tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLexie's New Business

Lexie's New Business


"Is that you Ryan?" Lexie sat in front of her makeup mirror dressed only in black bra and panties. "You're running late. We need to be at the Country Club in less than a half hour."

"Yeah babe, it's me." Answered Ryan in a forlorn voice. He poked his head in to the bathroom.

"Oh no Ryan! What happened to you? Were you in an accident?" He looked like he had been run over by a truck and crawled home.

Ryan wearily shrugged. "Thank God that I have a beautiful, loving wife, because the rest of my world is in the shitter." Ryan sniffed Lexie's perfume lingering in the air. "And damn woman, you do smell good."

"Oh Ryan, you look miserable. What happened hunny?"

Ryan sat down on the edge of the tub. Wringing his hands as he spoke, he began falteringly. "You know that new project in Houston that we were bidding on?"

"Yes. The Samson bridge project right?"

"The very one. Well, you know how much time that we've put in to that thing. Too much really, but with the work orders falling off, it was the last chance for saving the company." His voice trailed off.

"Ryan? What happened?"

"We, umm, well, I really, made an error in the bidding process. We received notice today that they are rejecting our bid. Not even going to consider it." Ryan buried his head in his hands, unable to face his wife.

"Hunny, we've had hard times before and we've always made it before. Don't give up baby, we'll make it this time as well." She walked to him and pulled his head to her chest. "We'll be just fine Ryan. You'll find other jobs to bid on. This is our dream, you'll, I mean we'll make it work baby."

""No, Lexie you don't understand. I've had to beg, borrow and steal to survive the last 3 months. This is it, out of gas, end of the road. I shut the company down today and let everyone go."

"Oh my God Ryan, but it's Christmas. What will they all do?" And what will we do she thought. She fought her panic back.

""I think that they all knew that it was coming. There were a lot of tears, but no anger, no hatred. We tried and didn't make it, which, as the saying goes, is better than not trying at all." A wry smile passed over his face. "In fact, I think some of them were actually relieved. They're free now to find new jobs. And Lexie, I'm going to have to hunt for a job too. Our dream of having our own business is just, well, on the shelf for now."

The drive to the Country Club was abnormally quiet. The young couple was lost in their own thoughts. Their reaction to the failure of the business was consistent with their personalities. Lexie thought for the millionth time in their marriage of how much she loved Ryan and all that he was to her, but how the much better it would have been had she been the business person. Ryan was kind and patient and a staunch believer in fair play. His honesty and integrity made him moderately successful, but he lacked the edge of ruthlessness that a truly successful businessman had to have. Lexie chuckled to herself, but me on the other hand, I cut nuts off when necessary.

Lexie knew that this was likely to be their last Country Club Christmas party. She resolved to make it the best one ever. She knew though that it was going to be difficult to shake Ryan out of his funk. Plying him with liquor would either straighten him out or send him to the car to sleep it off she thought.

Ryan pulled their Jaguar in to the valet line. A handsome young blonde man in a white coat and white gloves approached their car. "Ryan, who is he? He looks familiar."

"Why that's young Jack Stewart, some of Jim and Shirley Stewart, also known as the Stewart who will likely win the bid on my Houston project."

"Oh, that Jack Stewart."

Young Jack Stewart leaned down and opened the door to the Jag. A broad smile swept over his face. "Mr. And Mrs. Lawless, welcome to the Christmas party. I must say Mrs. Lawless, you look fabulous tonight. Well, I mean, you look fabulous all the time, but, I mean, well, wow Mrs. Lawless."

Lexie smiled. She felt stunning in her strapless black dress and high heels. She worked hard to maintain her figure for events such as this. She gripped Young Jack Stewart's hand and allowed him to pull her up from the car. His grip was surprisingly strong and sure for such a young man. But he was a star athlete, thought Lexie. He should be in good shape.

The Country Club was a winter wonderland. Ryan quickly pulled away to find drinks for them. Lexie feared that Ryan was going to bury himself in a bottle. Lexie heard her name called out through the Christmas music. From across the room, a woman's voice called out again to her and a couple made their way over to her. As they drew near, she recognized Jim and Shirley Stewart. Oh my lord, thought Lexie, here we go.

Jim Stewart wrapped Lexie up in a bear hug, holding her just a little too tight and a little too long. Shirley was prattling away at her before they were within conversational distance.

"Lexie, Lexie, Lexie, we are so glad that you are here. What, with all that is happening to your husband's company and all, well, frankly, we just didn't think that you'd be in a festive mood."

Lexie practically pried Jim Stewart off of her, only to be replaced by and equally long and unnecessary embrace from Shirley Stewart. So this is how it is going to be thought Lexie. They've probably already told everyone of the Houston bid results and of the imminent demise of our company.

Anger swept over Lexie. She fought to control it. She wasn't going to let this bastard and his bitch wife get the best of her. ""Oh, well, thank you so much for your concern. You are so considerate to be thinking of us, especially as busy as you are going to be since you won the bid. But Ryan and I have some other things in the works. We'll be just fine."

"Oh I'm sure you will dear, I'm sure you will." Shirley patted Lexie's arm, as if calming a mad dog. "If there is anything, just anything that we can do for you, just give me a call" concluded Shirley in her most patronizing voice.

When hell freezes over thought Lexie. Her poker face concealed her anger. "You know that we will, and the same to you as well, if we can ever help in any way." An evil thought popped in to her mind. "Oh, and I must say, keep an eye on that handsome young son of yours, I could just eat him up." For emphasis, Lexie ran her tongue slowly over her ruby red lips.

Lexie's meaning sunk home to the doddering Mrs. Stewart, but was lost on Jim Stewart, who was having trouble lifting his gaze from Lexie's cleavage. Lexie briskly excused herself as she saw Ryan approaching.

"What did that asshole want?" Ryan had two drinks in his hands, but from the liquor on his breath, Lexie suspected that he had taken a couple of shots at the bar.

"Same old same old Ryan. Just let it go. We need to put this behind us and pull together. This isn't the time to wallow is self pity." She wanted to add "man up" but this wasn't the time or the place to focus on Ryan's self doubt. "Let's just enjoy our last Christmas Party as this snob hole." She took Ryan's head in her hands and kissed him, long and hard, like the kiss of lovers during lovemaking. All of the men in the room watched them with envy, lust in their hearts for the beautiful Lexie.

Despite Ryan's protestations, Lexie pushed him out the door to go to work the next day. She knew him well enough that he was likely to sink in to depression and would spend several days sleeping or otherwise being useless. She needed him to keep trying and, more importantly, she needed time to think. She had worked most of her life and was not afraid of work. What she weighed in her mind was how to start a business enterprise that would put money in the bank, but would give her the flexible schedule that she desired.

Fate is a funny thing. Sometimes all of the scheming and plotting in the world is wasted by an innocent act of another. As Lexie stood in the warm sunshine of her large bay window overlooking her front yard, she was nearly blinded by the light reflecting off of a metallic silver Mercedes pulling in to her driveway. She recognized the car. It belonged to Brian Peterson, a stockbroker who she and Ryan had used when they had been more successful. Although he was happily married to the Country Club's biggest flirt, Lexie had always felt that Brian's interest in her was more that business.

While he made his way up the winding path to her front door, she realized that she was still in her dark blue robe. Underneath she wore a lacy teddy in a matching color. The thought of changing in to something more suitable flashed through her mind, but before she could move, the doorbell rang.

What the hell, thought Lexie as she pulled the door open. "Brian! Why, what brings you out this way." Ryan and Lexie had been to several parties with the Petersons, so they were acquaintances, but not close friends. More like friends of friends thought Lexie.

"Good morning Lexie. I'm sorry to intrude on you so early in the morning. I do hope that it is all right that I stopped in." Brian had an English mother and had a trace of an accent, and was always impeccably polite.

"No no, it's fine Brian. Come in please. Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"Why yes, that would be nice."

They made small talk as Lexie poured his coffee. They took seats at her kitchen nook.

"So" Lexie began, "to what do I owe this honor of a morning visit from a successful stockbroker?"

"Well, to be honest with you, word of the dilemma that you and Ryan are in passed like fire through kindling at the Christmas party last night, as you might expect."

Lexie certainly did, the Country Club crowed was always hot for gossip of any type. News of Ryan's business problems would have been like a freshly slaughtered calf to hungry wolves.

"And, well, I'm not sure quite how to say this. So, I guess that I'll just be out with it. Do you remember that party at the Thompsons? It was a wine tasting party that ran amuck? By the end of the evening we were all quite done in, as I recall."

Lexie remembered it well. The wine had poured and everyone had consumed too much wine and too little food. She also remembered an uncomfortable feeling from the end of the evening, but couldn't recall exactly what it was.

"Hmmmm, to be honest Brian, I remember bits and pieces but not everything."

"Yes, I'd imagine that to be true. We had all taken on a lot of wine that night. Well, as you may recall, the topic of conversation turned to sex and all things sexual, as nights like that often do."

Lexie watched him in amazement. He had never been at a loss for words before. He seemed ed to be having an even more difficult than normal time getting the words out. For her own amusement, Lexie reached across the table and put her hand on top of his. His fingers were long and slender.

Brian gulped, then cleared his throat. "Well, the conversation turned to the topic of whether or not our respective partners shave their, ummm, well." Brian paused and looked out the window. Then he sputtered it out. "Shaved their private parts."

"Oh yes, I remember parts of that conversation." Watching his eyes for reaction, she continued "And I'm sure that I told you that I trim and shave my ummm, private parts, as you say, as well as Ryan's private parts."

"Yes, I specifically remember that, as do most of the men who were in attendance. What you may not recall is that most of the prudes at that party not only don't shave, they wouldn't hear of having their husbands be shaved.

Now, what you probably don't recall, is that we had a conversation as a follow up to that, mostly in jest, abut starting a home business of shaving men or woman for money."

Lexie hadn't remembered that part of the conversation, but the idea gripped her. A home based business. A beauty salon for peoples "private parts." An interesting idea, one that had appeal to her. She and Ryan had been married for over ten years and she had seen many cocks prior to her marriage. It wasn't like the sight of a cock or pussy would be an irresistible turn on would it. From the mention of the idea, her mind took it and ran.

Turning to Brian, she inquired, "So, are you here to be my first client Brian?"

Softly, almost under his breath, his answer came "Yes."

The horny little bastard thought Lexie. It was time to play along or bail out for good. If she went forward, it was possible that she could make a business out of this. If she said no, then a client and a good source of future clients would be shunned. She heard her voice command him "Go to the guest bedroom and get ready. I'll be in shortly."

Brian nearly leapt from the table. Whatever fantasy of this coming true which had been racing through his mind were coming true thought Lexie. A flood of emotions washed over her as she made her way to the master bedroom. Thoughts of making some money mingled with guilt over whether or not this was cheating on her husband. She rationalized it by telling herself that there wasn't anything sexual about this, it was just like cutting hair, well, not just like it, but pretty close.

Lexie's thoughts bounced around like a ping pong ball. She gathered up the supplies that she would need for a shaving, items that she had gathered hundreds of times for shaving Ryan. While she walked through the house she went back and forth, could she do this, should she do this, was this morally wrong? But they needed money and this wasn't anything that Ryan would ever need to find out. She'd just tell him that she was doing online marketing from home. Besides, it sounded like the Country Club prudes needed some drastic attention to their "private parts." But she had to admit to herself, there was some sexuality to it. The thought of having men dangling their meats in front of her and being under her absolute control intrigued her as well.

The shaving supplies were loaded in an overnight bag, complete with lotions and after shave materials. Lexie took a deep breath and committed to going forward with this before stepping in to the guest room. Remember to cover the rules she thought as she rounded the corner and stepped in to the room.

A gasp escaped her lips. Her stockbroker was naked as the day he was born on her guest bed. He was long and lanky, a long distance runner Lexie remembered. His body was nearly hairless except for the thick patch of pubic hair covering his groin. Brian's hands were behind his head and his eyes were closed. He looked like a tourist relaxing on a lounge chair. Her eyes swept over his body but kept returning to his cock.

For such a skinny and bony man, he had a disproportionately thick cock. It was as if all of the fat from his body had slid down and settled in his cock. His legs were slightly bent at the knee, leaving his thick cock and balls to dangle in directly in front of her. It had been a while since she had seen another man's cock she decided.

Forcing her gaze upward, she gently cleared her throat. Brian's eyes dreamily opened.

"Ah, there you are. I had almost concluded that you had either changed your mind or had taken a nap." He chuckled to himself.

"No, I haven't changed my mind, but not having ever done this before, I had to come up with a few ground rules. Despite your state of readiness" she reached over and gripped his cock firmly, lifted it and let it drop back down, "we need to have some things straight between us. First of all, we are not having sex. I'm not going to get naked, I'm not going to touch you in any way that isn't appropriate. Second, and most importantly, you will only tell people about this who you know to be capable of keeping this a secret, and moreover, only those whom you believe will become clients. If Ryan hears of this, it will likely end my marriage and will certainly end this little business. Understood?"

"You are in charge madam. I am at your mercy. Oh, and although we haven't discussed price, please rest assured that I will make it worth your while and I intend to be your best repeat customer."

Lexie set her shaving instruments out on the bed. She'd need to trim his tremendous pubic bush back first, then shave him. She let the hum of her trimmer starting be her answer.

Brian had clearly never been trimmed or shaved before, or if, so, not in an awfully long time thought Lexie. His pubic hair was thick and matted and hid what appeared to be a thick, capable cock. His eyes were closed and as she trimmed off layer after layer of pubic hair, her confidence that this really wasn't a sexual act in any way increased. Sure there was a naked man on her guest room bed, but there wasn't anything more to it than that.

As she worked and took away the layers of hair, his smell grew stronger. She had had one cock for so long, she had nearly forgotten the sights and smells of the cock of a man other than her husband. It was almost like a date to her, like unzipping a new, soon to be lover. Steady girl she thought.

The sounds of light jazz filled the air. Lexie had the presence of mind to turn the in house sound system on before she began her work. The tenor sax filling the air helped mask the sounds of Brian's heavy breathing.

Soon the trimming of the bulk hair was done. Lexie focused in on layering the hair down to his groin so that the look wouldn't bee too drastic. Trimming in closer to his cock and balls required her to handle him on an increasing basis. She started gingerly at first, like she was picking up something that she didn't want to touch. Using her forefinger and thumb to move his cock and balls around. Once the trimming was done, she massaged him with hot water and soap before she shaved him.

The hot water in the bowl stung her fingers. Cupping her hands, she collected the water in her palm and rubbed his cock and balls, the heat turning them pink. Adding soap, she worked up a thick lather around his cock and balls. As she rubbed the hot water and soap in to his groin, she felt his cock swelling, gaining size. No, she thought, it still isn't sexual, it's just business.

Lexie let her hands work in the same way that she had done to Ryan a thousand times. She tried to pretend that she was shaving Ryan, but the thick cock swelling in her hands dispelled her of those thoughts. While she shaved him, she held Brian's cock in her hand longer than necessary. Her mind pictured this thick cock spreading the ruby red lips of Brian's wife as he entered her mouth, or her pussy lips sliding up and down the length of this thick shaft. It was becoming increasingly harder to keep thoughts of sex out of this.

Pushing Brian's thick balls aside to reach the inside of legs, then shaving the lower portion of his shaft, a warm wave of sexual desire passed through her. Brian was a good looking man, but not someone that she would have been attracted to otherwise. But having such complete and utter control of his cock and his balls, it created a desire in her. As she neared the end of her job, Brian's cock had swollen to full length. She finished her last few strokes with the razor, while firmly stroking his now rock hard shaft. She fought in her mind not to succumb to her sexual desire, but she loved the control. Brian's hips thrust toward her as she stroked him. The veins bulged on his thick cock and the cock head swelled. Another moment of decision thought Lexie.

She knew that she should stop, call it over and collect her money. It would be done, it would be nonsexual and she could move on. But the control of his cock, the smell of his sex drove her curiosity. Stroking his cock with one hand and playing with his balls with the other, she played his body like a violin. She was in control, he did whatever she wanted. Teetering on the brink of her decision, Lexie watched a thick gob of pre-cum escape from Brian's cock head. She was committed now. Her efforts increased until he was writhing on the bed. Any doubts disappeared, she wanted to see his thick cum spew from his cock, she wanted to watch him shrivel under her stroking.

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