Letter to Her Husband


"That is exactly what I thought, Ruth. The question is, as a woman and a doctor, what would you do to defuse this before it explodes?"

"I will deny telling you this. When you have her under, tell her that it is normal for a woman, especially one who has had only one man, to want to be with other men. Tell her that she should see you again Monday. Then explain to her husband what her problem is, and it is just the way female humans are made. He can either ignore her problem, and it might just go away, but I don't think so. Or he can relieve her hunger, while being a conspirator with her. That's a gutsy move. Is this guy Anderson man enough to help his wife?"

The first part of Bonnie's Friday appointment covered the usual food related maters. When he was sure that she was at stage five, Dr. Mead asked: "Do you like sex?"

"Oh, yes."

"Do you know any men other than Tom that you would like to lie naked with?"

A smile crossed her face. "Yes."

"How many men have you had sex with?"


Doctor Mead frowned. Tom had told him that he was her first and only lover.

"Bonnie, how many men have you had sex with in the last year?"


"Do you love them?"

"I love Tom."

"How about the other two men. Do you love them?"

"Not at all."

"Did you like sex with the other men?

"Oh, yes."

There it was. There was no running room. She had already exploded. Doctor Mead now knew that he had to convince Tom to explore his sexuality with Bonnie."

He told Bonnie to relax. Quietly, he left the room to confer with Ruth Johnson. "No surprise there." Was her comment.


"Bring her out of it, after telling her that it is normal and natural. I think I should see her husband tonight."

"Tom Anderson, I'm Doctor Ruth Johnson. Doctor Mead has asked me to sit in for him. I an aware of why you are here."

Tom looked her over. Tall, with her hair up in a bun. Large, dark brown glasses, which seemed to highlight her face. She had a white coat on and a black skirt, with flat shoes.

She took Tom into her office. The rest of the staff had left for the day.

"Please sit on my couch. Tom, you have an impression of what kind of woman I am. You know that I am a doctor. I am sure you have seen my wedding ring. I have two children in high school. I know that you are an attorney. Therefore, I expect that you will hear me out, and try to understand what I am going to show you and tell you. I feel that I must be a little drastic to help both you and Bonnie."

Confused about helping him, Tom said, "Yes?"

Still standing, she took off her coat. Next, off came her blouse. Her bra was a plain white number that came from Penny's. As it fell away, Tom smiled as he saw that her white coat hid her charms. The skirt, panties, with a pee stain, and shoes followed. All the while she looked into Tom's eyes. Tom was surprised to see that her pussy was fully covered with untrimmed pussy hair.

Reading his mind, she said. "I have not had any man except my husband in two years. When at University, I studied and had sex. Did not have time for dates. Just fucked whoever was handy."

She was standing with her hands on her hips, feet wide apart, letting Tom drink in the entire woman that she was. "So, Tom, you have been here for less then five minutes. Am I still the woman who you first meet?"

"Good God no. I'm astounded. You have several dimensions."

"Exactly right. Take you clothes off, and I'll show you the woman that knew every one of the residents at Boston General."

When he was naked, she straddled his legs so that she could guide his cock to her seeping pussy. "Notice that I'm wet. I want to fuck you, Tom, but I don't know you, and certainly do not love you."

Tom could smell her unwashed pussy, as her red, dime-sized hole opened to devoured his cock.

"Kiss my tits... That a boy. Has the thought occurred to you? Why is she doing this?"

Tom froze. "This has something to do with Bonnie?"

"And you." Was said as her pelvic area sung to and fro.

Doctor Ruth Johnson then explained the opinion reached by both she and Dr. Mead. When she finished she whispered, "So now you know that she needs to be with other men, just as I am with you. I am enjoying the fuck. Roll me over and let's get rocking."

"Yes, Ma'am," Tom said.

Tom's shaft did the talking for the next five minutes. His ass tightened as his sperm filled the good doctor.

"In a nut shell, what should I do?"

"Love her. Hold her. Tell her that she is okay. Tell her that you will baby sit the kids while she goes out to a nice lounge. Or, both of you go to parties, with you pretending to be drunk so that other guys will come on to her. Then laugh and kid about her sex. And it is okay for you to get some too, like tonight. Tom, I want you to listen in on my phone conversation. "Dan, Honey, I'll be home in a half hour. I just had a first go at some good sex. When the guy gets had again, I'm sure that he will want to do it again."

"Sure Ruth. On the way home, we need some burgers. Tell the nice man to not damage the goods. Bye Sweetheart."

"Can you do that for Bonnie, Tom?"

"Wow, what a conversation. If your husband can do that, I will give it a try."

When Tom slid his cock into Doctor Ruth Johnson for their second go, she reminded him, "Tom, we are having a good time, but you don't love me, never will, and I don't love you. But, if you want to see me again, I am open to it, but next time, let's go to a lounge first."

How did it work out? The next week Tom took Bonnie with him to a convention in Atlanta. There were over one thousand men staying at the Radisson. In the afternoon, Bonnie went to the lounge next to the pool. The bartender knows her name. He figured out the first day that she was hunting. "See anyone that runs your motor? He asked her.

She will point out a guy. The bartender boldly will approach the guy and say. "That lady over there is one of the guests. She is not a pro, but likes to meet people."

As they walk away, the bartender will type the guy's apartment number on his keypad and sends it to Tom. Since every man at the bar charges his drinks to his room, it is easy for Tom to keep track of Bonnie. After a boring meeting, Tom phoned Ruth. "It is going well. I just remembered that in the letter there often was more than one guy. Does she want that?"

"I do. Three is a good number. I have had more, usually at frat houses. She won't know until she tries it. I suggest that she have a couple strong drinks to make her mellow, than go for it. Tom, why don't you sit in and watch, maybe kiss her while some guy is getting his jollies at the other end."

"You're bad."

"Bye, Tom."

Tom met and took to bed a short female attorney that afternoon. She was married, and it was clear that she did not really care what his last name was. She was good pussy, so Tom was a happy boy. That evening they took in a stage show. After they stopped at the High Life lounge. It was filled with men. Bonnie soon was one step away from plastered. Tom said. "Bon, how would you like to go to the Holiday across the street and entertain a few men?"

She blinked. "Men? You okay with that?"

"I am."

"I have to go pee."

While she was gone Tom approached a table with five young guys sitting at it. "I have seen you guys checking out my wife. Would you like to join us at the Holiday across the street for some good times?"

"If you are for real, Buddy, we would love to."

"What is your cell phone number? After we check in, I'll call you. She knows that I'm setting something up, but does not know who or how many. This is her first time with more than one guy; so when she comes out, don't look at her. When you get there, I'll let you in, and then go for ice."

"Any limits?"

"Up to her. She has been dreaming about doing this, but I don't know what she wants to do, so do it like you see on the web. Fill her holes."

Tom was at his table when Bonnie returned. "Bon, I have set you up."

"You're joking? You're not. Who, how many?"

"Surprise Bon. C'mon, let's go check in." Since they already had a room at the Radisson, Bonnie knew that something exciting was going to happen if Tom took her to the Holiday.

Soon they were in their room. Tom phoned. "Room 934."

"Be right there."

Nothing goes as planned. Three buddies had joined the group of five. Bonnie was showering when Tom let them in. He left to get ice, and let Bonnie deal with her visitors by herself. He did note that five were now eight. She walked out of the bathroom naked except her hair was up in a towel. "Oh, my God," She screeched when she saw the eight smiling guys sitting around her room, naked. "Oh my God..."

"Let me feel your booty, Baby?" One said as he reached around her to hold her tits.

"On the bed with her." Another said. Her arms and legs were spread. A tongue ran up her slash, while fingers separated her mons. When one finger circled her clit, another drove into her now excited pussy. She was kissed so that she could not see what was going on in the room. A tall good-looking guy, who was uncut, rolled his foreskin back. He lined the crease of his cock bulb with a dose of Ecstasy. He held the skin together until he had it at her pussy. Her legs were pulled up and back. As his shaft eased down her wet warn passage, bits of Ecstasy were applied to the sidewalls of her pussy to be almost immediately absorbed. Sure it cost forty dollars. They would get another into Tom when he returned. Eighty bucks, or ten bucks a man for an all night fuck. That is what Bonnie is with Ecstasy in her.

When Tom returned, only one man was fucking her, missionary style. Tom was just starting his drink when Bonnie let out a long guttural moan, as she always does when she has a hard orgasm. After Tom had drunk his gin and tonic, supplied by the guys. They waited for a few minutes. Tom was all smiles, right with the world.

Cum was worked into Bonnie's ass. She was set down on a cock, with it in her ass, and laid back. Her legs were pulled outside that man's legs so that her cunt, which had only been plundered by four men, in her life, was split agape, seeping come. They were half on and half off the bed. So it was easy for another guy to stand between their legs and insert his swollen cock up to the balls in Bonnie. Her eyes opened wide. As her mind grasped why she felt so full, so extended. She raised her head to stare at her own pussy and the cock driving in and out of her body. Her head was turned, just as she shook with another big "O." A guy laying sidesaddle pushed his cock into her mouth. For the rest of the night there would always be three of them servicing her. Tom fell asleep. At just after three, the guys could no longer get it up, so showered, dressed and left.

One left Tom a note. "Thanks Buddy. Here is my number, if you and the little woman come to Atlanta, we should get together. Paul."

Tom showed the note to Dr. Ruth Johnson, after telling her what he remembered of that night. She wrote down the number in her little black book. Then she continued to take her clothes off. With a sultry smile, she said. "I'll be in Atlanta for three days next month."

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take it to Jerry, Maury or Steve, TK U MLJ LV NV

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stupid boring and unoriginal

just a lame ass excuse for the female character to fuck around, and the spineless stupid husband just accepts it.. not worth reading.

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