Liberated but Handcuffed


I ripped her top off revealing a frilly lace bra that accentuated her cleavage.

I released the snap on her leather skirt.

"Greg, you can't do this. I am your mother. For goodness sake please no." She fought with renewed vigor, "Greg, stop this instance, no"

Despite her wiggling I yanked her skirt down. I stood back and ogled her. I was pleasantly surprised to see her clad in a garter belt. She wore a thong that barely covered her pubis. There was no way she could have known this, but I love women in garters, nylons and thongs.


"Greg, honey listen me. This has gone too far. You're my son. You shouldn't see me like this."

"Mother tell me, do you always wear undergarments like these?" I snapped a bra-strap on her against her skin, and then I snapped a strap of her garter-belt against her round ass.

"No honey, not always." This time she looked at me.

I dipped my chin to the side, indicating that I expect more accuracy from her.

"Oh Greg, hardly ever." She admitted.

"I am glad you did. Why did you wear them?"

"Greg, I told you, I wanted to look nice for dinner."

"Were you going to eat dinner wearing only your underwear?"

She didn't reply. I stepped behind her a slapped her ass. It was a bit harder than the night before. I must have caught her by surprised. She jumped and squealed. I placed my hand back on her bottom, a threat of sorts. Now I had her attention.

"Mother, pay attention to your predicament. I have been gentle with you so far. I do expect complete and honest answers to my questions. Understood?" I gave her one more swat.

Her ass jiggled deliciously. It was soft and fleshy with just the right amount of firmness. I loved the way she squealed to my spanks.

"Yes, Greg.

"Mom, if you wish to address me, you may call me sir. Son will do nicely as well. If you really wish to please me refer to yourself as 'your mother' or ', Mommy'. Do you understand?"

"Son, your mother understands." she said demurely.

"Why did you wear your undergarments?"

"Son, I wanted to feel and look sexy."

"Where you expecting anyone else for dinner?"


"Ouch, Son, I wore them for you. Your mother wore them just for you. God I'm so ashamed, please no more. Let us stop." She hung her head, avoiding my eyes, "Son I just wanted to play a little, like last night. Certainly, you don't want any more from your own mother do you?"

"Now, now, Mom," I chided, "We haven't gotten to the point fairness yet. You've seen you own son naked on video. Now it's your turn."

I retrieved a pair of scissors from my toy chest. I cut away her bra and thong. Her tits were medium size. They swayed gently with her movements. She lifted each leg in succession, alternating, trying to cover her pussy.

"Show yourself to me, Mom."

"I can't. Please no more." She whimpered.

I rummaged through my toy chest. For effect I made a lot of noise. I brought out a riding crop. I swished it through air. She still managed to keep her front turned away. She did stop struggling however, as if mesmerized by the new implement. I knew that would her grab attention. I slid the crop across her ass. Then I gently tapped her thighs with it prodding them to spread. I was delighted at the sight of her freshly shaved pussy. Her tummy was trim and her hips wide but well toned. Her ass was curvy and its skin smooth.

"Sir now you see me. You see your, Mommy naked, your own mother," she said with a hint of defiance, "Is that what you wanted? Please son release me now."

"Today, you have behaved and acted like a slut. Didn't you mother?"

"Son, don't make say it please." She pleaded.

"What are you, Mom?" I placed the tip of the crop on her nipple.

"Oh god I am so ashamed. I behaved like a slut." She said with resignation.

"And why is that mother?"

"Son, I dressed up for you like a tramp. I watched your video. Heaven forgive me it turned me on. And now I'm naked and helpless before my own son. Does that please you sir? Does it please you that, Mommy is slut?"

"Yes it pleases me. You learn quickly mother. I like that."

"Son, I'm glad I have pleased you. But, Mommy's had enough, let's stop before this goes any further. Please I'm begging you."

"Let me put things in proper prospective my dear sexy, Mom," I stated calmly, swishing the riding crop for a menacing affect, "Now you're naked and helpless. I have a few questions I'd demand answers to. Did you behave in such a wanton manner at the sex resort?"

"At first I was shy. After I met a few people and you know, had sex, I became more comfortable. I enjoyed being naked and also sometimes wore naughty lingerie."

"Mother your choice of words is too sedate," I corrected her, touching her nipple with tip of the crop, "Did you get fucked?"

"Yes sir, I was fucked."

"Better, oral?"

"Son, your mother sucked cock," she said hesitantly, "and ate pussy. I can't believe I'm telling you this."

"I'm proud of you mother. Anal?"

"Mommy got fucked in the ass. Your mother's is a slut." She hung her head.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes," she hissed, "Mommy enjoyed getting her ass fucked. I loved it all. This is so shameful. Son, please now you know it all, I beg you..."

"Mother, before I'm done I promise you will beg me to fuck you in all of your slutty holes, just like you've seen me fuck in the video and just as you've enjoyed it at the resort."

"No son please, you can't do that. It's so wrong. I am your mother. That's incest!"

"Incest, now that has a wicked ring to it. Let's see how much you enjoy being wicked."

I grabbed her by the hair and planted my lips on to hers. She struggled and tried to pull away. I held her tight by her hair. My other hand groped her body's assets.

"Mother, kiss me."

"Please don't make, Mommy do this."

I yanked her hair hard. She soon parted her lips and let my tongue into her warm moist mouth. Shortly, we were kissing passionately. I rewarded her by releasing the pressure on her hair. Mom hungrily sucked on my tongue and lips. We kissed for several minutes. I caressed her, quivering naked body. Her nipples hardened and her bald pussy was so wet. We both moaned into each other's mouths with passion, and love.

I then focused my attention on her tits, sucking her nipples.

"Thank you son." She whispered.

"I'm happy you are enjoying this. Now it's my turn to take some pleasure."

"Son, what are you going to do?"

"It's not what I'm about to do. It's about what you're going to do," I explained, "Mother you will suck my cock."

I pinched her nipples, gently rolling the erect buds through my fingers, "Beg me to suck on my cock."

"Son, please no, it's so wrong. I can't."

Without speaking, I increased the pressure on her nipples. She exhaled with pain, wincing. I slapped her tits. They bobbed and swayed with my blows. I alternated between pinching and slapping, increasing the force with each cycle.

"Ouch, please it hurts. No more, you're hurting, Mommy's tits." She squealed.

I continued my torture, increasing the intensity.

"Ok, Ok, ouch, please stop. I'll suck your cock. Please, son I beg you let, Mommy suck your cock." She panted.

"Let me be clear mother. I am going to let you down. If you don't keep your word, I will tie you up and punish you mercilessly. You better suck me good."

"Son, thank you. I promise I'll do a good job. You'll see, Mommy can be a great cocksucker."

I undid her cuffs. I guided her to kneel before me. I stepped away. I ordered her to put her hands behind her back. I took my clothes off and approached. She looked at me with hungry eyes.

"Son, your mother thinks her son is very handsome, tall, fit and so strong. I beg you, let me please you."

I grabbed my rigid member with hand and approached. I slapped her face with my cock.

"It pleases me that my mother is such a whore."

She took my cock into her mouth. She enthusiastically, sucked and licked me.

"You have a beautiful cock son. May I use my hands to bring you further pleasure?"

"You may."

She cupped my balls and stroked my shaft with her delicate fingers. My cock was coated with her saliva. Her lips engulfed my cock. She coaxed me all the way into her eager mouth. She grabbed my ass cheeks and urged me to thrust into her. She was right. She was a great cocksucker. I came in her mouth and caused her to gag. My spunk leaked out as she tried to swallow it up. Her face and lips were a sticky mess. A dollop of cum dripped on her heaving breast.

I helped her to her feet. Giggling, she wiped her lips and face with her fingers. She brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them. I painted the stray cum over her breast. She took my sticky finger and guided it to her mouth. We embraced, our nude bodies mashing into each other.

"I hope my son enjoyed his gift." She whispered, kissing my neck.

"I love you, Mom."

"Mommy loves you too."

Our lips met. Our passionate kiss lingered for an eternity. I touched her shaved mound, parting her wet lips with a finger.

"No son," she broke away, covering her tits and pussy with her hands, "This is so wrong. I gave you pleasure, which was more than we should have done. I am your mother after all. We have to stop now."

Grabbing the cuffs, I wrestled her to the ground. I relished her struggling. Soon I had the cuffs around her wrists again. I dragged over to the sawhorse and attached the cuffs' chain to a waist high snap on its side. This forced her to bend at the waist and jut her ass into the air. I didn't mince words this time.

"I'll tell you when we're done mother dear."

I spanked her inviting ass soundly. Each blow landed with a resounding smack. The straps of her garters artfully framed her quivering cheeks. . She took her punishment, quietly at first. Gradually, her whimpers became louder. Her bum turned red.

"Ouch, I'm sorry son. Please stop. I'll promise I'll be good," She pleaded, "I'll do anything."

I continued with my slaps. "Anything I say?"

"Yes please no more." She cried out, "Ouch, it stings baby."

"Beg your son, your own flesh and blood to fuck you. Make it good or else." Slap.

"Son please fuck Mommy. I need my son's hard cock inside my wet pussy. Mommy needs to be fucked hard."

I stopped spanking. She panted as I rubbed her sore ass. She exhaled loudly when I ran my finger down the crack of her ass. I played with her wet pussy. She was sopping wet.

"Since you have obeyed me I am going to reward you before I fuck you."

I kneeled between her legs. I burrowed my tongue into her pussy. I licked and sucked on her smooth lips. I furiously flicked my tongue on her clit. I savored her copious juice as she shook with pleasure.

"God, I'm coming. Yes, yes."

I waited until her orgasm subsided. I then plunged my cock into her wet pussy.

Without any prompting she said, "God, baby fuck me. It feels so good. Fuck, Mommy, fuck me hard!"

I slapped her ass as I fucked her, "Mother, I love fucking you."

"Son I can't believe we're doing this. This is incest. How can something so wrong feel so good? It's so naughty. Oh god, sweet INCEST!"

I wiggled a finger into her ass and she came again.

I released her cuffs. She stood before me smiling, stretching her aching limbs. She rubbed her stinging bottom and shrugged.

"You made me feel so good. Thank you sir."

I opened my arms. She moved into me for another embrace. We kissed, tenderly. She stroked my hard cock.

"It seems my son in not done with his, Mommy yet."

"You know what I want of you, don't you."

"Yes son. You want to fuck your mother in the ass. Son I beg you fuck my ass like a whore."

"Gladly mother but we are going to do it my way."

I spread a blanket on the carpeted floor. I bade her to kneel on the blanket and I gently pushed her face down into the blanket. I rummaged through my toy chest and found the vibrator I had in mind. It was a medium sized one and I was told in gave a nice hum when turned on. I also fetched a tube of lubricant. I gave her the vibe and told her to play with herself.

I knelt beside her. She began to stimulate her clit with the vibrator as I lubricated my rigid cock. I kissed her asshole, eliciting mewls of pleasure from her. I coated my finger with the gel and thrust it into her asshole. With care I was able to put two fingers in her ass and then a third. I slapped her ass repeatedly with my other hand. I could tell she was getting into it. Her sphincter relaxed with each thrust of my fingers.

"You are definitely a slut."

"Son, sweetheart, I am your slut."

Her face lay sideways on the blanket. Her ass was up in the air. With her hand between her legs, she guided the vibrator onto her clit. I took the vibrator from her and slid it into her drenched pussy. I turn up the intensity of the vibration and placed her hand back on the vibrator. With a hard slap on her red ass, I bade her to keep the phallus inside her. I removed my fingers and slowly thrust my cock into my mother's ass. Momentarily, she relaxed and her ass accepted my intruding cock. I began to fuck her, slowly at first, then gradually increasing my tempo and force. Her ass cheeks jiggles and bounced as I pounded her hard.

"Baby, fuck my ass. Mommy's got your beautiful cock in her ass and vibrator in her pussy. I feel so full. I'm going to cum soon. I'm going to cum for my son."

We both came together. Grunting I shot my seed deep inside her. In the throes of an ecstatic shudder, she let go of the vibrator and clutched the blanket with both hands, moaning.

We lay silently on the blanket. Our limbs entwined, caressing each other softly. Later, I carried her to my room her like groom would carry his bride across the threshold. I filled up the tub and joined her for a warm soapy soak. We bathed each other and toweled each other dry.

Dressed in bathrobes we made our way to the kitchen. We laughed and chatted. In between kisses and sips of wine we fed each other dinner.

"Greg, that was the single most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Thank you."

"Mom, I was just thinking the same thing."

"Any regrets? I mean you just did all those things with your own mother."

"No regrets at all. It was so fucking hot. You are so sexy and beautiful. I can't wait to enjoy you again. That is if you have no regrets about incest with your own son."

"Baby I have no regrets. I want more too. I love you son."

"I love you too mom."

She joined me in my bed. We were both naked again. The room was dimly lit by candlelight. We could not stop kissing each other. I lay on my back and she climbed on top. I slid into her with ease. She rode me and I thrust into her. Her breasts bounced before my face. We came together our moans muffled by our passionate kiss.

With my semi-rigid member inside her we agreed that we should merge the business'. Chuckling we even agreed on a name, 'Emaness Fine Wine Imports'. It was kind of silly, but we thought it fitting: Emaness was a play on the initials M and S for Mother and Son.

As we snuggled in bed together in the dark awaiting sleep, Mom turned to me and said, "I would love to meet Marcy someday soon."

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haven't had this much fun stroking my self while reading a story, my cock is so covered with wet precum.

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