who are you? Why are you in my house?” She asked, her voice edging toward panic.

Gary stood up, his hands held out in front of him palms up to show her he was not there to hurt her.

"I’ve been watching you. I had to see you.”

He watched that information process in her mind and saw her lunge for the phone. He knocked the phone out of her hands. He held on to her. Her body was warm against him. He felt himself get hard; the problem was she did too. She started saying “no” over and over. Either denying this was happening, or just really not believing it. He hushed her as he pushed her through to the bedroom that he had decorated with lighted candles and rose petals. Anna saw the room and started to cry. Gary ordered her to stop crying. He was starting to get a little pissed off. This was not a bad thing. This was a gift he was giving her. Why didn’t she understand that?

“Take off your clothes Anna” he said to her, his voice quiet and to Anna a little frightening. She did what he asked. “Lie down on the bed, on your back.” Again she did as he said. He pulled her arms above her head and attached the leather manacles that he had hooked to the headboard earlier. Then he put the blindfold on her. “If you don’t scream, I won’t put a gag on you.” She nodded her head. He stripped his clothes off and he lay down beside her. His hands were finally able to feel the cool satin of her skin. His darker skin tone was enhanced by the paleness of hers. He sighed as he felt the firmness of her breasts in his palms. He kissed her then, surprised that she didn’t kiss him back. She was lying there very still. Gary just shrugged it off. He kissed her breasts, made her nipples hard by biting on them and sucking on them. She moaned a little. He took it that she really loved it. He slipped a finger into her pussy and found that she was already wet. He groaned and knew that he would be cheating her, but he didn’t care. He loomed over her, watching her face as he entered her. She sucked her breath in as he buried himself as deeply as he could. He then pulled almost all the way out before burying himself again. He fucked her hard, and felt her respond. She wrapped her legs around his waist and urged him on. Her hips met his time and again. He felt her release, and was amazed at the hot fluid rush of it. He withdrew and unhooked her hands. “Get on your hands and knees.” She smiled and did it.

He positioned himself behind her and poked lightly at her pussy, which was still dripping. She pushed her hips back, inviting him in. He grabbed her hips and thrust. She moaned and pushed her hips further back. He fucked her like a wild animal and she responded in like. He came hard in harmony with her. It was the most amazing thing he had ever felt. She pushed the blindfold off her eyes. Her face and chest flushed from the orgasm.

She said to him. “Get the fuck out of my house.” Her green eyes glittered hard and with intensity. He gathered his clothes and left.

As he sat in his office, he wondered when the police would come. He would spend a lifetime in jail for what he had done. His phone buzzed. His secretary told him there was someone to see him. He braced himself. The door opened and there stood Anna. She had a smile on her face as she walked toward him.

She asked him, “When are you going to break into my house again sweetie?” Gary laughed. It was a game. It was a strange game, but one that Anna loved. He remembered the first time and had hated how he felt as he stalked her. But now it was just part of the relationship. It worked for them. Next year when they got married, it would be different, but he could probably find a way to accost her in the garage or something like that.

Life was grand.

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