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Letter to the Ex


While submitting this story the first time an error occurred which omitted the first paragraph, for those of you who read it the first time it may make a bit more sense now.



Now that our divorce is final, and the two order's, one for none harassment, and the other, effectively gagging me from saying anything about you, have both elapsed, it now gives me great pleasure in telling you a few home truths.

For starters, I'll admit I was at fault, when you caught me fucking your 19 year old daughter from your first marriage, but a guy can only go for so long without, and considering I was under the impression you were taking frigid 101 at evening classes, well a guys gonna look elsewhere,

You may be wondering how it started, well you remember that night about 2 month's after your French trip, when you told me you were going out with your college friends, it was the same night I'd planned for the both of us to visit my parents and we had a blazing row about it. As it turned out they were out when I got there, so after a short visit to the local watering hole, I returned home, only to catch, Jackie, your little princess, being gang fucked by three guys.

Needless to say, the guys didn't hang around long once they saw me, and Jackie was sobbing and pleaded with me not to say anything to you, well she was curled up in the middle of the living room floor, with not a stitch of clothing on, and from my angle I could not only see her cute rear end, but also her very red and swollen pussy lips, and considering the lack of intimate contact I received from you over the last year and a half, I gave her an ultimatum, either we fucked, and yes that first one was a fuck, and nothing more, or I told you everything I saw that night, knowing with your temper you would have laid into her with whatever you could have got your hands on.

With Jackie having been on the receiving end of your temper more than once, she knew what to expect if she didn't comply, don't get me wrong, she wasn't all that keen on fucking me, until I made her cum three times with my tongue, and once with my cock up her arse, then afterwards she finally admitted it was the best sex she'd ever had, and I also have to add that she's a much better fuck that you ever were.

I Hope you're still reading this, because the next on the list is your berating me at every hand and turn, both to our friends, and both our families, about my inability to get you pregnant, when after five long years it all turns out that, during your princess' birth, she fucked up your womb, so you could not have any more,

Well I got news for you, my new girlfriend, Amy is expecting already, and twins at that, go figure?

You remember Amy, Jackie's friend from school, and six months younger than Jackie, Jackie introduced us to each other, as Amy has this thing for older guys, well I have to tell you, she's got one hell of a tight pussy, and sucks like a 2 dollar whore.

Keep reading, I know you can't resist it, next we have evening classes, I now know why you were so cold and frigid to me, you see I have this disk, where it came from and who sent it I have no idea, but I certainly know who's on it, every last man, (and two women), of them, yes my dear, (and I use that term sarcastically), it's you and your fellow students,

If you remember that weekend you went to France, supposedly to do with the course you were taking, well it looks like French wasn't the only oral you were learning, I watched as you had all three holes filled at once, while you gave the last two guys hand jobs at the same time, make no wonder you didn't want to put anything my way,

The next scene was a repeat of the first, but a different woman, Tanya, (Yes I do know who she is)

Then there was the scene, of you with Tanya I assume it was her doing the filming while you took on all 5 of the guys, and you did the same for her, well back to her, now up until 2 hours ago, I didn't know who she was, but now I do, and I will be paying her old man a visit, (I hear he's one that hits first, then extracts answers later), that should be fun after he's seen this disk.

Well all I can say, is enjoy, Tom, Rob, John, George, and Jeff, while you can, as I have a feeling they will be out of action for a while, and in need of medical treatment.

Now if your still reading this, and have not binned it, I'll tell you, I've had the disk for just over six month's and have spent many hours watching it, well we both have, and to be honest, Amy gets fucking hot when she watches the two of you eating each other, and we fuck like 20 year olds, we think that's how she got knocked up so quick.

Is your blood boiling yet and steam coming out or your ears, NO, well read on,

Now onto your princess, I know she moved out, and went to live with friends, well I don't know if you know but she's moved on from there and is now living with Amy and myself, it turns out that they were a bit more than friends through school, so I'm treated to some lovely all girl interaction on a regular basis, then I get to fuck, one or the other, or sometimes both, but for how much longer, with Amy's condition, I'm not sure, still there's always Jackie.

Jackie's seen the disk, we have many nights where we watch it, and critique your performance, and pick up the odd tip, and I've even heard Jackie tell Amy, she thinks you're an even bigger slut that she is.

By now, I suppose you're fuming, at the thought of your ex-husband and your princess screwing each other, but there's nothing you can do about it, she's over the age of consent, and despite the age difference, we're good together all three of us, though Jackie is the more submissive of the three of us, and loves to do anything to please us.

Now Amy has a bit of a fetish, if you want to call it that, she loves intimate piercings, she has both her own nipples and her clit hood pierced, which I absolutely adore, so next week Jackie's having hers done as well, but with a difference, she's getting her inner and outer labia done as well, at Amy's request, Amy says she might have her tattooed as well, but we'll see about that.

Now you know that Jackie loves to fuck, I should tell you that she started a new job three weeks ago, she now works for an old buddy of mine, in customer services, but not the kind you expect, yes it's called customer services, but in reality it's more like servicing customers, he's told me that she's so popular amongst his clients, that his business is struggling to meet the new orders she's secured for him.

He regularly films her meetings, so now all three of us watch her performance's as well, which leads to some very nasty fucking by all of us.

One of our favourites is where she re-enacted your five guy performance one evening, for five of my buddies clients, the only difference is, that when she's servicing her clients, she makes them wear a condom, not like you letting those guys fuck you bareback, both you and Tanya must have sloshed as you walked with all that semen inside you.

I love to see her just after she's finished, she looks so fucked out, but still always has one last fuck for me, because she says she likes to go to sleep with a squishy pussy, she is one nasty sex freak.

One more bit of bad news for you, if your still reading this, the house, my house, the one your still living in, well seeing as Amy's up the duff, with twins, and this place is nowhere near big enough for 5 of us, I have appealed to the courts, against the ruling that you are awarded the house, seeing as you now live alone in it, my lawyer believes we will win, so by the time you get this letter, you should also have been served with notice to quit, with that I wish you good hunting, for your next living accommodation.

Good luck, and good riddance

Your ex-husband


P.S. Jackie's just come home, and informed me that she's leaving work in 7 months, as she's just found out she's going to be a mommy too, so you can see, there was never anything wrong with my plumbing, and how does it feel to know that your ex, is the father of your grandchild, I know one thing, I feel great.

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