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Letter to Myself


It's easy to put yourself down, to sarcastically use yourself as an object of humorous self-denigration for others. But have you ever considered how hard it is to love yourself? And what the world might be like, if more people truly appreciated their own beauty? The following is an exercise, not an egotistical one, but a self-appreciating one. I'd encourage you to try it for yourself -- it's a wonderful thing to be able to stand outside and look in and see what the rest of a kinder and gentler world might see, as well...

* * * *

Dazzling, Delectable, Delightful Woman,

You are the sunrise of my heart, all beautiful, glorious woman. When you open yourself to the world, I am blinded by your shine...

You lush curves and softness draw me into you, and my heart opens wide every time you smile or laugh, it simply radiates out over everything and everyone around you. You have an easy grace about you, mostly when you are unaware of it, humming to yourself doing dishes or brushing your hair. It is so unassuming, a quiet ease. I love the way your face softens when you see the children sleeping, and the way your eyes light up when you find something delightful, or when someone gives you a heartfelt gift. I love it when you hide, your eyes sparkling, knowing, mischievous or wild, and then appear, blooming open, bit by bit.

I see that soft, tender heart and your generous nature, it feels like your desire to give to the world is matched only by the world's desire to receive your gifts. Watching you with birthing women leaves me speechless and in awe. Your offering and service is beautiful and valuable. Your soft hands, encouraging words, gentle holding, creating that space and letting love flow and ebb like the tide as new life makes its way into the world and a woman becomes a mother. The mother of us all.

I see that power and grace and beauty in you. You have a deep strength, an incredible capacity to hold, to contain and to breathe into life. There are times when I can see love radiating from you, like waves, when you are soft and open and vulnerable, even when you are in pain. I can feel how full and there you are in those moments and you make me glad to be alive. That gift moves out into the world to everyone around you, and when you let yourself go, give yourself room to be, the world moves with you, too.

Your sense of humor, your quirky and quick wit, your sarcasm, even, make me laugh and delight in the world around me. Your sense of beauty and aesthetics, this thing placed just so, cloth napkins, Italian parsley, pink nail polish and bunny slippers, they are all parts of you that draw me back in. The way you curl up on the couch under a blanket with a book, your soft hands, your willingness to stay even when it hurts, the divine light I see reflected in your eyes in quiet moments, remind me why you are so valuable and valued, how much your beauty is reflected in the world you create around you. They remind me why I love you.

And I do love you. More than I could ever say or express here, in two words or two thousand. I can't help but love you. You inspire me, you move me, you bring tears to my eyes with your beauty and your softness. I am often left speechless and breathless and simply basking in your glow. There is no one who values you more, who is more moved or touched by you, who understands your pain, your joy, the gifts you have and bring to the world, more than I do. I have been given the precious offering of your heart, your mind, your soul, your body, and I hold it dear and keep it close...but I will never hide it.

You, I offer to the world. It wouldn't be anywhere near as bright without you, and I couldn't selfishly keep the gift of you all to myself. The sweetness and light you bring, the gravity and compassion, the understanding and kindness, your passion for life and love and justice in the world, are things the world needs to see reflected in your eyes.

There will never again be another day that goes by when I won't tell you, won't give you the love you deserve. I promise you this. You have all of me, I am your heart and you are mine. I will remind you of your beauty and your grace and your power, I will hold your hand, I will dry your tears, I will treat you tenderly, with kindness and give you all of this great big love in my heart. You are my life, my love, my divine inspiration, and I will give you everything I have to offer, always, without regard or reserve.

Loving you is easy, sweetness.

Thank you for being you.

Love, Me.

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by thomas196503/30/18


Really a wonderful letter. I wish everyone could love himself / herself like this.

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