tagGroup SexLetter to Phil

Letter to Phil


... As I feel your hard cock throbbing inside me filling my pussy with hot cum... I notice a figure in the doorway. You slide your cock out of me and move down the king size bed - unaware that we are being watched - and position yourself between my trembling legs spreading them wide.

I take in every detail of the beautiful girl, she looks young - about eighteen, she has a 'pretty' face, olive skin and long dark flowing hair. I groan as you gently stroke my swollen clit with your fingers. The girl looks shocked by what she is seeing, as if she wants to leave but somehow can't. She is wearing a sheer white blouse, short black skirt - I realise that she must be the maid.

You work harder on my clit, increasing the pressure and slide two fingers inside my dripping pussy. I gasp and move my hips, pushing myself down against your hand. My hands move to my tits, rolling my hard nipples between my fingertips - never taking my eyes off of the exotic girl who is watching you please me. She looks back at me and keeping eye contact with me lowers her hand to her skirt, and tugs it up revealing a black thong, and black suspenders leading to her black lace topped stockings.

As I start to move my hips faster, you insert a third finger but stop rubbing my clit... I buck my hips upwards, panting, I need you to rub my clit! I raise my hips once more and this time my clit is met by your tongue - you lick and nibble while you pound my cunt with your fingers. I am dizzy I'm so horny... This feels so good! The girl is rubbing herself through the damp lace of her thong - still looking directly into my eyes, her lips are quivering and I can see she is breathing faster... I feel myself about to climax... I arch my back... and thrust my hips towards you... Every muscle in my body is tense... The girl is rubbing herself harder and faster... you are finger fucking me so hard it hurts... I'm gasping... I'm panting... grabbing your hair I push you down, increasing the pressure on my clit... I feel myself going over the edge... hold my breath... And... YES... YES... YES... I scream as my orgasm washes over me... the muscles in my pussy tighten around your fingers. You continue to lick my clit, this time with long, slow, rhythmic strokes of your tongue, making my orgasm last longer. The ripples fade and my body relaxes. You kiss your way up my body, finally reaching my mouth and kissing me hard.

The girl is rubbing her clit like mad... she leans back against the door to steady herself... She licks her lips... And throws her head back... arching her back... as she finally cums... her silence is broken and she screams out 'OH GOD'!

You turn immediately, and for the first time see the girl that has been in the hotel room with us for the last half an hour. She blushes as she hurriedly pulls down her skirt, picks up a pile of soft white towels and goes quickly to the bathroom. Naked, I follow her to the bathroom where she is standing in front of the mirror, I stand behind her and admire her reflection. Her tight blouse is very sheer and I can see that she is not wearing a bra, her large breasts are firm with erect nipples.

I ask her name - Maria. She is Italian and speaks little English. She tells me that although she has a boyfriend she is still a virgin. She tells me that she would love to have sex but she is afraid she would not know what to do. She turns to face me and I can't help but brush my hand over her gorgeous tits, lingering on her hard nipples. I ask if she would like to learn what to do, and nervously she nods her head.

I lead her by the hand back out to the bedroom where you are sitting on the end of the bed. Standing in front of you I slowly unbutton and remove her blouse, revealing her tanned breasts. I lean forward and take her left nipple in my mouth, gently sucking it. My right hand is on her other breast, gently I roll the nipple between my fingers. Her breathing becomes slightly faster. I unzip her skirt, it falls to the ground and she steps out of it.

Your cock is hard as you look at the sight before you. Maria - black high-heeled shoes, sheer black stockings covering slender legs, leading to lightly tanned smooth thighs covered only by her suspenders. I kneel in front of her and pull down her black thong, revealing a mound of black hair. Carefully I ease her legs apart a little and feel her wetness with my fingers - her pussy is shaved like mine! I part her pussy lips, lean forward and find her clit with my tongue. She gasps and I grab her hips, pulling her towards me. Very gently I lick her clit... She starts to move her hips. I feel her cunt with my fingers and slowly insert a finger... her pussy is so tight - and I feel her muscles tense around my finger. She is so wet I know she can take more... And I know exactly what she needs inside her!

Leaving Maria for a moment, I go to where you are sitting on the end of the bed, I kneel between your legs. Grabbing your hips I pull you towards me so that you are right on the very edge of the bed. I take your cock in my hand, noticing just how hard you are. First I lick the full length of your cock, and then take the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, you grab my head and push me down, I take your cock in and out of my mouth, making it as wet as I can. You grab my hair and try to make me go faster, but I can't let you come - not yet anyway!

I go back over to Maria and taking her hand lead her over towards you. Carefully I position her so that she is standing with her back to you, with her legs either side of yours. I kneel between your legs again, your huge gleaming erection in front of my face. Placing my hands on Maria's thighs, I gently pull her down a little so that her pussy is just above your cock. I part her pussy lips and guide your cock to the entrance of her tight cunt, so that she can feel the heat of your erection against her. I put my hands on her hips and gently pull her down onto you, so that the head of your cock is just about inside her. Her tits rise up and down as she starts to pant from excitement and nerves. Very slowly I pull her further down onto your huge erection and she moans as she takes you deeper inside her tight cunt. You love how her virgin pussy feels around your cock. When she has taken all of you inside her I push her legs further apart, and then yours.

I lean forward and lick your balls, I lick the base of your shaft and carry on up to Maria's clit. Holding onto her hips you lift her up, and I lick the full length of your cock - tasting Maria's pussy juice on you. This time you slam her back down onto you and she screams out loud, an erotic mixture of pleasure and pain. You guide her up and down your hard cock, and when she gets into a rhythm of her own you let go of her hips, moving your hands round to focus on her clit.

In need of something to fill my cunt I go over to the chest of drawers and get out a double-ended dildo. I take a chair and position it just in front of you and Maria. I sit on the chair, spread my legs and lift my feet up onto the bed. Taking one end of the thick dildo, I ram it into my pussy, and fuck myself with it. I watch as Maria's tight cunt slides up and down your cock, I have never seen anything so horny in my life. You suddenly grab her hips again and guide her up and down... faster and faster... harder and harder... She rides your cock like a whore... Faster and faster... You thrust your hips towards her as you bring her down onto you and you hold her down as you shoot your load in her virgin pussy.

I know what I need now, so I beckon Maria over to me as I get down on all fours. Maria instinctively kneels down on all fours with her arse to mine and takes the other end of the dildo and guides it easily into her pussy that's oozing your hot cum. We both push back towards each other, taking the dildo in as deep as we can. You come over and join us, you take the middle of the dildo in your hand and move it from side to side. You fuck us both with the thick double-ended dildo, I move my hand between my legs and rub my clit. I am moaning so loudly, I'm sure everyone must be able to hear me. You take Maria's hand and place it on her clit, and she too starts to rub it. You watch as the thick dildo stretches both of our cunts and soon you are hard again. You slide your free hand up and down your hardon. You too start to groan, and as you get closer to cumming you fuck us both harder and faster with the dildo. As you bring both Maria and I to orgasm with the dildo, you cum all over our arses. Hot spunk hits my skin at the same second I cum. Maria cries out as she too cums and feels your cum on her arse.

The phone rings and I answer, it's reception asking if the maid has delivered us the clean towels yet... Maria dresses quickly, and with a smile on her face leaves the room and hurries back to work...

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