Lexi Classified Ch. 05


Lexi's feet fell to the floor. She stood up grabbed Malcolm's hand and led Malcom to the chase in her living room. Malcolm followed her like a horny dog. His cock dangled between his legs as Lexi sat him down. Lexi lifted and turned Malcolm's legs toward the fireplace. She went to the end of the chase and leaned down gently spreading Malcolm's legs. She began to crawl up towards Malcolm in between his legs. She took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. She then put it in her mouth. She briefly sucked and licked the head of Malcolm's cock as she looked up at him. Lexi could see that Malcolm's eyes remained closed. He kept them closed tightly not wanting to allow himself to see his own daughter sucking his cock. Lexi rose up and crawled toward Malcolm a little more. She straddled him. She positioned his cock just inside her pussy then lowered herself down onto it. Lexi felt Malcolm's body quivered uncontrollably as she lowered herself down onto his cock.

As Lexi began to grind on Malcolm's cock, she leaned in next to his ear and whispered, "It's just us, daddy. We're alone. No one needs to know what we do behind closed doors, daddy." Malcolm kept his eyes closed as Lexi grinded his cock all the way inside her pussy. She spoke softly to Malcolm, in a baby like voice, "You're the only man that's ever been able to make me cum, daddy. I enjoy an older, experienced man making love to me and making me cum. Take me back to my bedroom, daddy. Take me to bed and make love to me, daddy. Make me cum, daddy." Lexi was breathless and whispered, "Fuck me all night, daddy." Lexi enjoyed riding Malcolm's cock for ten more minutes. Malcolm simply followed Lexi's lead while he enjoyed the physical pleasures of her riding him.

Lexi finally stood up allowing Malcolm's hard cock to fall out of her pussy and in between his legs. Lexi reached for Malcolm's hand. He stood up and she led him a few steps towards her bedroom then she stopped. She turned around and got down on her knees taking Malcolm's cock in her mouth. She took Malcolm's cock, cupping her tongue underneath his head. She licked and sucked it a couple of times and then she stood up. She leaned forward and whispered in Malcolm's ear, "You need not come back here unless you're ready to fuck me like the marine that I know you are." Lexi grabbed Malcolm's hand and turned around and led him to her lair. Malcolm followed Lexi like a little puppy. Well, maybe more like a male dog following a bitch in heat.

When Lexi and Malcolm arrived in Lexi's bedroom, she turned around and knelt down in front of Malcolm beside her bed. She placed his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked Malcolm's cock for a couple of minutes. Malcolm finally gained the courage to look down as Lexi sucked him. He watched her as she stood up then crawled backwards onto her bed. She crawled backwards spreading her legs. She opened her legs and invited Malcolm to make love to her. She whispered, "Put your cock inside me, marine." Malcolm crawled in between Lexi's legs and aimed his cock toward her wet pussy. She reached for Malcolm's cock. He shoved his cock inside her. He took her breath away. Lexi whispered, "Make sweet, gentle love to me, marine." Malcolm commenced to moving his hard cock gently in and out of Lexi's wet pussy. He made love to her to the next half hour. He was so gentle and loving. He restrained himself from cuming. Malcolm's extreme masturbation in between their encounters was paying off for him and Lexi.

After a half an hour of gentle love making with Malcolm, Lexi began to grow bored. She turned her mouth toward his ear and whispered, "I want it harder, marine." Malcolm locked Lexi down by placing his hands underneath her shoulders. He started fucking her a little faster and harder. Lexi cried out, "Fuck me harder, marine. " Malcolm obliged and fucked her even harder. Lexi was out of breath as she demanded, "Fuck me harder, marine. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, marine. I want it rough, marine. Get up inside me, marine." Malcolm obliged and got all up inside Lexi's pussy, banging her so hard she bounced on and off the bed.

Malcolm got into a deep rhythm they both enjoyed. He started talking dirty to Lexi, "You like a marine fucking you, babe? Daddy's fucking you, babe. Daddy's gonna cum in you, babe." Lexi replied to Malcolm, "Don't you dare cum yet, marine. You better fuck me real good before you cum inside me, marine. Do you understand, marine?" Malcolm drilled Lexi's pussy in response to her demands. Lexi cried out, "You better ask permission before you cum inside me, marine." Malcolm obliged and began fucking Lexi even harder. He bounced his hard cock in and out of her, making her cry out loud in pleasurable pain. With every thrust, Malcolm pounded Lexi as hard as he could. He enjoyed giving her pleasure. He pounded Lexi's pussy for the next half hour.

Finally, Malcolm grunted desperately, "Can daddy cum inside that pussy, babe? Daddy's asking you for permission, babe. Can daddy please cum inside you, baby? Let daddy cum, baby. Daddy needs to cum, baby. Please let daddy cum, baby." Malcolm pounded Lexi as hard as he could while he begged. He was breathing hard. He did not dare cum until Lexi gave him permission.

Lexi finally responded to Malcolm, "Cum inside me, marine. Cum hard inside me, marine. I want it hard, marine. Fuck me hard, marine. Fuck me like the marine that you are." Malcolm pummeled Lexi with each thrust. Lexi demanded more from Malcolm, "Cum inside me, marine. Cum hard inside me, marine." Malcolm could no longer resist. He finally reached his orgasm and he came all inside Lexi's pussy. His body stiffened while his cock pulsed inside Lexi's pussy. Malcolm grunted out loud, "Fuck yeah, baby. Fuck yeah. Daddy's cumin. Daddy's cumin."

As Malcolm finished his deposit inside her, Lexi leaned up and gently slid her tongue inside Malcolm's lips. She gently sucked his tongue as she pulled hers from his mouth. She slid her tongue inside his mouth again. Lexi lovingly kissed Malcolm as long as he allowed her to. Malcolm engaged Lexi with romantic kiss. He leaned down and gently kissed and licked her nipples. He leaned up and resumed kissing her with his tongue, allowing her tongue to enter his mouth. In spite of the fact that they just had just the most awesome, raw sex together, the French kissing was extremely erotic for them both. It was beautiful for them both. Malcolm kept thrusting his cock inside Lexi's pussy while they kissed. His body finally quivered one last time indicating he was done ejaculating inside of Lexi.

Their experience was really was beautiful. It was raw. It was sensual. It was sexual. They both were finally able to enjoy their newfound sexual freedom with each other and for each other. Malcolm collapsed on top of Lexi when he finished. They were both out of breath. Lexi whispered in Malcolm's ear, "That was nice, daddy. Please don't leave me tonight, daddy. I want my marine to make love to me all night and into the morning. I like it when you gently make love to me. I like it while you're on top of me in between my legs. I also like to be fucked little rough and hard, daddy. I also like my pussy fucked hard from behind me, doggy style. I like it when you gently lick and suck my nipples. I also like when you gently bite my nipples. I like waking up while you're raping me. It makes me horny at the thought of you raping me. I feel nasty and beautiful when you're raping me. I feel intimate with you when you're raping me. I like feeling intimate with you. I want to look up at you towering above me while you fuck me hard. I want to look down at your cock pounding into me while you're on top of me, holding my legs up pinned under your broad shoulders. I want to be able to scream at you to fuck me harder."

Malcolm was astonished at Lexi's openness with him. Malcolm responded to Lexi's pleas, "Daddy's gonna rest a while, then he's gonna get back inside you, babe. Then daddy's gonna make you cum the rest of the night and into the morning. I promise, I'm gonna make you cum over and over again, babe." Malcolm rolled off of Lexi onto his back beside her. He wasn't going anywhere. Malcolm was horny as fuck and intended to fuck Lexi into the morning, per her request, and per his promise. His masturbation in between their encounters had Malcolm's stamina unconquerable.

Both Lexi and Malcolm drifted off to sleep. An hour later, Malcolm woke up. As expected, he was horny as fuck. His cock was rock hard. He rolled over and found Lexi on her back beside him, with her legs wide open. He felt unconditionally invited to take her pussy. Lexi's words resonated with Malcolm. He replayed Lexi's words in his head, "I like waking up while you're raping me. It makes me horny at the thought of you raping me. I feel nasty and beautiful when you're raping me. I feel intimate with you when you're raping me." Malcolm sat up and crawled over in between Lexi's legs. He nuzzled and kissed her neck as he worked his way up to her mouth. He began to gently kiss her lips. He slid his tongue in and out of her mouth. Lexi responded incoherently by sliding her tongue gently into Malcolm's mouth. Malcolm reached over to grab the lubricant from the inside bedside drawer. He generously poured it down the front of Lexi's pussy. He immediately rubbed it in with his fingers, not wanting to waste any of it. He rubbed it all up and down his shaft, preparing himself for entry into Lexi's pussy. He returned the bottle of lubricant to the bedside drawer.

Malcolm got low as he positioned the head of his cock at the opening of Lexi's pussy. He started to gently push his cock inside her. Malcolm was very gentle as he pushed his lengthy cock all the way inside of Lexi. When he reached her cervical wall he poked her just hard enough to fully wake her. Malcolm felt Lexi wake up. He immediately leaned down and whispered in Lexi's ear, "Daddy's gonna make love to you, baby. Daddy's gonna be real gentle this time. Daddy's gonna make you cum, baby." Lexi replied to Malcolm, "I like it gentle, daddy." And Malcolm was, indeed, beautifully gentle as he made love to Lexi.

Lexi began thrusting her pelvis upward meeting Malcolm's cock half was as he made love to her. Lexi enjoyed Malcolm's gentleness. He did not disappoint her. Lexi felt Malcolm pause as he moved his mouth down to her nipples. He began to lick and suck them. He began gently biting them. Lexi threw her head back in pain and cried out, "Harder, daddy. Bite it harder, daddy." Malcolm happily obliged as he bit Lexi's right nipple, sending her over the edge.

Malcolm pressed on and continued to love Lexi in a tender way. He didn't just fuck her, he made love to her. Malcolm's cock began to throb, but he knew he could not yet cum. He needed to make sure that Lexi came first this time. Malcolm had always prided himself as a successful lover. He fully intended to demonstrate his sexual talents to Lexi. He moved his mouth to Lexi's other nipple and gently bit down, again sending her into sexual overdrive. Lexi cried out on pain, "Oh yeah, daddy, that feels fucking good." For an hour, Malcolm moved his hard cock in and out of Lexi. Malcolm had such incredible ability to restrain himself. Lexi melted underneath Malcolm. She wrapped her legs around him, giving him everything he desired from her sensually and sexually.

While Malcolm pushed his cock in and out of Lexi's pussy, he began to sternly instruct her, "Tell daddy how you want it, babe. Tell daddy how you want to be fucked. Daddy wants to please you, baby. I want you to cum for daddy. Tell daddy how you want it, baby." Lexi had already found her sexual voice with Malcolm. She felt comfortable instructing Malcolm how to please her. Lexi grabbed Malcolm's ear lobe and gently kissed his outer ear. She then replied softly to Malcolm, "I want you to make love to me from behind, daddy. I want it from behind, daddy." Malcolm immediately pulled his cock out of Lexi and sat up on his knees, allowing Lexi to roll over. Lexi wasted no time she rolled onto her stomach. She spread her legs wide open, inviting Malcolm's cock for reentry.

Malcolm crawled in between Lexi's legs ready to fuck her any way she wanted. He leaned down and began rubbing Lexi's nipples from underneath her. He pinched her nipples making her off-the-chain horny. He moved his fingers down to Lexi's clit and began rubbing it. After a couple of minutes he began fingering her pussy from behind. Lexi was so ready for Malcolm's cock to be inside her. She finally turned her mouth back toward Malcolm's. She licked his lips. She whispered, "Fuck me hard, daddy." Malcolm immediately obliged. He spread Lexi's pussy lips and took precision aim with his cock. Malcolm pushed his cock into Lexi's pussy with great fortitude.

Once Malcolm's cock was all the way inside her, Lexi began to bounce her pussy against him. She got low, arched her back, poking her ass outward, inviting Malcolm's cock inside of her. She provided Malcolm with an open gate. He forcefully proceeded to fuck her. The symmetry during his approach enabled him to get as far up in Lexi's pussy as possible. Lexi cried out, "It feels good, daddy." At that moment, Lexi's body told her it was natural for Malcolm to be inside of her. Her head told her it wasn't. The anonymity of not facing each other while they fucked enabled them both to enjoy it and totally let go.

Lexi kept her body positioned on all fours. That kept Malcolm interested. She kept her pussy wide open so Malcolm could get in her from behind, with ease. Malcolm stayed on his knees as he continued to fuck Lexi from behind. Lexi slammed her ass backwards toward Malcolm, slamming his hard cock inside her even harder. They both loved it. The further he pushed into her, the better it felt for both of them. Malcolm was reaching Lexi's G-spot. She loved his cock inside her. Malcolm had Lexi's pussy dripping. He felt her wetness. He was very satisfied slamming his cock inside of Lexi. Nothing mattered more to either of them than that moment with Malcolm's cock deep inside Lexi's pussy. He continued to thrust in and out of her. He fucked her from behind for the next hour. He had such stamina.

After an hour of rough fucking Lexi from behind, Malcolm decided he wanted something different. He stopped fucking Lexi and pulled his cock out of her. Her pussy drained as he pulled out of her. He sat back on the bed and instructed her, "Turn over, babe. Daddy wants to see you." Lexi obliged and turned over while Malcolm sat back on his knees watching. As she rolled over, she spread her legs inviting Malcolm to enter her. He repositioned himself and crawled in between Lexi's legs. He wasted no time trying to get his cock back inside her. Lexi's pussy was starting to get dry, making it difficult to slide his cock inside her. Malcolm, being the experienced lover that he was, got up and reached into the bedside table, retrieving the lubricant. He generously poured it down the front of Lexi's pussy. He took the head of his cock and rubbed it in and generously down his entire shaft.

Malcolm leaned down and licked and sucked Lexi's nipples. He sucked them hard for several minutes. He was taking control of the situation. He shoved his cock slowly inside Lexi's pussy. He felt her body wince in pain, but he knew it was pleasurable pain. Malcolm got down on his elbows and pushed his cock all the way inside Lexi, sliding his hands under her shoulders from underneath. He locked her down. He lowered his pelvis down in between her thighs. He began to roll his hips forward grinding into Lexi's clit. With every thrust, Malcolm rubbed against Lexi's clit and the tip of his cock pushed far up into her. He continued to roll up and down, grinding into her. He leaned next to her ear and whispered, "That feel good, babe? Tell daddy what feels good." Lexi whimpered in response, "Slow and hard, daddy. Harder, daddy."

Malcolm pulled Lexi's shoulders toward him as he pushed his cock as hard as he could inside of her. Lexi gently cried out, "Yes, daddy. Right there, daddy." Malcolm replied, "Right there, babe?" Lexi replied, "Yes, daddy. Harder, daddy. As hard as you can, daddy." Malcolm started a gentle bounce as he kept his cock tight inside Lexi's pussy. He knew just what to do in order to bring her to orgasm. Lexi cried out, "Yes, daddy. That's good, daddy." Malcolm kept his pace, still holding her tight. Malcolm wanted to pound his cock up into Lexi, but he resisted. He knew he was about to cum. Then Lexi felt it. She felt Malcolm's cock got harder. By now Lexi's raw pussy was ultra-sensitive. Lexi knew Malcolm needed to cum. She immediately granted Malcolm permission to cum inside her, "Cum inside me, daddy. Cum inside me."

Malcolm could no longer hold out. He was ready. He began to cum inside of Lexi. Lexi felt his cock throb inside of her as he released his love into her. Malcolm fully ejaculated inside Lexi once again. As he quivered, he felt the walls of Lexi's pussy contract around his cock, indicating she was reaching her orgasm. Malcolm kept thrusting shallow thrusts into her. All of a sudden, Lexi's pussy was throbbing with Malcolm. She was gushing. She cried out with gentle, high-pitched moans as she finished cuming. They finished cuming together. At the final moment, they gently French kissed one another. The kiss had become erotic and necessary for them both. Their kiss symbolized their sexual freedom with each other. It was both beautiful and nasty. They were both exhausted from the exhilarating physical and sexual boundaries they just crossed. Malcolm rolled off of Lexi and fell onto his back beside her. Lexi rolled over then snuggled her ass in front of Malcolm allowing their naked bodies to touch. Malcolm put his arm over her pulling her close. They both drifted off to sleep. They slept until just before sunrise Sunday morning.

The next morning, Lexi awoke to Malcolm's arm still around her, with their naked bodies still touching. When Lexi felt Malcolm's cock begin to get hard behind her, she knew he was awake. She gently positioned her ass back toward Malcolm's cock, indicating it was okay for Malcolm to slide his cock inside her. Lexi absolutely loved morning sex. Malcolm went for it, gently sliding his cock into Lexi's already wet pussy from behind. He thrusted into her a few times before he climbed forward pushing Lexi with him onto her stomach, as he repositioned himself between her legs from behind. As he rolled forward, he pulled a pillow underneath Lexi's stomach, elevating her ass. Malcolm knew Lexi liked it deep. He did his best to fuck her deep. He reached forward with his hands and rubbed and pinched her nipples from underneath while he fucked her. Malcolm leaned forward and grunted in Lexi's ear, "Daddy loves that pussy, babe. Fuck yeah, daddy loves fuckin that pussy, babe. Daddy's gonna cum, then I promise, I'm gonna get on top of you and make love to you, babe. I'm gonna make you cum again for daddy."

Malcolm locked Lexi down and started fucking her slow and hard. Lexi spread her legs allowing Malcom to get deep inside her. Once Malcolm was really deep inside her, Lexi reached down between her legs and cupped Malcolm's balls in her hand. Malcolm hesitated for a moment. He hesitated because he knew they should not be doing this. Malcolm continued to hesitate for what felt like forever to Lexi. Lexi turned her head back and whispered to Malcolm, "Cum inside me, daddy. I want your cum inside me, daddy." Malcolm immediately came inside Lexi with such intensity. His body seemed to quiver forever as he finished. He collapsed over Lexi's back and told her that he would be back soon and recharged. Malcolm mumbled out loud, "Daddy's gonna get back in that sweet pussy babe. Daddy just needs to recharge." He crawled off of the bed and went into the kitchen and poured himself a few shots of bourbon.

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