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Letters Home: After the Party

byCoeur de Dragon©

My Darling Chantal Rose

It’s late tonight when you come home from your Christmas party, mon cher, and I am wondering if you are reading this when you should be in bed, having sweet dreams of your lover, oh well, you are a naughty girl aren't you?

I imagine that as you enter the house, it’s still and quiet and with only the front hall light on. As you hang up your coat and shut the hallway lights off, you notice a soft flickering light from the top of the stairs, coming from the bedroom.

Humming Christmas carols, you climb the stairs swiftly and open the door to the bedroom to find your lover in bed, eyes closed, his chest rising and falling under the sheets as he gently breaths.
The lights are turned down, and the soft flickering coming from the bathroom. You turn to the bathroom and enter and your lover’s eyes open and I watch you. Your gold belt holds the elegant red material, emphasising your thin waist, the swell of your breasts and your feminine curves. As you walk away from the bed, I notice the gentle swaying of your hips, exotic swaying, which only hints of your passions.

You enter the bathroom to discover that it is awash in the light of a dozen or so flickering lights from candles large and small, scattered around the room. Some votive candles are floating in the water of the tub along with fresh rose petals. Others rest along the tubs edge and the rear of the vanity, flickering with a soft golden light.

I come up behind you now, still warm and damp from my shower, and wrap my arms around you. You notice the smell of soap and baby powder and that I am slightly aroused as you lean back into me. With your shoes still on, its easy for me to nuzzle you neck, to inhale your delicate fragrance of rose and vanilla. Your arms hold mine tight against your stomach and I can feel your belly ring through the thin fabric against my forearm.

Releasing you, I reach out and start to unzip your dress and I see you watching us in the mirror. I kiss your shoulders as they emerge, brushing my hands down your arms, pushing the dress past your hips and onto the floor. Looking up from your shoulder I see you in the mirror, perfect breasts cupped in lavender lace, nipples straining the flimsy material. A small triangle of lavender cups the gentle mound between your legs, trapping your scent and warmth, with tiny strings crossing your hips.

My head on your shoulder, I seek for your eyes and find them searching for mine. They twinkle in the flickering candlelight, but they have a smouldering desire of their own. I reach out and undo the clasp of your bra and you shrug it off, releasing your breasts, causing them to move in the most desirable way. Your nipples no longer restrained, surge with blood rushing into them, making them even more tight and erect.

I hook my thumbs into the thin straps that are over your hips and as I lower them, I lower myself, tracing my journey down your back with the tip of my tongue along your spine, leaving a snail like shimmer along your skin. As I pull them down my hands find and brush against the soft dimples that punctuate both cheeks. When the modest scrap of material reaches your knees my tongue has reached where your thong once rested. I continue down, tracing the path where the scanty material once nestled between your cheeks. When this lavender gossamer reaches your ankles, you step out of it and widen your stance and by leaning forward you allow the tip of my tongue to just touch the backmost edge of your delicate folds. I hold there for a moment, feeling your heat, inhaling your passionate scent, feeling the silk of your thighs against my cheeks.

I rise now and you turn around to face me, eye to eye and by standing on the tips of your toes you sit on the edge of the counter and wiggle backwards causing even more delightful jiggles. Your hands cup your right breast and your raise it to your mouth, to lick your own nipple. Your tongue teases it mercilessly. You place your lips on it and anoint it with your saliva. Then you raise your breast towards me.... for me to hungrily take it into my mouth, to tease the little pink rosette with my tongue, to nibble it gently with my teeth, to taste you.

Laughing softly, you cast your eyes downward and notice my arousal. My cock is standing at attention, erect and hard. You take one of your hands and feel my balls, heavy and hanging in their sack. You’re other hand scratches upwards along the whole length of me, until you reach my spongy head, where you squeeze me slightly, watching it spring back into shape. You can feel my pulse in the palm of your hand and my cock bounces slightly in rhythm with the beat of my heart.

Still looking down, we bump heads and chuckle as we kiss each other’s imaginary bumps and bruises, but your hands never let go of me. You pull your knees upward towards your chest and you pull my cockhead downward, towards the crux of our desire and you run it along your smooth slit.

Holding me back from entering, you tease me and tease yourself. You let the tip just enter your lips. Letting me feel your warmth. Your moist lips cling to me. You let the tip of my cock travel along the tantalizing lips, find your button and tease your rigid clit.

Now all of our attention is focused on the only parts of bodies that are touching. My cock is just inside of your pussy lips, warm and moist and around the purple crown of my manhood. You lower you knee’s from your breasts and wrap them around my hips putting your heels in the small of my back and using them, you draw me into you, as you thrust with your hips. We watch as my cock splits your slips as you devour my cock and it grows wet with you. Your pussy grips me tightly drawing me inward. At last I can go no further. I am in you as far as humanly possible. Our arms encircle each other drawing our bodies together. You start to rock a little in my arms, your heels push me to rock in rhythm with you and we find a way to move on each other. The movement ensures that I am wet, tip to base and I find that little by little, you let me take longer strokes. Between plunges you take one of my hands from around you and place it on your breast and you take my other hand and guide it to your button. Both berries are hot and tight, and I take your nipple in my mouth again.... but it’s difficult to do and I reluctantly let go of its sweetness. I am reduced to holding your hips as we quicken our pace. You start to bite you lower lip and to breath in that special way that you do with tiny meows. When I hear that, my efforts become redoubled, as I know that you are near. The only sounds now are our breathing and the sounds of our bodies moving on each other. The scent of our passion rises heavy and musky. Finally you exhale in that way that only you do when you cum, as you arch your back and your heels drive me into you deeply and hold me there as you move in little circles on my cock. Hearing you, feeling you hold my cock deeply inside of you, I cum.



Consumed..as our bodies rock with tiny spasms, holding each other close.

For a few long minutes, no one moves, as we hold each other in our arms, our breath ragged, our eyes closed.

Then I kiss you on the tip of you nose and you open your eyes and I fall in love, all over again.

Unconditionally yours,


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