tagGroup SexLet's Play Nice

Let's Play Nice


We arrived at the front of the hotel and started to say our goodbyes, to keep in touch and to visit, etc. I hugged the girls, shook hands with the guys and told them it was good to see them again and then turned to Drea (dray-ah). As we hugged she whispered, "I'm in room three-four-sixty-nine, come up in about 10 minutes." Then she let me go, turned and left with the rest of the gang into the hotel lobby without looking back. I didn't know what to make of her invitation but thought what the hell, we were getting a bit naughty on the dance floor and I know she felt my hard dick as we were grinding.

Drea is married to a guy named Ben who I met once when Drea and I worked together before I moved back to the city. The whole group was in town for a huge convention and most of the girls brought their significant other including Drea. After the convention we all met that evening for dinner and then a little partying, drinking and dancing. Sometime during one of those three activities, Drea mentioned that Ben had driven back home. Drea and I used to flirt a lot when we were coworkers but nothing serious. Hell, she even mentioned to Ben, the time I met him, that I was her work spouse to which his response was stoic.

I lit a cigarette and headed down the block wondering if Drea was too drunk to realize what she had told me or was she on the up and up. I looked at my watch and saw that it was twenty minutes later and threw my cigarette into the street and headed back to the hotel. I opened the door to the lobby and saw the night receptionist look up and smile. I smiled back and walked towards the elevators. The familiar ding of the elevator indicated that it had arrived and was going to take me up into the unknown.

The doors opened to the floor where Drea was occupying a room. I looked left and then right not knowing which way to go when I noticed the placard directly in front of me indicating which way to go. I started down the long corridor when I heard a door open up in front of me and froze a bit hoping that it wasn't one of our coworkers. It wasn't a coworker but an older gent who stepped out his room and walked towards me then turned right. I passed the open doorway where the icemaker, soda and snack machines were situated.

Finally, I arrived at door three-four-sixty-nine. I listened for sounds behind the door but heard none, so I knocked on it. What seemed like an eternity the door finally opened and too my chagrin there stood Ben nearly unclothed except for his underwear. He looked good with his hair neatly combed and a beard he had obviously grown since the last and only time I met him.

"Hi Ben!" I said excitedly.

He just stood there standing and staring at me. From the look he was giving me it was an invitation to enter the room and I did. He closed and locked the door. I turned and faced him once inside and it felt like a Mexican standoff, just the two of us standing and staring at one another.

"Now boys, play nice," it was Drea from somewhere behind me but I dared not look back. Ben took a step forward and I was ready for anything including knocking him out and heading quickly out the door. Instead, I didn't have to defend myself, Ben reached up slowly with both hands, cupped my face and started kissing me. I felt my knees go weak as he gently parted my lips and slid his tongue inside my mouth. My breathing was now heavier as we started kissing like a pair of high school teenagers. Our hands started feeling one another and quickly reached for his crotch. He had a thick hard on inside his underwear which caused me to drop to my knees. A large wet spot on his underwear told me his cock was oozing pre-semen. I looked up at Ben who had the same deadpan expression when he first opened the door to let me in.

I looked back down at his bulging underwear and admired the thick outline. I gently ran my hands over his bulge and felt the heat emanating from his hard cock. I moved my face closer and ran my eyes up and down the length of his thick shaft pressing against the cotton fabric. I started massaging his balls and with my lips, I mouthed the base of his cock up to the large wet spot that was growing bigger. I sucked at the wet spot, tasting his salty goo that I love. Sucking on his underwear started a rise between my own thighs.

"That's it, honey," Drea's voice again but this time it she was kneeling next to me as my hands and mouth played with Ben's gorgeous cock. "I told Ben how I was dying to suck and fuck you and he said that I could do anything to you as long as you pleasured him first."

I reached up and slid my fingers under the elastic waistband and pulled them down quickly, allowing Ben's cock to spring out and land against my forehead with a resounding thud.

"Wow!" is all I could whisper before I took his cock into my mouth. I opened my mouth a bit more and swallowed another few inches of thick shaft. I slowly bobbed back and forth on his meat stick before I swallowed him all the way down to the base. I slid my tongue out and lapped at his clean shaven balls. When I didn't hear him moan or groan I slid back off his cock and looked up. Ben and Drea were making out like we did a few moments before but this time he had his hand full of thirty-four, A-cup sized tit in his hand. Drea was naked and it was the first time I got to see her bald pussy.

I returned my attention to Ben's throbbing cock and started deep throating him again and again. I felt a hand on the back of my head as Ben's cock was fucking my mouth. I looked up while still having my face fucked and realized it was Drea's hand guiding my head. I reached around and cupped Ben's ass cheeks and slammed harder against him with his cock fucking my mouth and throat. I wanted him to cum quickly so I could start on Drea. It worked and soon he was unleashing a thick spurt of hot cum down my throat.

"Yeah baby!" cooed Drea, "Suck my man dry!"

I moaned as the last drops of cum oozed out of Ben's cock. Drea milked his balls and then ran her thumb up along the thick under vein squeezing out a few more thick drops which I happily swallowed. Ben stepped back, thoroughly pleased with the head I willingly gave him.

"Fuck that was hot!" exclaimed Drea.

Ben nodded in agreement and walked over to the night stand and reached for a cigarette.

"Now it's my turn!" Drea grabbed me by the hand as we stood up together. We started kissing hot and heavy as I heard the flick of a lighter as Ben lit his cigarette. I could smell the smoke he blew out as I played with Drea's small, saggy tits. I felt her button sized nipples and tweaked them between my thumbs and forefingers. She moaned out and reached for the button on my pants. I released her nipples and quickly got my pants down, stepped out of my shoes and then my pants.

"Commando huh?" Ben asked.

"Oh fuck baby! Look at this sexy cock." Drea whispered to her husband. Ben stepped around me and his eyes grew a bit wide.

"Nice! Now fuck my wife stud!"

Drea had other ideas as she pushed me against the bed where I landed on my back and she started sucking me off. Her tiny hand wrapped around my thick cock making it looks bigger and thicker.

"Or suck him off first and then I want to see him fuck your brains out Drea." He pronounced her name dray.

Drea didn't need any encouragement as she eagerly sucked my cock. I placed my hands behind the back of my head watching her intently. Ben took his place at the foot of the bed with his cigarette in one hand and a small ashtray in the other. He blew out another cloud of smoke from both his mouth and nose.

"You got her real hot dude, she's fingering her pussy!"

"Uh Ben, do you mind if I eat your wife's pussy?" I asked as Drea started jerking me and sucking my balls at the same time.

"You heard him Drea, put that slutty lil' fuck hole of yours in his face."

Drea groaned out as she kept sucking my cock but crawled on the bed and did a one eighty turn and straddled her knees on each side of my face. Her bald pussy was moist from her fingering but I intended to get her sopping wet and cumming.

I started with gentle kisses on her outer lips. She liked that by shoving her pussy against my face to which I reached up with both hands and using my fingers, parted her outer lips and planted a long, sensuous kiss on her inner lips.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned out and then quickly gobbled my cock back into her mouth. She bobbed harder and faster, going a little deeper each time until my cockhead was banging the back of her throat. She didn't go any further than that.

I continued with the long kiss when I darted my tongue out and swirled it deep inside her hot slit. She started jerking my cock now in time with her head bobbing and I kept tongue fucking her wet hole. I stopped tonguing her pussy and placed my mouth over her tiny but swollen clit and gently sucked it in my mouth. More moans from Drea as I started sucking her clit like I had done earlier to Ben's cock. I slid my thick middle finger deep in her pussy.

"Oh shit!" she breathed out.

I buried my finger deep in her pussy and started massaging the front wall of her pussy and continued sucking her clit. Drea ground her so pussy hard against my finger and face that she barely could concentrate on sucking my cock. I started curling my finger inside her, rubbing against her G-spot, Drea started to buck back and forth moaning out obscenities. She sighed as she reached a mild orgasm and then started sucking my cock again, this time bobbing deeply, her drool ran down my shaft and onto my balls.

While Drea and I were still locked in our hot sixty-nine position, I felt Ben get off the bed and walk over positioning himself behind his wife. I saw his gorgeous cock was hard again and ready for action. I reached up and parted Drea's damp pussy with my fingers. I watched as the head of Ben's cock parted Drea's pussy lips even wider. It was amazing to see her pussy swallow that thick head and shaft. Ben's balls were on my nose as he buried his cock deep into Drea. I opened my mouth and sucked on his hanging, cum filled balls, Ben moaned out.

Drea squirmed wanting Ben to fuck her silly, but he was content to have his cock buried deep in her pussy and my mouth sucking his balls. The harder Drea tried to buck back and forth on her husband's cock the harder Ben held her hips.

"Oh fuck me baby! Please fuck me!" wailed Drea as her husband held her hips firm.

I kept gently sucking his balls as Drea desperately tried to grind against her hubby's cock, but Ben held her firm. I felt Ben start to pull his cock out of Drea's sopping pussy, so I opened my mouth a bit. His wet balls slid across my face and were quickly replaced by his thick cock head. I eagerly sucked on it like a hungry little baby, Drea slid her pussy across my chin as she rolled off me and onto her back, lying next to me. Ben grabbed his thick shaft and pulled his cock out of my mouth, he slapped it against my open lips.

I rolled onto of Drea and she sucked my balls into her mouth. I pulled her legs back, inviting Ben to fuck her but he slid his cock back into my mouth instead. He started fucking my mouth as I moaned in delight. Ben was about to cum again and instead of filling my mouth again, he pulled out and squirted thick globs of cum on Drea's pussy and ass. I wanted him to cum in my mouth but he held my head back as he decorated his wife's fuckholes.

""Now clean her up!" he ordered as he released his hold on my head.

I immediately obeyed and opened my mouth as wide as I could and lapped up his hot jizz. Her pussy juice and Ben's cum was a delicious treat. I tongued both of Drea's holes thoroughly cleaning her as Ben had commanded. No sooner had I sucked up the last of Ben's cum off his wife's body, he directed me what to do next.

"Now fuck my wife!"

I lifted off Drea and turned around to face her lying underneath me. She quickly reached down and grabbed my cock guiding it into her soaked pussy. I buried it deep in her pussy as Ben nodded in agreement. Drea squirmed.

"Yeah fuck me baby!" Drea cooed in my ear.

I obliged her. I started with a slow, long dick rhythm, pulling out far enough to where my cockhead remained inside and then slowly buried my dick balls deep in her. I could tell Drea's never had a dick big as mine in her pussy before as I reached deep inside her making her squirm.

"Oh shit!" she barely muttered out in a whisper.

"C'mon man! Fuck her! Fuck her hard!" Ben barked out wanting to see her wife get fucked hard by my big dick.

"Like this Ben?" I asked as I pounded Drea's pussy hard and merciless. Drea let out a shout as I continued pounding her hard and fast. She tried slowing me down with a weak attempt at wrapping her legs around my waist but I was having none of it, I continued my furious pace to the delight of the three of us. I felt like cumming so I buried my cock balls deep again stopping.

"You like that Drea?" I asked breathing hard and regaining control so I wouldn't cum. But before Drea could answer, I returned my assault on her sopping wet fuckhole.

"Oh fuck!" she wailed out.

"Yeah! Fuck my wife!" been cheered us on.

I fucked Drea hard, slowed a bit and then even harder. My eye caught her bouncing titties and quickly stopped, sucked one into my mouth and then resumed my furious pace once again. I sucked her button nipple hard, Drea moaned out.

"How's that feel Drea?" Ben asked leaning close to her ear.

Drea looked at her husband as if she was about to cry and bellowed out, "Fuck Ben, I think I'm gonna cum on his cock!"

I picked up my pace even faster, breathing harder, sweat started forming on my face, back and chest. Drea's pussy clamped around my cock as she came. I buried my cock balls deep again, pausing as her pussy pulsed around my thick shaft. I was also ready to cum when Ben whispered for me to cum on his wife's face.

I pulled out and straddled Drea's shoulders. Ben grabbed my cock and started stroking my cock, Drea's mouth was on my balls.

"Oh fuck!" I whispered out as the married couple had their way with me. I was ready to cum when slid back a bit and started cumming. My first thick load landed on Ben's face. He opened his mouth and I continued cumming filling his mouth instead of Drea's face. When I was done cumming in Ben's mouth, he released my cock, bent over Drea's face. Her mouth was open and cum spilled from Ben's mouth into Drea's.

It was a hot scene watching Ben drool over Drea's open mouth. I slid off Drea and started kissing Ben tonguing him deeply, tasting my own cum. I focused my attention on Drea and started kissing her deeply, my tongue was greeted with a mixture of cum, and Ben and Drea's saliva. With my tongue still in her mouth, she swallowed the tasty mix. We were still tenderly kissing one another when Ben approached us with lit cigarettes. We each grabbed one from his hand and started smoking, Drea still on her back, me on my side lying next to her and Ben standing by the bed.

"Let's smoke these and whataya say we do it again?"

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