Lexi Classified Ch. 05


Lexi was out of the closet and ready to reap some sexual satisfaction with Malcolm. This time Lexi would fuck Malcolm in return. They would indulge each other. They would please each other. The way Lexi outed herself told Malcolm all he needed to know. Malcolm was also ready for an open and intimate sexual relationship with Lexi. Lexi cried out in Malcolm's ear, "Fuck me hard, then cum inside me daddy. I wanna feel you cum inside me, daddy." Lexi pulled her knees back, elevating her pelvis. She began to gently thrust her pelvis upward meeting Malcolm as he fucked her. She showed Malcolm that she wanted him. Malcolm pummeled Lexi even harder. He extended his arms fully and commenced to fucking her military style as he towered above her. Lexi was turned on by the vision of her father towering above her as he fucked her. Lexi was immediately brought back to the time when she was a child and she witnessed Malcolm fucking Sheila, Malcolm's very young concubine at the time. Lexi remembered that she wanted it to be her underneath her daddy. Lexi cried out breathlessly, "Oh fuck yeah, daddy. Please don't stop, daddy. Harder, daddy. I want you to cum in me, daddy. Make me cum with you, daddy. Show me how much you want my pussy, daddy. Show me how much you need my pussy, daddy."

Lexi felt Malcolm's entire body began to quiver as he readied himself to cum. Lexi reinforced her needs when she whispered while trying to catch her breath, "Please don't stop, daddy. Please don't stop." Malcolm was on the verge of exploding, so he abruptly stopped to regain his stamina. He had to stop if he was to please Lexi. Malcolm quickly realized that there was no stopping him. He would need to cum. He pushed his cock all the way inside Lexi and paused. He whispered in her ear, "Daddy needs to cum, baby. Can daddy please cum inside you, baby? Please let daddy cum, baby."

Lexi laid there with her legs totally open to Malcolm. Lexi replied to Malcolm's pleas, "Fuck me hard, then cum inside me, daddy." Malcolm responded by securing his arms underneath Lexi's legs, holding her thighs. His hands were firmly planted on the bed. He began thrusting his cock into Lexi as hard as he could. He thrusted his hips up and down from way above her, maximizing the full length of his cock. For another ten minutes he pounded her. When Malcolm was ready to cum, he whispered to Lexi, "Daddy's ready to cum, baby. Cum with daddy, baby. Please cum with daddy."

Malcolm paused, then quivered uncontrollably as he began to release his seed inside of Lexi. As his orgasm peaked he moaned out loud, "Ah, ahh, ahhh, ahhhh, ohhhhh FUCK YEAH, daddy loves that sweet pussy. AHHHHH, FUCK YEAH THAT PUSSY'S SWEET." His orgasm seemed to go on forever. Malcolm roared, "AHHHHHHH," as he fully ejaculated inside Lexi's pussy. As Malcolm finished cuming, his cock was very sensitive. He suddenly felt Lexi's pussy throb with him. Lexi cried out gently, "Yes, daddy. Don't stop, daddy. I wanna cum, daddy. Make me cum, daddy." Malcolm immediately began thrusting into Lexi once again trying help her reach her orgasm. His rock hard cock was steadily ejaculating into her. Per Lexi's request, Malcom kept pumping his cock in and out of her trying to get her to orgasm.

Malcolm's experience enabled him to know just how to make love to Lexi and just how to make her cum. It also gave him the best multiple orgasm he had ever experienced. Malcolm felt Lexi reach her orgasm. He felt Lexi's pussy begin to contract around his cock. He noticed her pussy's extra wetness. They both came beautifully together. Lexi turned her mouth up meeting Malcolm's lips. She slid her tongue gently into Malcolm's mouth during the final moments of their mutual orgasms. Lexi whispered softly, "That felt so nice, daddy."

Malcolm finished loving Lexi then he tenderly whispered in her ear, "Daddy put his love inside you, babe." Malcolm finished with his deposit and gently pulled his cock out of Lexi. His cock dripped with their love. Their love dripped from Lexi's pussy. He rolled over onto his back while he regained his composure. They were both exhausted from their extreme sexual encounter. Malcolm leaned over a kissed Lexi on the cheek. He then covered her with the sheet as she drifted off to sleep. As Malcolm crawled out of the bed, he heard Lexi softly whimper, "I like it from behind, daddy."

Malcolm suddenly felt shy about the whole sexual encounter -- so shy that he discretely left Lexi's bed and retreated back to the guest room. He laid there unsure of what to do. His flight response kicked in and he packed his bag and fled. He left Lexi slumbering in the next room. He had no idea where he was going, but for some reason he felt like he had to leave, so he left. Malcolm went to a nearby Days Inn motel and booked a room for the night. He did not want to stray too far as he'd been drinking. Plus, he instinctively knew he would soon need to return to Lexi. Malcolm was now addicted to Lexi sexually. He needed and wanted more of Lexi sexually. Although it had not yet registered with Malcolm, Lexi needed and wanted more of Malcolm sexually.


Lexi woke up Saturday morning alone in her bed. She felt alone in the house so she got up to see if Malcolm was in the guestroom, or the living room, but he wasn't. Lexi was disappointed. She felt her pussy dripping with their cum. She showered and returned to her bed for the rest of the day. She dreamt all day about Malcolm fucking her. Lexi longed for Malcolm's cock to be inside her. She desperately wanted the evening to come sooner. Around 7:30pm Lexi took her evening medications and went to bed. Inherently she knew that Malcolm would return for her that evening. She wore no underwear that evening as she patiently waited.

Malcolm was laid up in his motel room drunk and waiting until it turned dark outside. He knew he would have to return to Lexi's place before it got too late. He had drank the entire day and he reeked of bourbon. The bourbon fueled his sexual appetite for Lexi. Around 8:00pm Malcolm was ready to return for Lexi. He knew just how he would take her when he arrived. He got into his truck and took off. His first stop was the liquor store. He needed more bourbon. Once he had two bottles of bourbon, he set a course for Lexi's place.

Malcolm arrived at Lexi's around 8:30pm. He desperately rang the doorbell. He knew Lexi usually went to bed early. Tonight was no exception. Lexi awoke to the sound of the doorbell. She got up slowly as she was very medicated. She grabbed a knit robe and barely got it on before getting to the front door. Lexi opened the door knowing it was Malcolm. Malcolm had the storm door open and waiting. His eyes immediately diverted down to Lexi's pussy. Malcolm barged in the house shoving Lexi against the back of the couch.

Malcolm stumbled inside and placed the bottles of bourbon on the dining room table. Lexi was still leaning against the back of the couch watching him. He walked toward her and slammed the front door closed with his right arm. He stepped toward Lexi, grinding his body into hers. He reached down to her naked pussy and started to finger her. He aggressively turned her around and bent her over the back of the couch. Lexi inherently knew at some point that Malcolm would want to try anal with her. She wondered if he would try it tonight. She didn't quite know if she was ready for that. Malcolm grunted from behind her, "Daddy needs to fuck you, baby. Daddy wants to fuck you from behind, baby. You like it from behind, right, baby?" Lexi remained silent not wanting to admit out loud that she wanted her father to fuck her at all, much less from behind. She was also thankful that Malcolm only wanted her pussy from behind, and that he didn't want to try anal.

Malcolm took control of the situation. Lexi heard Malcolm unbutton and unzip his jeans. She heard them fall to the floor as he spit in his hand. He quickly climbed out of his jeans. Malcolm slapped his wet fingers underneath Lexi, at the opening of her pussy. He fingered her from behind as he took aim at her pussy with his huge cock. Before Malcolm shoved it in, he grunted, "Daddy knows you like it from behind." Malcolm shoved his hard cock up into Lexi's pussy. He fucked her slow and hard, just the way he knew she liked it. Lexi cried out softly with pleasure. It made Malcolm fuck her harder and faster. Lexi continued to respond pleasurably. Malcolm was thrilled as he fucked the shit out of her. Once he was ready to cum, he abruptly stopped resting the tip of his cock against her cervical wall. Then he gently pulled out of her.

Malcolm lifted Lexi up and turned her around where she was facing him. He pulled her tank up and bent down, exposing her naked breasts. He began to lick, suck and bite her nipples, just the way she had requested. He stood up and got next to her ear. The smell of bourbon was strong on his breath. He said sternly, "Let's go to bed, babe. Daddy needs to fuck you, babe." Malcolm led Lexi to her bedroom. Like an obedient daughter, Lexi followed. There was something about the authoritative way that Malcolm instructed her that really turned Lexi on.

Once they arrived in Lexi's bedroom, Malcolm instructed her, "Get up there and lay down on your stomach. Put a pillow underneath your stomach. Spread your legs wide apart for daddy." Lexi obliged and did exactly as Malcolm instructed. Once Lexi was in position, Malcolm climbed into the bed and in between Lexi's legs behind her. He reached over and took the lubricant from the bedside drawer and fully lubricated his cock. He replaced the lube inside the drawer then positioned his cock at the opening of Lexi's pussy. He leaned down next to her ear and whispered, "Daddy's gonna fuck you from behind, babe." Malcolm pushed his cock into Lexi and started making love to her. He was gentle and loving.

Malcolm placed his legs outside of Lexi's legs. He closed his legs thereby closing her legs as well. Lexi gestured in a nonverbal way as she pushed her ass into the air allowing Malcolm unfettered access to her pussy. Malcolm was gentle and tender as he made love to Lexi from behind. The length of his cock made the position work. Malcolm was able to get his cock all the way inside Lexi with her legs completely closed. He reached under her and rubbed and pinched her nipples. Malcolm made love to Lexi for a half hour then he gently pulled his cock out of her, rolling off to the side, then onto his back.

Malcolm wanted more intimacy with Lexi. He wanted to be one with her sexually. Lexi had awakened a sexual beast in Malcolm. Malcolm gently grabbed Lexi's left leg from behind her knee and pushed it forward, opening her pussy from behind. He pushed a pillow underneath her stomach. Malcolm climbed in between Lexi's open legs from behind. He hovered tightly over her back, in between her legs, supporting himself with his right elbow. Reaching underneath her ass with his left arm, Malcolm began to play with Lexi's pussy from behind. He started to finger her. He noticed how extremely wet she was. This had him out-of-his-mind horny. Malcolm began to rub Lexi's clit sending her sexual prowess into overdrive. In response, Lexi cried out breathlessly, "Please daddy, put your cock inside me." Malcolm obliged. He quickly positioned the head of his cock right inside Lexi's pussy lips. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Daddy's gonna make you cum, babe." Malcolm slowly pushed his cock all the way inside her. He pushed it hard against her cervical wall. Lexi cried out, "Oh yeah, daddy. Fuck me, daddy."

Like a torpedo, Malcolm fucked Lexi from behind. He fucked her deep with short, fast and hard strokes. He got all up in Lexi's pussy. Lexi continued to let Malcolm know she was enjoying it. She kept crying, "Yes, daddy. Yes, daddy. Harder, daddy. Fuck me harder." Malcolm obliged. He fucked her so hard and began to talk to her. He grunted, "Cum for daddy, babe. Cum for daddy. Cum with daddy, babe." Malcolm continued to fuck Lexi hard and fast. Suddenly he felt her pussy begin to throb on his cock. He knew she was cuming. He kept fucking her as hard as he could and as fast as he could. Malcolm locked Lexi's body down tight as he fucked her. When he felt her cum, he began to fuck her for his own pleasure. He fucked her even harder and faster. Lexi cried out, "Yes, yes, yes, daddy. Harder, daddy. Malcolm did not disappoint her.

By now, Lexi was on all fours and slamming her pussy over Malcolm's hard cock. Her actions solidified any doubt Malcolm had about her enjoyment. She was taking it all. Lexi felt Malcolm's cock get even harder and she knew he needed to cum inside her. She wanted Malcolm's cum inside her. She wanted to feel him reach that pleasure. She turned her face back toward Malcolm's lips and kissed him. She gently sucked his tongue. She whispered, "Don't stop, daddy. I want to feel you cum inside me, daddy. I feel your cock getting harder, daddy. Don't stop, daddy, please don't stop." Malcolm tried regaining his composure, but he was so ready to cum inside of Lexi. He kept moving his cock gently in and out of her, desperately trying to keep his erection, but not yet cum.

Lexi could tell Malcolm was ready to explode inside of her. "Hold on, daddy." She whispered. "I need more, daddy. I need you to fuck me more, daddy." She cried out. Malcolm kept the same gentle rhythm as he resumed fucking her, trying desperately not to cum. Finally he could no longer keep it inside. He began to fuck Lexi harder and faster. Lexi felt Malcolm's cock begin to throb inside her. Lexi cried out, "Cum inside me, daddy. I need your cum inside me, daddy." Malcolm thrusted his cock as hard, as he could against Lexi's cervical wall. He released his cum as deep as he could get it inside of her. While he came he cried out in Lexi's ear, "Daddy felt you cum, babe. Daddy felt you cum. Daddy's cuming inside you, babe. Daddy's cuming. Ohhhhh, you make daddy feel so good, babe. " Lexi's pussy contracted around Malcolm's cock pushing his orgasm to another level. "Fuck yeah, baby. You make daddy feel real good," Malcolm grunted.

As Malcolm gently finished with his deposit inside Lexi, he whispered, "Daddy's coming back for more. Daddy just needs to rest a while, babe." He rolled from between her legs onto his back beside her. Lexi laid there breathlessly, on her stomach as she felt their cum drip from her pussy. She remained silent as well. She waited for Malcolm to speak but he never did. He got up and left her room retreating to the guest room. Lexi was left feeling alone and deprived. She drifted off to sleep while leaving her left leg positioned upward, hoping Malcolm would soon return and take her once again from behind. Lexi desperately wanted Malcolm to touch her. She wanted him to love her. She wanted him to fuck her.

Malcolm tossed and turned. He finally resigned to get back up and return to Lexi's bed. He needed to feel close to Lexi. He needed to sink his cock inside Lexi. Within the half hour, just as Lexi expected, Malcolm had returned to her room. Ultimately, Malcolm would sink his cock inside of Lexi's pussy again, before the morning came. Lexi had fallen asleep strategically positioned facing away from the bedroom door. She was almost on her stomach with a pillow under her. Her left leg was hiked upward fully exposing her pussy from behind. Malcolm snuggled in behind Lexi while he recharged. He didn't care that his naked penis was against Lexi's naked ass. It's like he could not get close enough to her. His cock began to get hard. He touched Lexi's pussy from behind to make sure that she was still wet. Lexi was indeed still very wet. Their love was still dripping out of her. This made Malcolm's cock swell immediately to full capacity.

Moments later, Malcolm climbed over Lexi's right leg and in between her legs from behind. He positioned himself on his knees behind her. He placed the tip of his erect cock just at the opening of her pussy. The head of Malcolm's penis hovered inside the opening of Lexi's pussy. Lexi waited with such anticipation. She finally cried out to Malcolm, "Put inside me, daddy. Fuck me, daddy." Malcolm was feeling sexually viral. He desperately pushed his erect penis into Lexi's pussy from behind her. Lexi immediately got up on all fours opening her pussy lips for Malcolm. Malcolm shoved his hard cock inside her over and over again. She met his cock, slamming against him with her hips up in the air. Her ass giggled for Malcolm's exclusive viewing pleasure. Malcolm commenced to fuck Lexi hard and fast. Lexi subtly arched her back, further inviting Malcolm's thrusts. Her advance did not go unnoticed. Malcolm began to ejaculate inside of Lexi's pussy. Lexi felt Malcolm's cock throb as he deposited his cum inside her. Malcolm sighed heavily with content. Lexi was also left content and warm as Malcolm gently pulled his cock out of her. Malcolm rolled off of her and got out of bed. He retreated back to Lexi's guest room. Again, he left her alone, dripping with their cum.

Malcolm laid there and tried to process his sexual interest in Lexi. He felt shame and guilt, yet extreme satisfaction from fucking her. Malcolm was even more absorbed in their sexuality knowing he had satisfied Lexi sexually, on more than one occasion. Malcolm had a hard time still with the shame and guilt from it all. Overwhelmed with shame, he finally got out of bed, packed his things and left Lexi's place. He headed back to the Day Inn motel and booked a room for the evening. Once checked in and settled, Malcolm masturbated several times into the morning until he finally fell asleep. He could hardly wait to get back to Lexi -- to make love to Lexi -- to fuck Lexi.


Malcolm slept for less than three hours then woke up. He masturbated again and again throughout the afternoon. Each time he came he imagined he was cuming inside Lexi. Lexi woke up that morning alone in her bed, disappointed that Malcolm had left her. She lounged throughout the day, masturbating as she imagined Malcolm's cock inside her. She remained disappointed that she was left alone by Malcolm, especially when the evening arrived. She took her medication and crawled into bed. It didn't take long for Lexi to fall asleep. Lexi slept throughout the early evening. It was a long day for both Lexi and Malcolm. They both wanted to be with each other sexually, but they both secretly felt inhibited from fulling letting go with one another.

The day finally turned into night and Malcolm showered and left the hotel around 8:30 pm. Of course, he detoured to the liquor store to pick up a couple of bottles of bourbon. Next he headed straight for Lexi's place, swigging bourbon the entire way. Malcolm was torn up inside about the right and wrong of fucking his own daughter. It seemed the only way he could continue was to be drunk. Staying away from Lexi sexually was not an option at this point. So be it, Malcolm stayed drunk because he needed to fuck his daughter.

Malcolm arrived and made his way to Lexi's front door. He rang the front doorbell. Malcolm rang it once more summoning Lexi. She woke up and immediately got out of bed. She wore only a shear tank top as she made her way to the front door. Even in her medicated slumber, Lexi knew she wanted her pussy to be naked when she opened the front door for Malcolm. She swung the front door open. Malcolm already had the storm door open. Malcolm gently walked inside the house toward Lexi. Lexi backed up against the couch. Malcolm closed the door behind him locking it, then turned to Lexi. He dropped his pants and underwear then stepped out of them. Lexi threw her arms around Malcolm's neck. She lifted herself up then wrapped her legs around Malcolm's waist. She initiated the most romantic French kiss with Malcolm. She gently slid her tongue inside Malcolm's lips. Malcolm replied by sliding his tongue gently into Lexi's mouth. Lexi gently sucked Malcolm's tongue as he moved it in and out of her mouth. They lovingly kissed for several minutes. It was beautiful, sensual and sexual. Lexi pulled back and nibbled on Malcolm's left earlobe. She whispered into Malcolm's ear, put me down, daddy. Malcolm obliged not wanting to force her into anything she didn't want to participate in.

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