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Letting Go


Rachel hated her annual family vacation. Every year she and her family, all four siblings plus two dogs, went to a cabin on top of a mountain in some ritzy tourist trap in Colorado. As a child, it was fun. Fishing her with father, camping in the woods one night with her siblings and telling horrifying ghost stories. As she got older though, Rachel enjoyed it less and less.

Rachel was far too wound up to enjoy a vacation. As the youngest of her siblings, she was the only person who didn't have a job or young children wearing her down. So, while her sisters did sunrise yoga, Rachel ran five miles on a mountain trail. While her brothers went "fishing" in the afternoon Rachel babysat her nieces and nephews, all seven of them.

The truth was Rachel could not relax. Her life was a constant struggle for productivity. She jumped from one energy outlet to the next with seemingly no breaks between. Sitting still made her anxious. Sleeping for more than six hours at a time was something she hadn't done since she got mono when she was fourteen. As such, the leisurely escape, that was the annual Moss family vacation, drove 19 year old Rachel insane. So insane, in fact, that she even applied for service work abroad during the summer, to avoid leisure time. She hadn't been accepted however and was forced to instead spend her summer working in her mother's boutique. That was fine with her, it kept her plenty busy, and made her feel productive, with one exception. The mandatory two week family vacation.

"Please come to the hot springs with us Rachel!" her sister-in-law Anne pleaded as Rachel scrubbed at the dishes from breakfast. "The boys are taking the kids boating, you're going to be all alone!"

"Yeah Rach," her sister Belle agreed. "Do you really hate us so much that you can't spend one day relaxing in natural artesian waters?"

Rachel sighed, "You know I don't hate any of you. I'd just rather not go. I don't think it makes me strange that I don't want to sit in hot sulfur water all day."

"Well, what will you do?" Rachel's mother asked.

"I think I'm going to explore the town a little more. There are some cute little shops down there."

Rachel's family knew pestering her more about it wouldn't change the result. So instead they said their farewells and headed off, leaving Rachel the day to herself.

True to her word Rachel visited the nearby town. She enjoyed flitting from store to store in her strapless blue summer dress and brand new cork wedges. She'd spent the morning getting ready, carefully drawing on winged eye liner and pulling her long black hair into a high ponytail. The effort appeared to be paying off too. Everywhere she went she caught men staring a second too long, or turning a fraction too far to watch her walk away.

No one stared quite as blatantly however as the bearded man sitting on the bench in front of the cafe Rachel was planning on eating lunch in. He was young, but older than Rachel. She estimated him to be 24 or 25. His blonde hair was long enough to be pulled into a messy bun at the nape of his neck, but his beard appeared to only represent a week or so of not bothering to shave. He smiled as he stared at Rachel, a genuine warm smile as if it was perfectly normal for him to be watching her so intently.

"If it isn't the lost Moss girl," he said happily as if addressing an old friend and not a total stranger.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Rachel asked guardedly.

"No. I'm Chris. I teach yoga here. I met a whole bunch of Moss women the other day. The kept talking about their youngest sister who refused to come and I knew it must be you."

"How could you be so sure it was me?"

Chris's smile broadened. "They described their younger sister as an incredibly A-type girl that's wound too tight and can't stop moving."

Rachel was dumbfounded. How could this man, whom she had never laid eyes upon before, have discerned her identity from those characteristics? Is that how people saw her?

Chris laughed at the horror on Rachel's face. "They also showed me a picture. It's hard to forget someone as gorgeous as you."

Rachel had no idea how to react to anything about the situation she had stumbled into. Not only was a complete stranger giving her absolute mixed messages, he happened to an incredibly attractive complete stranger.

"Hey, I'm sorry I didn't mean to freak you out. I just figured I'd say hi. What are you up to anyway? Your mom told me this morning you were all going to the hot springs."

"Yeah," Rachel said, slowly returning back to a normal state of responsiveness. "The rest of my family went, but I stayed behind to do some exploring."

"Those waters are supposed to be healing, for both the body and the spirit. People have trekked thousands of miles just to soak in them, and yet here you stand, alone and unhealed."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Who needs healing? I for one am not going to waste my day sitting in hot water that smells like boiled eggs."

Chris nodded, as if pondering what she was saying at a deep level. His reply caught Rachel very off guard. "They're right. You are wound super tight."

Rachel wanted to punch him. Why could no one accept that she didn't want to go to a spa or do meditative yoga? Was it so odd for her to enjoy being fast paced?

"You don't sleep much, do you?" Chris asked suddenly.

"No, but I don't see how that has anything to do with-" Rachel began but Chris cut her off mid-sentence.

"What about books, do you read?"

"Only nonfiction."


"Documentaries. Preferably social commentary ones."

"Ever had an orgasm?"

Rachel felt her jaw drop. Blood rushed to her face as she stammered sounds for a moment before answering with false confidence. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I have."

"From someone else?"


"See, that's what I'm saying. You're just too uptight. You need to learn to let go and just be in the moment. Take pleasure from things that you can't control or that don't fulfill a purpose. Just enjoy."

Rachel felt herself getting angry. What did he know? He knew nothing about her life or whether or not she enjoyed it.

"For your information the fact that I've never had an orgasm says nothing about me. Perhaps you couldn't have stopped thinking so misogynistically for a moment and realized that not all men even care about giving women orgasms. You all think that you can just thrust a few times and we should be swooning in your arms. You don't care that sex is an art and we have needs to!"

Chris was silent for a moment as he absorbed what Rachel said. She felt smug, he couldn't argue that point.

"You're right. Not all men realize sex is an art. That is a definite oversight on my part."

With that he got up and began walking away. Rachel was incredibly confused.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

"Back to my place, wanna come?"

Rachel paused, not sure how to handle such an odd sexual advance.


The moment Rachel walked into Chris's bedroom she felt overwhelmed. The floor was covered in various colorful rugs and the walls were draped with tapestries. The bed itself was covered in a giant mound of pillows and a comforter that appeared to be made of clouds.

Chris had been talking throughout the whole house tour about his design scheme and where each of his pieces had come from but Rachel had stopped listening. Instead she just took in the beautiful eclectic space. It couldn't be more different than her carefully organized and streamlined room at home, and yet she found herself wishing she never had to leave.

Chris was smiling at her. He felt her energy change the second she walked into his bedroom. She had calmed down already. Her energy projection was no longer so aggressively outward. Instead she was taking everything in.

He walked up behind her and kissed her neck, nuzzling her gently with his beard. Goosebumps formed on her skin as Rachel realized what was happening.

"Let go for a while," he said against her ear. When he nipped at her earlobe Rachel felt herself sigh. She couldn't believe how badly she already wanted him.

Chris continued trailing kisses along Rachel's skin. He kissed her shoulders, and gently pulled her out of it's ponytail. Then her turned her around and kisser her properly. His kisses were slow but demanding. Rachel found herself pressing against him. She wanted to be as close to him as possible. Soon they were entangled in each other, with her arms wrapped around the back of his neck and his hands holding their pelvises together.

Suddenly he lifted her up and carried her to his bed. He stared into her eyes as he straddled her and slowly undid the zipper on the front of her dress, allowing the fabric to fall away. Rachel hadn't felt the need to wear a bra, so her small breasts were now completely in view. Chris took one hard nipple into his mouth as Rachel writhed beneath him. He then kissed her again, this time more urgently. Rachel felt one of his legs go between hers and spread them. Her stomach flipped in anticipation and she moaned quietly.

Chris could see how desperate Rachel was for his touch. He watched as she arched her back upwards so her chest could meet his, and felt her hands roughly tangling themselves in his hair. He pulled away from her for a moment to take his shirt off. Rachel's hands immediately began exploring his muscular chest and back. One of her hands began straying down his stomach, clearly headed toward his already throbbing cock. He stopped her, grabbing her wrist and pinning her arm against the bed above her head gently.

He then began to kiss her again. He bit her nipples, enjoying the gentle moans of pleasure she made each time he did. The then kissed down her chest and stomach slowly. Watching her writhe with impatience. They both knew where he was headed, and the anticipation was almost unbearable.

Finally his lips reached her black silk panties. As he kissed between her legs Chris noticed they were already visibly wet. He gently lifted the edge with his tongue and bit down, careful to only grab the fabric. He then slowly pulled them off Rachel's hips, which she lifted off the bed to assist in the process.

Rachel's body was now his to explore. He buried his face between her leg, pulsating his tongue gently against her clitoris while two of his fingers roughly slid in and out of her. Rachel couldn't believe how good it felt. Other men had gone down on her before, but never had it felt so good. She was lost in the pleasure and grinding her hips into Chris's face to try to heighten the feeling for herself.

Rachel's moans increased to a desperate crescendo as she experienced her first ever shared orgasm. She breathlessly fell back onto the mattress. Her whole body was flushed and her heart was racing.

Chris kissed his was back up her body. His throbbing cock was still trapped within the confines of his jeans and boxers, but he didn't care. His only mission was to let Rachel finally experience some true pleasure. He kissed her again and she reciprocated happily. Their kisses were much slower and more sensual now. Rachel's hands strayed to Chris's crotch and finally undid his jeans. She helped him slide them off, along with his boxers, finally revealing his cock.

Rachel had never wanted something inside of her so badly in her entire life. She watched as Chris slid a condom over what had to be at least seven inches of himself with impatience. As soon as he indicated she could she straddled him and guided him inside her.

Chris slid easily inside of Rachel. She let out a ragged breath as his whole length filled her. She began to gyrate, enjoying the feeling on his cock hitting spots inside of her she couldn't believe existed. Chris grabbed her hips and leaned up so they were face to face as she rode him. He gently thrust into her, reveling in the feel of his cock inside of her tight cunt.

Soon Rachel was at the point of no return. Her hips wildly rocked back and forth as Chris thrust forcefully into her. She yelled loudly upon orgasm and pulled on Chris's hair in compete and utter surrender to the pleasure. Chris couldn't last after that and quickly finished inside of her. His orgasm was so strong that when he was finished Chris thought he might have gone blind briefly. It was if all of his senses had shut off to make room for the overwhelming orgasm he'd just experienced.

Afterward they lie together, pressing their naked bodies together in a much different way. Chris kissed her gently on the shoulder as he nuzzled into her.

"Thank you for letting go for me."

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