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Libby's Birthday Surprise


Dear Readers,

This is the first of a series I will be writing featuring the true sexploits and fantasies of the couple featured here. They have their own liberal 'lifestyle' which they love and adamantly refuse to be judged by anyone as they follow their chosen path.

'Libby' is the sexiest, loveliest girl I have spoken to for years. She knows exactly what she wants and has absolutely no qualms about getting it.

Her husband 'James' loves his wife unconditionally. He gets off on sharing her and having other men using her for their pleasure, making every effort to make the naughty little minx's fantasies come true.

This first story is a prologue to what the couple have been getting up to for several years now, and future offerings will feature either fantasies they have fulfilled, or ones they are going to.

I hope you will not judge them by so-called 'acceptable' social standards, but instead, enjoy their stories for what they are untended, - a bit of a turn-on.

Obviously their names have been changed, but believe me, they really do exist.

If any of you readers want to contact them, and you fulfil their criteria of being over 50 years of age, e-mail me and I will pass on your details to them. They are usually on-line in various swingers' chat rooms freely available at weekends, so, you never know, you may get to see them and chat to them. - you may even get to meet and fuck Libby if you are really, really lucky and live in the UK.

I hope you enjoy the stories and look forward to your comments and views,

Best Wishes,


A big thank-you goes to the wonderful Linda62953 for her sterling work editing, and also her advice which made this story into a much better read than the original.

Libby's Birthday

(Written by Oldiethevoyeur and Edited by Linda62953)

Chapter 1

Olivia was scared.

Laying blindfolded and gagged, tied up in the back of a van after being abducted

from her home by two extremely large, men wearing hoods, does that to a person.

As she lay there, restrained with her feet taped together, her hands securely fastened behind her back, she could barely hear the soft murmur of her two abductors' voices as they chatted away quietly in the front of the van. Unable to see anything at all through the blackness of her mask, or hear anything clearly apart from the rumble of the van wheels as they whizzed across the tarmac, she trembled in fear and trepidation as to what she suspected was about to happen to her.

* * * * *

Known as Libby from about the age of three, when a young girl who couldn't pronounce Olivia had decided Libby was easier to say, she had grown up with that name. Usually, only being called her given name by her parents, grandparents, or her schoolteachers on the many occasions she misbehaved in class. Mischievous misbehaviour was a common occurrence with the pre-pubescent Libby, never being downright naughty as such, but easily getting bored and becoming a distraction for the other pupils and the teachers, frequently being reported to her embarrassed parents by the headmistress with the accompanying request to 'Please do something about your child before she wastes her school years completely'.

Ever since, at the age of about 12, she had had a girlish crush on her mother's cousin's husband, Peter, a man she had been brought up to know as her 'Uncle'. Libby had always fancied men much older than herself. She had never had time for boys of her own age, always finding them childish and disrespectful whenever they had tried to 'chat her up' her in her youth. Older men had always appeared to be more, well, sophisticated was a good word. They seemed to know what to say and what to do whatever the circumstances. They knew far more about how to treat a girl, how to 'charm' their way into her knickers if you like...

James was such a man. They had met when she was almost 26 and he was 35. He had been married and divorced before they met, ergo knowing his way around a woman's body and not needing any of the usual fumbling around in her pants before finding her sexual triggers. Well educated and charming as he was, it was probably inevitable then that Libby had found him so interesting and charismatic that she was so easy for him to chat up; he thought all his birthdays had come at once.

It helped of course that she also found him devastatingly handsome.

He had seen her a few times out and about with friends and always found her so damned attractive, it hurt. Usually it was obvious she was in the company of a male companion, always older than her and, in his opinion, never up to the standard a girl like her should expect to have as a suitor. He knew almost from the first time he saw her that he had to have her. Had to explore her body and mind. Had to rescue her from, what he suspected; her, up until then, mundane and boring sex life.

Eventually he had managed to catch her on her own as she sat waiting for her friends in a bar.

Libby didn't meet her friends that night and, from that moment on, she and James became inseparable, eventually marrying in front of their families and a few close friends a year after they had first met.

* * * * *

Libby and James' sex life had never been anything less than spectacular. They had fucked each other to a standstill that first night they met and it carried on from there.

After they were married, as is the case with so few extremely lucky couples, they settled down to a stable, immensely satisfying for both of them, sex life. Although they didn't fuck every night, they were always spontaneous, never drifting into the routine Saturday-night fumbles that seem to be the death knoll for so many marriages.

* * * * *

From an early age, Libby had always been a tease. She had also always been a bit of a tomboy too, spending as much time playing with boys as girls when she was a child. Even so, from her early teens she had worn skirts much shorter than was decent or fashionable at the time; tops that showed her burgeoning tits off to anyone who took a fancy to looking at them. Although she had flaunted herself publicly from her early teens, (much to the chagrin of her parents) she actually didn't lose her virginity until she was over the legal 'age of consent' as it is stuffily described in any discussion about teenage sex. One night at a drunken teenage party, she had allowed a boy who was a couple of years older than her, to 'deflower' her, as her mother had so delicately put it, when giving Libby that talk, early in her daughter's teen years. It was his first time, too.

It wasn't a particularly good or memorable experience for her, the boy cumming inside his condom within a couple of minutes of penetrating her, leaving her frustrated and alone as he immediately and triumphantly 'fucked off' back to his drinking mates, no doubt to brag about the 'fit bird' he had just fucked upstairs. What it did do however, was plant the seeds of her desire for sex with older men that would stay with her for the rest of her young life.

At college, she had chosen to ignore her peers of the opposite sex, choosing instead to have several illicit affairs with university tutors and a few of the more mature students that were about at the time. After she left university, she had carried on with her penchant for older men, dating and having relationships with men that were always her elder. Probably harking back to her tomboy youth, she was invariably the dominant personality in those relationships, even though she was always the younger. She was never afraid to demand her lovers do as they were told in order to satisfy her. Of course, they were happy to oblige and be rewarded by fucking a woman of such sexual enthusiasm they would perpetually struggle to keep up with her.

Perhaps surprisingly at that time in her life, she was actually quite prudish with her sexual favours, her deflower-er being her only one-night-stand. Her other relationships were exactly that, relationships that lasted at least a few weeks.

Almost inevitably then, when she met her future husband, she was ripe for the picking for a man of his age and experience and fell in love with him almost immediately.

* * * * *

James was comfortable and confident in his own looks and personality, never doubting his ability to keep hold of any girl he chose to have a relationship with. It was an attitude that attracted Libby to him almost from the first words he ever spoke to her, immediately being at ease with him as his sense of humour and lack of nervousness shone through in their conversations.

He had always known he had an extremely large cock, right from his school days. In the communal showers he had sneaked surreptitious, innocent looks at other boys' penises, as most boys do, always noting that his was usually much larger than the others, so therefore had none of the usual angst related to cock size so prevalent in young men whenever he entered a full on sexual relationship with a girl. He also was well aware that, if a man wants to go out with a beautiful woman, he has to be prepared for her to be ogled and chatted up by other men. Either that or be prepared to fight every time they were out in public. Instead of getting upset or jealous if his partner attracted attention from other men prepared to try their luck, James actually took it as a compliment the same way he would if someone said he had a gorgeous looking car; or they liked his shirt, or any other of his possessions.

Consequently, right from the start of their affair, James had loved it when other men lusted after Libby. Taking it as a compliment to him that other men fancied 'his' woman, he actively encouraged her to dress sexily and provocatively; showing her body off skilfully in order to incite admiring and lecherous attention from strange men and quite a few strange women too.

Libby, in truth, loved that attention as much as James did. She found she had more than met her match in her new lover. Previously, she had always been very dominant in her relationships with men but this was very different. He had a real dominant personality too. This clash led to many screaming, raving rows early in their blossoming relationship as they subconsciously battled for emotional and sexual supremacy over each other. Eventually, they settled down to an unspoken agreement that Libby would concede control of her body to James. She would be his one and only love and he would always have her trust and devotion in their future sexual exploits. Naive she may have been; foolish possibly; vulnerable definitely, but she loved and trusted the man so much, none of that mattered.

She had always loved the feeling of power she felt when she knew men were trying to sneak furtive looks up her skirt or down her blouse, even though she convinced herself they were all perverts for looking. Now she found also, she loved her husband's reaction to those wishful, jealous degenerates trying to get a peek at 'his property' -- his woman's beautiful body. She loved the sexual arousal her sometimes blatant exhibitionism provoked in her husband. How, many times, they would never even make it home to consummate their lust, but instead, fuck furiously up against a wall or in a doorway on their way to their flat.

It seemed almost ordained by fate then that the loving couple would drift into a life of wife-sharing and sexual experimentation, given their mutual and individual fantasies.

* * * * *

From the very beginning of their relationship Libby and James had willingly shared their innermost thoughts. A confession by her that she had "submissive" and "rape and kidnap" fantasies had led to the discovery that they both had a mutual desire and love of S&M and Bondage play, eventually having quite a collection of restraints and punishment tools for James to use on her whenever the mood took them. In turn, he had, at first reluctantly anyway, confessed to Libby that he had secret desires of showing his wife off and watching 'his' woman being used and abused sexually by other men. On doing research on the internet, Libby had discovered both her and her new husband's kinky fantasies were actually quite common, and that there were many, many websites dedicated to their bizarre peccadilloes, as she initially thought of them.

Inexorably then, given their mutual so called 'kinkiness', they used their fantasies more and more during their love-making.

They quickly discovered Libby's limits with regard to bondage and discipline, determining that she absolutely loved being restrained, while being fucked hard and brutally, even being asphyxiated almost to the point of her blacking out. James learned that, like many, many women, his new wife didn't particularly like anal sex. They did indulge in it occasionally but Libby most certainly had to be in the right mood, finding James' exceptionally large cock being extremely uncomfortable as it forced its way deep into the recesses of her tight anus. Given the appropriate amount of prior stimulation and lubrication, and a continued attention to her clitoris and pussy, Lib would cum when being taken anally but never felt at ease with the feeling of wanting to 'poo' while she was being fucked.

Just about a year into their marriage they stumbled upon several so-called swinger sites online and subsequently joined some of them. They at first used these sites for their own exhibitionism, frequently fucking on camera for a very, very appreciative audience, until, probably inevitably given their fantasies; they agreed to meet another couple to swap partners. This first meeting did not go at all well. Libby absolutely freaked out when the other woman tried to seduce a strangely reluctant James, realising that there was no way on earth she wanted to share her husband with another woman, even though the reverse was James' ultimate fantasy. Neither did she want to play around with the other woman sexually, finding the very idea if not strictly repulsive, then most definitely a turn off for her.

Although Libby was well fucked that night by both men, she and James really felt guilty about the other wife being left out of the expected orgy and subsequently decided that 'straight-forward' swinging and wife swapping was not for them. Deciding after that, they would only meet with single men who would help James fuck his wife until her sexual needs were ultimately satisfied.

Over the next few weeks, after their ill-fated inaugural attempt at swinging, the couple delved deeper into the idea of Libby being taken by other men. They can't really remember who initiated the idea of her having a gang-bang, only that that particular fantasy turned them both on immensely, causing Libby to cum so hard when they discussed it while fucking each other that she almost flooded the bed with her juices. James also found the idea very interesting to say the least, and it was probably him who suggested they arrange a gang-bang for her at a swingers nightclub that had opened recently not too far from their home. Having excitedly decided on that course of action, they found themselves entering their first swingers club on Friday night in the middle of summer.

After their initial, understandable nervousness, James had stripped his embarrassed wife naked, in front of several strangers who were also in various stages of undress. Starting to fuck her slowly and deliberately from behind in her favourite 'doggie' position, he eventually invited a man of similar age to them to make use of his wife's mouth while he fucked her pussy. Of course, that invitation was immediately acted upon by the stranger, as he pushed his cock deep into Libby's welcoming orifice.

It didn't take long for the extremely aroused wife to cum several times as she experienced her first spit-roast, gasping and moaning as her husband grabbed her hair and dragged her head back forcefully to allow the other man's long, thin cock to penetrate her mouth fully, enabling her to take the other man's phallus completely. His swollen balls repeatedly banging against her chin, while all the time, her dominant spouse watched her from behind, fucking her sopping pussy with long, smooth strokes as he pounded her with all the expertise she was used to from him. The other man of course, found it almost impossible to restrain himself at the sight of the beautiful wife with her sensual mouth wrapped around his cock.

Before too long, he yelled his desire to cum. Libby wasn't keen on swallowing a strange man's semen, so instead, took the man's twitching cock from her mouth and wanked him furiously as she looked up into his eyes, giving him her most salacious, naughty smile as he came in streams over her clasping fingers.

Slowly, as Libby's orgasms gradually subsided, James withdrew from her pussy, her inner muscles doing their best to cling onto his rock hard cock for as long as possible. The other man then introduced himself as Jack, rather bizarrely in the circumstances, shaking hands with James and gently kissing Libby, the woman whose mouth he had just fucked, on the cheek in a strangely platonic manner. As they sat round discussing the club and what went on there, telling each other a little about themselves, Jack invited them to participate in the Round Room, -- a room upstairs dedicated to gang-bangs, if they were interested in Libby getting fucked by multiple strangers. Of course, the couple leapt at the invitation.

A few minutes later, eagerly followed by several of the men who had watched Libby's first spit-roast, they entered a fairly dark, circular room that's only piece of furniture appeared to be a low-level, round, padded table about a metre in diameter that had a volcano-shaped mound topped off by a leather cushion in the middle of it. Silently asking James' permission with a raised eyebrow, Jack took the nervous, but eager, Libby's hand and led her to the table. Bidding her to kneel on it, he bent her over the comfortable, central mound. On her hands and knees, her bottom and head were in a very submissive position that caused her pussy and mouth to be just at the ideal height for a man standing upright either behind or in front of her. Her body was then easily accessible to anyone wanting to use her and enabling them to fuck her in her favourite doggie position.

"Do you mind?" Jack asked, addressing James,

"Help yourself...Remember, she likes it as rough as you are comfortable with. Just make sure you use condoms." she heard her husband reply from somewhere in the shadows.

Seconds later, she felt the cock of a stranger force itself roughly and deep into her waiting pussy, forcing a gasp from her mouth just before that opening too, was filled with another strange man's weapon.

"Gentlemen," she heard her husband say, "By all means make use of my wife's body as many times and as roughly as you like, but she insists that there is absolutely no anal, that is for me only. In addition, no cumming in her mouth unless she asks you to. Is that understood?"

A murmur of agreement went round the room amongst the ever increasing audience of both men and women as a circle of naked and erect prospective participants began to form around the table.

A few minutes later, she felt the cock in her cunt twitch and pulse as it deposited the first load of latex-covered semen deep into her receptive vagina, the donor quickly withdrawing to be immediately replaced by another, much larger one. The reason for the circular table became obvious a short time later when, after the two men simultaneously fucking her had finished. Instead of them moving to allow others access, the table was turned slightly on it's axis causing her face to be confronted by yet another man while her welcoming pussy was again filled by a different cock.

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