tagMatureLibrarian Ch. 05

Librarian Ch. 05



I stood there holding Denise's pants after just finishing eating her pussy wondering what she wanted me to do next. She wanted to capture the ghost which apparently required us to keep having sex until something happened, so she could somehow catch our intruder. She was sitting on the cabinet with her legs wide open, her pussy still damp from my saliva and her cum. I noticed how her pubic hair was about half gray which gave her pussy a wild almost punky look.

"Take off your pants," she told me, so I unbuckled my pants and pulled them off, along with my underwear. I started moving toward her when she stopped me.

"Wait, reach into my pants pocket, you'll see a bottle of lubricant," she said, watching me as I picked up her pant and pushed my hand into the pocket. I pulled out the small bottle and opened it.

"Now put it on your cock, yeah, like that, except work it in."

I began stroking it.

"Is that how you jack off?"

"Well, kind of," I said, feeling like a schoolboy just getting caught jacking off by the teacher.

"Show me how you really do it," she said,

"I'll need more lube."

"Go ahead," she said as her hand moved down between her legs.

I squeezed the lube into my palm and took a good firm hold of my cock and began moving my and back and forth over it. Taking my free hand I moved it into my shirt and lightly toyed with my nipple as I continued stroking my cock.

Denise didn't say anything, she simply watched, seemingly mesmerized by me. Her fingers moved down onto her clit and we watched each other for a few minutes. Finally, as I started feeling like I'd be coming soon she said, "Okay, now that it's well lubricated, come over here."

Still feeling like a schoolboy, I walked over between her legs and watched as she grabbed my cock and began sliding it up and down her slit, first at her pussy where she'd slip it only slightly in and then slid it up between her lips until the head of my cock rubbed on her clit. Then she'd slide it back down again.

Pre-cum was oozing out of the tip of my cock and I could see the glistening fluid dripping down on her pussy lips and clit. Finally after a few minutes, she pulled on my cock and guided into her pussy. It was a bit dry and my cock stuck to her lips for an uncomfortable moment, but I backed out and slid in from another angle as the lubricant coated her lips. My second push was easier and slid deep into the woman.

I then slowly withdrew and thrust back into her. As I shoved my cock in and out of her pussy I reached up and ran my fingers through her gray hair, letting them weave through the fine strands. Then I ran my fingertips down her face, tracing some of the fine lines in the otherwise smooth skin.

My balls were slapping against her ass as my hands slipped into her blouse and eased her bra from her breasts, which immediately sagged onto her stomach. I picked them up and held them so I could run my tongue over the nipples, I then gently kneaded the soft, fleshy mounds as I heard her whimper.

"Yes, she's coming again," I thought to myself, moving a bit slower, grinding myself against her clit and then withdrawing. She moaned louder and wrapped her legs around my ass and her arms around my chest and held me tight. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my hard cock.

I paused for just a moment and then began thrusting into her again, this time faster and harder. She whispered, "Come on, give it to me." And hearing her say that I went nuts, losing myself in the sensation of her, the feel of her wetness enclosing me, her breasts still in my hands, her legs wrapped around me. I arched my back, shoved my cock in to the hilt and came, spurting into this woman who was old enough to be my grandmother while loving every second of it all.

After coming, I pushed my hips forward jamming her against the wall. I kept her there, pushed tightly against her, trying to keep my cock inside her. Unfortunately, after a few minutes I felt it finally slide out of her. Only then did we hear the voice calling, "Help me, help me."

I backed up and quickly pulled on my pants and then helped Denise down from the bookcase. She then got dressed, slipped the bottle of lube back into her pocket and we walked out from the back corner of the stacks.

"Help me I am stuck," came a voice from above.

We both looked up and we saw where a single ceiling tile had been kicked out. There was a foot dangling down beneath the ceiling. Denise looked at me and said, "And now we have our ghost. Go call 911 and tell them we have an intruder in the upper ceiling. This has happened before, they know who to send."

Within about ten minutes we had a fire truck, several police cars and an electric company service truck hauling a trailer with some odd equipment on it. The firefighters had to use the scissor lift the electricians brought to get up to the intruder. They simply drove the life into the library, rode up, plucked the man down and lowered down to ground level.

While the police were questioning the ghost and getting him into the car, Denise led the electric service guys to her closet where they found an extra ceiling tile and replaced the one the intruder kicked out. They then drove the lift truck out of building.

After the fire truck and electric truck left, one of the police came in and stood at the desk looking at both Denise and I. "The man out there said you and your assistant were having sex in the library."

Denise stepped forward and said, "Now Charles Andrew," in a tone like she was chiding a six year old, "I've watched you grow up, watched you feel those girls up in this library and you should know there is not a good place to have sex anywhere in this library or you would have done it when you were in high school. Besides I'm a sixty year old woman and Jerry here is younger than some of my grand kids. What kind of sex would we be doing here."

"Sorry Denise, I figured his was some sex crazed nut. Apparently planned to do some peeking in the bathrooms, except didn't realize so few people came here."

"He should have done it over at the police station, plenty of action there," Denise said. "Now Charles, if you don't mind Jerry and I are going to clean up the mess our ghost made and then we are going to have some more sex, so unless you want to join us go on and take that silly man to jail."

"Sure thing Denise. And Jerry, sorry about having to ask that, but just doing my job," he said.

I nodded and said, "Don't worry about it."

The police officer walked through the door as Denise reached down to my crotch and zipped up my zipper. "Oh my, did he see that?"

She shook her head, "No. But let's go get that mess cleaned up."

I followed her over to the messed up stacks watching the way her ass moved with each step. So damn fine for any woman, and to think she's...

"Stop watching my ass and get over here working," she said to me, glancing over her shoulder.


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