tagLetters & TranscriptsLetters from the World Ch. 01

Letters from the World Ch. 01


Sonny Rocksin                                                       February 14, 2007

Austin, Tx


Hey, it's been a while but I thought I'd take a moment to let you know what I've been doing since that afternoon when I walked in on you and my sister. You know that really seemed to hurt at the time but I've come to realize exactly how free I really am now. Yeah, and you just keep on lying that it was all a mistake, hell, I saw where your hands were.

Anyway, you'd be surprised how many men really get turned or when I flash our wedding ring along with a bit of thigh. I actually met an interesting fellow from Australia who was on a mission of sorts, a mission, he explained, that anyone could take, even me. Just think, here in a bar on Sixth Street I found the perfect way to properly honor our so-called marriage.

I first overheard Alex talking of his quest with a couple of friends. He explained that he was in search of a woman's company for the evening, but the woman in question had to be North American. Hearing his Aussie accent, I figured he was simply out to bed a hot Texan, but it turned out he wasn't even that selective. While talking of his prospective lover he kept alluding to a phrase, "Three of seven," he'd say.

Well, it was only later, after I had joined him at the table and was looking down at the way my wedding band sparkled on my finger as it slid up and down his hard cock, that he explained what "three of seven" meant. As I cupped his balls and watched the head of his cock peek in and out of his foreskin he told me of the "Elusive 7-7" or "Seven Continents, Seven Encounters." I dipped my head under the table for a quick taste of his pre-cum as he explained the rules.

To attain what some call "the holy grail of international sluttery," all you have to do is have an encounter with someone from each of the seven continents. He was a purist so he was actually trying to have the encounter in the person's native continent. In other words, instead of simply bedding say an Asian visiting Australia, he actually had to travel to Asia to find and bed a local.

Ah, suddenly I found the perfect quest, one that would be interesting, educational and especially one that would properly put our marriage in proper perspective. Instead of letting my friend come all over himself there in the bar, I decided I'd consent to be his "three of seven," his North American conquest and let him come all over or, even better, inside of me.

While riding in the taxi back to his hotel I kept picturing his uncut cock and how different it looked as I stroked it. I've seen pictures before, but had never seen one so up close. It was exciting, especially seeing it as I slid my ring finger over the soft skin. Yes I thought of you while I looked at my wedding band and I realized how much I was going to love feeling this cock inside me. How wonderfully different it was going to feel.

By the time we got to his hotel room I was so worked up that when he pulled off my panties they were practically dripping. He eagerly went down under, splashing his tongue deep into my pussy before giving my clit the most exquisite tongue and lip bath it had ever experienced. I must have come three times before he crawled up and kneeled between my legs.

I must say I savored that instant his cock slipped into my pussy and I "officially" and totally shredded our wedding vows, like you have done with my sister. Yes, this revenge was sweet as I came once more before he shot his Aussie cum deep into my pussy. I ended up spending the night and my friend got his "three of seven" two more times that night.

The next day he dropped me off back at my place on his way to the airport and, if not for the waiting taxi, we'd have done it there on my apartment balcony. Anyway, I said goodbye and then went inside to make some plans for my new quest. Of course the first step in my quest is to find a North American to fuck before I begin my travels, and no, you don't count.

I'll be sure and update you on my travel plans since (I'm sure you've discovered the large withdrawal I made from our joint savings account) you're paying for at least half of it. I'm trying to figure out if I want to go to Canada or Mexico to pick up a North American. Yeah, I could have picked up an American right here in Austin but after going down under with that Aussie I thought I'd try out something different for a change.

Your Loving Wife


PS: Apparently mother gave Sis my address and she wrote to me trying to explain what was happening when I walked in. What do you two take me for?

And don't bother looking for me because as soon as I discovered my sister had my address, I moved. Besides, in a couple of days I'll be traveling.

PPS: Happy fucking Valentine's Day.

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