tagRomanceLiar Ch. 02

Liar Ch. 02


As soon as Sloane and Layla reached their seats, they couldn't contain themselves. They quietly whispered back and forth trying catching up. If it hadn't been for the guests rising for the bride's grand entrance, they would've undoubtedly continued throughout the entire ceremony.

As Sloane stood to watch her future sister-in-law descend the aisle, she couldn't hide the smile that crept across her lips as she thought back to when she first met her...

6 ½ years ago...

Sloane's eyes opened to a sideways view into her kitchen. Noticing the scattered papers and opened textbooks she groaned realizing she fell asleep while studying with Nick, star forward on the basketball team. Though he was a star on the court the same couldn't be said for the classroom. He had to pass the final on Monday with at least a C- or his scholarship would be useless. The two had gotten close during their studying sessions. She was surprised to find out that he was gay, he was so gorgeous that it seemed like such a waste for the female population. He also confided that the scholarship was so important because it was the only way he and his boyfriend could be attend the same college together next year. The last thing she remembered was trying to keep her eyes open while they were going over algorithms.

The loud knock on the door startled her upright causing her to rip her cheek off of the page it was previously stuck too. She checked her watch and groaned - "2:13 am" Rubbing her cheek, she put on her glasses and headed in direction of the front door.

Who is knocking this early? She thought before the knock sounded again, more urgently this time.

"Hold on...I'm coming!" she heard herself yell before she slapped her hand over her mouth. With her three brothers in college and her parents out of town, she was alone in the house.

What if it's a psycho killer? She thought as she frantically looked around for something to defend herself with. Spotting her brother's old baseball bat, she grabbed it and slowly reached for the doorknob.

"Sloane, will you hurry up? If I was a murderer, do you really think I'd knock first?" The male voice yelled from the other side of the door.

She groaned inwardly when she recognized the voice. Gabriel Jennings, her older brother Dean's cocky best friend. Gabe had moved in next door when she was 6 years old and had been a pain in her ass ever since. Her brothers embraced him like a long lost brother and Gabe eagerly joined them in torturing her childhood. They made fun of her, didn't let her play with them, and excluded her from their "Boys Only Club".

She would've welcomed the isolation once she reached high school. Gabe and Dean were seniors her freshman year and would threaten any guy who would do as much as even look her way. Sloane never understood the double standard, because Gabe and Dean were notorious for their womanizing ways.

"Don't pretend to know what I was thinking." Sloane hissed as she swung the door open.

"I think I know you better than you think. Judging by the bat I was right." Gabe responded as he flashed that smile that so many girls claimed to be their undoing.

To avoid his smile, Sloane made the mistake of looking up and down his 6'4" frame. His dark hair looked disheveled as though he had been raking his hand through it. His dark washed jeans hung low on his hips and outlined his muscular quads. His well-toned biceps were accentuated by the tight white t-shirt he wore. When her mouth dried and tongue swelled, she blamed her tiredness.

"Whatever." Sloane managed to respond rolling her eyes, "You're lucky I was home, for all you know I could've been out on a date."

"Ha! Like you'd be doing anything but studying with finals being around the corner." Gabe scoffed as he checked his watch, "Plus I don't take you as the type of girl that stays out this late."

"You sure about that?" Sloane was responded staring him straight in the eye trying her best to look seductive. "It's been a long time Gabriel...you couldn't imagine the type of girl I am." She finished her voice a little lower than she intended causing the response to come out sultry.

She couldn't believe that she was trying to flirt with Gabe and she couldn't figure out why she said that. Of course it wasn't true, but she was irritated by his accuracy and wanted to put him in his place.

His eyes darkened as he opened and closed his mouth trying to form an appropriate response, but no sound came out. "Who the hell is that?" Gabe said suddenly. Not quite the response Sloane was going for, but realized he was moving inside the door to push her behind him.

Sloane whipped around in time to see Nick come out of the bathroom. She saw the color leave Nick's face when he saw Gabe and now he was just standing there like a deer caught in headlights.

"Jesus, Gabriel. It's just Nick." Sloane explained pushing Gabe to stand between them.

"What the hell is he doing here so late?" Gabe practically yelled at her staring at her accusingly. "What the fuck are you doing here?" He said in a low, deadly tone pinning Nick in place.

"Gabe!" Sloane cried before turning back to Nick, "Ignore him, he's just being his usual asshole self."

"It's okay Sloane. We did lose track of time, I guess I should be leaving." Nick said as she noticed the mischievous look in his eyes "Call me tomorrow, babe."


"Uh, okay..." Sloane answered dumbly watching Nick slow to approach her. He slowed in front of her bent to kiss her on the cheek facing away from Gabe.

"Good luck." He whispered quietly enough so that only she could hear him. Confusion hit her when she took in his grin as pulled back.

What the hell is going on? Sloane thought as she watched Nick turn and give Gabe cautious nod not breaking eye contact. She saw Gabe's jaw twitch before he nodded back.

As Nick walked down the stairs she saw a woman she didn't recognize pass him.

Maybe she's lost.

"Gabe?" she said.

Maybe not.

"Shit. "Sloane, this is Brodie. Brodie, this is Sloane."

Sloane chose the precise moment that the girl stepped into the porch light to hate her. She was had long dark red hair and piercing hazel eyes that almost seemed to sparkle. She was petite with big boobs - Gabe's type. Sloane looked down and cringed. She had on one of her dad's oversized sweatshirts, plaid pajama pants, and her hair was tied on top of her head in a messy bun.

"Sloane? Sloane! It's nice to finally meet you." she exclaimed as she rushed by Gabe to hug her.

"Nice to meet you too." Sloane responded awkwardly, tugging at her sweatshirt self consciously.

"I've been hearing about you for MONTHS!"

"Sorry to interrupt the girl talk, but your brother is passed out in the car. There was party at The Drop and he got..." Gabe hesitated, glancing at Sloane before finishing, "a little out of control."

"I heard about that, Layla called earlier asking if I wanted to go with her. Did you see her?"

"Oh...I saw her alright." Gabe said but his eyes gave away that he holding something back.

"Layla? Isn't that the girl who Jack-" Brodie started before Gabe silenced her raising his hand.

"What?" Sloane snapped irritated that Gabe's new girlfriend knew something about her best friend that she didn't, "Oh please, I'm 18 I know what happens at parties."

"I think she'd better tell you herself." Gabe stated quickly changing the subject. "Help me get Dean out of the car and into his old room. We'll crash here tonight and head back to campus tomorrow morning."


Sloane walked out of Dean's room and left Brodie and Gabe to the task of getting Dean out of his clothes and into bed. There are just some things that a little sister shouldn't have to see. She headed back downstairs to clean the mess she made in the dining room from studying.

"I'm going to take Brodie home." She heard Gabe yell, "Leave the door unlocked, I won't be long."

Oh you won't be long? What about your reputation Casanova? Brodie will be so disappointed. Sloane thought as she started slamming books around.

"So do you want to tell me what that boy was doing here?" Gabe said behind her suddenly causing her to jump.

"I don't see how that's any of your concern." Sloane stated glaring over her shoulder.

"You're lucky it was me and not Dean. At least I try to ask questions. Dean would've just beaten his ass. You're lucky he was passed out." Gabe said truthfully.

"You two are unbelievable," Sloane spinning around to face him. "You know, you guys can't bully me or anyone that breathes in my direction. When are you guys going to realize that I'm not a little girl anymore?"

"Oh, believe me...I realize that." Gabe stated too low for Sloane to hear.

"What'd you say?" Sloane snapped.

"What is with you tonight? Are you mad that I interrupted you before you could get some from your boyfriend?" Gabe sneered causing whatever hold Sloane had on her temper to evaporate.

"You are un-fucking-believable Gabriel. We were studying!" Sloane stated pointing at still messy dining table.

"You're so full of shit! Why did he kiss you?" Gabe questioned.

"It was on my cheek! You're the asshole that rudely woke me up at 2:30 in the morning all so that you can want to drop my drunk brother off and go fuck YOUR girlfriend." Sloane finished as she poked her finger into Gabe's chest. Her emerald eyes were glittering up at him full of rage. She hated that she had to look up at him, at 5'9" Sloane didn't have to look up to too many people.

Suddenly aware of the closeness, Sloane raised her palms to his chest in attempt to push him away. Gabe grabbed her wrists pulling them behind her back bringing her right against him and the unmistakable bulge in his pants. Sloane gazed up into his blue eyes and saw that his had green flecks in them that she hadn't noticed before. She gulped as she saw his lips twitch. It was the last thing she remembered before he dropped his lips to claim hers.

Gabe wasn't sure when teaching Sloane a lesson had turned into him giving into his lust. He had only meant to punish her for being so naive with that...that boy. He wasn't prepared for the frenzy that started where his hand touched her wrist and spread like fire over his body. When she opened her mouth to protest, he took advantage of it slipping in his tongue. He felt her hesitate before dueling back, her own tongue massaging his. He heard his name being called somewhere in the distance.

"Gabriel." Sloane moaned. He had heard many girls moan his name before, but none provoked the possessiveness he felt hearing it from Sloane's lips.

Mine, he thought as he pushed his erection further into her.

"Gabriel...stop." She said again more forcefully. He pulled back to see her eyes dazed with the unmistakable look of lust. He was proud that he could bring her to such a state. He was about to kiss her again when he heard Brodie calling him from upstairs.

Leaning his forehead against Sloane, he yelled back to her without releasing his grip on Sloane, "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah. Oh and Dean is up." Brodie yelled her voice a little closer this time, "He's asking for Sloane. Is she still up?"

Shit! He had forgotten about Dean. Now he didn't have little sisters, but he was pretty sure what he was doing violated every code ever written in the Best Friend Handbook. He looked at Sloane again and felt his cock harden further.

To hell with handbook, he thought wanted her right there.

"Gabe? Sloane?" Brodie called again questioningly.

"Yeah, I'm up. I'll be up in a second." Sloane yelled finally finding her voice but not releasing eye contact with Gabe. He watched the lust and fire leave her eyes to be replaced with the worst thing possible - regret and worry.

"This shouldn't have happened. You shouldn't have kissed me."

"Don't act so innocent babe, you kissed me back." Gabe responded not hiding the grin that crept across his lips.

"Don't smile at me like that. It doesn't matter what I did, I'm not the one who's girlfriend is upstairs! Let me go!" Gabe didn't realize that that he still had a hold of her wrists, but didn't let her go either.

"What? Who? Brodie?!" Gabe stared at Sloane confused.

"No, I was talking about Dean." Sloane responded sarcastically, "Stupid, yes Brodie. Although it wouldn't shock me if you were dating Dean, you two are ALWAYS together." Sloane stared at him questioningly.

"Do I need to kiss you again to prove my sexuality?"

"I'm finding gay guys very unpredictable lately, especially tonight." Sloane said.

"Brodie's dating your brother." Gabe responded as he finally released Sloane's wrists.

He saw her stare up at him in horror, "This was a mistake, it can't happen again."

She quickly separated herself from him and practically sprinted to the stairs.

"Sloane," Gabe called as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She turned around staring at him cautiously, "I promise you, this isn't over."

She gave him one more pleading look before he heard Dean call for her.

This is far from over, he smiled.

Gabe stood by Dean at the alter and shuddered at the memory. He had never and has yet to kiss a girl that gave as much as Sloane did. Despite her smart mouth, he knew that's all she was. He liked pushing her to her breaking point. Since the first kiss, he seemed to sense where she was near. He was surprised that the feeling was still there after all this time. He never had to look for her because his eyes were immediate drawn to her. Surprisingly, she hadn't noticed him yet, but it was probably due to her and Layla whispering during the entire first half of the ceremony.

He wouldn't be able to tell anyone how beautiful Brodie looked coming down the aisle, because his eyes had been on Sloane the entire time. Apart of him wished he could've been there to watch her transform into the woman that he was staring at today. Clearly being out from under her brothers' watchful eye had been good on her. What used to be a timid baggy-clothes wearing tomboy, was now a confident woman wearing 'fuck-me' shoes. She had always been pretty but, damn, she was beautiful now.

He watched her turn around probably to catch a glimpse of her brother, but her eyes met his instead. He saw her panic as her smiled faltered slightly. If the color hadn't drained from her face he wouldn't have noticed that she was affected as much as he was when he first saw her.

Her eyes turned cold and refused to let him stare her down. He grinned as she finally realized what he was doing. He loved it when she fought back.

He could only smile as he thought back to the promise he made her all those years ago, only now it had a whole different meaning.

This isn't over, Sloane. This is far from over.

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