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Several European explorers lent their names to the "discovery" of the northern Artic. Baffin, Frobisher, Mackenzie and Franklin were met by the nomadic Inuit's as they sailed into the land of ice and snow.

The white man called them "Eskimos", eaters of raw meat as their diet consisted mainly of fish and hunted mammals. Later they became known as "Inuit", meaning "the people" in their language, Inutitut.

The marital customs among the Inuit were not strictly monogamous, many Inuit relationships were implicitly or explicitly sexually open polygamy, divorce and remarriage were fairly common. Formal marriage and divorce required the approval of the community and particularly the agreement of the elders.

Marriages were often arranged, sometimes in infancy and occasionally forced on the couple by the community.

Marriage was expected for a man as soon as he could hunt for himself and for women at puberty. Family structure was flexible, a household might consist of a man and his wife or wives and children; it might include his parents or his wife's parents as well as adopted children. It might be a larger formation of several siblings with their parents, wives and children or even more than one family sharing dwellings and resources.

Every household had a head of household, an elder or a particularly respected man.

This was Liak's world. It was summertime in the Artic and her band were living in their caribou skin tents.

Liak's family consisted of four men and three females. Tuma was the head of their household having survived seventy-two harsh winters on the tundra. Itukuchuk was Liak's husband and along with his brother Nanook were the family's hunters and whom they depended on for their food.

Millaaraq was Nanook's wife who had borne him a son. Liak was large with child and ready to give birth in a couple of moons.

Noayak was the matriarch wife of the respected Tuma.

Liak being the youngest of the breeders was a favorite with the men even though she was with child. The family occupied three tents, one of which was for eating and doing chores while the other two were for sleeping.

One of the sleeping tents was reserved for those engaging in sex. Liak spent most nights in this tent.

Tuna was too old to fuck his lovely granddaughter but she dutifully sucked his ancient cock each night until he spurt his sperm into her mouth. Liak was accustom to salty tasting food and gulped his jism down into her swollen belly with gusto.

Whilst servicing her grandfather's cock it was not unusual for her brother-in-law Nanook to mount her from the rear using her warm cunt to relieve himself in.

It was warm enough in the tent for Liak to be naked for her lovers. Her long, lustrous black hair hung down with her pendulous swollen breasts. A thick pelt of shiny pubic hair blanketed the opening to her womb.

"The council wishes to use you." Itukuchuk informed his pregnant wife.

The council consisted of five of the band's elders, all of whom were well into their senior years. Auguta, Tuna, Akluitok, Injuquaq and Amaguq, Liak knew them all. She had grown up with these men and three of them had taken her on her wedding night.

The Council of Elder's tent was almost thirty feet in diameter and towering forty of fifty feet into the Artic sky.

It was summertime so the sun never really set, it just sank towards the horizon and then begins its climb to overhead once more.

The elders were sat in a circle when Liak entered the tent.

"Take of your clothes child". Auguta said in Intuit as she took her place in the center of them.

Obediently Liak removed her caribou skin garments and stood naked before them.

Liak's swollen belly glistened with perspiration as the air in the tent was hot and stank of rotten flesh and dried blood.

"On your knees." Auguta said as he stood to approach her.

Liak took her position on her hands and knees knowing the elders wanted to use the gateway to her womb.

Auguta knelt behind her and slid his very old cock into her wet passage.

The other elders mumbled their approval as Liak rocked back taking Auguta's cock completely inside of her.

Each or the elders took their turn depositing their sperm into the very pregnant wife. Liak returned to her tent with their cum running down her legs.

Itukuchuk and Nanook awaited her. The brothers wallowed in Liak's dripping cunt using their cocks and their tongues. They considered it good luck to partake of the elders' sperm.

It was only two weeks later that Liak gave birth to her first born daughter, Adlartok. Liak was overjoyed knowing her child had been blessed by the Council of Elders.

The weeks passed quickly by as Liak nursed her baby and returned to the service of the family's males.

She would often fuck with her husband, Nanook or Tuma while Adlartok cooed softly in her caribou hide cradle.

Winter was setting in and there was very little daylight. The sun promised to rise in the east but quickly retreated into the western horizon leaving them in darkness.

Nanook and Itukuchuk were out on the tundra hunting the elusive caribou. If they killed one they would skin and butcher it right there, drinking its still warm blood and swallowing its tender organs. Feeding the scraps to the dogs they would load the sled and return home to the cheers of their family.

Nanook saw him first walking through the falling snow. He was certain it was not a caribou or a polar bear, it looked like a man.

He did not walk through the snow like an Inuit, he wore no snowshoes. He must be a white man Nanook thought signaling his brother of his discovery.

Cam Jackson's single engine Beaver had gone down due to a frozen fuel line. He had managed to land the ski-equipped plane on the tundra and decided to walk to find help.

Jackson had come down further from any settlement than he thought and had been wandering the tundra for hours in the harsh frigid wind before stumbling across the two Inuit hunters.

Nanook and Itukuchuk loaded the half-frozen pilot onto the empty sled and mush the dogs back to home.

The family came running out to greet the returning hunters. Seeing Jackson's body laying lashed to Nanook's sled the quickly freed him from the sled and helped him into one of tents.

The Inuit women were skilled at reviving their frozen hunters who happened to fall through the ice into the frigid waters. Quickly they removed all of Jackson clothes and stuffed him naked into a caribou sleeping bag. Liak and Millaaraq then joined him, both naked on each side of him.

Liak knew a man's cock was one of the first victims of the cold so she took Jackson's shriveled prick in her hand and felt the life ebbing back into.

Each of the women pressed their naked bodies tight against Jackson's transferring their body heat into him. Jackson's cock was now fully erect in Liak's hand.

White fathered Inuit children were greatly valued by the band and always ended up being an elder. Millaaraq was already pregnant by one of the Inuit men so it was Liak's hope to conceive with this white stranger.

Jackson being back to Norman Millaaraq left the sleeping bag so he could fuck Liak.

Liak had never fucked a white man. A few of the Inuit women had been fucked by whites and said it was an experience they would never forget. They said the white man fucked with passion and sometimes caused the woman to "come".

Liak had never had an orgasm while being fucked by an Inuit man and only got that feeling when her and Millaaraq played with each others des vagins

Alone with Jackson in the sleeping bag Liak maneuvered herself under the pilot's warmed body. She reached down and groping is erection she guided him to her opening.

Jackson's cock was much bigger than she had ever had in her before but her cunt stretched to allow him into her womb. Jackson grunted as her cunt swallowed his cock.

Inside her warm, wet sanctuary Jackson's cock came fully to life and began to move inside the young Inuit mother.

The white man's cock felt good in Liak, it was long and thick but softer skin than she was accustomed to. Liak contracted her pelvic muscles gripping the stranger with her fuck hole.

She started moving her ass around like she knew men enjoyed her to do. Jackson's cock was becoming like a giant salmon trapped inside her belly. As his cock thrashed inside of her she felt the beginnings of the feeling she got when Millaaraq's tongue was inside of her.

Liak's hips rode the beating cock lowering the nipple of her right breast to Jackson's mouth. Jackson swallowed her teat and grasped her bare buttocks as his back arched himself deeper into the Inuit woman to inseminate her.

Liak felt the warmth of Jackson's sperm flooding her womb and igniting her own orgasm. For the first time in her life Liak was coming while being fucked.

It was so much better than it had ever been with Millaaraq, having her fuck-hole crammed full of the white man's meat while having an orgasm.

Liak made guttural noises deep in her throat as the unaccustomed orgasm shook her body.

Jackson fucked Liak six more times and a few of the other Inuit girls before the helicopter came to rescue him.

The following summer Jackson made a trip to find Liak's band and see his children for the first time.

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