tagLetters & TranscriptsLetter to Mistress No. 02

Letter to Mistress No. 02

bymummys dirty angel©


My leather bracelet now sits on my bedside table, a reminder of what I was and who you were. It has no purpose now. It sat on my right wrist from the day you acknowledged me as your submissive, a simple declaration that I was indeed yours. I betrayed you and the torment inside grows instead of subsiding. When you rang me I thought I had a reprieve. I picked up the receiver and said nothing then I heard your voice. "Take off your bracelet!" Before I could comprehend what you had said, the continuous tone of a hung up line was echoing through my ears. I dropped the phone and lowered my head. I began to shake as my greatest fear hit me. I reluctantly slipped it off my wrist and brought it to my lips, to feel you near me one last time.

It's now been a few days and apart from your call there has been nothing from you at all. I often wonder what you are doing, especially the times when you and I would have been together. Although I am hurting I have got stronger. A dominant side to me has crept its way through the rubble.

Just what would I do with you Mistress?

Firstly, I would strip you in front of the large window that overlooks your street. I would hope that some of your neighbours would come out to see you. You like to exhibit yourself, don't you Mistress? One by one, your clothing would drop to the floor. All that's left on you would be your sexy hi-cut panties that you and I both love. I would pull the chair up to the window and bend you over it then bind your wrists to the top, after all, you are going to need something to grab hold of and it would turn me on so much to see your knuckles turn a ghostly white.

I would tap your inner thighs, an indication that I want your legs spread. And Mistress, you will spread them once you see what I am holding. You remember my cane don't you? You were fearful of it when we switched places once. What was it that you said? Oh yes, this was it. "Don't you dare use that cane on me... I forbid you to use it!" Back then it seems I was a good girl and I obeyed your command. But now, I think I would take great delight in caning your creamy bottom.

Are you ready to feel its kisses on you? I would so love to bless you with it.

I would run the tip of the cane slowly down your spine and teasingly trace it around the curves of your breasts. To see you shudder and cringe would bring me so much pleasure. I would run my fingers over your panties, lightly stroking the edges as they slip to the apex at the front. From there I would edge your panties down your shapely legs until they reached your knees. You would now be ready Mistress!

After every swipe I would want you to count. How many could you endure? I would have to carry on until I see your legs buckling. For some strange reason I would love to see your knees give out and to see you drop to the floor. The sight of your pink knuckles morphing into a deathly white shade, gripping and holding onto the chair would only fuel my dominance over you. Your resistance would be dissolving with every swish of the cane. Could you get to five? Could you get to ten?

After I had caned you I would untie your wrists from the chair and get you on your knees. I would stand in front of you and lift up my long flowing skirt. You would then move your lips to my covered pussy and I would slowly relieve my bladder into your open mouth. My golden essence would seep through my thong and drip onto you. I would stop the flow and tell you to lower my thong and hand it to me. I would take it and put the soiled material into your mouth. While holding my skirt up I would resume my flow and pee over your hair, your face and shoulders. It would flow onto your breasts and trail its way down your stomach and drip from your pussy onto the floor. I would then move behind you and bind your wrists to your ankles and turn you around in full view of the window.

Then it would be my turn to leave you.

Goodbye, Mistress


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