tagRomanceLetting the Right One In

Letting the Right One In


The holiday party was a mess. It was raining and slushing outside so half the guests naturally did not show. Jenny Lu showed up with her geeky sister Sue, who seemed to run interference for her sister most of the night. The evening dragged on but Jenny was paying all her attention to Tom; my soon to be ex-best friend.

This led to me drinking a bit too much. I collapsed on the couch and fell asleep before the gifts had even been opened. Around two I opened my eyes and the apartment was empty, the only lights were on the tree and the holiday window lights. I opened my eyes again and the red LED light said it was four in the morning or it could have been evening, I did not know and did not care. I noticed that the room had been cleaned; the wrapping paper I almost tripped on earlier going to the bathroom to finally puke had been removed. I don't remember doing that though?

I fell asleep again around nine I opened my eyes and was blind. A hand went over my mouth, a woman's hand, it gave the sleep mask a slight tug. A hand stroked my forehead and a soft voice told me to rest. All the weeks of getting ready for the party fell in on me and I fell asleep yet again knowing Jenny had not deserted me for Tom.

Around noon I could hear the rain pelt the air-conditioner, not that that mattered as I felt someone's warm body on top of me, under the blanket waking me up in the best way possible. I could feel her warm mouth around me and could not believe it. This was going to be a great year. I reached down to stroke Jenny's hair and it was much longer than I remembered it to be. Then it struck me, it was not Jenny, it was Sue.

Like that scene in the Rocky Horror Picture Show I tossed back the blankets and screamed; just like Brad did; "Sue!" She laughed and got up. I was stunned speechless. She usually had on a geeky tee shirt and jeans. Now she was there with makeup, wearing the chain I had given her last year with the elf charm, a black cupless bra, stockings, garter belt and lacy black panties. She was a bit chubby but all the curves were in more than the right places as opposed to her sister who was skinnier with long legs and arms. Her nipples were pierced with small silver rings. I could not stop staring at her.

"Hello? Mark?" she laughed waving her hand past my eyes as if waving at a camera, "I guess that trip to the Secret's shop was worth it."

The words "how" and "why" fought for control of my tongue.

"Look! My sister left with Tom last night like I thought she would, and I said I would stay to clean up the place. Look I graduate college next year and well I've always liked you. I read a self-help book about going for what you want and it's you. We are into the same geeky shit. Comics, Fringe, and stuff. I want you and I think you want me, or could learn to. You do? Don't you?

There are times in life when you feel like your world is on sliding ice and you wish there was an emergency brake to pull, this was one of them. I also realized that I was standing there with no pants; her doing; and my cock was dangling in front of her.

A wise man said when in doubt kiss her; and that is what I did. Of course fingering her was not mentioned but it is not a bad touch. She pressed against me and I absorbed the warmness of her chubby little breasts.

She told me she wanted to finish what we started and did in that most classic of positions, on her knees.

She went to "clean up" in the bathroom; then came out and stopped in the hallway indicating she was going into my bedroom and inviting me to join her. She got onto the bed on her hands and knees, her panties tossed on the floor. As she fingered herself. I noticed the ring though her pussy.

I got behind her and pushed myself into her. She was inviting, enthusiastic, and very vocal. She said how fertile she was and that if she was not on the pill I'd be a father by morning. For some reason it did not scare me off but made me pound her all the harder. When we finished we laid together silently just enjoying each other's embrace.

She made a really late breakfast for us in the nude which only enhanced my appetite leading me to use the kitchen table in a way the do- it-yourself furniture manufacturer never intended. That afternoon we went out on our first real date.

Later that day Sue went home and the place felt, well, empty. We started to date which led to an angry mixed reaction from Jenny and a near beat-down from her brother.

Between all that we fell in love. She actually owned and wore to bed both Princess Leia outfits she had made for cosplay, I know she wasn't chubby or Asian in the films but she could have been, and any girl who can get both hairstyles right deserves special consideration.

Five months into our relationship she moved in with me. As I got the last of our mutual "stuff" not to clash she wanted to go off the pill. The fact that she was nude at the time seemed to soften the blow. On our anniversary we laid together on the couch, her belly just beginning to show. She was horny for the first trimester of her pregnancy and still took care of me most of the way through.

I wondered as I waited in the waiting room would I ever have been nearly as happy had I hooked up with Jenny; and then I remembered the title of that vampire film, it is all about letting the "right" one in.

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