tagBDSMLetting Go of Yesterday Ch. 05

Letting Go of Yesterday Ch. 05


This is a continuation of my story. I hope this story will continue through to completion. Please be patient with me as I am new to this. This story is about Dominance and Submission. If you do not like this topic, please look elsewhere for your reading pleasure.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or matters where you feel I may be of assistance — or if you have any suggestions for me. I am here to serve. Thank you so very much.


Chapter 05. Slave B-52 relates his experiences

I must admit, since I made the wise decision to cooperate and accept my fate as a sex slave under the control of Master Rohan and Mistress Marathi I have been treated well. It is so difficult to determine how much time has elapsed, but I'm guessing that my toilet bucket is changed every three or four days. And by my count that has happened five times since the ultimatum was presented to me.

And if that is the case, then I'm only 1/3 of the way through my sixty day ordeal the guard spoke of at the end of the doctor's visit.

What has happened to me during this roughly three week period?

I must say that my cooperation has been rewarded. I have had visits from a few female guards and two male slaves. This has mostly occurred over the last several days. I am very happy to have this kind of human contact.

I have lost count of the number of cocks that I have serviced over this time. Though my guess is that I have sucked and swallowed the cum from around fifty cocks which have been presented to me through the opening in the wall. I have become accustomed to the taste of man cum, and have to admit that I now look forward to my next load. I have accepted my lot of being a cum slut for my Master Rohan and Mistress Marathi.

I have become particularly fond of a few of the cocks that I have sucked. Here I will relate why I have this fondness.

One is the cock of slave B-47. The salve who is under experimentation by the female Indian doctor, whom has since revealed herself to me as Dr. Maheen. Or more appropriately, Mistress Maheen. (I will share more about Mistress Maheen later.)

Slave B-47 is a poor soul, and I fear the worst may be ahead for him. He, like I, have a brand imprinted on one of our testicles. His is B-47, mine B-52.

His cock has been presented to me through the hole in the wall four times. I'm guessing about once every four or five days. I can clearly see his marking "B-47" on his nut sack.

I have tried my best to give him pleasure, but it is obvious to me that he experiences none, and most often experiences the pain that is involved by having his semen milked from him on the strict schedule of Mistress Maheen.

I have taken his balls in my mouth, licked them gently, kissed them passionately — done everything I can think of to bring on an erection. Nothing has been successful. I pull back his foreskin and softly lick and caress the underside of his cock head. I nibble carefully on the tip, and make long licking strokes up and down the shaft. His limp cock will not respond to my loving strokes, my kisses, or my sucking.

I try to arouse him each time for about ten minutes. Then as I sense him beginning to tighten up, I know that Doctor Maheen has activated the PSP and I will soon be given my treat of B-47's delicious cum. I hold and fondle his precious balls in my hand as they begin their dance just prior to his sweet cum oozing from his flaccid penis.

I dutifully capture his precious cum on my tongue and hold and savor it in my mouth. After swallowing, I lick my lips to get every drop; then kiss, lick and caress his limp cock to clean it before it is removed.

"Thank you, Sir, for your delicious cum." I call him "Sir" in order to bring at least some sort of dignity to his pathetic life.

I can hear his sobs behind the wall as the cruel Doctor Maheen continues to stimulate his prostate even though his semen is completely drained.

The last time B-47 came to me, only one of his testicles appeared to be functioning. I surmise that the other testicle has been permanently ruined by the constant use of the Prostrate Stimulation Probe.


Another penis that I have come to enjoy belongs to a man who is quite hairy. And I mean really hairy. He has a very large and bushy crop of groin hair which always feels so soft to my skin. I especially like it when he thrusts his cock deep into my mouth and my nose and lips are forced against his mound of pubic hair.

His balls are also covered with much hair. As well as his gooch, or grundle. (That connective tissue between the scrotum and anus on a man.)

I have come to really enjoy taking his hairy balls in my mouth and massaging his testicles with my tongue. I know this man loves this too as I can clearly hear him moan, right through the wall — as I lovingly and carefully worship his nuts and cock.

When he does cum, he likes it when I hold just the tip of his cock in my mouth, as he pumps his love juice into my waiting mouth. I hold his sweet cum in, and only after I've swished it in my mouth for no less than two minutes, am I permitted to swallow the full load. I proudly do so and beg him for a bit more.

He often obliges by extending his hairy hand through the opening so that I may kiss, lick and suck his fingers. This alone brings a bit of pre cum through my tiny little penis. I shower his hand with kisses and thank him for presenting his hairy body for my pleasure.


The favorite penis that I've enjoyed pleasuring belongs to what I would guess is a very sophisticated gentleman. I know this by the way his pubic hair is trimmed, the way he presents his cock to me and the way his hands and fingernails are neatly kept and manicured. Just an overall superb presentation. I often feel that I am honored to pleasure this fine gentleman.

He first presents me with his hand to kiss and nuzzle up against. He will often cup my chin in his hand and gently caress my face, before patting me on the head as his final gesture of approval.

When his cock first appears I feel a tingle rush through me. It hangs flaccid at least 7 inches. I take in in my right hand and slowly slide the foreskin back to expose the most beautiful cock head I've ever seen. I bring my nose close and inhale his manly smell. It is intoxicatingly wonderful. The smell of his penis is a mixture of pre-cum and droplets of urine from his last piss. I inhale deeply several times before I extend my tongue to taste his man-ness. I lick clean his cock head of any piss and pre-cum, before slowly and gently taking him into my mouth. I enjoy just holding him in my mouth while massaging his shaft with my tongue.

I begin to smile as he grows to his full thickness and hardness. I push on further to take his full hard cock deep in my throat. He slowly begins to fuck my face, gradually increasing his motion until he is in his best rhythm. I struggle to keep up, but am determined to give him maximum pleasure.

He has great stamina, as often he will stroke in my mouth for 15 minutes before I feel him tense up and plunge in for his last stroke. Often he will hold his cock deep in me as he pumps wave after wave of his cum down my throat. Always he will pull back with his last squirt landing on my tongue, so that I may taste and savor his cum. For this I am so grateful.

As he withdraws his cock back through the hole, I thank him and close my eyes — immediately beginning to relive this experience in my mind.

I can only begin to wonder how the next many weeks will play out for me. I am B-52, sex slave of Master Rohan and Mistress Marathi.

I drift off to sleep this evening with this vision in my mind, and a very stiff little penis. A penis that is forbidden to be pleasured.

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