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Letters To Daddy #4


Every time I have an even remotely sexual experience I want to reach out to you?...this inclination is annoying. But you are still the only person I can talk to. Notice I said "talk to" and not "talk with." It's a little difficult talking "with" someone who rarely carries their weight of the conversation...

Anyway. Tonight I had this guy over. He arrived at 1:50 am. He left around 2:45am. We hadn't seen each other since we had sex 18 days ago. I really wanted someone to chill with and cuddle with me. It's a female thing. (I hope you cuddle with your woman. If you don't, she wants you to. And every time you don't, she's probably left disappointed. Just a warning...)

I told him two days ago if he came to see me then we couldn't have sex. I was lying. I've turned into a liar. It's not that we couldn't have sex, it's that I didn't want to sleep with him. But, apparently, when you tell a guy you don't want to sleep with him, he gets pissy and attitudinal (...learned that from that white guy in the city you told me to sleep with...)

I mostly didn't want to have sex with him because he uses this brand of condoms that irritates the fuck out of me. And I really didn't want to go through that again. That shit was painful and annoying. (I'm sensitive to latex. The only brand that doesn't bother me too much is Trojan.)

So he gets here. I let him in (sneak him in). And we go straight to my room. I knew it was too much to hope that he would just lay down and hold me for a little while. He immediately starts rubbing my back. You know, in that manner most of you men seem to have when you want something. I'm tired and I have to be up in a handful of hours. I just wanted to be held. No such luck.

I figure, "fine, I'll take care of him then maybe he will just lay the hell down."

After the usual build up, he opens his pants and pushes them down to his ankles. Ta-da, approximately 6" (I think I'm being generous on the measurement), and maybe an 1.5" around, at the narrowest point, and 2" at the widest. Very easy for me to swallow. And I did, over and over again, for about 12 minutes.

Twelve minutes of sucking, spitting, gagging, tonguing, and bobbing. Twelve minutes with my mouth full of dick and my ears full of,

"Yes...Oh, that is so hot...That's it make it nice and wet...Good Girl...Swallow it all...Fuck...Spit on it...Yes!..."

"Oh God...that feels so good...Fuck me...Ahh...Ooh...Oh...that's it...make it nasty...Fuck yes...Spit on it some more...Stuff it in your mouth...Stay right there...Hold it in your throat..."

...all the while, holding my breasts in his hands.

He comes. A healthy amount. All over his own stomach. He was holding my hair at various points, so when he was about to come he lifted my head off of him. I had to use my hand to finish him. He didn't even let me taste his seed. All that hard work and I had to watch the sperm dribble over my fingers. (I told you I prefer it warm, straight from the source. No way was I going to taste it after it got all cold. Eww.)

I gave him a towel to clean up with, then he laid down with me for maybe 10 minutes. Then he left. What kind of shit is that? I think I earned at least a half hour's worth of cuddling!

Then I laid there for fifteen minutes thinking about how much I wanted to talk to you.

So I said, "fuck it" and typed this up.

Have fun fantasizing about my mouth on some man's dick and jerking off to your thoughts. I know that's what you are going to do. This way at least two of us get some satisfaction out of this morning's events; you and (obviously) him.

Does sending you this kind of email cross the line of friendship I am supposed to toe now? I don't know. All I do know is, I want to tell you, I need to tell you. And not sharing these things with you makes me sad. I don't want to be sad. At least the act of putting it in your inbox makes me feel better. Whether or not you read what I send? I have no fucking clue...

So, stay tuned to your regularly scheduled programming and be on the look out for my tale from last week!

'Cause I might just feel like sharing that too...


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