tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLetter To Max, My Online Friend

Letter To Max, My Online Friend


You remember that time I'd landed in LA and found my way to your house? Ha! The look on your face. I wasn't sure at first if you'd be angry with me, which would have been understandable, given that I'd sprung out your PC and onto your front garden. It was worth though wasn't it, lovely Max?

I was too busy taking you in to realise how you were fussing over my suitcase and shepherding me through your front door, baffling me with a torrent of questions that I just waved away with a laugh.

"Max! Calm down! It is me, yes, I'm just here overnight, if that's alright? Don't panic. You know what though, I could really use a glass of water and your loo. In fact the loo first, y'know your bathroom?" People's bathrooms say so much about someone and since I've now seen it, there's no need say anymore!

I was hot and tired from so much travel, but excited to finally meet you. We sat outside in the late afternoon sun with our cold drinks and began to size each other up in the flesh. It was funny to hear your accent and our conversation stumbled occasionally at our nuances of language, but I could see the person I had shared so much with online: Max is too strong a persona to hide huh?

I was touched that you seemed nervous still: perhaps I was emboldened by that? Once we had caught up with immediate news and we turned to thoughts of dinner, I followed you inside to the kitchen. You were keen to go out but I was bushed and my feet were sore, so I was relieved to hear you offer to cook something at home. I started to stalk you round the kitchen as you put things out on the counter top until I caught you by the refridgerator. I watched as you concentrated on finding peppers how the glow from its open door cast a different light on your face as you spoke. Your words trailed to a halt as you swung the door closed, my eyes fixed on yours. I took half a step toward you as you set the things down and turned back me. I put my hand out to touch your arm and you took things from there: slipping your arm round my waist and pulling me in to press against you. That kiss... The kiss, which started small and went long. The kiss that let me wrap my arms up round your neck, as you hands flattened on my back, then slid to my ass! The kiss where I felt you rising hard against my tummy and my breath caught in my throat with a whimper.

I broke the kiss and leaned back a little to look at you as you held me right there.

"If I am staying overnight... here... could I, umm, take a shower? All that travel, I just - " You interrupted with an apology and, taking my hand ( woo! ), you sorted me out with towels and shower instructions.

"I'll be fine with that, I'm manage, yes, don't worry..." I nodded as I steered you back to the bathroom door, waving at you with my fingers as I finally closed the door on you. I leaned my head against the door, shaking my head with a smile: were you the other side? I so needed that shower. Having a shower usually grounds me in a place, makes me feel I've properly arrived, but as I towelled dry, my nerves began to rise. What the hell was I doing? What must you think of me? Did our online relationship really count for anything? I avoided looking in the mirror until I had my hair wrapped in a towel and I began to reapply a little makeup. Then I saw your cosmetics on the shelf – I assume they were yours and not a girlfriends? That made me smile anyway and gave me back a little confidence.

I slipped on my dress and tried to decide how many buttons to do up – like you do... I went for casual confidence "Nothing too provocative" I said to myself.

Supper was delicious, the wine chilled to perfection. You still dodged the questions about your past as you've always done, but there was still plenty to talk about. I learned a whole lot more about woofers and cross fading and rock bands I'd never heard of, but sitting next to you, the music and the mood slowed in the warm evening air. I rested my head back, closed my eyes and broke into a big smile as I felt you lips brush my face. My fingers slipped into your hair and your kisses made their way down my neck. When you stopped at my collar bone I opened my eyes to find you looking right back at me. Those blue eyes that could only be Max. We kissed again, your hand warm on my bare thigh, my fingers tracing the contour of your ear. I crooked a finger at you and put a hand up to whisper

"Max. Take me to bed."

The music was still playing as your hand led me through to your bedroom. I stood at the door as you disappeared into the dark and switched on the lamp. I must have looked stupid standing there like a rabbit caught in the spot light, so it helped that you came over and took my hands to lead me forward, my knees starting to feel a little wobbly ( but that would have been the wine, right? ). I was so torn by emotions: 'lust' was up there but so was terror, embarrassment and a sudden inability to speak. But it wasn't a time for talk as I watched your hands unbutton those modest buttons and then brush the fabric off my shoulders. It was still warm so that wasn't why I shivered: it was your soft kisses on my neck as you pulled me close again, my naked breasts pressed against you. I clung to you because I didn't want you to see my nakedness and know how incomplete I still am, but I wanted your hands on me. I wished you'd switched off the light but then I wouldn't have seen your lips kissing little circles across first one breast then the other, nor your pink, wet tongue flick over my nipple. Then my knees definitely turned to butter as I stepped out the circle of my dress and lay back on the covers, grabbing a pillow on the way: no free peeking till you've undressed!

Your body is beautiful, dear, sweet Max. There was no need to apologise for the scars not the extra nipple but the prosthetic leg was something of a surprise ;) . I hate you Californians with your permanent tans, which make me feel like so much uncooked pastry.

"So it's true, you do shave. Come here you!" I said, casting the pillow aside as you lay for the first time between my legs and I felt your weight on me. Only my knickers were between us of course, but you knew how I felt and they would come off when I was ready.

Now I had you horizontal, it was my turn to kiss some skin and I started with your face by making a fuss of you, kissing your eyebrows, your nose, your cheeks. I ran my nose across your lips as my hair tickled your forehead. I kissed your ear and did my 'breathing hot air into your ear' to make you wriggle Ha! I swung my knee over you and kissed your neck and felt the thickness of your prick between my legs; moved my hips a little to ride up and down, as my lips followed the line of your collar bone, then down your chest. I was hungry for your nipple and suckled. I bit down on the skin and made you yelp, so I sat up and ran my hands forward over your chest, my weight now shifting so that your cock lay on your tummy: hard and heavy. I couldn't wait longer and my fingers slipped down your sides then met in the middle. I looked up at your eyes and smiled back at you as my fingers wrapped around your shaft, my eyes rolled back a little and, with a broadening smile, I closed my eyes and thought of the times I had imagined this, felt the heat in my hands and your sheath of skin, thinly clothing your hard sex.

I shuffled back and held your cock vertically, grasping the base with both hands. I examined your smooth balls in the shadow of the lamp and tilted my head to kiss their lovely wrinkles. I pressed my nose between them and drew a fold of skin into my mouth, holding it gently with my teeth. I tasted you. I wanted more. Of course I wanted more: there is a noise in my head like the sound of a receding wave – a sound, a 'thing' that is bigger than me, overtaking me, washing me with passion. I find my lips at the tip of your prick and open my mouth to let my tongue rasp the underside of your head and I taste you again: a different taste now, one that tastes of that sea I am hearing. But you are hot, smooth like plastic in my mouth, on the roof of my mouth, that gapes open to encompass you. I feel a bolt of giddiness in my tummy for which the only cure is to taste more of you, to grip my fingers around the base of your shaft, to be overwhelmed by you. I want this so much and I am greedy. My head is bobbing up and down but I only feel the fullness of your prick in my mouth, so it is a shock when I feel you hands on the side of my head.

"Woah! Woah lady! You're going to have me shooting my load before we've even started." I crawl up your body and kiss you again, my chin on your face still wet on from sucking you. Your finger snaps the elastic of my knickers and you raise that eyebrow in a question. Perhaps I blushed, perhaps you saw, as I wriggled awkwardly and kicked them down my leg? So there we were, all naked and, yes, my little thing nestled next to yours, not that it was on my mind.

"I want you Max, I want you in me now, I need you now!" I couldn't bear that hunger inside me anymore and though you said nothing, you didn't object as I sat up and reached behind me. Your prick was already nestling between my cheeks, so I knelt forward to point its tip to me. My other hand was out-stretched to balance myself on your shoulder, your hands rested on my hips. I felt you press against me and I sucked in my lip. I knew I had to breathe out, but my breathing had become ragged, so when you shifted your hands to the tops of my thighs, I knew it was time to push down. I hung my head and frowned, my eyes closed as you began to pierce me. I was a little dry and I hoped my tightness wouldn't hurt you. You pressed harder into me and finally my body accepted, relented, surrendered to you as your prick glided into me. There was no Jane, no me, there was no girl, there was only the insistent pressure and heat of your prick: it was all I could feel and all I wanted. I remember leaning back to take as much of you as I could: I wanted to be enough for you, to be the complete woman for you.

"Oh Max! I am yours. Use me, Max!" Was that what I said? In truth I can't remember. I remember the salty taste of a tear at the corner of my mouth and the itch of another on my cheek. I had my eyes squeezed tight shut, not wanting to be distracted and not wanting to ever, ever forget this moment. It was only as your hips rocked back and began to withdraw from me that I suddenly opened my eyes to look at you. I started to smile but your next thrust made me gasp, the smile changing to surprise as my jaw fell open with a noiseless cry. I rested my hands on your shoulders as your hips pushed up again. Do you remember I laughed? Then I lowered my head to kiss you: little kisses as we moved together, our breath mingling and our faces hot together.

Your hands pushed me away a little because now you wanted my nipples and I stretched my neck to watch your lips kissing me, sending more shudders into my core, into my belly, making my grip on your prick tremble too, as it moved inside me. Your teeth closed harder on my nipple and I wanted to cry out, to stop you, but the pain took me somewhere else so that my throat tightened and my breath caught my voice with sounds. Your hands slid up to my shoulders and pushed me away a little, then rolled me. Before I knew where I was, you were on top of me, smiling down. You took my ankles and held them close to your neck, turning your head to kiss first one then the other, while you now found a deeper place in me. I felt your balls cool on my bottom but always your prick was there, hot and insistent: you pushed and I accepted. I felt so naked and vulnerable and I would have been frightened by that, but my trust in you is complete and I wanted this.

You let my legs down and I opened them to wrap around you, as you climbed over me and I first kissed your arms that were now by my head, then kissed your lips as you leaned down. You fix me with your eyes and begin fucking me harder. Every thrust makes my breasts shake. Fuck me, fuck me hard. All I can do is be open to you, to squeeze your arms and grip your hips with my thighs. Your breath is quickening but you still do not look away, so that I feel like a trapped animal, as your prick slices through me. There is a feeling deep inside me: a tremor that is growing big inside me. It has a noise and a colour that flashes through my body, down my legs and up into the roots of my hair and my nose is tingling. You are not studying me now, for the feeling is rising in your too. I feel you swell more and grow harder still and you call my name over and over again. In that moment my heart could have burst with joy: your orgasm crashed through both of us and the rhythm of your hips was overtaken by the spasms of your come. I felt every drop as you came inside me: scalding hot. A fierce pulse filling me as you shuddered over me, your breath now in raw gasps as the wave rushed through you.

"Oh Max! Max." I want to say 'I love you' but choked back the words. Perhaps those words are a selfish thing to say ( they just reflect my own happiness )? But this was your moment, your orgasm and it made me so happy – you will never know how happy I was at that moment. As you collapsed onto me and I reached my arms round your hot, slick skin. Ha! I had the biggest smile on my face and my eyes were wet with tears – not that I was about to let you see that! Instead I turned my head to kiss you ear and put on my best American accent "Oh Max – ya big stud!"

And we laughed, catching our breath.

That was a very special sleepover.

Happy Christmas

Jane xxxx

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