tagMatureLibrarian Ch. 04

Librarian Ch. 04



Opening up the library the next morning I couldn't help but wonder about the ghost Denise had talked about. Apparently she had some experience with someone spying in on the library. I had to wonder what the thrill was there, I mean even at its busiest the library didn't attract many people, most of them were quiet, studious type or school kids working on school work; certainly nothing worth spying on.

I went through my daily ritual, replacing books in the stacks, basically cleaning up and dusting back in the stacks and then coming up front and straightening up the front desk. As I worked I had the off feeling I was being watched, but figured it was just my imagination, especially back in the stacks. I did make sure to check the suggestion box but didn't find anything there.

Denise arrived a little after nine a.m. breezing past me at the desk with a quick, "Good morning," and then quickly moving into her office where she unloaded her armful of books. She then headed back into the kitchen area and a few minutes later I could smell the coffee brewing. After a few more minutes she wandered out of the back area carrying a cup of coffee.

"Well how's the reading going?"

"Pretty well, haven't started reading today because I was still getting things straightened out for the day."

"Any notes in the suggestion box?"

"No, none today," I replied.

"It seems our ghost is sulking a bit. We cheated him out of a show yesterday so he is sulking."

"How did we cheat him?"

"Look at the ceilings, up here the ceilings are low and easy to move around. Now look out in the stacks."

Looking out to the stacks I noticed that the ceilings were higher, a whole lot higher. "The ceilings are higher."

"The front half of the building is down low and easy to get around above the ceiling, but out in the stacks, they have to climb up higher and break through a wall. I don't imagine that is easy, certainly they couldn't do in the amount of time we took back in the stacks last time."

"Now, for today I have a book I want you to read," she said holding out a thin book. Looking at the cover I read the title and author, "The Lover" by Marguerite Duras. Flipping through the pages she continued, "It's about a young woman and her Chinese lover, a very racy book for its day."

I quickly finished up at the desk and as Denise headed back to her office, I began reading in the book. It was a work day so besides a few people coming up to the front entrance and dropping books in the night drop no one even came near the library. Knowing I could put the books up the next day, I continued reading, reading over a couple of mildly erotic passages where the young woman's lover taught her what oral sex could feel like for her.

I found myself adjusting my erection in several different passages in the book when Denise quietly walked up and said, "Come on, let's see what you've read about." She took my hand and led me back into the stacks where she backed up against a wall, pulling me to her.

Our lips met and she opened her mouth letting my tongue explore her. After we kissed a while she began pushing my shoulders downward and as I kneeled she unfastened her pants and then sat on one of the lower shelves, opening her legs. Without a word she guided my head between her legs, sliding her pussy forward to me.

Only as my tongue pushed between her lips did she say, "Yes, just like you were reading, do it just like you read."

Remembering the passage I recalled the young woman on her back in bed as her lover pushed his tongue into her and then moved up to her clit. I did the same, remembering how the author described what she felt and I watched as Denise responded to my tongue flicking quickly over her clit and then how she reacted as I sucked it into my mouth. Later I went with a slow circling movement around the clit as she began to moan.

Suddenly she grabbed my head and ground her pussy into my face, breathing hard as she gasped, "Oh I'm coming, I'm coming."

I reached a hand up and pushed two fingers into her pussy as I slowed down liking her clit. Stopping altogether, I left my fingers inside her and felt the convulsive contractions of her pussy walls, again and again. After a few moments it subsided and I reached for her pants so she could get dressed.

"Oh no, I plan to catch our ghost today, so we need to keep going," she said, looking at me hungrily.


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