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Library Slave


I had seen her at the library of the university I taught at many times. She wasn't a small woman, a bit more heavy set than what I would call average, but still a very good looking woman. She had an enchanting smile perpetually on her face and I felt a very real connection each time I looked at her brown eyes. I had seen her many times, but today the dress she was wearing was quite enticing. I wasn't sure what made me do it, it is very dangerous thing to do in this day of sexual harassment, but somehow I knew that she would comply.

"Hello Tammy. You look nice today." I said to her as I handed over the book I wanted.

She smiled back, her eyes lighting up at my compliment. "Thank you!" she replied as she opened the book to scan the barcode into the computer.

I saw her brow furrow slightly as she pulled the small note out of the front cover and open it. It only took her a few moments to read the short sentence and then look back at me. Not a word was spoken, but I could see the question in her face. I looked deep into her brown eyes and gave a firm nod. She handed me the book and I turned and left without a word, leaving her much to think about.

The next day I walked into the library, confident that I had indeed read her properly. I was not at all surprised to see her behind the counter. I walked past, making eye contact, knowing in an instant that she would follow me. I walked down an aisle lined with books toward a study table near the back. I sat down and sure enough, she followed a few moments later. She stopped in front of me, standing nervously. Her dress was indeed several inches shorter than the previous day, as the note had demanded. She shifted from foot to foot nervously.

"Stand still!" I commanded her.

Her gentle movement stopped and she stood frozen in place, waiting nervously. I stood up and stepped to within inches of her, looking down into her eyes, my chest nearly touching her ample sized breasts.

"I see you followed my directions." I said quietly.

"Yes." She responded equally quiet, yet the nervousness clear in her single word.

"Why did you do what I told you?" I whispered strongly.

"I wanted to."

"Very well. I'm going to tell you what to do. If you comply you will follow every order I ever give you without question. I will take care of you and protect you, but I demand complete obedience. Think hard. Follow this command only if you choose, but if you choose you shall be mine as long as I desire to have you. Do you understand?"

She nodded nervously in response.

"Very well. I will wait here for five minutes. Go find an appropriate book and place your panties in it. Bring me that book. If you don't I will walk away and we will never speak of this again. Now go!" I whispered sharply.

She turned and practically ran down the aisle, leaving me to sit down and wait. I wasn't sure if she would follow my command or not, but I knew that if she did she would be mine to command. It took nearly three minutes, but she returned with the book "A slaves place, a Masters world". She handed me the book without a word, and stood waiting.

I didn't have to look, I knew when she came back that she had followed my directions. I smiled up at her from where I sat and opened the book. "Ah. Very good." I said to her as I pulled the thin lacey panties from the book. "Nice. Now lift your dress for me. I want to see what these were covering."

I saw her look around nervously, clearly worried about being seen.

"Now slave! I do not allow hesitation!" I hissed at her.

She gulped and quickly reached down and pulled the front of her dress up, exposing her meaty pussy and curly brown hair. She stood frozen in place, allowing me to see her as I had requested.

"Good. Put it down. Turn around and bend over." I told her quietly.

She dropped her skirt hem and turned around bending at the waist and pushing her ample butt out at me.

"Lift it!" I hissed.

She quickly lifted the back of her skirt exposing her bare ass and pussy to my eyes. My dick had started to harden from looking at her pussy from the front, but now it was becoming a raging hardon at the thought of driving into that wonderful pussy. I reached out with my fingers and stroked up between her meaty lips, feeling the ample moisture that was already there. I stroked up her slit twice before pressing a single finger deep into her pussy. I heard her moan very quietly as my digit penetrated her. I pulled my finger out, having shown her some of the pleasure she could expect. I pulled my hand back and brought it down hard on her bare ass, the smack resounding loudly through the library.

She yelped in surprise and moved a few inches before pushing her butt back at me again.

"Stand up and cover yourself." I told her quietly, the angry red handprint clearly evident on her creamy cheek."

She stood and fixed her dress, turning to face me.

"Very good. Come to my office at five." I said as I stood up with the book. I pulled her panties from the book and stuffed them into my pocket, handing her the book back. "Thank you for finding this for me. Your efforts are appreciated." I said in a businesslike tone, seeing another of the library staff looking down the aisle we were in. I gave her a pleasant nod and then walked past her, and down the aisle.

I wondered if five would ever come, but it did. Not surprisingly I heard a knock on the door almost exactly at five.

"Come in!" I said curtly, not looking up. I didn't need to, I could tell it was Tammy in an instant. "Lock it!" I said to her as the door closed. I waited for the lock to click before lifting my head to see her.

"So you came slave?" I asked.

"Yes sir." She said, her head bowed in obvious submission.

"Very good. You know how to address your master." I said as I leaned back in my chair. "Now my slut, let me see what you look like! Turn for me and strip."

I saw her eyes flash toward the door for just an instant, but it was enough.

"STOP!" I said sharply as she started to make a slow turn. I got up and stepped over to her, my hands behind my back, looking her up and down. "Why did you hesitate? Did you not trust your master to protect you?"

"I...I am nervous sir." She said in a quiet quavering voice.

"I see. When I give you a command, I demand that you follow it immediately and fully. Do you understand?" I said in a deep quite tone.

"Yes sir." She said quietly

"Good." I said as I walked back to my chair and sat down. "Drop the dress...NOW!"

Immediately her fingers flew to the row of buttons down the front and began undoing them. She looked down, not allowing her eyes to come to meet mine as she quickly and unceremoniously shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it slide to the floor in a puddle around her feet. Her body was indeed larger than average, but not bad looking at all. She had a considerable sized chest contained in a sturdy but less than pretty bra. Besides that she was naked except for her thigh high stockings. I could see a single trickle of pussy juice leaking down her left thigh.

"Take the bra off." I said quietly. There was no hesitation this time from her as she reached behind herself and pulled the clasp loose. She pulled the hefty device from her shoulders and let a beautiful set of breasts spring into view. Each breast was full and round, topped with a large light brown areola and a large erect nipple. As much as I wanted to suck those tits at the moment, I had other matters to deal with. "Very good. Now I need you to clean this side of my desk off. Put all the papers and books on that table over there." I said, motioning to where I wanted her to stack things. I watched for several minutes as she neatly collected and stacked the papers and books strewn across my desk onto the table across my office. Her breasts wiggled enticingly and each time she turned I could see her pussy glisten with her excitement.

"Done sir!" She said quietly, standing with her head bowed, her eyes avoiding mine.

"Now, we have a problem. You hesitated before, and I cant let that go unpunished, can I?"

"No sir." She said her voice once again nervous.

"Bend over the desk." I said, pointing.

She moved between myself and the desk and then bent herself over it, her ass pointing toward me.

"Spread your legs." I said, looking at her wet pussy lips.

She moved her legs farther apart, giving me an even better view of her wet cunt.

"So I need to punish you. How many swats do you think you deserve?" I asked quietly, moving my hand to her creamy round ass. I stroked it in small gentle circles as I stood up.

"Five sir." She said nervously.

"What was that slut?"

"Five please sir!" she said more forcibly.

"Ah....Ten it is then." I said, making sure she understood that it was never her decision to start with. I raised my hand and brought it down on her ass with a resounding smack, leaving an angry red handprint growing where my hand connected with her creamy flesh.

"Count for me!" I hissed as I prepared to bring it down again.

"One sir." She said quietly

SLAP "two sir"

SLAP "Three sir." She said after letting out a slight yelp.

SLAP "ohhh Four sir!" she said trying to hold her voice steady

I slid my hand around her creamy ass, rubbing the red skin before letting my fingers slide between her legs and tease her even wetter pussy. I stroked her lips and clit for several seconds before suddenly dropping a fifth swat to her ass.

"Ohhhhh Five sir." She moaned, her body clearly reacting to the combination of pleasure and pain.

SLAP SLAP "Six and seven sir." She panted as I again stroked her wet pussy. My dick was rigid in my pants as I teased my fingers between her lips, slipping two of them deep into her.

SLAP "Eight sir!" she said, her voice practically a moan as I undid the belt and front of my pants.

SLAP "Ohhhhh Nine Sir." She moaned.

SLAP "Ten sir." She said, as I hit her with the hardest impact yet.

"Did you learn your lesson?"

"Oh yes sir. I did, thank you sir!" she said breathlessly.

"Are you excited?"

"Oh god yes sir. Please play with your slaves pussy more. I so want to cum. Please allow your slave to cum for you!" she moaned.

I pressed my now exposed dick to her wet pussy and pressed its mushroom head into her. "OHHHHHH" she moaned loudly as I drove into her.

"Wait for it. Not until I tell you to my slut!" I said as I started stroking in and out of her. I could feel her body tensing, preparing to climax, but I hadn't yet given her permission. I stroked until I was about to cum myself, and then grunted my permission. "Now you may cum!"

"Thank you sir!" she cried as her body trembled under my hands, my dick sliding in and out of her quaking pussy. I shoved deep into her pussy, unleashing my torrent of cum into her. My dick jumped and jerked inside her, each time forcing more cum into her overflowing pussy as she withered under my hands, her moans loud as her climax washed over her stronger than she was used to.

Finally she eased, my dick withering within her.

"That was much better my slut. You did well for your first time."

"thank you sir. Please, may I clean you off?"

"Yes slut, you may." I said as I pulled out of her and sat down in my office chair.

She pushed herself off the desk and turned, to face me, her eyes meeting mine, desire smoldering deep inside her. She knelt down in front of me and gently licked and sucked my deflated cock until she had it cleaned and starting to grow again.

"Would my master like to fuck me again?" she asked as she licked my growing cock.

"I would slut, but first I think we need to go shopping. You need some more appropriate underwear. That bra will simply not do. A slut must be dressed appropriately. Now put your dress on and throw that bra away."

She immediately stood up, and moved to where her dress was piled on the ground. I could see the redness of her ass as she bent over, her pussy still leaking out juices as she stepped into it.

Yes, I think she was going to make a fine slave.

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