tagIncest/TabooLetters to Beth Ch. 05

Letters to Beth Ch. 05


Welcome to part 5 of Letters to Beth. Given its part 5, if you haven't read the previous parts, you might want to go back and do so as it will provide you with some context before you launch in well into the story.

Other than that, all sexually active characters are over the age of 18 and its completely fictional.

I also hope you enjoy it ... a lot!

licks and kisses,



9th April 2016

Dear Beth

I am invoking the unbreakable cousin secrecy pact.

I miss you! I'm pretty sure that Daddy does to. I definitely miss Mum and my brother not being here. It was so cool being able to fuck whenever we wanted and just walk around the house in my panties. I mean, it's been a week and Daddy and I have only managed to have sex twice. Not only that but it was hurried, take advantage of a brief time kind of sex. I mean it was good and all, but it wasn't as much fun as having time to get really kinky.

You won't believe what Daddy said to me the other day. He told me that I needed to get a boyfriend! Can you believe that? I nearly flipped at him, but he explained and it kind of makes sense. Apparently Mum asked if I'd said anything about boys while they'd been away. She's wondering what's going on because I used to be a little boy-crazy and suddenly all I seem to want to do is hang around at home. Clearly it was one of her ore lucid, sober moments. So Dad says that I need to go find some boy that I can quietly obsess over and convince Mum that everything's fine so that I can keep fucking Dad behind her back. I mean, I get it. I suggested I could get a girlfriend and he wasn't against the idea, but he wasn't sure how Mum would take it either. So that's the plan for this week. I need to find some boy who wants to go out with me, but won't like take up all of my time and stuff. I mean how shit would it be if I had to go spend time at his house and convince him that I didn't want to go all the way just yet but then didn't have time at home to get the sex I actually wanted? Shit, what a hassle.

I'll keep you updated.

Love Nikki. xxx


13th April 2016

Dear Beth

I am invoking the unbreakable cousin secrecy pact.

Okay, so mission boyfriend has been accomplished. I'm seeing Joe Whasnon (pic attached). He's been kind of fixated on me lately and he's kind of nice without being a jock (or a jerk) so I'm hoping that he won't be expecting sex the first time we actually go out (tomorrow night).

I won't bore you with the details of the boyfriend search because it was easier than expected. I mean, when you spot someone making puppy-dog eyes at you it's really just a matter of giving them a reason to be brave enough to ask. The difference this time of course is that I hinted a lot that I'd be okay with him asking rather than telling him to bugger off like I might have done previously.

It's going to be interesting if I string this guy on long enough to bring him home. I wonder how Daddy would feel about me fucking him in my room while he's downstairs. I reckon he'd be pretty jealous. And no, before you even suggest it, I'm not about to let him cum in my pussy and let Daddy find out by eating me out. You might think that would be funny, but I love him too much to do crazy shit like that to him.

Oh, oh oh ... yes I had to type it three times like I'd say it. Daddy came up with a brilliant idea! Camping! He's already suggested it to Mum, who freaked out at the idea and told him to go ahead and enjoy himself. He asked me and of course I said yes, which only left Dorkus. I couldn't believe it when he said that he had some gaming tournament coming up over the weekend that he didn't want to miss. It was perfect. So it's just going to be me and Daddy! That's when Daddy's idea got even better. He suggested that I might like a friend along ... and told me to invite you! Of course the only problem is that Mum said that would be great and that we should invite your Dad as well. So here's the dilemma. If you come, we have to risk your Dad coming. So if you want to come, you need to be sure that there's some reason that he'll say no. Otherwise we'll be trying to sneak around to fuck and stuff. I really want you there Beth, but at the same time, I want the freedom to be able to fuck Daddy, so well, it's up to you to see what can be done.

That just left the problem of my boyfriend. Shit, who would have thought that would be a problem. It turns out that he hates camping and I gave him a story about how I don't get to spend much time with Dad and that it would be really nice for him if I could spend the time with him and stuff. That and some nice hot kissing got me away with a promise that I'd spend the next weekend with him instead of Dad.

Let me know if you can swing it!

Love Nikki. xxx


18th April 2016

Dear Beth

I am invoking the unbreakable cousin secrecy pact.

Man, what a bummer that you couldn't come. I guess it's at least good that you already had plans so that we don't have to lie about it to your Dad or something.

Anyway, so I know you want to know what went down.

We left late Friday. Dad said that we'd be by a lake, but like its starting to get cold and stuff so there wasn't any plan to swim. Dad took care of all the food and drinks and tents and stuff, so I just packed clothes. I didn't pack too many either because I planned on spending as much time as I could naked in the tent with Daddy.

Of course I sucked his cock as much as he'd let me on the way to the camp site.

We got there in the dark and Daddy set up the tent and started a fire while I basically stood around looking pretty and flashing him occasionally. Once it was all set up we cooked some burgers over the open fire and had a couple of drinks.

"Oh I've got something for you," he says to me at one point. You know that thing people do like they've only just thought of it, but you can tell that they've been thinking about it for ages? It was exactly like that. He goes to his bag, digs around and pulls out a small plain shopping bag. I open it up and there was something fluffy in there. When I pulled it out, it turned out to be a butt plug with a fake tail attached! Under that was a head band with some fox ears on it.

"Um, what?" I asked, laughing.

"It's what you're going to wear for the weekend. You're going to be my pet." He said it like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Seriously?" I laughed. I knew the look in his eye immediately. He was serious. "So like when I get up tomorrow?"

"No, now. Take your clothes off." So right there by the camp fire he has me strip naked while he sits and watches. I have to tell you I was getting horny. Weird as it was, taking all my clothes off by the fire while he watched was a huge turn on. When I was naked he had me put the ears on, then told me to bend over and touch my toes. He fingered and licked my pussy for a bit, then dipped the butt plug into it to lube it up. When he was satisfied, I felt the tip of the plug against my asshole. He pushed and it slipped inside (God I love that feeling).

"Stand up," he instructed. I did and looked over my shoulder and stuck my butt out to see. I had a fluffy tail. Daddy stroked it and gave it a little tug. I felt the butt plug try to escape my ass, but he didn't pull hard enough to remove it. I groaned. I mean, really it was no different to the other plugs I've worn But kinky? Hell yes. It did make me wonder about what Dad looks at on the Internet.

"Good girl" he told me and pulled me in for a kiss.

"Do I get to dress?" I asked him.

"Not just yet, I like having you naked like this," he said to me. Then he sat in his camp chair and told me to come and sit by him. I grabbed my chair but he told me not to. "Pets sit on the ground Nikki." I looked at the ground in front of his chair. It was of course dirty and the thought of sitting in the dirt didn't appeal. He must have seen the look on my face, because he suddenly jumped up and pulled a blanket out of the tent. He spread it before his chair and invited me to sit down. I took a seat on the blanket, taking care to arrange the plug and tail so that I was comfortable. Daddy had me lay my head in his lap and stroked my hair.

"I'm not going to have to eat meals out of a bowl or something am I?" I asked as I sat there trying to come to terms with the whole pet thing.

"Not unless you decide you want to," he replied. I wondered if he'd actually given it some thought. We sat and watched the fire for a bit, me sitting on the ground, Daddy stroking my hair. It started to go down and I was getting colder, given I'd been reduced to a butt plug and ears for clothing. Daddy stood up to put more wood on and it was evident that his cock was hard.

"Do you need some help with this Daddy?" I asked him, stroking his cock when he sat down.

"Sounds like a nice idea," he replied. He wiggled his pants down around his ankles and I knelt before him and sucked him.

"No hands," he told me. "Just your mouth." I sucked up and down and then made a show of licking at it like I imagined an animal would. He patted my head. "Good girl Nikki," he said, just like he would to a pet. It was weird, but hearing him tell me I was good pleased me. I worked my mouth all over his cock and balls and he would praise me and I'd get all tingly. Before he came he decided that it was time to head into the tent.

"Bedtime," he announced. "Into the tent." He pointed like he was telling a dog where to go. I stood up and walked to the tent, Daddy trailing along behind me. I gave my ass a wiggle like I was wagging my tail. "Now that is delightful," he told me.

"Do I get pyjamas Daddy? It's going to be cold overnight."

"When I say you can you can put them on sweetie, but first we're going to have sex." I love hearing him say that.

I lay down on the inflatable mattress and Daddy joined me. He stripped his clothes off and pulled me close to him, kissing me deeply. I felt him tugging on my tail and gave little yips of pleasure into his mouth.

"Come on, on your knees like a puppy Nikki," he told me. I got down on all fours and wiggled my butt at him again. He knelt behind me and I felt him pull my tail again. He lifted it up and draped it across the small of my back and then thrust his cock into me from behind. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard.

When he'd cum I asked whether I had to sleep with the tail in.

"No, you can take it out to sleep," he replied. "As long as it goes back in first thing in the morning."

When I woke up Daddy was gone from the tent. I stuck my head out and he was reviving the fire.

"Morning Daddy," I called out to him.

"Good morning beautiful," he said with a smile. I went outside in my pyjamas (old track pants and a long sleeved t-shirt) and gave him a good morning kiss. Then I ducked into the trees to do you know what. I came back and told him I was going to get changed.

"Don't forget your tail sweetie," he said. I went back to the tent and put the plug in, pulled on another long-sleeved t-shirt without a bra and then wondered how the whole tail thing was supposed to work with pants. I pulled on a pair of tights with the tail tucked inside them but sticking out at the top.

"That won't do," Daddy said when he saw what I'd done. He pulled his utility knife out and had me bend over for him. He felt around and located the plug then cut a whole in my tights and pulled the tail through. "Much better," he announced. Then he went to his bag and pulled out something else. "One of the things about camping is that you have to be careful your pets don't wander off." He showed me a black leather collar and then put it around my neck. There was a silver link attached to it that he tied a thin rope to. I stared as he walked over and tied the end to a tree. "There, that should keep you safe," he said. "There's enough length that you can pee but not get lost."

I explored how far the rope let me go. I couldn't get to our tent, but I could get to my chair by the fire and I could reach the cooler and the bag with snacks in it. I decided there wasn't any point objecting. If Daddy was happy, then I was too.

Daddy cooked breakfast for us and I wondered if he'd actually like it if I ate it on the ground like a puppy, but it was bacon and eggs and I wanted to use a plate and cutlery, so I did. He made me do the dishes and even made me take my top off while I did them. He heated some water over the fire for me and then watched as I stood there topless and cleaned them at the camp table. Every now and then he'd play with my tits. At least I could tell he was hard from it.

Daddy had packed some board games and we spent the morning playing those. Whenever something went against him, he'd make me suck his cock to make up for his bad luck. When I won I got spanked. After the third game that we'd played he told me it was time to go for a walk. He went to the tree and untied the rope, but just coiled it up and held it like a leash. When he said we were going for a walk, he meant he was taking me for one like a dog.

"I can't risk you running off," he said in explanation. I wondered about the fact that I was topless. Would he really take me half dressed? It turned out that he would. I had considered asking about dressing, but decided that if he wanted me to he'd tell me and that if he didn't that he might be disappointed that I had even asked. We were camped in a pretty remote area, so the chances of actually seeing anyone were really small, but that didn't make me any less nervous.

Dad just chatted normally as we walked, the leash hanging in a loose loop, a threat more than a tool. We walked until Daddy found what he'd apparently been looking for the whole time, a nice clearing with some grass that over-looked the lake.

"On your knees Nikki," he commanded. pointing. I dropped to my knees and he dropped his pants to the ground. His cock was semi-erect. He pulled on the leash until it was right in my face. I opened my mouth like a good girl and sucked. "Mmm, what a good little pet you are," he said, stroking my hair. He expanded in my mouth as I sucked and fondled him with my tongue. He thrust his hips and held my head steady with his hand. His cock bumped against the back of my throat and he held it there until I gagged a little. My mouth watered and saliva flooded it. I pulled back. Drool ran from my mouth and down over my chest. Daddy thrust his cock back in my mouth and I sucked, breathing through my nose. He worked it in and out, grunting and moaning, telling me what a good girl I was the whole time. Every now and then he'd push deep enough to make me gag and pull back so that my saliva ran down my chest.

"Rub it on your tits Nikki," he instructed me. I sat back on my heels and rubbed my hands all over my little tits, smearing my saliva all over them. My nipples were so tight and erect that they ached. Daddy reached down and grabbed my left nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger. He pulled it and squeezed firmly. He twitched it back and forth and twisted. I moaned desperately and he switched nipples then told me to get down on all fours like the good little pet he knew I was. He pulled my tights down over my hips. He pushed them to where my knees met the ground and I felt his cock pushed against my pussy. I pushed back against him and my pussy lips parted around him. It felt so good as he drove himself inside. I doubt there's anything I like more than feeling Daddy's cock slide deep into my pussy Beth. But of course, you know that and how good it feels. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard. He moaned needfully as he started to really hammer away at my pussy. He was slapping up against me and I reached out further in front of me to steady myself as each thrust threatened to push me face first into the grass. I felt his hand take hold of my long hair. He pulled hard, jerking my head back as he drove his cock inside me. He slapped my ass with his other hand, I squealed in surprise. He slapped my left cheek with his palm and then back-handed the right on the reverse swing. He went back and forth several times, my butt stinging with each impact, the sound echoing out across the lake. I felt my tail pulled, the butt plug almost slipping out before he let go and it pulled back in.

"Bark for me," he commanded. "Be my little bitch Nikki."

I hesitated at first and received an almost brutal slap on my butt. "Daddy," I started to say. He hit me again. I yelped then, not like a dog, but in pain. I don't think he'd ever hit me that hard.

Part of me wanted to resist, to give him a chance to slap me some more. His cock was so fucking hard inside me. I decided that the force was an indicator of just how much he wanted me to do it, so I yapped like a dog for him. He thrust hard. I yapped and he pulled my tail and my hair and shoved his cock in and out.

With a loud cry he exploded inside me, filling my pussy with his hot seed. He held himself inside me as he finished orgasming, then pulled out.

"Fuck that looks hot," he said to me as I felt his cum ooze from between my lips. "Now turn around and clean me up."

I turned around, still on my hands and knees and he was sitting back on his heels, his still mostly erect cock pointing up toward the sky. I crawled to him and sucked his cummy cock until it was clean of all of our juices. I took my time, slurping, licking and sucking at his balls until no trace remained of our sex other than the cum running down my inner thighs.

"Come on, back to camp," he said after he stood up and pulled on my leash. I went to bend over and pull up my tights, but Daddy stopped me. "Take them off Nikki, I think your shoes will be enough for you to walk in." I raised an eyebrow and considered complaining that I'd get all scratched up, but my bum was still tingling and bright red from the last spanking, so I let him have his way. It was making me horny. I walked all the way back to camp naked with his cum dripping down my legs.

As with so many of the things that I'd done with him, the longer I walked naked on the leash, the more it turned me on. I should probably have felt degraded and angry, but for some reason it had the opposite effect. There is just something about knowing that I am doing something completely crazy and that it is making him happy and horny that drives me wild.

When we arrived back at camp Daddy tied the leash to the tree again. I was still naked. It was barely warm enough and I was starting to shiver a bit. My nipples were as hard as they'd been when Daddy had been pulling on them and I had goose-bumps on my boobs.

Daddy fussed around the camp and I wasn't exactly sure what he was doing until he hung a bag from a tree branch over the top of me. He'd set up the camp shower.

"We can't have you all cummy for the rest of the weekend," he explained. "After all, I want to eat that pretty little pussy of yours and as kinky as I am, I don't get turned on from eating my own cum."

"Have you ever tried it Daddy?" I asked curiously.

"Not deliberately, only when someone kissed me after blowing me. I can't say it did anything for me."

"You're lucky I like it so much then, aren't you?" I asked him.

"I'm lucky you like all sorts of things Nikki," he said with a genuine smile. "Now, this won't last all that long, so make sure you get nice and clean as quickly as you can, okay?"

"Yes Daddy," I replied. He handed me a little bottle of liquid soap from a motel and stepped back. There was a short rope that you had to pull to start the water working and Daddy had the end of it in his hand. "Ready?" He asked and I let him know that I was.

He pulled the string and I gasped in shock. For some reason I thought that'd he'd found a way to heat the water. I was wrong.

"Daddy!" I screamed in shock.

"Wash!" he commanded. I squirted the soap into my hand quickly and thrust it between my legs, working on the principle that it was probably the thing that Daddy wanted clean the most . I soaped and rinsed as quickly as I could which turned out to be lucky because the water quickly drained from the bag. Of course it was at that point I realised that I didn't have a towel ready. Naked, cold and shivering I was happily surprised when Daddy produced one that he had apparently pulled from the tent during the process of setting up. He wrapped me in it and dried me off.

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