My father had always been an asshole. I decided that growing up watching the way he treated my mother. I was determined not to allow him to treat me the same way. I, of course, failed. He called me everything from stupid to a slut. I don't even remember a time when I looked up to my father for anything other than his height.

He spoiled every chance that I had at romance. He would hit me and call me a street whore every time he found out that I had a boyfriend. I tried to hide my relationships, but some how he found out and didn't hesitate to embarrass me in front of other people.

It seemed that I had been planning my eighteenth birthday my entire life. I had one goal in mind, and that was to leave my father's house forever. I had been sneaking the things I wanted to take with me out of the house little by little. I could tell by the way my mother looked at me that she knew I was planning something and often voiced it to my father who dished out more of his abuse at me.

I had also noticed the way my father looked at my body when he called me a tramp and a whore. The fucker was getting excited, and after witnessing the way he took my mother where ever he desired, I figured that I couldn't put it past him to try something with me.

The thought of being raped horrified me, but I had to consider it as a real possibility. I snuck out to the clinic and got birth control. The last thing I wanted was to be carrying around my father's demon seed. I also allowed strange men to have sex with me, so I could prepare myself for the possibility of my father's vile touch.

On my birthday, things started just like I had predicted. I had my book bag with a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt. I had all of my other things stored in duffle bag at a friend's house. All I needed to do was to make it out of the house. I was discovered by my mother.

"Where in the hell do you think you're going," my mother said standing between me and the front door.

My father heard my mother and came stomping through the house in his wife-beater t-shirt and blue slacks.

"You're not going anywhere," my father said pushing me back into my bedroom and locking my mother out.

When he unzipped his pants I knew that he was intent on raping me. As much as I tried to prepare myself, I was really scared, but also very angry.

"You're going to rape me, aren't you?" I asked as if I didn't know.

"That's what sluts like you deserve," he said pushing me back on my bed.

"You're right, Jim," I replied calling him by his first name. "And since that's all I have ever been to you then here." I pulled off my panties with my shorts and through them at him, and then I pulled my top off over my head and hit him in the face with it. I quickly got my bra off. "Is this how you want me," I shouted at him spreading my legs wide.

My father never looked me in the eye the entire time. He kept looking between my legs and at my tits as he took off his clothes. He looked even more disgusting than I imagined he would. His short uncircumcised erection pointed straight out from his hairy body.

I kept trying to make eye contact with him as he stuck his cock inside of me. Each time our eyes met, he looked quickly away.

I humped and rolled against him as he thrust his little cock inside of me. "You like your daughter's pussy? You like fucking your own child? You like raping your own child?" I kept asking him over and over again as I fucked him harder than he was fucking me. I wanted him to remember that he was raping his own daughter.

I pushed him off me as soon as I felt him shooting his cum in me. I grabbed my bag and found my mother standing right outside the door.

"You see what kind of man he is?" I asked my mother. "This is his nasty cum coming out of me. He fucking raped his own daughter."

"He's not your father," my mother replied.

I almost fainted. "You bitch!" I shouted at her and slapped her as hard as I could before running out the door naked with my bag in my hand.

I ran behind the neighbor's house and dressed, while the old Johnson watched me from his back porch.

"You want me to call the police?" he asked.

"No, they are both going to hell anyway," I said to him.

He must have realized that I was running away, because he gave me all the money he had in his wallet and told me not to look back. I didn't look back. I ran as fast as I could away from there.

My friend Ronald let me shower at his apartment. I knew that he always had a crush on me, and since I was never coming back to that town, I decided to allow him to have sex with me. I knew it wasn't what he really wanted, but it was all I could give him.

Ronald was so sweet and gentle that he washed away the filth of my father's touch. We rolled around in his bed until it was time for him to take me to the bus station. I actually felt better, and determined to make a new start.

I took the bus heading east, because I'd heard all the stories about girls going to Hollywood to become stars and ended up as street whores. I had my sights set on Atlanta.

The further away I got from my hometown the better I felt. The other passengers on the bus looked like they were looking for something different to happen in their lives. The girl that I sat next to on the bus pulled at the loose string on her cut-offs. I could sense that our situation was somewhat similar due to the dirt on her face and hands. It made me wonder just how many girls ran away from home.

Everyone in my home town who knew of my plans to get as far away from my parents as I could, warned me to be careful. I heard one horror story after another. Some of the stories were told in an attempt to get me to forget the foolish idea of leaving home. The stories about pimps lurking around bus stops looking for run-a-ways stayed with me.

Candice, the girl I sat next to, seemed like the kind of girl who would fall victim to such cons. She looked scared like she wanted someone to come along and take care of her. I'd had enough of a man's rule over me. Some how I knew that no matter how hard I tried to warn her, she would end up falling for a pimp's game.

It was almost comical at every stop the bus made, I could see a man looking for an un-expecting young woman with big dreams. I had no dreams other than never to have to look in my parents faces again. I even pointed out the men who looked like pimps, and others who acted like pimps.

At a stop in Mississippi, I lost Candice. As the bus was pulling off, I saw her getting into a big car with tinted windows. I felt sorry for her, but I had to concentrate on taking care of myself. I went over in my mind the things I needed to do to get myself settled. I needed a place to stay and a job. I didn't have any working experience, but I was sure to find something.

The Atlanta bus station was busier than any I had come to before then. With all the people standing around, it was hard to figure out who might be a danger to me. It became very clear once I stepped out side how dangerous a city could be. There were at least a dozen or so very unfriendly cops directing people away from pick-up areas and from the street. Across from the bus station was a very busy strip club. It was the first one I had seen up close and I was across the street. There were signs all along the street directing club goers. I saw other men who looked like pimps talking to young women right in front of the cops.

I was lucky to get a cab and asked him where I could find a good motel. He looked me up and down and then warned me of the danger of being in the downtown area. He told me that I could find cheaper motels just outside the city and would be able to use the public transportation to get around where I wanted to go. I guess that the black man was an honest to god African. It was something in his tone that led me to trust what he said.

He drove me about twenty minutes north of Atlanta to a place called Marietta and showed me a lot of places along the highway. He took me to a motel that had an all night diner next to it. The cab driver was nice enough to stay while I got checked in, which I thought was very nice of him.

The motel room was the first place I ever had of my own. I filled the tub and took a very long bath. It felt so good not having to wonder if my father was going to burst through the door and rape me. I laughed at the thought of his little cock and how weak he became after he came inside of me.

I went next door to the busy diner and ordered myself a big meal. There were a lot of girls my age there from the college I was told that was a mile up the road. They looked like they had so much going for them. I finished my meal and no one even noticed that I had been there. At home, everyone knew my name.

Back in my room I turned on the television and found there were only two things that I could watch, the news about murder and corruption or adult movies. I chose the adult movies, because they were at least entertaining.

I got up the next morning eager to see the area where I had landed. I put on my mini-skirt, wedge sandals, and mid-riff tank that I had been called a slut and a whore for buying by my parents. I even wore a thong, because it was my choice to do so.

The sun was blazing hot and my hair fell before I could get across the street. The only breeze came from passing cars that lifted my skirt. It had been a while since I got a thrill out of someone blowing their car horn at me. But the sun was still way too hot for me.

A black man in a blue sedan stopped on the road next to me. He rolled down his car window and yelled at me that it was too hot for me to be walking and told me to get in his car.

He was right, but I still don't know why I got in his car. I told him that I was trying to get to know the area. He seemed to act like I was insane for walking out in the heat no matter what I was trying to do. He offered to show me around the area in his car.

We had been driving around the area for nearly an hour before I realized that Chris, the man, hadn't stared at my legs or anything. He talked to me like he had known me all his life. What was stranger was that he didn't fail to notice any woman we passed by, even the ones in cars.

He pulled into a bar and grill and got out without asking me if I wanted to go there. The thing of it was that I was hungry. When the waiter came, Chris told him that we were going to have one check. He insisted that I ordered what I wanted stating it would be stupid of me not to do so when he was picking up the check.

I began to let my guard down and tell him a little about me. Before I knew it, I was pouring my heart out to the guy. He just made it so easy, and he really listened.

I ate heartily, not realizing just how much until I was done. We began talking about movies, and then we left the place for the video store. We picked out a few movies together.

I wasn't even worried one little bit when he took me to his upscale apartment. It had vaulted ceilings and a fireplace. He made popcorn and margaritas, since I mentioned that I wanted to try it.

It was really early in the morning when I got a look from him that told me that he wanted to sleep with me. I felt flattered and leaned against his shoulder. I looked up at him and found his soft brown lips waiting. I moved up wrapping my arms around his neck as our tongues moved in and out of each others mouths.

His hands were so gentle all over my body as he stripped me completely naked. I worked his pants open and pulled out his big cock.

I was fascinated with his fabulous cock. It was heavy, and thick, and long, and dark, and juicy, and beautiful. I stroked it moving my fingers over the thick veins. The head was like a helmet from Star Wars. I had to stretch my mouth to get it inside. I enjoyed sucking any cock before then.

He laid me down on the floor and stretched me severely as he worked his big cock inside of me. I loosened enough to take him and tried my best to keep up with his hard pounding. I could hardly tell whether I was having an orgasm or not with the pleasure I was feeling from his huge cock.

I passed out when I felt his cum shooting inside of me. I had a very happy dream that night. I woke to his kisses on my tits, which made me smile. The way he was paying attention to my nipples made me believe that he really liked them.

We showered together and I gave him a blowjob before we got out. He gave me a shirt to put on, which felt great against my naked body.

We sat together on the sofa making out and he told me that a woman would be coming over. I didn't care. I was surprised that he bothered to tell me in the first place. I pulled his cock from under his robe and began sucking on it again. I swallowed his tangy thick cum, something I never did before I met him.

The woman that came to Chris's apartment was beautiful. Her hair was long and shiny, her breasts were large, her hips flared from her small waist and her legs were very long. Chris held me close to him kissing me often. I assumed that he wanted to show that I was with him.

The woman was very nice to me. She had the same kind of charm as Chris. I had never given a woman a second thought, but Sandra, the woman was hot.

Chris got his camera and Sandra sat next to me posing for him. I felt shy not having my hair done or makeup on, but Sandra was having fun and I started having fun. She lifted her top to show her huge tits for Chris and I felt compelled to show mine also, but I exposed more of myself than Sandra.

Sandra took hold of my tits and put one of my nipples in her mouth as Chris continued taking pictures of us. I kissed and licked her tits as well. We kept playing and posing in more and more provocative positions. We ended up outside on his third floor balcony completely naked posing for the camera.

Sandra took the camera and began taking pictures of Chris and I. She took pictures of me sucking on his huge cock and then of him shoving his huge cock in me posing in different positions. I was having so much fun that it didn't bother me to take pictures of Sandra sucking Chris's cock and fucking her like he had fucked me.

Sandra posed with me again, and then she kissed me. I had never kissed a woman like that, but I had thoughts of it a time or two. She kissed down my neck to my tits and over my stomach to my wet pussy. I started getting dizzy as she went down on me. I came hard causing both Chris and Sandra to laugh.

I felt obliged to return the favor, going down on Sandra. Chris didn't seem to miss one move we made with the camera. We took pictures for a few hours.

Sandra dressed and said her goodbyes. I was giddy. I'd had sex with another woman, something that no one would have told me I would have done. Chris seemed very proud of me and that made me happy.

He took me to the Mall and bought me some jeans, tops, and shoes. He told me that my pussy was too pretty to be covered by panties. I hung on to his arm tightly.

We went by a print shop and hung around for a couple of hours, so Chris could pick up a poster that he wouldn't let me see. I was curious, but respectful of him.

We went and picked up a friend of Chris's. His friend, Mike, was a really good looking medium brown skinned black man, but was skinny. Mike was really nice, but I could tell that Chris didn't command him. Mike carried a laptop bag with him. Chris revealed that Mike was his webmaster.

Chris opened the poster, while I kept my eyes closed. When I opened them, I saw that the poster was of me, nude out on the balcony. It looked great. It had my name in dramatic fashion on it. Chris told me that Mike had created it.

I hugged Mike to thank him. Chris told me to kiss Mike while he took pictures. I understood where Chris wanted me to go with that. Mike played alone with me.

It was amazing how well we clicked. We kissed while he felt me up. I was dripping wet. I went down on my knees and pulled out his cock and nearly fainted. I thought Chris had the biggest cock I have ever seen until Mike's cock was staring me right in my face.

I took Mike's cock with my hands stacked on top of each other and there was plenty enough room for another hand. I would never have suspected that Mike had a tool like that in his pants. I tried to show both of the men how well I could suck on the big cock.

Chris kept taking pictures as I stretched my mouth over the fat head. I licked, kissed, and sucked all over the thing knowing that I was going to have it in me. I got so caught up with sucking on Mike's big dick that I didn't realize that Chris was no longer taking pictures.

Chris asked Mike if he would make a video with me. I understood that they were talking about making a porn video. I felt excited about that. I stood trying to stay out of their way while they talked, but kept my hand on Mike's big cock.

Mike told me that he wanted to spend the night with me, which Chris agreed to, and then left us in his apartment alone. I had completely forgotten that I had not paid for my motel room, so Chris stopped by and picked up my things.

I was just dying to have Mike's big cock inside of me. I stripped naked showing him that I was ready whenever he was. He began kissing me and it felt like I was with the love of my life. He stuffed me full and fucked me harder than anyone ever tried. I did my very best to match him stroke for stroke, but most of it was me bouncing up from the mattress. After a while, I thought he would cum, but he kept going with the same hard stroke. I came a couple of times, but he was running a marathon. When he pulled out, it felt like he was still inside of me.

He turned me over and oiled my tight asshole. I almost lost my mind. He slid his finger up my anal canal and fucked me steadily with it as he continued adding more oil. After a while, he slid a second finger in me, stretching me wider. He twisted his fingers as he moved them in and out. I relaxed getting into the flow of the fucking motion.

Mike replaced his fingers with a small dildo that I was able to stand. He worked the dildo in me fast and slow moving it around and causing me to have another orgasm.

I gasped when Mike replaced the dildo with his big hard cock. He shoved it up my asshole with one long continuous stroke. I cried out as he pounded me with the strength of ten men, it seemed. My asshole felt like it was on fire with no water to cool it off. He pulled my hips back to him as he shoved the full length of his cock in me.

It seemed like he had fucked me all night up my ass. I woke sore and alone in the bed. My things from the motel were next to me on the bed. My asshole still felt like it was on fire.

I heard Chris and Mike talking about me in the other room. It sounded like they were having an argument and then everything went quiet. My heart started beating faster as I got up from the bed to go see what was going on.

Chris and Sandra sat looking a Mike while he paced back and forth talking on a cell phone. Both Chris and Mike looked very annoyed. Sandra ushered me into the bathroom as soon as she saw me. She told me that Chris and Mike were trying to workout a business deal that wasn't going well.

She took off her clothes and got in the shower with me. She knew that Mike had anal sex with me and told me of her first experience with him. She warned me not to fall in love with him, because I would only become jealous went another girl comes alone that he needs to fuck. She said the first time that she had sex with him, she wanted to marry him, but he was more concerned about them having sex mechanically correct. She admitted that every time she saw him that she wanted to fuck him. We made out in the shower and then went back out.

Chris and Mike said that we were starting to film a movie that Mike had been working on for over a year. Sandra was also to be in the movie. I was so excited. I had somehow dropped right into the middle of the porn scene.

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