tagLoving WivesLetter To Bill 3/8/01

Letter To Bill 3/8/01

byLinda Jean©

Fifth Letter

Hi Honey; Mar 8,01

You have no idea how happy I was to get your letters today. God Bill, it is like you read my mind. Here you have not received any of my letters yet telling you what I have been doing or have become, and you write me all those nasty fantasies of yours. What where you thinking? May I ask? Where you thinking that I would read all those steamy hot letters, and instead of doing myself, I would go out and finely make your wish’s come true? Well aren’t you going to be surprised when you get my nasty letters telling you that I have become your filthy nasty slut dream wife?

Honey I was beginning to think I was starting to have a filthy mind, but then I get your mail, and you leave me thinking I am a virgin in a private girls school. I really like your fantasy of me getting stopped by two cops and fuck my way out of a ticket. In addition, the one you wrote about Sally when she tied me up, and was fucking me for 48 hours with her mouth, fingers, Dildo’s then as you put it "I turn into a hungry bisexual, sex hungry, pussy hungry, bitch in heat." I do think you should be much more descriptive, for the life of me I can’t figure out what you where hinting at.

I am going to talk to her about that fantasy of yours; myself I kind of like the idea. The one of me fucking the sears repair crew and being caught by Hank next door, really got me thinking, I think I can make that one also happen. I guess you already know how he is like a fly around here. If we weren’t such good friends with Jill, I would have fucked Hank weeks ago. If I have my Bill right, you probably lay in your bunk, thinking all kinds of nasty thing that you and Jill would and could do. I would even make a wager that you have some lovely filthy thoughts about her and I, I know I have.

I finished my period yesterday, and I was so fucking horny all three days. I used my fingers, but what I really needed was man to fuck me. I went to Marshals yesterday and bought several long flowing summer dresses. I choose the sheer ones that require long slips. I wanted to see what I would look like wearing one with out a slip and panties. I had a feeling I would look hot and sexy. It turned out I was right. Sally came over to pick me up, (Thursdays is Don Jose’s night) Sally would not let me out of the house until she was able to kneel down under my dress and bring me to a wonderful climax. She said she wanted to eat me before I started letting the guys start fucking me.

We took her car, and one of two things has happened at Don Jose’s. I think it is either that I have a reputation down there for being an easy lay, or I just look like an easy lay. I have fucked the bartended enough, I am sure he has passed the word that I love to fuck married men, and will fuck one at the drop of a hat. (Well, really drop of their pants) listen to me, I really believe I am thinking like a slut whore. Does that bring a smile on your face baby? Is your dick hard think that your lovely wife will fuck any married man that hits on her? That your lovely wife will climax the first time a stranger let’s her suck his cock and I masturbate while I suck him? I would bet your dick is hard as a rock right now, can you picture me in a men’s room stall sitting down on a stool.

Can you picture your wife sitting there with my legs open and my hand working my juicy wet pussy? Now picture that I have a hard cock in my mouth, not just sucking it, but also loving it with my mouth. Stroking the base as I suck him dry. Can you picture that baby? Well your lovely wife did that last night, how many times you ask? I could lie and tell you that I had no idea, but I do not lie to you, I did 7 men in the men’s room. Some I sucked while their wives where in the ladies room, or sitting at the table waiting for them.

Sally told me that when I returned to the table I was glowing. I told her what I had done, and she was shocked. I do understand how she may have been shocked, but to get mad at me I did not. She got mad and reminded me that doing something so stupid like that could be very dangerous. I told her I only sucked men’s cock’s that where wearing wedding rings, and almost all of them where in their late 40’s, 50’s and one in his 30’s. I pointed out the men sitting at the different tables and bar. All had a woman with them. Her point to me was, I did not know that the woman with them was their wife or not. I had to agree with her. It was stupid thing for me to do; I had dinner, drinks and danced all night. We never spent one dime and I brought home one very satisfied pussy. I took two guys into the parking lot while their wife’s waited at the tables. They thought their husbands where outside smoking a cigarette. Oh they were outside all right, they where smoking my pussy.

While I was outside Sally was setting up a threesome with this guy that was here on a business trip. He had something to do with the Navy Dept. When I went back inside Sally introduced me as her visiting sister (that is our favorite story) I sat down and she told him that I had a sexual problem. Sally told him that my problem was a very simple one. She told him that I have never met a man I could say no too. (Now that much is really not all false) She told him I need a man like a junkie needs drugs. We where laughing, and I told him that she was right, I needed an injection as soon as I could find one. Jake (that was his name) told me he hated to see a person in need like I obviously was. He told us that he would love to inject me with the serum that I needed so bad. I told him that since I did not know him, Sally would have to join us, I may be a horny woman, but I was not a crazy.

What a line of bull, I would fuck a stranger in a heartbeat (as long as they are married that is.) You see, Sally and I had planned to take one or two men home, she picked out Jake so I had to convince him that I would not do him with out her. Well I am sure that if you where put in that position that you would have done just what he did. He could not pay the bill fast enough and get us to his hotel room. He was staying at the Hilton, so that’s where we went to spend our night of debauchery. Have you ever had two women yet baby? I am here to tell you that if you have not, you will when we get there. I decided to bring Sally with me when I come to meet you. I know how you love eating pussy, so I will tell you what we did to Jake, and as I tell you, just think what sally and I are going to do to you.

After we got to his room, needless to say, we did not just sit around talking. We got him on the bed on his back; I went to work on his cock, while Sally moved to straddle his face. He became the pussy eater that Sally and I had hoped he would be. He was a little man, with a big dick and a lovely mouth. I worked him right to the edge of a climax, and kept it up until he was trying to grab his dick when I would pull away. Sally just sat on his face, and I held his hands. Poor baby, he wanted to climax so bad, he brought Sally to two climax’s and I had to get his fat cock in me, so I waited just long enough then straddled his groin. Oh baby, he felt so fucking good.

Watching him eating Sally at the same time was a mind blower. I was straddling him watching her; I reached out for her bouncing breast. Grabbing them I held on as I rode Jake hard and fast. I forgot all about keeping him going. I had to get my climax, I fucked him and fucked him and fucked him. No mercy, no letup, Sally leaned forward as I climaxed and shook. We kissed and my mind my mind was screaming as I went over the top.

After Jake shot his sperm in me, I kept rocking. I milked him for every drop he had in him, now this part I know you will like, and you can plan on it happening to you. I broke the kiss with Sally and said "switch" we both moved at the same time and I straddled Jake’s face and Sally went for his cock. She started sucking him, and unlike I will have to do to you. I had to tell him to eat me. It took a few times telling him, and rubbing my wet cunt on his mouth before he got started. Now with you, I would expect you to be leaning up pulling my sopping cunt down to your face. No matter how hard Sally worked that poor man’s dick would not come back to life.

We got dressed and came back home. I have to admit, it was not one of the raunchiest nights I have had lately, but it did make me feel great as I drifted off to sleep thinking of doing that same thing to you. I think the only difference is I intend on having a vagina full of sperm. I mean like from 6-8 guys before I squat over your face and have you eat and clean me out. Poor baby, I bet right now that your dick is so hard it is hurting. You need to get off some place and take care of that love stick of mine. Oh Sally wanted me to ask you, is there any queers on your ship, I mean, is there any guy that you can go to and have him suck you, or that you can fuck? If so, remember this, use a condom, the only thing I want from you when I see you is your cock, just make sure you don’t catch anything else and pass it on to me.

I had an e-mail from a guy that would like to meet us when you get back, He sent me a picture of him and his dick, I kind of liked his boldness, do you think it wise to meet others from the net or not. I don’t know. I kind of like what I have been doing, it seems more exciting. Think about it honey. I’ll try to write when I get back. Oh I forgot to tell you, Sally’s boss is flying us to Germany for a convention. I’ll get back on the 17th. Wish I had bought a laptop for myself. I just may do that yet. I love you baby


* * * * *

If you want to write me, I promise to read all of your nasty filthy thoughts, (I love reading dirty stories and of course what you would love to do to me) If you kindle my fire, I’ll use my pen, I’ll let Bill and all the world know E-mail me.

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