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It was a hot summer's day and the house was buzzing with activity since it was the beginning of a new year at varsity. Jason sat on his bed while Alex sat infront of his laptop surfing the net. "Dude, like I was saying, after the movies we went to the lookout point for some serious fucking, but Sally..."

"Sammy." Alex corrected him.

"Whatever, Sandy got really sick, and while she was hanging out of the car barfing, I proceeded to..."

"Oh please tell me you didn't!" said Alex with his eyes still glued to the screen.

"C'mon man! It looked awesome in the movie; I just had to try it! So, while she was busy doing her thing, I lifted up her skirt and rammed right into her! She wanted to complain, but every time she opened her mouth, she had to barf! Ha-ha, man, you should've been there! I was finished before I started, because every time she had contractions, her pussy grabbed hold of my dick and sucked it right in!"

"That's sick dude. But hey, take a look at this e-mail I got from Jessica."

"That nerd form Zeta Gamma?" Jason sat on the bed, flipping through a Playboy, not paying much attention to Alex.

"Yeah, that chick, she says that the sorority sisters have come up with a new plan for orientation this year."

"Really? What the hell do they want to do? Have a tea party with them?"

"No, this time I think they're actually on to something! They suggest that we take a girl from their sorority and they take a dude from our frat. We invite them into our houses and use them to demonstrate what we are really capable of."

"Okay, so what do you think we do?" Jason had moved from the bed to the desk next to Alex in curiosity.

"Well, let's take the hottest chick we find in Zeta, strip her down in front of our whole fraternity, and give them a little show."

"Whoa dude, we'll give our brothers a little Anatomy class!" "Exactly." Alex said exited. He replied to Jessica, and said that they had a deal. He suggested that they meet later to talk.

"Dude, listen, I'm going to meet Jessica, so while I'm gone, look through the photos she sent me and pick a candidate."

"For sure bro!" Jason was so excited that he pushed Alex off of the chair.

"Anyway, later dude."Jason was already concentrating so hard on the photos that he ignored Alex completely. "Whatever."

Alex made his way through the frat house, but had to stop every other step to greet people. He was the most handsome and popular guy on campus. He eventually got to the library, were he saw Jessica sitting with a woman's liberation book clutched in her hands. She was always busy reading those books, and most of the students teased her about it. As soon as she saw him, she through the book over her shoulder and hit a guy in the head. "Jessica!" Alex exclaimed.

"What?" she asked in her sweetest girly voice. "I wasn't reading another book by P Emessing." The guy she threw with the book was laying face down on the ground.

"Uhm, okay." He looked at the poor guy for a second before taking a seat. "So, Jason and I have agreed to implement your idea, but we have to talk first."

"Okay, I'm listening." Jessica said, while trying to play with her hair seductively, but instead looked like she was trying to pull it out. It was a well known fact that she had a major crush on him, but Alex felt so uncomfortable because she was one of the weirdest chicks in school.

"So, Jason is going through the photos you sent me to choose out candidate. I want you to tell me which one of our guys you're going to pick." Alex noticed that Jessica parted her legs to expose her thong, which was torn and was covered in stains. "Uhm..." he said in an attempt to take his mind off the disturbing image. He shifted his gaze to the guy on the floor. He was still on the ground, but was moving by this time.

"Fine, we want Fuk Mi."

"Our Chinese exchange student? Fine, he's yours. We'll do this thing later tonight. I'll send him over to Zeta."

"Great, as soon as you let me know who you want, I'll tell her to go to your frat house." By this time, Jessica took off her thick glasses in an attempt to impress Alex even more, but as soon as he noticed how squint she was, he started to laugh aloud.

"Whatever. Listen, I've gotta go." He stood up, leaving his eager admirer behind.


"No thanks." He answered, not looking back at her, but still laughing.

"Okay." She said, wondering what she did to repulse him so much.

He hurried back to the flat to start planning that night's celebration. "Dude, that chick is a total nut job!"

"Shit, I know. Jake told me that they broke into her room the other day as a dare, but when they got to her room, the living daylights got scared right outa their asses."


"She had this whole section in her room dedicated to you man. A shrine dude! It had photos of everywhere and apparently, the whole thing was covered in dildoes and shit."

"What the fuck dude? Why is this the first time that I'm hearing this?" Alex was as red as a tomato.

"I forgot."

"You... oh for fucks sakes! Dude, listen, did you have a look at the photos?"

"Yeah. I totally think we should go with Miss Amber! Man, she got tits as big as Pamela's and legs for days!"

"Amber it is. I'll just text Jessica, and in the meantime, let the brothers know to meet us on the lacrosse field tonight at ten."

"Shot bro." Jason left the room and Alex informed Jessica on which girl they chose. He stood in front of the mirror to check his hair and left the room shortly after. He made his way through the hall until he reached Harry Bolzack's room. Alex just pushed the door open and found Harry at his desk.

"Hey, what's up Mr. A?" Harry said and stood to shake Alex's hand.

"Not much man. Listen, we got orientation tonight, and I need some of your stash."

"Dude, that's kinda weird."

"We're doing a girl Harry."

"Oh, well, in that case, you can take as much as you need!" Harry walked over to his closet and opened the door. Inside was a huge variety of sex toys and gear. "Dude, you just have to take the infamous 'Pussy Pecker'. I just got this one all the way from Amsterdam."

"For sure dude." Alex grabbed it and threw a few more toys into his bag. "Thanks Harry, I'll send you some pics." They shook hands and Alex left the room with an enormous bag. Harry was like varsity's own sex toy smuggler. Alex and Harry had an agreement that he could take toys in exchange for some A-class pictures, which Harry in return would post on his personal porn site.

Alex jogged to the lacrosse field where he could see an intimate gathering of guys on the bunkers. As he got closer, he noticed a naked girl strapped into a dentist's chair. "Yo people, make way for Mr. A!" Jason announced. Everybody cheered and the crowd parted, allowing him to enter.

"Brothers, welcome to your orientation. Now, how this works: Jason and I will be giving you a little Sex Ed. It may seem more like a gift than a punishment, but remember, any guy that disobeys our rules, will be subjected to this very same lesson in front of the whole campus!" He could see a hint of fear in the guys' eyes.

"All righty guys meet Miss Amber here. She is a Zeta sister and she'll be our test subject for the evening!" Alex and Jason walked over to were Amber laid and the guys followed. Amber was trembling, but she seemed to enjoy all the attention. Alex bent down and rummaged in his bag and retrieved to small items.

"Okay brothers, we'll start slow. These are called purple nurples. Every time one of you break something in the house, we'll use these to punish you!" Alex turned to Amber and placed the small capsules on her nipples. Then he started to pump them. Everyone could clearly see how they sucked on to her nipples. Amber started to wriggle around, but the pain was bearable. Alex beckoned a guy to approach the tabled and told him to keep on pumping the suckers.

Next it was Jason's turn. He grabbed the bag from Alex and pulled out a black leather paddle. "This is the best frat house in the entire university. You will not embarrass your brothers! So, if we find out that you fucked a sleazy girl, we'll use this little fella!" He also turned to Amber and started to slap her on the breasts. This was clearly painful and she started to moan loudly. "Each one of your brothers will get an opportunity to hit you with this if you disobey!" He also asked another guy to carry on with the torture.

"Now we're getting closer to the more serious offences." Alex said and pulled clamps from the bag. "These are Japanese labia clamps. When someone impregnates a chick, you'll be subjected to where these on your balls for three days straight!" There was a load gasp amongst the people. Alex spread Amber's legs further apart and attached the clamps on her lips. He tightened them until she shrieked. By now she was in so much pain, that she was about to pass out. The strain on her lips combined with the suction cups and the paddle almost sent her over the edge.

"Lastly." Jason said and retrieved a large blue dildo from the bag. "We are all men in the house. No fags will be part of our frat. Beware, if you are gay, we will shove this up your lily white ass!" He rammed the entire dildo up Amber's pussy and turned the vibrating function on. This made the clamps rattle and pull on her lips. She screamed and screamed until she passed out. Everyone was quiet and stood still. Jason started to take a few photos of Amber with his digital camera for Harry.

"The moral of the lesson: don't break anything while fucking white trash, don't impregnate her and don't turn gay afterwards!" Alex said

"That's it assholes. Take care of Amber. Help her to her sorority. We're going back to the house. See ya'll later."

Jason and Alex got to their room and Jason crawled into bed while Alex sat in front of his computer. "Man that was the best orientation ever! No one will ever cross us after that show!"

"Poor Amber though"

"Yeah whatever. I wonder what the girls did to Fuk Mi?"

"Oh shit!"


"I think we went a bit overboard with this one!"

"What do you mean Alex?"

"Jessica just sent me an e-mail thanking me for participating. She says this was the best idea ever, because know we will respect the opposite sex!"

"What the fuck does she mean?"

"We were only supposed to have a friendly get-together where we were supposed to get to know the other group, but instead we tortured Amber!"

"Oh shit bro."

"We're in deep shit dude!"

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