Lick My Ass...


I was a little nervous, but a lot more excited. I stood up and turned my back to my sister, who remained sitting on the couch. In this position, her face was level with my ass and she said, "OK this is perfect, you've got a cute butt. Now spread em." I looked back over my shoulder at Emily whose eyes were locked on my cheeks. I reached back and grabbed my ass as she had done, arched my back a little to stick my ass out, and spread my cheeks. I felt the cold air rush across my asshole and let out a gasp. My sister did too. "Fuck Eric, I didn't think a guy's asshole would turn me on, but right now I want nothing more than to shove my tongue up your ass. It looks hot. Will you do that flexing thing?" I focused on my anus and flexed it in and out. "Wow, you're right, this was a good idea." She said. "Will you remember to do that while my tongue is pushed inside there?

"Of course Em." I said, weak in the knees. "But when are you gonna do that?" She laughed and said, "Don't worry, we'll get there, We have all night..." With that she pushed my hands aside and grabbed my cheeks herself. It was the first real contact we'd had since coming out of the shower and my dick throbbed accordingly. She said, "This was a very.... Good... idea..." and I suddenly opened my mouth in a silent scream of pleasure. I felt something pressing right against my asshole. It wasn't wet or warm enough to be a tongue, so I looked back and I saw that Emily had pressed her cold little nose against my anus. This was a sight for the ages, and I didn't say a word as she nuzzled her nose deeper against my asshole. "You smell really good, like soap." She said, and I nearly passed out as I felt her breath on my balls. My legs shook and she asked, "What was that?"

"When you talk, your breath blows right on my balls and it feels amazing Em."

"I see." She said mischievously, and began blowing up and down my crack and across my balls. I shoved my ass back into her face and said, "Touch it again Em, it's amazing."

"What do you want me to touch it with?" She asked. "Tell me."

"Stick your tongue in my ass Emily. Lick it, suck it, kiss it and make me cum." I had clearly lost all inhibitions already, and I was desperate for the real kinky fun to begin.

"You asked for it." She said. I had expected her to start by licking me around my hole and working her way toward the center, or at least licking me up down, but instead my sister surprised me by sticking her tongue out needle-sharp and placing the little pink tip right into my asshole. With no hesitation whatsoever she began applying pressure and wheedled her way slowly into my ass. Her tongue slid straight past my sphincter, and in a moment I could feel her wiggle her tongue deep inside me. I was on the edge, and all I could manage was, "Oh shit, oh shit." Emily responded by pushing deeper still, and I looked over my shoulder to see her face smashed in between my ass cheeks. Remembering her earlier request, I flexed my asshole, which allowed her to slide her tongue even deeper, and then I tightened up and clamped down on the intruding muscle. She seemed to laugh and kept her tongue in there. I continued to flex and release, and eventually she pulled away slightly and said, "You have no idea how fucking sexy it is to feel your asshole close around my tongue."

I looked at her and said, "Probably about as sexy as it is to hear you say it. Now keep licking my ass, but get more creative, and if you feel OK with it, play with my cock and balls while you're doing it." She obliged perfectly.

Planting kisses all over my ass she literally started sucking on my asshole, a new intense pleasure in and of itself. She didn't forget my request, and as she tongue fucked my butt, she reached between my legs and with one hand started pumping my dick up and down. With the other hand she firmly massaged my balls and I was beside myself with pleasure. Not knowing what to do I said, "Em, this is the best thing I've ever felt. I'm only going to stop you if I feel like I'm going to cum." She didn't stop for a moment and continued her manipulations for several more minutes.

I could have let her done that all night, but eventually she said, "OK my mouth is a little tired from being open so wide, you want to lick mine now?" Of course I did.

I walked over to the couch and laid down on my back along its length. I told Emily to move over to where my head rested on the low arm rest and I said, "Come her, turn around, and sit on my face. I want that asshole just resting in my mouth."

"Oo, good idea." She giggled. I couldn't believe how turned on I was. It was the sheer fact that we were already comfortable enough to ask anything of each other. She backed over my face and I got an unimaginable look at her asshole and cunt once more. I said to my sister, "Emily, do you realize you have the most perfect looking pussy I have ever seen?"

She looked down and asked, "You like it?" When I nodded she brought her hands to her cunt and started sliding them up and down. In this position her twat was just inches from my face, and I was watching my little sister finger herself like crazy. Then she said, "Eric, lick my fucking asshole! I have to know what it feels like!"

"OK Em," I said, "Get ready for heaven. Just lower your little hole into my mouth." She did as she was told and in a moment I had my entire mouth clamped over the center of her asshole. It was to die for. I couldn't get enough and I tossed any teasing out the window and just started licking and sucking as fast as I could. My hands were full of Emily's ass, and we were both enjoying the hell out of the situation. Emily, for her part, rode my face for all she was worth, forcing my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. When I felt like my tongue couldn't get any further into her ass, I felt her anus tighten suddenly. Her little hole clamped down on my tongue and I realized she was tightening it on purpose. "I told you," she said. "Isn't that fucking sexy?" I had to admit that it was. It was like when you're French kissing someone and they suck your tongue into their mouth – except my little sister was doing it to me with her asshole. I simply could not get my tongue deep enough in her ass, and she was grinding her little rosebud down onto my face hard.

My sister looked down at me and said, "I know exactly what you're feeling right now, my asshole is squeezing tight around your tongue." It was such a turnon to hear my sister use the word asshole is such a dirty way.

Suddenly she lifted herself off and turned around. "Do you want more than just a tongue in your ass?" She asked me seductively.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked curiously.

"Hang on and I'll show you." With that she bolted up the stairs. For a minute I thought she had freaked out and the fun was over, but then I heard her footsteps once more and she came back down, her tits bouncing as she flew down the stairs. "Bend over again," she said. I was more than happy to comply and this time and I got on my hands and knees on the couch. Ready to feel her warm tongue back on my asshole, I was surprised when she licked me again and it felt a bit cooler than before...

She swirled her tongue over my asshole and I shivered in pleasure. I was near the bursting point already! I suddenly cried out as something freezing cold pushed up against my asshole. I looked back and saw that Emily had put an ice cube in her mouth, and was now using her tongue to push it up against my anus. "Shit Em, I wasn't expecting that!" She smiled and kept pushing. I could feel the ice cube actually start to force itself inside my ass. The pressure and the cold was intense. Emily had to keep pushing with her tongue to keep the ice cube focused on my ass, and through her efforts I was alternately pleased by the warmth of her tongue, and then the sudden cold of the ice.

As the ice melted, the cold water dripped and ran down my balls, creating an excruciatingly pleasurable feeling. Soon the ice was gone and I was only feeling Emily's tongue probing in and out of my ass. I was gasping for air, and I nearly came when I suddenly heard Emily say, "Eric I can't take it anymore, I'm fucking horny and I need something bigger in my ass."

"Alright Em," I said, "I'll run and get an ice cube!"

"No." I stopped in my tracks. "Screw this 'you-do-me-I-do-you' crap, I want your dick in my ass right now." I was absolutely speechless, but she spurred me into action by saying, "Quick, I'll suck on your dick and you suck on my asshole and we'll lube each other up at the same time." I quickly laid down on the couch and Emily plopped herself down over my face in a 69 position. She engulfed my cock with her mouth and I wanted nothing more than to cum hard down my sister's throat, but I was distracted as her little pink asshole was suddenly spread wide open to my mouth once again.

Wasting no time, I jammed my tongue as deep as I could into my little sister's asshole. At the same time, she deep throated my dick. She was really lubing me up, and I could feel her saliva everywhere, dripping down my balls and running into the crack of my ass. She gripped the base of my cock with one hand and I could feel her fingers begin to probe lower, to the opening of my ass. As her fingertips brushed over my asshole I wanted nothing more than for her to slide a finger inside, but I didn't want to get sidetracked from what she had begged me to do: put my dick in HER ass.

Without warning I shoved Emily off of me and onto the floor. Although she was surprised, I could tell she enjoyed being handled roughly like that. I slapped her hard once on her right butt cheek and commanded her, "Reach back and spread your ass open for me." She moaned with pleasure and did as she was told. I continued, "Now tell me what you want." She moaned back at me, "Put it inside." But I wanted to hear it... "NO," I said, "tell me specifically what you want."

"I want my brother to slide his rock hard dick into my tight little asshole. Then I want him to fuck me in the ass, and cum inside me so that when he finally pulls out he can watch his cum drip out of my asshole and run down my puffy little pussylips."

Even I wasn't ready to hear all that!

But I was happy to oblige. I said to her, "Prove it. Stick a finger up your own ass." Emily looked back at me and protested, "Eric... Just put it in!" But I wanted to have some fun so I commanded, "I know what you want, but here's what I want: I want to watch my sister finger fuck her own little ass." She sighed, but she immediately slid her middle finger up into her dripping pussy, then reached back and stuck the tip into her ass. I have never seen a more beautiful sight. She began to slowly fingerfuck her ass, delving deeper and deeper with each stroke. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I needed my dick to be inside her. But it had dried off in the cold night air. I quickly saw a solution.

"Don't stop," I commanded my sister. She groaned, but dipped her finger even deeper into her butt. As she did so, I got down on the floor behind her and lined my cock up with her sweet little pussy. Her lips WERE puffy, and I couldn't wait to see my cum dripping down onto them from her asshole. But right now, I needed lube, and her pussy was the place. The instant the head of my dick touched Emily's pussylips, she ground herself straight back into me. She wanted it bad. This move forced her pussy to swallow my cock in one quick stroke and Emily exclaimed, "Oh god this is so fucking dirty!" I looked down and saw that she was still fingering her asshole, and she was much more into it now! I said, "It's just going to get dirtier Em. Stick that middle finger as deep in your ass as you can, your brother wants to see it while he fucks you." She did as she was told, and as I slowly slid my dick in and out of her sopping pussy she buried her finger into her ass. After a few of the most delicious strokes of my life, I was ready to cum, so I asked Emily, "OK, are you ready Em?" All she could reply with was, "Fuck my ass Eric!"

I pulled out of her pussy, and as she held her butt open with her hands, I lined the tip of my dick up with that perfect little crinkled hole and started pushing my way in. The pressure was exquisite! Slowly I forced myself in. As the head of my dick finally popped past her sphincter I heard Emily moan, "Yess..." I couldn't have agreed more. I slowly pulled the head back out, and then forced it in once again, over and over, forcing her little anus to spread time and time again. Emily was pounding the carpet with her fists in pleasure.

"OK Eric, more, I want more of it inside me." I smiled and grabbed her hips. Slowly I slid deeper inside her than I had been thus far. I was going to stop, but as I thought of doing so Emily shoved her hips back into me, forcing my cock deeper into her ass. With her butt cheeks pushed back all the way against my stomach I was about to lose it. Her asshole was clamped down on the base of my dick and I said, "Emily, are you ready for me to cum in your ass?" But she said, "Not yet."

I wanted this to last forever myself, but I didn't know how much longer I could hold out! I asked, "What more do you want?!?" And she simply said, "This." To my delight, she reached down between her legs, and between my own, to cup my balls with her hand. "God that's good." I said. And then without warning she slid one of her fingers right up into my ass. There are no words to describe the feeling... With my dick buried in my sister's ass, and her finger up my own, there was simply too much pleasure for me to handle, and I nearly passed out. I grabbed Emily's hips and pulled her back into me, and at the same time she dug her finger as deep as possible into my ass. With a cry of pleasure, I shot a load of cum deep into her ass, my entire body spasming as I did so. Emily continued to push her ass back into me, and slid her finger firmly in and out of my ass, make it the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced.

When I finally came back down to earth, and my vision returned, I gently slipped myself out of my sister's ass and collapsed back onto the carpet. Emily maintained her position, however, with her ass high in the air. "Watch Eric." She said. I looked over and watched as my cum slid slowly out of her ass and made its way down to her pussy, where it slowly covered both lips. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the vision, and was only pulled away when my sister said, "Man, I've heard of having the munchies from smoking pot, but that was the best thing I've ever eaten!"

All I could do was smile and say, "Em, I'll smoke with you anytime, anyplace – so long as I can stick my tongue up your ass."


The End.

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Did you ever do anything remotely like this with your sister? I know a woman whose older brother used to fuck her ass when they were teenagers, both liked it but it never happened after they moved outmore...

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