tagLesbian SexLibido Lullaby Ch. 01

Libido Lullaby Ch. 01

byGeorgette Glass©

When I am home alone with my infant son, Mikie, I have a tendency to make myself as comfortable as I possibly can. Take today for example. I am sitting on the sofa nursing my boy for his nourishment and to induce sleep. I am wearing an oversized man’s shirt that I saw no reason to button.

My little darling had apparently gotten his fill of breast milk because he was peacefully snoozing as only a baby that age can do. His tiny mouth on my nipple along with the feel of his tiny hand massaging my breast as he drained his quota had once again turned me on like a Christmas tree. My chest and breast were rising and falling abnormally, and precious Mikie was taking the ride entirely unaware of the events occurring around him.

Then the knock at the door broke the silence. My heart leaped to my throat. I just knew the noise would waken my baby.

“Caroline,” the voice from outside said, “it’s me, Paige. Are you home?”

It was my very good friend from down the street. Some people say we are joined at the hip, but my pregnancy and child birth altered that situation somewhat.

I made a shushing sound, and in a voice as loud as I dared under the circumstances, I invited her into my house. The minute she entered and surveyed the situation she assumed an affected stealth mode. She tiptoed over in front of me and the baby taking undue precautions not to wake His Highness.

“What a lovely sight,” she whispered as she surveyed my skimpily clad body and the kid attached to my motherly large breast. “May I?” she asked as she seated herself cross legged between my legs. Surprisingly her action caused a warm sensation to flow through my body and flush my cheeks.

“Make yourself to home,” I whispered as I shifted slightly on the sofa.

“Thanks, I will.” She steadied herself by placing her hands on my legs just above the knee. The warm tide raced through my body once again, but this time it was more intense, “Can I do anything for you, Mom?” Emphasis on the Mom bit.

“You could if you had a cock about eight inches long,” I said. “This kid makes me hornier than Hell ever time I feed him. My tits are super sensitive, and he is nothing short of demanding when he latches onto one of my nipples. I’ll bet my pussy is wet right now.”

“Let me check,” Paige volunteered as she stroked my slit with her forefinger. “Absolutely,” she reported.

“Careful, I’m still a little sensitive down there.”

“Sorry,” Paige said sympathetically. “Here, let me kiss it and make it better.”

“Yeah, right,” I sighed. “Ooooh,” I gasped as I felt her lips against my pussy. “What are you doing?” I cried.

“I just did what I’ve wanted to do for months now. I had an idea your pussy would be delicious, and I was right in thinking so.”

“You like my pussy?” I was flabbergasted. “You’re my best girl friend, Paige, and with your equipment, you’re definitely not a man.”

“I can see there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight, Love. I am also open-minded and a free thinker.”

“But . . . but ...” I stammered.

“Never make a judgment without adequate research, Caroline. Care to explore?”

“But I’ve never . . .”

“And you never will if you maintain that attitude the rest of your life.”

“I can’t,” I argued. “I have Mikie . . .”

“Hush. If you want to take a step you’ll never forget, we will put Mikie in his crib and then we can enjoy each other. How about it?”

“Kiss my pussy again,” I said softly.

Paige leaned forward, pressed her lips firmly against my slit and gently inserted her tongue part way into my pussy hole.

I gasped at her intimate touch, but I also blossomed with arousal. My pussy puckered, and my thighs closed in on Paige’s cheeks.

“Oh God. What a rush.” My breasts were doing the billowing thing again.

Paige rose to her feet. “Let me have Mikie,” she said tenderly, “it’s my turn, now.”

I reluctantly surrendered my child, but I watched Paige’s every step as she took him in to his crib. A few moments passed before she returned, but when she did she was butt naked.

The warmth returned to my cheeks again, and this time I felt an exciting sensation in my breasts and my crotch as well.

“You like?” she ask as she struck a pose.

“Your beautiful,” I commented honestly, “and I like the outfit,” referring to her nude body.

“Let’s concentrate on yours for now, Love. We need to release some of that tension you’ve been building up. I can do that for you, honest.” She knelt down between my legs again only this time she pressed her body against my crotch and stretched her nudity along mine positioning her face near mine. Without asking, she pressed her soft lips against mine tenderly and flicked the tip of her tongue against my lips until I made way for her intrusion.

Involuntarily I admitted her tongue into my mouth where it wandered and probed until I returned the gesture. We were both heaving and panting by now, but we continued with our passionate embraces. While we were engaged in this intimate rapture Paige cupped one of my breasts with a free hand and kneaded its softness caringly.

I thought my body was going to explode, but Paige was just beginning. She shifted her body downward so she could make contact with my breast and her mouth. Her first contact with her mouth on my nipple set off a series of flashes and caused bells to ring. I clutched her head with both hands and held it firmly to my breast. I also pressed my pussy against hers as hard as I could.

This was my first seriously intimate contact with another human being since some time before giving birth to Mikie. I wasn’t at all surprised to feel an orgasm surging through my body. I pressed even harder against Paige’s pussy, and let my fluids flow.

She felt my climax and she felt me relaxing my body after it had subsided. She whispered in my ear, “We’re just getting started, Love, but you can come all you want to while we are together. We don’t have to worry about an erection or virility or anything like that. We can fuck ‘til the cows come home.” She squeezed her breasts against mine again, wiggled them from side to side, and then with her mouth and tongue leading the way, she worked her body past my navel and on to the serious playground.

I could feel the product of my first orgasm oozing down my slit, over my pussy hole, along the crack of my ass, and on to the sofa. I didn’t for a minute think about the stain my juices would make. I concentrated solely on the path my lover’s tongue was taking. My hands were still resting on her head encouraging her and assuring her that I was totally in favor of her intentions.

Paige was nuzzling my pubic patch with her nose while she tickled my slit and teased my asshole with her forefinger. My libido alert system was fully activated, and absently mindedly my hips were causing my snatch to rise and fall looking for more positive sexual satisfaction. Obviously, Paige and I were on the same wave length.

Her nose worked its way down to my hood and promptly pushed aside nature’s protective cover exposing my inflamed clitoris to the world, but specifically to her mouth and tongue. Once her mouth covered the target and her tongue engaged in intense close order contact with my engorged nub, I began to experience the most breathtaking, excruciatingly delicious orgasm I had ever had. I have no idea how long it lasted, but I do know I was entirely drained of the fluids and energy required to fuel another such occasion.

After this colossal experience subsided, we were still lying on the sofa gasping for breath and still fondling each other in the most intimate of places. My itch had been scratched magnificently well, and my sexual inadequacies were just fond memories. At least I thought this was true.

“Caroline,” Paige managed with bated breath, “once you catch your breath sufficiently we are going into the final phase of all girl seduction.”

“My God, Paige. What else can there be. I’ve never been more satisfied in my life even considering when I got knocked up with Mikie.”

“You can put the notion of pregnancy on the shelf until you alone are convinced that another child is what you want. You have the most reliable contraceptive in the universe.”

“What’s that?”


“You are wonderful, Paige. I can’t imagine what else there is to this female to female sex world. Tell me, please.”

“Well, I intentionally avoided your pussy hole this go ‘round because it’s too soon after you tried to stretch it all out of shape shitting your watermelon. We need to give it time to recover and return to its original size. Then I plan to explore that cave like a professional spelunker would do.”

“A what?”

“Someone that explores caves, baby>”


“Now if you are rested,” Paige said, “I want you to roll over on your stomach and pull your knees as far up under your body as you can. Can you do that for me?

“Of course I can, silly. I’m recovering from childbirth, Paige. I’m not injured or cripple.” I pulled my knees up to just below where my breast were hanging down from my body. “Is this good?”

“Perfect.” Paige moved around to my uplifted ass, and surveyed the situation. “You’re going to love this, Sweetheart.”

From this vantage point Paige had a clear and unobstructed view of both my ass and my pussy. My vulva was still prominently swollen from the events of earlier in the day, and my asshole was as obvious as the beacon on a lighthouse. Paige stroked my pussy a few times with a couple of fingers and they came away very wet and slick.

I could not see what was taking place back where Paige was, but before long I felt Paige’s solidly extended tongue travel from the top of my pussy all the way across my pussy hole, my asshole, and up to where my ass crack faded from sight. Paige made this journey several more times before she stopped at the little brown opening.

She repositioned herself to provide better access to her objective before she leaned forward and covered my asshole with her mouth. She used her tongue to tease the asshole a few times before she forcefully jutted her tongue into the tight opening. I squealed and snapped at the intruding tongue with my asshole.

“Oooh,” I panted, “I liked that.”

Paige didn’t reply. She still had her tongue buried in my snug asshole, and was now busily pumping it in and out as fast as she could.

My asshole was still grappling with this fantastic intruder, but my goal was definitely not to expel it. I had never had anything in my asshole before; not even a cock, so Paige’s tongue was on a virgin voyage, so to speak. I bucked my rear end against Paige’s grip on her asshole more to get more depth from my lover’s tongue than for any other reason.

Paige still had more tricks up her sleeve. She reached between my legs and gently pressed a finger into my cunt. I moaned with pure joy and satisfaction. Paige added a finger, and slowly began to pump them in and out of my slick wet pussy. I now had two good reasons to squirm with pleasure.

I turned to my lover. And hoarsely gave her a status report. “Paige, honey, if you keep that up I am going to come again.”

Paige raised her head from her objective just long enough to say between gasps, “I know, baby. I know.” Then back to my backdoor and her tongue probing. Only now she removed her fingers from my swollen pussy, and moved her attention to my clitoris. It was still sensitive from earlier attention, but response to Paige’s fingers was instant.

I gasped and squealed as Paige administered pure ecstasy to my little nub. “Oh, God, Paige. Oh shit, oh wow. Here it comes again, Love. I’m going to spurt all over you.”

Paige raised her head from my asshole. “Do it you horny bitch,” she cried. “You’re long over due. Give me everything you’ve got. My orgasm was so intense, and my pleasure was so profound that I was actually weeping before it was over.

Paige took me into her arms lovingly and comforted me much as a mother would do.. She also had a hand on my breasts caressing it lovingly.

We kissed tenderly; then passionately. I was still weeping when we heard Mikie cry out for attention.

I put the entire world on hold as I dashed off to tend my baby.

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