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Stephanie knew it would visit her again tonight. When she was in bed alone, the lights all out, the demon would ravish her young body again.

Ever since her fiancé Earl had introduced her to marijuana the Incubus had shared her bed nightly invading her with his thick red penis. She knew the monster was determined to impregnate her with its evil seed.

The twenty-year-old blonde was helpless to prevent her ongoing rape. No one would believe her wild tale of some mythical creature molesting her. She would just have to keep accepting his sperm until his mission was accomplished.

Stephanie knew she was the only one who could see or feel her nightly visitor. He had chosen that only she would be privy to his visits but to her he was very real.

In the darkness of her bedroom she had distinguished his wolf-like appearance, his sour odor and sinister touch. She had felt his canine-like root impale her womb and spray his seed into her unspoiled garden. She was coupling with the devil and she could tell no one.

Stephanie visited the library and searched the shelves for information on Lycanthropy, Shapeshifters and Succubi. Entities who are described in the scriptures of so many world religions as angels, both the messengers of God and the fallen armies of Lucifer.

After hours of monotonous reading Stephanie came across an obscure volume that offered a defense against the Incubus's attack. Stephanie only hoped there was time to avoid her pregnancy.

The prescribed remedy was radical. Stephanie only hope was it was effective. She was going to have to actively take part in sex with the demon.

Stephanie hurried home to prepare for the Incubus's nightly visitation.

She soaked herself in a warm bubble bath going over in her mind what she had to do. It was disgusting but her only hope.

Sitting before her dressing table mirror she carefully brushed her long blonde hair one hundred strokes and finished my spraying sprits of Jon Patou's "Joy" between her perfectly shaped breasts.

She was ready to give herself to her lover.

Stephanie slipped naked beneath the cover on her bed and waited.

In the silence of the night its panting breath announced its arrival. Stephanie's body tensed as she awaited contact.

The cover was pulled back revealing her waiting naked body. She felt the beast's snout nuzzle in her pubic hair. Knowing he wanted to feast on her essence she opened her legs.

His long tongue was like a raspy file as it crossed her sensitive clitoris. Under different circumstances it would have been a pleasant sensation. Instinctively she opened wider allowing him free access to her inner sensitivity. A small moan escaped Stephanie's lips.

She knew what she had to do. As vile as it was she had to take the monster in her mouth. Her hand went down to reach for his penis.

He was unlike any human penis, more canine like. In her hand she estimated he was at least twelve inches long and proportionately as large around. The pulled the demon's loins up to her face and opened her mouth.

Lex was confused. In over three thousand years no earthly woman had taken his in her mouth. Now this maiden was inviting him to enter her head.

Stephanie took the cock into her mouth and it was grotesque. It had a musty and evil taste of death. She fought off her gag reflex and closed her lips around the zombie-like limb. Her tongue felt as if it were licking the bone of a long dead skeleton. Undaunted she began to suck the ghastly thing.

Lex groaned as his cock twitched in this lovely young maiden's mouth. Having his cock sucked was a new experience for him. He had never ejaculated his evil seed in a woman's mouth before.

Stephanie read that by ingesting the demon's seed it would act as an antidote to any that found its way into her womb. By drinking his cum she may not become pregnant.

Each time Stephanie yanked and sucked she knew she was getting closer to having her mouth flooded with the devil's spawn. As much as it revolted her her tongue danced over the horrid cock filling her mouth. She knew the more she tantalized him the sooner he would give her what she needed.

The taste of his precum was unmistakable. Like the seepage from a rotting pile of dead bodies it assaulted her taste buds. She was unsure if she would be able to stomach the creature's despicable matter. From the way the cock twitched in her mouth she knew the moment of truth was near.

Resolved to complete her task she attacked the cock with renewed enthusiasm. Her tongue swirled around the rotten stump as her cheeks sunk in forming a perfect vacuum chamber for his throbbing member.

Stephanie felt his gnarly claws grasp the back of her head and she knew he was about flush his testicle into her throat. She was able to gasp one last breath before the deluge of monster sperm began to fill her mouth.

It was more putrid than she had imagined. The lumpy substance had the consistency of gruel and clung to every surface it touched. The slime coated her tongue, teeth and gums. Desperately she tried to swallow, as she knew she must. The guck would not go down her throat.

Stephanie drove her head forward forcing Lex's cock further into her throat. She almost gagged and threw up the entire mess but suddenly she gulped allowing the ball of snot to slide down into her belly.

She had done it! Stephanie had successfully ingested the devil' spawn. He could now fuck her with impunity; his seed would not flourish in her garden.

Stephanie opened he legs and fucked her demon with passion knowing he would no longer return to her bed. The cock that had just filled her mouth was now delivering an unholy orgasm such as few earthlings had experienced.

It was a lewd dance of debauchery as the young girl's body accepted Lex's sperm one more time.

"Oh yes, yes!" she moaned as her world went black.

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