tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLibby's Liberation Ch. 04

Libby's Liberation Ch. 04


Everything that Libby and I had done so far, we had done apart. I hadn't even seen her in the flesh since the day she had moved back in with Glen; Kelly saw lots of her, meeting her regularly for coffee or for lunch or to go see a movie -- typical BFF stuff -- but Libby always arranged to meet her out and away from the mansion. She was probably avoiding an encounter between her and I -- but I didn't mind. It was probably the safest way of going about things.

"Oh Tom," she PMed me one day. "Woe is me."

Such a 'Libby' thing to say. "Penny for your thoughts, love."

"I've got a new series of pictures," she wrote, "but I don't think I can post them -- they're against the rules."

That kindled my interest considerably. "Against the rules?" I typed. "This sounds interesting... tell me tell me tell me!"

"Well," she began, "I was alone in my room at home, taking shots for a new series... I was pretty much starkers right in front of my camera, and Glen walks in! He'd come home early and I didn't hear him, and he busted me taking photos for Literotica!"

"Wow," I reckoned. "Bit of a thrill for Glen, eh?"

"Well he was a bit suss, actually," she reported. "He thought I was taking the pics for someone else, he saw I had my computer on -- he thought I was going to email them to someone."

"Did you tell him about Literotica?" I asked.

"No no, no way," she replied. "I don't think he would like it. Besides, Tom, that's our thing -- you and I, on Literotica. It's none of his business," she declared.

"Okay then -- good," I wrote. It made me happy that Glen hadn't been told of Literotica. I liked that Libby wanted it to be something special, just for us. "Our dirty little secret, eh? ;-)"

"That's right :-)" she said. "So I told him, no no, I was actually taking them for a surprise for him -- and that turned him on. So..."

I blinked. "Did you guys do it?" I asked. "Did you 'get it on'?"

"We did!" she trilled. "And we took pictures of it!"

My jaw nearly crashed through my keyboard. "Whoa!" I cried out loud -- so I typed it too.

"And Tom: these pics are so, so hot," she told me, brazen and immodest -- Libby at her best. "Well, Glen looks pretty dopey -- but Tom, you should see how I look while I'm fucking..."

A groan of exquisite, terrible anticipation leapt from my lips. How I wanted to see those pics... how very, very badly I wanted to see Libby, hot and naked, as she was getting fucked!

I wasn't left wanting for long, though -- my phone suddenly rang. It was Libby. "Hello you!" I greeted.

"And hello to you!" she replied. "Long time no hear -- at least, aside from all the typing," she added, in her terrible attempt at a tone of coyness.

"So these pics sound pretty good," I prompted her.

"Oh, Tom -- they're unbelievable," she whispered -- as though the whole world might explode if she spoke of them too loudly. "But I was so upset when I read the forum rules and found they've forbidden hard-core sex pics. Tom: I've just GOT to show them to somebody."

"I'm always here for you, Libby," I suggested.

"I was hoping you would be," she said -- and I could hear the wicked grin in her voice. "Okay then -- let's do this. I'm sending you the first one through a PM."

It came through soon enough -- no text, just the first picture. "I'm almost afraid to open it," I admitted. "What am I going to see, Libby?"

"Now now, Tom: I'm not going to drop you in the deep end just yet," she admonished. "You know my style -- I start out slow and gentle, and build you up to the good stuff!"

"I've always loved your style, Libby," I told her, grinning. "Okay -- should I open it?"

"Yes! Go on!" she urged, crossly. I double-clicked, and there was Libby: full length and uncropped, she was clad only in a bit of a lacy pink g-string with a sort of a fluffy belt about it -- her hands were grasping her breasts, bare and delicious and fulsome, holding them up and squeezing them together; but she had a look of distraction, she was looking past the camera at someone. "This is the one where Glen walked in on me, right as the camera was going off," she explained.

"Hot damn, Libby," I told her, voice full of awe. "You just get sexier and sexier, do you know that?"

"I do know that," she told me, matter-of-factly, "but thank you, Tom. Are you touching yourself right now, by any chance?" she added.

"Uh, actually I am," I admitted, kind of guiltily -- without realising I had already started rubbing at myself through my shorts, as my cock stood up and gave praise to Libby, Goddess of All Hard-Ons.

"Good," she declared. "I love it when I know you're doing that to yourself," she confided. "I have to tell you -- I'm touching myself too. I'm hot and I'm wet, just thinking about you seeing my tits out... and everything else you're about to see..."

I groaned again. "You are something else, Libby..." I told her.

"Thank you. Here's another pic," she said, as a new PM came through -- it showed Libby shuffling back on the bed, as Glen climbed on hesitatingly to join her. "I'd just convinced him that I was doing all this for him -- stupid fool -- and I'd suggested we get some pics of us doing 'the nasty'."

"Really?" I asked. "It was your idea?"

"Yeah!" she confirmed, brightly. "I've been wanting to do it for ages, actually -- ever since I started shooting pics for Literotica, I've always wanted to take some pics of me fucking someone."

"Good thing Glen turned up, then," I reckoned.

"This next pic," she went on, as another message came through, "I decided to put my clothes back on -- and get shots of Glen tearing my clothes off." She was right -- in the picture she had redressed herself, and Glen had torn open her blouse to expose her bare-naked titties, standing proud and round and full.

"I like that," I approved. "It was a good idea to keep the bra off -- your tits standing out like that, with the shirt held open... damn," I simply said. "It's time to get rid of these pants, I think," I added, stepping out of my shorts to unleash and grasp my begging cock.

"I agree," said Libby, and I could hear the rustling of clothes from her end of the line -- "I think I'm wearing entirely too much, myself. Now then: in this next pic..." and it came through in another PM "...I'm laying back, and Glen has pushed my skirt up and he's..."

"I can see," I interrupted. It was an awesome pic, already on a new level over all her old ones -- as she laid back against the bed-head, shirt open and tits out, she had her legs up and spread... and Glen was in the process of removing her pink G-string. And though the G-string had only travelled half-way down her thighs, already one could see around it, around her legs and around Glen's arms to catch a tantalising glimpse of her shaved pussy.

There it was: bald and hot and tight, so beautiful, so enticing... And though her legs were partially spread those glorious pink lips remained tight, prim and puckered, not yet revealing the hot wetness that undoubtedly lay within... "Fuck me, Libby..." I breathed, more as an oath than an actual suggestion.

"Mmm..." she agreed, similarly breathy and awed at her own work, her own body. "Isn't that such a hot shot?"

"Those legs..." I murmured, expanding the picture to zoom in on Libby's crotch as much as possible. "And those thighs... and that pussy," I added, stepping up the pace to wank myself with greater purpose.

"Do you like it, Tom?" she asked me.

"Oh man..." I groaned. "And the look on your face...!" It was all I could say -- to top everything off, Libby was looking directly at the camera: turning the most smoky, heavy-lidded look on the camera that I had ever beheld on her or anyone.

Libby returned my groan with one of her own across the phone line. "We need to see the next shot," she reckoned. "It's hard trying to send pics using only one hand..." she added, alluringly.

I shook my head at the unabashed steaminess of it all, seeing the image in my mind of Libby straddled at her computer, legs wide and fingers deep within herself as she spoke to me and sent pictures to me. "By God you make me hard, Libs," I had to tell her.

"Ugh..." came a little, rewarding whimper down the line -- my hardness worked for her, it riled her up exquisitely, and she was letting me know.

A new picture came in. I opened it immediately, and sighed as I beheld Libby: underwear gone, shirt pushed rudely open and skirt hitched up high, as Glen bent low and laid his mouth upon her glorious, juicy snatch... and still Libby looked to the camera, she looked right at me from beneath her heavy, pleasured lids... her head tipping back and her face frozen in a delectable expression of gasping pleasure as he went down on her...

"That lucky bastard," I heard myself say, as I pounded away at my still-growing cock with a new fury. "I bet you taste so sweet, Libby..."

"Mmmmmm..." she said in reply, and I knew that her fingers had leapt instantly from her hot, moistened cunt straight into her mouth. "I do..." she told me. "I really, really do, Tom, I taste so good... tell me you're wanking, Tom," she begged. "Tell me how big I've made you...!"

"You're pulling a new record out of me, Libby," I told her, without a scrap of a lie. "I've never seen anything like it down there..."

"Are you going to come, Tom?" Urgent. Earnest. With a touch of a whimper about the way she said my name...

"I'm so close... but so far..." I reported. "I need to see more, Libby. I need to see them all! This fucking cock of mine holds on forever... it never comes until the end!"

"God I wish Glen had that 'problem'," Libby said, with a sneer in her voice at the thought of her boyfriend -- whom she seemed to like less and less as time went by. "Here's the next pic..."

I left off the glorious image of Libby receiving oral ministrations from Glen to open the next one, double-clicking hungrily and greedily to open it. Here Libby had pushed Glen down onto the bed -- the top of his head to camera, so thankfully I saw very little of him -- and she was astride him, straddling his hips as she shrugged backwards out of her shirt, her glorious breasts dynamic and alive as she struggled out of her top. The next picture came through immediately afterwards: now she was lifting her skirt over her head, stripping herself naked in preparation for what lay ahead...

"Yes, yes..." I urged Libby. "Keep 'em coming!"

Libby could only respond in a groaning moan of uncontained pleasure, as she sent through the next pic... and it left me frozen and speechless. Here I saw more of Libby than I ever had before: bare and stark naked, still pinning the hapless Glen down on the bed with her legs, she was up in a half-crouch over him with her hands raised to push up her long, flowing golden-blond hair... her tits stood up to attention with her arms raised... the curves of her sides and hips stretched tall and glorious... and down below, her snatch stood clear and unfettered, hovering slightly over Glen's exposed and rather pitiful cock -- the poor lad hardly had six inches to his name.

But never mind him: now that she had her legs spread wide, Libby's pussy was stretched wide open, finally revealing to me the luscious, hot, glistening wetness of her sex. My eyes were torn between the amazing, hornifying, so-long-yearned-for sight of her rudely exposed cunt, and the look in her own eyes; her eyes held a piercing, raunchy gaze that threatened to lock me in, as she exposed herself for the camera, and for me...

"Oh Libby..." was all I could say to that over the phone, as I worked maddeningly away at my cock. "Libby..." my orgasm was just there, just there! So close, it was right there... "your cunt, Libby..." But still, however hard and fast I worked at the thing, still it would not come...

"Tom..." she returned -- her voice high, flighty, fluttering as she pleasured herself. "I'm going to come Tom... wait til you see this next one, I think I'm going to cooome..."

Still, she managed to send it through: and finally, finally it was there, Libby had descended onto Glen's cock and it was in her, and her face had lost the piercing gaze -- now her eyes were closed, and her mouth opened again in gasping pleasure; I fixed my focus on the lips of her sweet, tight little pussy as they clasped about the shaft of Glen's pitiful little member -- small though it was, Libby's cunt was tight enough that his cock could still make her lips stretch and bulge about his shaft, and it was clear to see that she was tight enough to feel him -- to feel his cock inside her. I flicked between this pic and the last, creating a stop-frame animation of her riding him: on and off, on and off, up and down, thrusting herself onto and impaling herself on the cock again and again.

But still I would not come. "There must be more..." I urged of her. "My cock won't come... it knows there's more!"

"Two more pics..." Libby grunted. "I can't come either... I'm so close Tom, but it won't come -- I don't think I can come until you do... It gets better and better, it's building higher and higher, but it won't cooooome...!" and she was nearly wailing with delightful despair.

"It's the same for me -- send me the pics!" I ordered. "When we get to the end, then I might come! Send them through!!"

The two last pics came through in quick succession, and I kept working at myself, grasping myself with two hands to yank desperately at my aching, enormous cock -- trying to wring an orgasm out of the damn thing. I opened the first of the last two -- and there was Libby, face to camera, crouching down and forward with Glen behind her, doing her doggy-style; his face was twisted in agonised pleasure, probably mirroring my own expression, as he slammed into her from behind; and Libby crouched back against his pounding, her tits swinging beneath her, her eyes half-opened and looking at the camera, begging, pleading for my approval.

"Oh God, Tom," she said over the line. "I see these pictures, and I want this... I want to be fucked... I want it right now..." she said. "I want a cock in me... I want to be fucked right now... I want to be fucked! Fuck me!" she panted. "Fuck me!!" And it only made my cock grow harder; I moaned in reply as my orgasm seemed to take root, right there at the tip of my cock... Why would it not come??

I opened the last picture, and it hit me so hard I thought my cock would shoot forth sparks and fire and rocket me to the moon -- it was Libby, crouching as before but about-face; her cunt was wide open and right before the camera, and the woman was covered in come.

All around her glorious, glistening pussy, all about her puckering asshole too, and dribbling out from that beautiful cunt of hers was Glen's sticky white essence, mixed in with her own heady flowing juices; and she managed to twist around and look back at the camera -- looking back at me, inviting me to look upon the unbelievably pornographic image that she presented, of the cock-agonizing shot of her incredible cunt covered in spunk.

"That's it!" I cried in approval; I leapt up to my knees, pointing my cock at her glorious spunk-smeared snatch, wanking furiously over the image. "That's the one! That'll do it!"

"Come for me, Tom!" she cried in reply. "Come for me!! Come, and let me come!!"

"Keep talking!" I begged her. "Talk to me... tell me what I want to hear..."

"A cock, Tom..." she moaned, doubtless with half her fist thrust up that incredible pussy of hers. "I need a cock inside me... I want to be fucked... fuck me! Fuck me!"

I was there -- I was on the brink, I was so close to coming the world might have ended, the cataclysm may have occurred right there in my loungeroom -- but I wouldn't have noticed it. "Say it!" I hollered at the phone.

"Fuck me Tom!" she finally cried. "I want you to fuck me! Fuck me with your enormous cock, Toooommm!!"

"I'M COMING!!!" I finally bellowed as my cock spurted forth, and my phone relayed an earth-shattering series of screams and cries as Libby finally came too, and we yelled and hollered and screamed as we came together, coming long and hard, coming like nobody had ever imagined anyone possibly could. My orgasm seemed to stretch on an eternity, as my cock pumped and shot streamer after streamer of spunk right onto the screen of my laptop, right onto the image of Libby's glorious come-spattered cunt, and I told her as I did it: "I'm coming on you, Libby!" I told her. "I'm coming on your cunt! I'm coming all over you!"

"Come on me!" she urged, grunting and screaming. "Come all over me! Aaaargh...!" she added, as her orgasm robbed her of her basic language skills.

And I kept on coming, my cock pumping and sucking my loins dry and making a terrible mess of my computer, and even when there was no more still it pumped, sucking and slurping away at the bottom of the empty barrel, quivering and throbbing and spurting forth no more. After an eternity my orgasm had finally ran its course, and so had hers, and I collapsed backwards in a gasping, quivering wreck.

"...still there?" I asked the phone, half expecting her not to be.

"...I am..." she confirmed, gasping after her exquisite exertions. "Oh God, Tom... we just phone-fucked, didn't we? We just had phone sex..."

I winced at the thought of it. "I think we did," I agreed, guiltily.

"That was very wrong, wasn't it?" Libby asked of me.

"Yeah..." I had to agree. "It was, I'm afraid. That was very, very wrong."

"Yeah..." she allowed. "But... but it felt so good..."

"I think we need to cool down," I said, reluctantly. "We need to cool right down. Let's not talk on the phone again. And I think I'll have to stay off Literotica for a little while, too."

"Yeah," said Libby. "Yeah, I'll give it a rest too. I'm doing it too much, and I'm showing everybody more and more and more... I was going to post a few of these shots up anyway, shots of my face and my cunt and all the come... and the rules be damned. But I shouldn't," she realised. "It's not fair on Glen... and the thoughts I've been thinking... they're not fair on your Kelly."

I raked my hand across my face, railing against myself in guilty self-reprobation at the mention of Kelly. "I'm being very unfaithful to Kelly too, with the things I've been thinking about you... the things I'm wanting to do to you..." I admitted.

"Oh Tom -- you won't tell her, will you? You won't tell her what we've been doing?"

"No! Shit, no," I avowed -- I was too much a coward to do that. I loved her too much to hurt her like that, by confessing what Libby and I had been doing together, over the net, and now over the phone... and if we kept going, we would probably have let it go further, Libby and I would probably have got together and fucked each other... "No," I said again. "I think we should just stop."

"You're right," said Libby -- and I could hear the sadness in her voice. "I'm sorry Tom, it's all been my fault."

"Not at all!" I cried. "I got you started on this -- the blame is mine entirely."

"I don't know about that," she sniffed. "Oh well -- I guess this is goodbye, then?"

"I'm sorry, Libby," I said again. "I feel like I'm losing a great friend -- all because I wanted to see you naked."

"I'm feeling it too," she told me. "Well Tom, goodbye -- and thank you, for being so good to me through it all. I've never known a guy to be so sweet and generous and supportive... Kelly is so lucky, I hope she knows it. I love you, Tom," she told me.

I couldn't help but smile at that. "Love you too, Libs," I told her, genuinely.

The line cut off from there, and I was left to try to salvage my come-sodden computer -- egad, it was all over and in the screen and the keyboard, it had dripped between and under the keys... it was a write-off, I realised. Time for a new computer.

And well, yes, I did love Libby -- but that part I didn't feel bad about. I loved Kelly more than I did Libby, far more -- my love for Kelly was that of a husband for his wife, it was the greatest love I had ever felt and ever would feel. And though my base, sexual desires for Libby's pictures and her body had been overwhelming, behind it all was a natural and innocent affection for her -- the love of a friend for a friend, and nothing more.

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