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Lexi and I


Lexi and Me

Note: This is a work of fiction written for a sexy lady. I am real as are my past experiences. Lexi is also real. The fictional part is the situation itself. Karen and I are still together, but for the purpose of this story I thought it would be interesting to act out a fantasy where we had split up. For those who have read my diary submissions you will know I have promised a fictional piece, so here it is. Enjoy.

Lexi – I hope this does you justice. I hope it's what you imagined and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Haley.


Friday 3pm Beads of water rolled down the side of the glass. Inside ice cubes clinked together, jostling for position as bubbles from the Coke rose and burst on the surface. Bright sunlight glinted off the array of bottles and glasses behind the bar. I was entranced by my drink, staring as the sunlight danced through the ice cubes which cast perfect shadows on the mahogany bar.

Morgan's Place was very busy; a bustling hive of office workers discussing office politics, businessmen talking deals and secretly checking out who had the best/most expensive mobile phone, tourists gazing around at the quintessential English bar, camera in hand ready for the next shot for the photo album.

Outside was no less busy. Tables and chairs from several bars and cafes merged around Quay Side courtyard next to the River Cam. I looked out at the buzz of activity outside, it was a tourist trap especially in the summer. I checked my watch for the third time even though I knew I was early. I decided to stroll outside and watch the entertainment.

In this part of Cambridge the entertainment was on the river and those punting on it. Small flat boats, not dissimilar to gondolas but not as fancy, were hired to cruise up and down the river. Tourists loved the old English charm. I guess it does have a unique look, men standing at the rear of the punt, straw hat in place, raising their pole out of the water and jabbing it back down to propel the punt along the river.

I watched the punts gliding along and under Magdalene Bridge. I was startled by a splash and the crowd started cheering. Someone had fallen in the water. That was always worth the wait, the crowd seemed to think so.

I gazed around the courtyard, searching out her familiar face, not that I had ever seen her in person, just a photo. I was nervous and excited about our first meeting. We agreed 3.30pm, plenty of time yet to calm down and stop acting like a young teenager in love!

A table became vacant in front of Henry's Bar. I sat down and pulled out my cigarettes. The nicotine went someway to soothing my anxieties. I sipped my drink and tried to relax. It had been several months since we first started our email correspondence. She had read my diary submissions to Literotica and like others had contacted me to say how much she enjoyed reading about my life. We emailed each other constantly. Little by little we developed a good freindship, sharing our thoughts, desires and problems.

About a month ago she told me she was coming to England to visit relatives and would love to meet up for a drink. I admit to being apprehensive at first, having not met someone from online before but I was excited about meeting her face to face, to meet the girl behind the photo and emails I loved to read so much.

I couldn't help checking my watch. I knew why I was so nervous, there were many reasons and I had to remind myself that she would also feel the same. After agreeing to meet up we both confessed at how weird it would be, how it might not go well could just be an awkward moment we would both try to forget. However, we also told each other that our nerves could just be foolish and we'd actually have a marvellous time. Only one way to find out.

I leaned down to put my cigarettes in my bag. As I did so something caught my attention. A face amongst the crowd. I squinted and searched for it. After a moment it appeared from behind a crowd of tourists. It was her, wasn't it? She seemed to be looking for someone, her head moving as if searching. She was moving in my direction and appeared to have spotted Henry's Bar.

The closer she came the more my heart thumped in my chest. I didn't move, just watched her walk through the crowd. Her long white skirt flowed around her like mist, she was graceful and lithe.

I realised I was less than a minute away from meeting Lexi for the first time. I took a deep breath and stood up. She spotted me immediately, a wide smile appearing on her face, she waved and headed over.

"Lexi!" I said. My excitement temporarily drowning my nerves.

"Haley, hi!" She replied as she approached.

Our eyes met, both trying to figure out how this was going to pan out. The nerves were very apparent, but so were the other million emotions. We hugged quickly, it felt so weird but amazing to touch someone who I had talked to but never met, who I had shared my innermost thoughts with but had never heard her voice.

We held onto each other for a moment longer, each knowing that were crossing new territory into someone wonderful or disastrous. We parted and looked at each other again for a second. I didn't know what to say. I was speechless, so unlike my emails. She was equally silent.

"Weird huh?" I stated after an uncomfortable silence.

"Sure is," Lexi replied with a frown.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked, thinking that was a good way to start.

"Please," she replied. "Can we sit indoors, it's really bright out. I didn't bring my sunglasses."

We headed to the bar. I ordered another vodka and Coke, Lexi was thirsty and requested a large chilled water. There was no shortage of tables inside, most of the office brigade were back at work and tourists always congregated outside.

We found an empty table toward the rear of the bar next to a window overlooking the river. Lexi dropped her large bag on the floor and flopped into a chair with a sigh.

"Much better," Lexi said after taking a large swallow of water. "I was dying of thirst. I didn't expect Cambridge to be so big."

"Did you find Henry's okay?"

Lexi nodded with a smile. "I had good directions. Say, this is an amazing place."

I glanced around with a frown.

"Not the bar! The town!"

"Oh right," I said with realisation. "It's a great place to shop."

"It's beautiful," Lexi stated. "Hope we have time to look around."

"Sure. Did it take you long to get here?" I asked. Small talk. It seems people can only get to the next conversation area by passing through the pointless small talk zone.

"Two hours, the train was filled to bursting," Lexi replied.

"It's Friday, people always going somewhere on Friday."

We watched a waitress place plates of mouth watering food on a table to our right. I was actually quite hungry and wondered if we had time for a bite to eat. I returned my attention back to Lexi. She was more beautiful in person. The photo's she had sent me were good but she seemed so alive and bubbly face to face. Her deep brown eyes were lively and excited, they seemed to draw me in somehow, just like her photos.

"Never thought this would happen," I said.

"Same here." Lexi smiled. "It's weird isn't it? But not bad?"

"Not bad at all," I said. "I was nervous, still am I guess. I'm glad we met up."

"Me too. Now we can talk about everything without having to wait days for a reply!"

"That was half the fun," I replied. I sipped my drink, my throat was very dry. "The waiting I mean. Waiting for the reply, hoping next time I checked my inbox it would be there."

"I know what you mean," Lexi replied. "I told you before that it always made my day when I saw an email from you in my inbox."

We chatted about Lexi's relatives, about my family and about our online correspondence. Neither of us mentioned anything about Literotica or about my diary. It seemed that even though that was why we started emailing each other to begin with it wasn't a topic easily brought up.

We ordered a pitcher of beer and talked. I grew more confident and less nervous as time went on, something we had both hoped would happen after the tricky initial meeting. I knew sooner or later my diary would come up. We would discuss it at some point, but was I ready for it? Was Lexi?

By 4.30 the bar was starting to empty, there were still crowds outside and we felt more at ease with each other. It seemed that with no one around to eavesdrop on our conversation we could talk more openly.

"Does Karen know you're meeting me?" Lexi asked.

It had started. I shook my head. "No, she's on a weekend break in London with her mother. Big shopping trip."

"I hoped to visit London," Lexi said with a forced frown. "Maybe next time. Does Karen know about me?"

Again I shook my head. "No. You're my little secret."

"It doesn't have to be secret," Lexi replied. "It's not like we've done anything wrong is it?"

"I guess," I replied slowly. I wasn't going to tell Karen about Lexi. It wasn't that I we were going to have a wild passionate weekend together but I just didn't want an argument.

"Do you feel you're cheating on her?" Lexi asked looking serious.

"You read my mind," I said with a half smile. "I don't feel like I am."

"Do you want to?" Lexi asked with a sly grin.

"No…well…I'm not sure that…oh I don't know." I really didn't know how to reply to that or if Lexi was serious with what I took to be a proposition.


"Yeah, kind of." I wasn't sure how to discuss this. "Me and Karen are…well it's hard to talk about it really."

"Hey, it's okay," Lexi said. She placed her hand on mine and looked into my eyes. I didn't feel any bolt of electric from her touch but it did make me feel better, more comfortable and at ease. "You can say as much or as little as you want."

"Thanks," I said. I was starting to feel upset now, something I hadn't expected. I didn't want to drag my relationship problems into our first meeting, it wasn't fair on Lexi. I could feel tears start to form. "We've had problems…I'm not sure what's happening and…I'm sorry…"

"Stop," said Lexi, a look of concern.on her face. "You don't need to tell me anything. When you're ready okay?"

I nodded. "Okay. Sorry."

"Don't apologise! Just think of this is a really good email conversation," Lexi suggested. "We tell each other our problems and find solutions. Obviously neither of us look like a computer screen!"

I laughed. "No, you're way more attractive than a computer screen."

Lexi giggled. "So, anytime you need to chat…"

"Thank you," I said with genuine feeling. "This is a bit weird, you know what I mean?"

Lexi nodded.

"I hope you're feeling strange like me," I said. "No offence. It's great meeting you, amazing really, and to think after all we've said to each other and now we're finally here…but…"

"It just takes time doesn't it?"

My turn to nod. It was all serious for a moment. Small talk over with by the look of it, time to get down to business. But what business was that? I wasn't sure if I could bring myself to do anything serious with Lexi despite wanting to do so. More to the point did Lexi want to? I had no idea what her plans were. Was she just here to visit with me, look around Cambridge or did she have something more in mind?

Come to think of it I wasn't even sure where she was staying! How bizarre is that? I'm sure she mentioned staying in a hotel somewhere in Cambridge, but she must have come straight from the train station to the bar without checking in first.

"So are you going to show me around or do I have to kick you first?" Lexi asked.

I smiled. She was more feisty in person than her emails. "Shopping?"


I stood. "Then let's go. Do you want to drop your stuff off first?"

"Oh…I haven't sorted that out yet…erm…"

"No problem, we can stash it in a locker and pick it up later if you like," I suggested. I wondered about her arrangement for a moment, she wasn't making a lot of sense.

"Sounds like a plan," Lexi agreed. She picked up her clearly heavy bag.

We headed out into the sunshine and the throngs of tourists, weaving our way through the crowds. I pointed out various tourist sights on our way to the town, asking her if she wanted to stop and take photos or would she prefer to mingle without sticking like a tourist in awe of our quaint English town.

Lexi laughed. She explained that she did indeed have a camera with her. She posed for several shots, in front of old churches, university buildings and the usual stuff. Photos to show her family was what she was looking for. Memories of her time in England.

We stashed her bag in a locker and headed for the shops. We browsed them all for the rest of the afternoon, strolled around the market square, even tried an Ostrich Burger which was simply gorgeous. There was no rush, we had all day Saturday to see the sights, Lexi even expressed an interest in taking out a punt, a guided tour as neither of use wanted to attempt pushing one along!

Just before 5pm we were walking through the old town, the sky had been overcast for a while although it was still sunny and humid. It was as if someone turned on a giant water pipe. I felt three large drops hit my head seconds before the clouds above dropped their watery cargo on the city. People were running for cover, dashing to shop entrances, hiding under market stall shelters and getting in each others way.

Lexi and I were in the open, we looked around for shelter and hurried down the street hoping to duck inside a shop, but in seconds we were drenched. I have never known it to rain so much so quick. The rain was coming down so fast it was bouncing off the street cobbles.

After a few minutes we sprinted into the market square. I pointed to a souvenir stall, Lexi made it but there were so many people caught unawares that there was no more room for me. I cast about for the nearest place, a t-shirt stall opposite looked emptier so I rushed under the tarpaulin cover.

I wiped water from my face and out of my eyes and glanced across the small avenue at Lexi to make sure she was okay.

Next to me an elderly lady held a box of tissues in my direction. "Dry yourself dear, you'll catch your death."

"Thank you," I replied.

I dabbed water from my face and considered calling Lexi across to me but on second thoughts she would only get even wetter, if that was possible. All around us people we shaking water off their clothes, hardly anyone wore a coat or waterproof clothing. It was summer after all. You dressed for the heat and if it rained…well, you got wet.

Water gurgled around my feet as a small river ran past and into a drain. I looked over at Lexi and shrugged theatrically.

"English weather," I offered as an excuse. "Sorry."

"It's fantastic!" Lexi called across.

"Your pretty friend is barmy," said the elderly lady next to me.

"First visit to England," I stated. "She's American."

"Like I said," said the lady shaking her umbrella.

I shrugged. Old folk, always moaning about something. There was a blinding flash above us, and even though no one could see the sky we all knew it was a massive lightning bolt. Some seconds later the air around split open like a giant clearing its throat.

Flashes of lightning and deep roaring thunder boomed across the city as its occupants huddled under shelter. Lexi was chatting away to the owner of the souvenir stall she was hiding in. I watched her for a while trying to follow the conversation but the thunder made it impossible. After a minute I stopped listening to their voices and stared at Lexi.

Her long white skirt, once flowing in the warm gentle breeze, was now stuck to her tanned wet legs. Its material had turned see-through in the wet and I could see the outline of her pale blue knickers stretched across her bottom. I caught myself staring and tore my eyes away, not that I didn't want to look but it wasn't appropriate.

There was a squeal and part of the tarpaulin roof above the souvenir stall collapsed under the weight of the water. It cascaded over three people, hitting the cobblestones with a large wet smack. Lexi wasn't in the immediate area but she caught some of the splash-back, gluing her skirt tight against her legs.

She caught my eye and shook her head. She was smiling in delight. Whatever she had hoped for in her visit to Cambridge it wasn't this. But she didn't look at all angry, more amazing and thrilled. The souvenir stall guy seemed intent on selling at least one item to each of his half drowned refugees and Lexi was a perfect target with her American accent.

This time I didn't stop myself from staring. Her white vest top was soaked and clung to her like a second skin. I wasn't aware if anyone else was staring like me but I couldn't help it, she was magnetic. The swell of her breasts under her vest, the tanned skin visible through her clothes, the thought that even though she was practically naked even when dressed had started to arouse me.

I blinked and realised I was similarly soaked through myself. My beige ¾ length tracksuit bottoms were drenched although didn't show quite the amount of skin detail as Lexi's clothes did. My t-shirt was indeed wet, I lifted it away from my skin in an effort to reduce the amount my bra was showing underneath.

I glanced back to Lexi who was still in the thrall of an English market stall sales manoeuvre. Something nudged my ribs. It was the elderly lady.

"She's a real pretty one, that girl," the lady said.

"Uh-huh," I said. "Wet too."

"Aren't you the lucky one," said the lady.

"What?" I replied without thinking through her comment.

"I was just saying that you're very lucky," said the lady. She adjusted her plastic rain hat and squinted at the rain cascading over the rim of the tarpaulin above us. "Lucky to be with such a fine young lady."

"Oh but we're not…she and I aren't…she's just a…"

The elderly lady turned slowly and gave me a knowing look. "You say it so well my dear. Said it all there."

"I don't get you," I said feeling my cheeks flush.

"Dear, I might be old but I'm not stupid," he lady said quietly as she leaned toward me. "It might not be love but…infatuation? Lust? All the same thing."

I was shocked. I stared at the lady who I estimated to be around 60 years old. She wore a pale blue anorak, sensible shoes and carried a large paisley bag probably filled with groceries from the market. She was a stereotypical English pensioner out doing her shopping.

"What's wrong dear?" she asked me, a twinkle in her eye. "You think I'm too old to see that sort of thing? Pah! I was young once too you know. I know what it's like when emotions rule the brain."

"Sorry," I mumbled as if I had offended the senior citizen without saying much at all. "I just…"

"Just thought I was an old women more interested in knitting and drinking tea than anything else?" she questioned, a smile lingering on her lips. "I hate knitting, it's for old people. Tea is nice on a cold morning. I like cherry coke actually."

"Good for you," I said with a smile.

"I'm still young enough to realise there's a world outside my pension book and Bingo on a Wednesday afternoon," she stated. "The world seems filled with beautiful, sexy people."

I gaped in astonishment.

"Shocked you again dear?" she said, her smile wider now. She seemed to be enjoying this. "It's true isn't it? Porno on TV, half naked people everywhere, girls and boys and girls and girls all together like it's going out of fashion. I don't keep up with fashion much these days but I know what it is."

"You're…pretty cool," I said, finding my voice box still worked.

The old lady seemed to consider this. "Maybe I am dear. I do have satellite TV. I have DVD player and PC too. I know all about the internet so there's not much I haven't seen."

"Not surprised," I said. "Not on the internet."

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