tagLetters & TranscriptsLetters to Milena 02

Letters to Milena 02


This story and its sequels contains: erotic MF coupling, romance, male oral, female oral, vaginal, doggy, tattoos, birth and incest.

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Lovely Milena, delight to the eyes...

my very lovely Milena, my beautiful friend, I have received your two pictures, and I am overwhelmed. My dear, you are very lovely, and your face, had it fewer wrinkles, would be too perfect, too much like plastic. Sweet One, you are hardly wrinkled at all, not to me at any rate, who must decide which wrinkles I must look between to see out. You are still very young-looking, and the prospect of further wrinkling is pleasurable to contemplate.

And a face like yours, turned upwards towards mine, with such a look of good humour upon it, simply must attract my lips...oh, Milena, I am clumsy! I am trying to say that I would like to kiss you! You have a beautiful face, and there would be far worse things that a man might do than to look at it for an extended period of time. The eyes, those dark eyes, that have such a sparkle in them! ... A man might happily drown in those eyes.

Oh, my Dear, Dear Milena, your pussy is absolutely lovely! I do not exaggerate when I say that I had trouble in not kissing my screen! Oh, Sweet Dear Woman, it is truly lovely! I do not know how many other ladies' pussies you have seen or even loved, but yours is one that is definitely at a level well above the ordinary. So kissable! Mmmmm! It tempts me even now, as I look at this picture...your pussy is just enchantingly beautiful!

The sweet curves, the dear labia minora peeking out from between their bigger sisters, so soft and pink, so promising of treats to the tongue, the taste buds, the lips playing with them, pulling their loveliness out into the air, where they can be seen and worshipped, kissed and nibbled, oh, my, my Milena, my very sweet Milena, to hear you sigh and breathe heavily as I lick them so slowly, so thoroughly, reaching my tongue down around them to part them from your beautiful outer mound, deep between the big sister and the little sister, searching out every nuance of flavour, and then in, in between the sweet little sisters themselves, licking more and more firmly.

As my tongue emerges from the cleft, the holy entrance to your loveliness, it rubs gently but more and more firmly across your delicious pearl, and your thighs open more, almost involuntarily, and your pretty mound thrusts herself upward to my mouth...

Oh, Milena, my tongue, unable to bear the waiting, finally thrusts, deep, deep into you, and my upper lip's moustache finally proves its usefulness as it contacts and rubs on your beautiful, sweet pearl, your nub, your clit; my penis' little sister, and I hear gasping and moaning as your hips, so lovely, writhe under me, and then a cry of ecstasy, and my tongue is drenched with the heavenly flavour of my Milena, as she feeds me my luscious Drink! Oh, Milena, if you have never tasted the luscious Gush from the vagina of a woman in ecstasy, I cannot describe it! There is no finer drink in the world; richly flavoured, but different from every woman, and varying with her moods, ahhh! I cannot describe it; it is an elixir of love. And your pussy is a beautiful one; a fitting server of this drink, this outpouring of deliciousness. I am not just being complimentary; it truly is exceptional. Even your tuft of pretty hair is beautifully placed and of the right quantity to set off the beautiful flesh. And, as a bonus, you have pretty hands. Please believe me; it is VERY lovely. The cherries are really unnecessary, but they are pretty, and tastefully done.

Oh, so I have hit close to the mark, have I? Or have I misread this line? Put it down to the fact that I was able to see beyond your surface words to the woman behind them, the woman of experience, of wisdom, if you will, who can look backward and see her early experiences for what they were: lessons, not always pleasant. But you have the wisdom to learn the truths they teach, and you have grown. Love is everything, isn't it? And it behoves us to learn to make it.

Well, my sweet Milena, I can imagine that your beautiful hand is playing on my swiftly stiffening penis...oh, Milena, even if you were just touching my chest, my nose, my arm, or just holding my hand, do you not think that such a lovely woman as you would produce the same effect? For I see your pretty hands, and the lovely face that goes with them, and I have this picture of your truly beautiful pussy in front of me...I should be made of wood if my penis did not rise to greet you!

And believe me, he would be anticipating a trip into your warm interior, but I should not give it to him; he is one who spends my energy as though it were his, and when he is done, I am tired. He is selfish, I'm afraid, and cares nothing for anyone else, while I prefer to love. After you were about to stop, perhaps then I would let him into you to splash about in your juices. But the sweetness of you, your loveliness, your beauty would come to me through my eyes, my hands, my mouth...and your hands, your eyes, your mouth ... for I'll bet your lips taste sweet to my questing mouth, and my kisses will arouse the luscious musky scent of you, that no perfume can surpass...

Oh, Milena, you are beautiful! And you will smile, and offer me this, and offer me that, with a caress here, and a caress there, and I shall be driven mad by the temptations of so many wonderful offers; a breast, oh yes, very luscious, with a pretty nipple, hardening in anticipation, but then ... another breast! As beautiful as the first! Oh, god! Which to choose? And just as I am about to choose, you offer me your incredible pussy, and god! How its fragrance holds me! And then, as I begin to move toward the delicious offering, I see the subtle curves and hollows of your belly, the width of your hips, the smooth roundness of your thighs, and I groan with the agony of indecision, finally falling upon you with my mouth, my hands, my penis everywhere, anywhere...every spot is beauty itself, you are the conqueror, I am vanquished, and simply pour my passion, my love, my desire into you wherever I touch, kissing, licking, loving, until I can gather myself sufficiently to give you the love you deserve. Oh, Milena, do you see how lovely you are? I do, I really do. I have many kisses for you, and as many as I can, I send, but I'm afraid that I still have more, but they are yours.

And I'm very much afraid that that is what I will owe you, after this letter...that and the kisses. I must quit now...I am quite late as it is...I'm afraid the other half will have to wait.

Goodnight, my lovely friend...

Franz K.



Milena, my Lady of the Kissable Pussy...

I did forget to mention, in my exclamation of delight at the unusual loveliness of your sweet pussy, that one of the ways that I know that the pussy is pleased with my kisses and nibbles is the way that a happy pussy returns my kisses. Oh, yes, she does, indeed! The return kisses are subtle, but they are real, and very sweet to receive. Usually her woman is not even conscious of her kissing me, and that is alright, for the kisses do not come from the woman herself, loving though she is, but from her pussy; her sweet, sweet, loving, dear pussy herself. It is such a deliciously loving feeling to be kissed, full on the mouth, by a woman's happy pussy...and such a beautiful pussy as yours more than doubles the pleasure, as I feel the subtle grip of the soft, clinging labia around my mouth, and feel the little suction from the motion of the entire pussy, as she responds to me.

And do you know, I think I have felt a little suction and kissing from the holy vagina herself, that sweet, fragrant entrance into the beauty of the lady's belly. Oh, that is so exciting, lovely Milena! To feel the vagina herself kissing me! Ah! It makes me feel as though I might next be drawn hungrily in, into my sweet lady's belly, to be digested and absorbed for her nourishment and pleasure. Oh! That is almost too much to take! And I cum, outside the object of my loving. It is too bad to waste the seed, but if the lady is a woman who likes the taste of my love, we might be in a position where my juice is not wasted, but eaten by her pretty mouth. But not all women like such a taste, and it might not happen that she drinks from me. I know from one dear girl that she loves to drink from her husband, especially if he has behaved himself, and eaten and drunk the right things, to flavour her drink.

Cinnamon is one, she says, and pineapple juice, as well as other fruit juices. And he should eschew excessive alcohol, and be sure that he has drunk enough water, so as to avoid the "salty bleach" flavour that so many find, and dislike. But this is not really germane to the topic of the kisses from my Lady's pussy ... although I think I have pretty well exhausted my repertoire of comments. Suffice it to say that a man can experience no greater pleasure in life than to please his woman.

Now to your letter, full of interesting thoughts (that's another thing about a woman, a REAL woman...they have brains, they think, often better than a man [I will talk about that if you wish...I will do whatever you wish, if I can.], and to speak with a woman, before, during, and after sex, causes more and more love between them, as their souls speak each to each, and twine around each other.), thoughts of love and thoughts of what is to come:

I do believe that our souls influence each other, even the baby in the crib. I believe that the adult nervous system "imprints" upon the baby's nervous system, especially in sleep. And the baby should sleep with the parents...in the same bed if possible, or anyway in the same room. As close, physically, as may be. And the gasps of horror from those small minded folk who think that the baby might be corrupted by seeing an act of love?

Those folk are fools, and are so afraid of life that they must try to stamp out every trace of it that they find. How can a baby be made anything but better by knowing that mommy and daddy love each other, so much that they will do this silly, ridiculous thing, just because they want to make each other feel good. And before birth? Well, my sisters' girlfriend has just recently had a baby, who used to visit me often before he was born (because he and I split when he was born; we had been one, and still are in many respects). He told me how much he loved it when his mommy and daddy would make love, or his mommy and my Princess; he called it his "ride," and enjoyed it tremendously.

In so far as your next question, "Never asked myself what my totem could be. Any idea?" the totem is not so much of one's own choosing, but its choosing of you...the Amerinds are accustomed to discover this through trance and ordeal, in true shamanic fashion, but frequently there are enough indicators to let a person guess.

The only two women that I know personally with the DRIVE, as you put it, are my younger sister, and my mother. They are physically unique, and produce pheromones in such quantities that they cannot live with horses or dogs, and they even turn themselves on, to the extent that they REQUIRE sexual release many times in a day.

Since no man could possibly even come close, they depend on each other and girlfriends. Which is not to say that they don't love men...men just can't keep up.

You mention that your occupation puts you in touch with men's fantasies...if you do not mind, will you satisfy my curiosity? What is your occupation? Has it anything to do with that luscious pussy? For no man could avoid fantasising were he to see it. You would have him at your feet in an instant, begging you to ask anything of him, if only he might look at your pussy some more, and think of kissing and loving it.

And I look forward to hearing more from you, you magnificent creature...may you always find a man who knows how to love you! You certainly have conquered me!

Your captive

Franz K.

Author's Note: Thank you for reading. Feedback is desired. Voting and comments are welcome, not anonymous more. Email comments to: the address in my profile.

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