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Letter to a Lover


Hi babe,

How are you doing today? Fine I hope. Are you feeling better than before? I hope so, don’t want you to see you down and lonely.

So you liked the messages I sent to your phone? I knew you’d like them. I really do wish I could have been there with you and done a little special cheering up.

I miss you. There, I said it. I know you are feeling a bit lonely, are there no nice women around to soothe that itch of yours? Ah well, too bad. I guess you will just have to take matters into your own hands then... So, do you do that? Take matters into your own hands? I bet you do, and I bet you do it quite often knowing you. Don’t worry babe, I don’t mind. I’m doing the same thing. Well, what’s a gal to do with her man in another country?

The other night my hormones were really flying, When you sent me that message that you had guests I really did want to throw them out. I wanted to walk in through that door, tell all of them to leave because I wanted to fuck my man the whole night. I wanted to kick them out and when the last guest had left, I would close that door, turn around and push you into the wall while kissing you greedily. Pressing my warm lips against yours I would sneak my tongue into your hot mouth and play around with yours. Gently I would lick the corners of your mouth and run my tongue along those soft lips of yours.

With my left hand I would rub you through your pants, feeling you grow harder by the minute. My right hand unbuckling your belt as fast as possible. Finally the belt is unbuckled, and your gorgeous cock is released from its confinements. Letting go after one more kiss, you can feel my breath along your neck while I kiss and let my tongue lick and tease along it.

My left hand is stroking your hard cock. I love the way it looks, the way it stands at attention and reacting to my every touch. I stroke it up and down, feeling the warmth exuding from it. In a steady grip I move my hand up and down the shaft, as a moan leaves your lips. I stop right under the head, then let my thumb gently move around the edge of the head. Slowly I work my thumb along the edge and then around the whole head. Wetting the thumb with a couple of droplets of your precum I keep letting it massage the sensitive head. You can feel the featherlight movements and the longer they go on, the more the whole sensation starts to concentrate on the head.

Then you feel the fingers of my right hand grasp around the base of the shaft. As I tighten the grip on the base and start to pump up and down , the left hand continues to concentrate on the head. I can hear you moan the more I work on you. I love to hear you enjoying yourself.

As you start to get impatient you beg me to go down on you, motioning my head downwards. I stop the stroking and push you back against the wall. Tonight I’m in charge. Once again I kiss you passionately, pulling back when your tongue seeks mine, but reciprocate with a vengeance. That shirt you’re wearing; too many buttons. Can’t be bothered. You hear the sound of ripped fabric, but have no time to react before you feel my lips around your nipples. Encircling the areaola with the tip of my tongue before it starts to flick over your sensitive nipples.

While I kiss your chest and occasionally nibble on your nipples, my left hand continues to work on making you as hard as possible. Your chest rises and falls faster as your breath gets heavier. With my tongue I trail down your torso before being faced with your beautiful cock. My lips embrace the head and in a swift motion I take you as deep as possible. I let your cock head tickle the back of my throat while my tongue dances around the shaft. Slowly I move up until just the head lies on my bottom lip. With the tip of my tongue I tickle it before taking you in again. Just the head this time. Sucking and with a steady tempo and pressure massaging it.

As I give you that blowjob you’ve been craving for, my right hand starts to play gently with your balls. I run a finger along your innerthighs up towards your crotch before letting two fingers caress that soft area behind your balls. As I feel your body tightening up I take all of you once again, keeping up the tempo with my warm mouth, as well as using my left hand while the right one continues to play with your balls. I know you’re getting closer, your balls are tightening and your body’s becoming more eager. You tense up and I can feel your cock twitching inside of my mouth as you cum. I’ve always loved that feeling, it gives a sense of power. When you try to pull out I won’t let you. I want to feel you in my mouth a bit longer. Before letting go I swirl my tongue around your spent cock, extracting a loud groan from your lips as you’re still very sensitive. When I finally let go I look up at you smiling. Then I swallow.

Have a wonderful day at work babe.



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