tagIncest/TabooLexi Classified Ch. 05

Lexi Classified Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Desperate Needs Call for Desperate Measures


Four weekends had passed without any contact between Malcolm and Lexi. Malcolm was becoming more and more desperate. Malcolm had called Lexi numerous times, including February 2nd, her birthday, but Lexi had not answered or returned any of his calls. He continued to leave annoying and desperate messages, demanding that she call him back.

It was Friday evening following Lexi's birthday. It was raining heavily. Malcolm once again tried to call Lexi, but she would not answer. Lexi was enjoying her opportunity to mind fuck Malcolm. Nancy had not left town this particular weekend, so Malcolm picked a fight with her then took off, saying he was headed to Lexi's to get some peace. He needed an excuse not only to get away, but to get away to Lexi's. Nancy didn't question Malcolm's whereabouts when he was with his daughter. Lexi had always been honest with Nancy about her father's shortcomings. Nancy felt no need to doubt the situation as long as Lexi was involved. Nancy naively felt loyalty from Lexi. Malcolm had a bag packed in his vehicle always. On this evening, he had already consumed four cocktails before heading to Lexi's. He was sufficiently wasted and desperately horny.

Lexi had gone to bed around 8:30 pm with the satisfaction that her father was probably sexually frustrated, and stuck at home with Nancy. Lexi was also sexually frustrated. She had been sleeping scantily in a sheer tank top without panties for the last four weeks, hoping her father would show up. She usually slept naked but was self-conscious about her weight gain and wanted to keep a tank on to cover her mid-section. She did the same on this particular evening. Lexi had taken her evening medications and was just about to drift off to sleep when the doorbell rang. Lexi was startled. Seconds later the knocking began. She rolled herself out of bed feeling drugged and sluggish. She knew it was Malcolm when he sternly stated in his deep voice, "Open the door, Lexi. It's your daddy." She didn't even bother to grab a robe on her way to the front door.

Lexi opened the door trying to silence Malcolm for the sake of her neighbors. When Lexi answered the door she was practically naked trying to indirectly convey to Malcolm that she wanted him. Malcolm had the storm door already open when Lexi answered the door. When Lexi opened the door Malcolm barged in announcing that he and Nancy had a fight and that he'd being staying with Lexi a few nights. He had two full bottles of his favorite bourbon as he waltzed in. Lexi was secretly happy that Malcolm had shown up. She looked forward to the sex she would ultimately have with Malcolm. She knew it was a matter of time before he would enter her room and push his cock into her pussy.

Since it had been raining, Lexi went to the linen closet to get towels for Malcolm to dry off with. Once dry and comfortable inside Lexi's living room, Malcolm began to complain about Nancy. He complained about their argument earlier that evening. Lexi was exhausted. Lexi welcomed him to stay in her guest room. She needed to go back to bed. She told Malcom they would have to sort this out the next morning. She knew she would be leaving him horny and sexually frustrated, if she retired to her bed. She had noticed that Malcolm's eyes had been fixated on her tits and her naked pussy. After Malcolm was dry, Lexi led him to the guest room where he proceeded to strip naked. He turned to Lexi, pinched her nipple and asked her, "Is that for daddy?" Lexi blew him off and laughed, trying to deflect the awkwardness. She told him to make himself at home and advised she was going back to bed.

Lexi left Malcolm naked by the guest bed as she left the room. She went to her own room and pushed the door almost closed behind her, intentionally leaving it slightly open. She stripped totally naked and crawled back in bed, covering herself with the sheet. She waited patiently. She knew Malcolm would come for her. It was just a matter of time. Lexi positioned herself on her back leaving her legs wide open for Malcolm. She wanted Malcolm just as much as she knew Malcolm wanted her. Before she drifted off to sleep, she heard Malcolm rustling around in the kitchen pouring himself a couple of shots. She knew he would be drunk and, hopefully, uninhibited when he came for her.

A half an hour later, Malcolm never bothered to try and sleep. He waited patiently for thirty minutes, and then he went to Lexi's room. He gently pushed the bedroom door open to get in. Lexi had left herself open and vulnerable to him. She was 100% sedated. He walked to the side of the bed and pulled the sheet back, exposing her naked body. Malcom would ultimately make love to Lexi during her sedated state, but not before he explored her sensually and sexually.

Lexi was sound asleep as Malcolm peered over her naked body. He leaned over her, taking her left breast in his hands and began to lick and suck her nipple. After he licked and sucked her nipple for ten minutes, he gently, but somewhat firmly, bit down on Lexi's left nipple, as if to remind her that he controlled her pleasure. He wanted to subtly announce his presence to her. Lexi obliged as she slightly stirred, repositioning her legs, opening them further. Malcolm reached down toward her pussy and spread her lips with his fingers. He wet his fingers with his saliva, and then he fondled her, massaging her clit. Malcolm could tell that Lexi liked it because she was gently, and ever-so slightly thrusting her hips upward. Malcolm ran his middle finger downward and rubbed Lexi's own juices around, lubricating her pussy. Once he felt she was sufficiently lubricated he gently pushed his finger inside her. He gently fingered her for several minutes.

While Malcolm hovered over Lexi from the side of the bed, he saw her bedroom slipper chair in the corner of the room with her dildos lying on top of it. Lexi left a nightlight on so Malcolm could see her. He stood up and walked toward the end of her bed. He knew that Lexi had been fucking her dildos in between their sexual encounters. Once again he felt both turned on and quite jealous -- maybe even a bit angry this time. He went back to the side of the bed, peering over Lexi.

Lexi had left plenty of room between her and the edge of the bed. Malcolm was able to crawl into the bed beside her and under the sheet. He gently positioned himself next to Lexi. He resumed fingering her pussy. He worked his fingers all up inside of her wet pussy. Once Malcolm was sure that Lexi's pussy was again sufficiently wet, he repositioned his body over top of her, then strategically between her legs. As Malcolm towered above Lexi, his hard cock dangled between her legs. Malcolm tried his best not to wake Lexi as he reached for his cock aiming it toward her pussy. Malcolm rubbed his head up and down the entrance to Lexi's pussy. Malcolm could not resist any longer. Malcolm was ready to make love to Lexi.

Malcolm positioned himself between Lexi's legs. He was annoyed that Lexi had been fucking her dildos when he was not around. He leaned next to her ear as he desperately placed the head of his cock inside her pussy. Lexi was already sopping wet and ready to receive him. He barely pushed it inside her and stopped. He whispered, "You're fucking dildos behind daddy's back. That's daddy's pussy." He slowly pushed his cock all the way inside her. He whispered again, "That's daddy's pussy."

At that very moment, Lexi woke up just enough to realize that Malcolm was gently sinking his cock inside of her. The stench of bourbon on Malcolm's breath was strong. Lexi remained calm and collected as she euphorically fell in and out of consciousness, presenting no resistance as Malcolm made love to her. Malcolm proceeded gently and cautiously, not wanting to scare Lexi. He gently moved in and out of her while she was defenseless. Malcolm continued to take full advantage of Lexi's semiconscious state. Lexi felt soothed by Malcolm's tenderness. Malcolm restrained his urge to cum. He knew he would get to cum inside Lexi eventually. It was inevitable. He wanted so desperately to fuck Lexi hard and rough. He continued to restrain himself.

As Malcolm went on to make love to Lexi, he started to lose control. He got low and positioned his hands, securing them underneath Lexi's shoulders. He pushed his cock all the way inside her. He started to move his hips up and down, thrusting his cock in and out of her three times fast. He would thrust three or four times then stop for fear of startling her. Those three or four thrusts into her were heavenly for Malcolm. They were heavenly for Lexi too. Malcolm thrusted three more times, then three more quickly afterwards. Then he abruptly stopped. He felt Lexi move underneath him. He felt her gently thrust her hips upward. Malcolm was excited as he resumed making love to Lexi. Malcolm no longer cared if he woke Lexi. In fact, he now wanted her to be awake.

Lexi did wake up. She woke up as Malcolm was rapidly thrusting his cock inside her. When he stopped his ear was next to Lexi's mouth. Lexi was no longer concerned with being silent. She wanted desperately to express herself sexually with Malcolm. She was ready to take responsibility for her own pleasure. Lexi softly whispered in her father's ear, "Harder daaa-ddy." Her words were music to Malcolm. He immediately started fucking Lexi harder. Lexi then whispered, "Faster daaa-ddy." Malcolm obliged and fucked her faster. Lexi whimpered to Malcolm as he fucked her, "Don't stop daaa-ddy." Malcolm did not stop. "Harder daaa-ddy," Lexi whimpered. Malcolm obliged. "Harder daaa-ddy,"Lexi cried.

Malcolm fucked Lexi hard and fast, per her instructions. It was hot. It was sexy. It was beautiful. It was gratifying. It was poetic. It was nasty. It was everything that Lexi needed and wanted. Malcolm also thoroughly enjoyed their session. He went on to fuck Lexi. Over and over he submerged his hard cock inside her. Finally, when he was ready to cum, he slowed his thrusts and whispered in Lexi's ear, "Daddy's gonna cum inside you, baby. Daddy can't go four weeks again without that pussy, baby. Cum with daddy, baby." Malcolm resumed his thrusts into her. Lexi whimpered in response to Malcom, "Don't stop, daaa-ddy. Don't cum yet, daaa-ddy. Fuck me harder daaa-ddy."

Lexi's response fueled Malcolm and he immediately stopped fucking her to regain his composure. While on pause, he moved his mouth over Lexi's lips and began gently French kissing her. Lexi did not want it to end. She lovingly kissed Malcolm in return by sliding her tongue sexually and sensually in and out of his mouth. Her response thrilled Malcolm and he resumed fucking her hard and fast. Lexi cried out, "Yes, yes, oh yes, daddy." Her response fueled Malcom even more. Malcolm stopped fucking Lexi long enough to reposition himself, fully extending his forearms upward, then extending his legs outward. Lexi kept her eyes closed as Malcolm resumed fucking her. She pulled her legs back, holding them, allowing Malcolm full on access to her pussy. Like a machine, Malcolm pounded Lexi for the next half hour. He watched, as his cock slid in and out of her, while he moved his body up and down. The marine had no problem doing pushups while pumping his cock into Lexi. It turned him on to watch.

Malcolm felt comfortable as long as Lexi kept her eyes closed. Malcolm was extremely turned on by Lexi's instructions to fuck her hard and fast. Hard and fast was right up Malcolm's alley. He had fantasized about fucking Lexi hard. Malcom continued to also talk dirty to Lexi while he pounded her. Malcolm whispered almost in a grunting manner, "That pussy feels nice, baby. Daddy loves fuckin you, baby. Yeah, that sweet pussy feels nice on daddy's cock." Lexi continued to pass out for brief moments as Malcolm fucked her. He stroked his cock in and out of Lexi with such precision. Malcolm got down on his elbows and grunted in Lexi's ear, "That's daddy's honey hole. Daddy's gonna cum up in that honey hole, then he's gonna rest. Daddy's gonna come back later for some more of that sweet pussy, baby. Cum with daddy, baby." He pounded her harder.

Malcolm fucked Lexi just until he felt her pussy begin to pulse. Lexi was cuming for Malcolm once again. Malcolm threw is head back, thrusted his cock hard up inside her, and grunted, "Ahhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, baby. Fuck yeah, cum for daddy. Daddy likes it when that that sweet pussy cums on his cock, baby." Malcolm gently but firmly ejaculated inside of Lexi while she came with him. His body quivered while he whispered, "Ohhhhh, you know how to make daddy feel good. Daddy came inside you, baby. You made daddy feel real nice, baby." Lexi wanted to reply, but she remained silent. She too was very much sexually satisfied for the time being.

Malcolm pulled his cock out of Lexi and rolled off of her, then onto his back beside her. He immediately got up and disappeared to the kitchen. He made another stiff drink before retiring to the guest room. All that mattered to Lexi at that moment was that her daddy loved her pussy and she wanted more of her daddy's cock inside her. She was certain that Malcolm would return for her later in the night. She laid there on her back with her legs wide open, dripping of cum. She covered herself with the sheet before she drifted off to sleep. She had a smile on her face.

Thirty minutes, one cocktail and two shots later, Malcolm lay awake in the guest bed. His cock began to get hard again. He was driven to return to Lexi's bed for round two. The night was very young. This time his stamina would be formidable. His inebriation had him outside of himself, enabling him to continue to sexually love his daughter. Malcolm got out of bed and went to Lexi's room. He gently pulled back the sheet exposing her naked body. He went to the end of the bed and climbed in between Lexi's legs. Malcom grabbed the head of his cock and swirled it around the inside of Lexi's pussy lips, then he pushed it into her. She was still wet with their cum. As usual, Malcolm had to go slow due to the enormous size of his cock. Once he had his cock all the way inside Lexi he stopped. He stopped to savor the moment. Malcolm wanted to explode inside her right then, but he held back.

Malcolm got up tight inside Lexi's pussy and positioned his mouth next to her ear. "Daddy needs some more of that pussy, baby. Daddy's gonna fuck you, baby." The stench of bourbon reeked from Malcolm's breath. Lexi pretended to be incoherent while Malcolm drunkenly fucked her. Malcolm slid his cock in and out of Lexi for a half hour before he was ready to ejaculate. Malcolm gently pumped his love deep inside Lexi once again. As he finished, he whispered softly in Lexi's ear, "Daddy came inside that sweet pussy, baby. It makes daddy happy when he cums inside that sweet pussy." Malcom pulled his cock out of Lexi and fell to the side. He lay there on his back, totally fulfilled, and plotting how he would take Lexi next. He had to wait until he could revive his cock. His lust for Lexi was on overdrive. Lexi appeared to remain incoherent. She had barely drifted off to sleep, when thirty minutes later Malcolm was ready to fuck her again.

Readying himself for round three, Malcolm rolled over and got on top of Lexi in between her legs. Lexi was still dripping wet with their cum. Malcolm slid his cock inside her. He began to make love to her for the third time that night. He was extremely turned on by the fact that he had his naked cock inside Lexi's pussy, and that her pussy was wet with both their cum. He methodically entered her over and over. Back and forth he pumped his cock inside her. Malcolm was patient as he made love to Lexi for the next half hour. Finally, in a moaning voice, Malcolm grunted at Lexi as he threw his head back, "Ohhhh, that honey hole feels so nice, baby. Ohhhh fuck, your pussy feels so nice, baby." Malcolm's body quivered as he pushed his cock up into Lexi. He held her tight until he was finally ready to ejaculate inside her. He kept trying to wait for Lexi to cum with him. He finally got low as he pumped into her. With his mouth next to her ear he whispered, "Cum for daddy, baby."

Lexi no longer wanting to hide her sexual desires, softly replied in Malcolm's ear, "I want it slow and hard, daddy." Malcolm immediately stopped his thrusts and gently pulled is cock backwards, leaving just his head inside of Lexi's pussy. Lexi surprised him with her openness. He did the only thing he knew to do. Malcolm obliged Lexi as he slowly but firmly inserted his cock back inside her pussy. Upon insertion, he planted his cock firmly against her cervical wall and pushed up into her as hard as he could. He held her tightly beneath him. He whispered into her ear looking for reassurance, "That feel good, baby?" Lexi cried out breathlessly to Malcolm, "Harder, daddy." It was a high pitched moan that reassured Malcolm that Lexi was enjoying herself. Malcolm backed his cock out of Lexi just a little then thrusted firmly back inside her pussy holding her tightly beneath him. Lexi wrapped her legs around Malcolm pulling him further into her.

In response to Lexi's uninhibited gestures, Malcolm extended his arms downward, cupping his hands underneath Lexi's ass as he pushed his cock up inside her again. Lexi wrapped her legs around her father once again pulling him into her even further. With his face buried in Lexi's neck, Malcolm whispered breathlessly, "Daddy's gonna fuck you hard, then cum inside you, baby. Can daddy do that? Can daddy fuck you hard and cum inside you, baby? Just lay back and let daddy fuck you, baby." Lexi relaxed her body, loosening her legs from around Malcolm's waist as he began to fuck her. Malcolm held Lexi tight as he fucked her. Malcolm thrusted his hips up and down in between Lexi's legs, pushing his cock hard inside her pussy. Lexi cried out so sweetly, "I love you, daddy. I love it when you make love to me, daddy. I love it when you fuck me, daddy." Malcolm moaned in Lexi's ear while he fucked her rough, "You like that, baby? Lexi replied, "Yes, daddy. Harder, daddy. Make me cum, daddy."

Lexi was tired of not getting her own needs met during her sexual relationship with Malcolm. After weeks of hiding under the guise of her medication, she fully intended to change that. Lexi was uninhibited when she responded to Malcolm breathlessly and recklessly, "I like it hard, daddy. I like it gentle, daddy." Lexi French kissed Malcolm gently sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth. "I like it rough, daddy. I like it fast, daddy. I need you to fuck me, daddy. I want it all might long, daddy. I want you to suck and bite my nipples while you fuck me, daddy." Lexi, now desperate, wanted her own satisfaction from her incestuous affair with Malcolm. Malcolm eagerly indulged her, as he locked his hands under her shoulders and started fucking the shit out of her.

Malcolm locked Lexi's body down with his own and began to pump his huge hard cock deep inside her. He was slow and hard at first. He also began to slide his tongue inside Lexi's mouth. Lexi greeted Malcolm's tongue softly and sensually with her own tongue. Lexi was a sensual kisser. She knew just how to sensually maneuver her tongue for maximum sexual impact. Malcolm allowed Lexi to control the kiss. He followed her lead like a little boy learning from his mother. Lexi gently licked and sucked Malcolm's tongue as he firmly pushed his cock deep inside her. Malcolm started pumping Lexi faster. Lexi responded to Malcolm by opening her legs even further.

Lexi loosened her legs from around Malcolm's waste allowing him to control the depth of his insertion. She cried out, "Harder, daddy." Her knees were bent and she allowed her legs to fall wide open for Malcolm. He obliged her and got in her as deep as he could. Lexi rewarded him with soft, sensual cries in his ear, "Ah, ah, ah, ah." This made Malcolm pump his cock into her even faster and harder. With each thrust he would grind into her clit. With each thrust he asked Lexi, "That feel good, baby?" Malcolm knew how to truly please a woman sexually. Lexi pulled her knees back from underneath allowing her to feel all of Malcolm as he fucked her. Malcolm was on a mission -- to reach orgasm and cum inside Lexi - to cum with Lexi. Lexi intended to share her needs openly during the final moments of their sexual session.

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