tagIncest/TabooLick of the Irish

Lick of the Irish


Murphy and Catherine were very proud parents. Both in their late thirties, they'd got married early and had two children; twins Alex and Daniel. They were both eighteen now, and a month away from leaving home to go to university not far away in Belfast.

Both had realised that their children had been a little too close for some time now, but as Alex had a boyfriend, they trusted any concerns were no longer necessary. Both hadn't been out for a while, so Murphy booked them into a hotel in Belfast so they could go to the theatre and stay away for the night.

"You're not leaving?" Alex said to Daniel. "But Tim is on his way. He'll be here in half an hour."

"And?" Daniel replied, continuing to make his coffee. "I'm not stopping you two from fucking."

"We don't fuck, Daniel, I told you."

He laughed at his twin; a stunning black haired big titted girl he fancied the ass of, despite them being blood relations. "Yeah, right. He's hot, you're fit... what's the problem?"

"If you think he's so fit, you fuck him."

"Maybe I will," he smiled.

Alex smiled too now. "Oh my God, you're fucking gay."

"If I was gay, I wouldn't have had that bath with you."

"Oh, we were pissed."

"And. It was fun. Besides, I'm actually bi. Just like you."

"I'm not bi!" Alex protested.

"Of course. Sure. Absolutely."

"Fuck you!"

"See, you're nasty," Daniel teased in a mock camp voice. "Fucking your own brother."

"We didn't fuck," she pointed out, walking off towards her room.

"True. But I do know what you look like naked. So... I'm off to have a bath."

Daniel was there later, naked in a clear bath of hot water when Alex came into the open doorway. "Tim's not coming," she said.

"Then strip."

"Daniel, this is wrong!"

"So? I wanna see your titties, let me see them."

Alex found Daniel so handsome; lovely short hair, beautiful eyes, and she already knew from the illicit drunken bath they'd had together (in which no contact took place) that he was very well endowed. She'd even listened into a girlfriend's conversation to hear about how he pleased her when they shagged two months ago, and she spoke about how wet he could make her by speaking in his Irish accent.

The accent didn't affect Alex as much as her girlfriend as she was Irish herself, but he was still so lovely, she couldn't resist. And with the absence of their parents who interrupted them last time, there was nothing to lose.'

Alex stripped off her top and skirt, before strutting to the bath. Daniel came to the edge expectantly, and Alex knelt down by the side to move her head to his. Immediately, his head moved forwards and his tongue went down her throat.

Shocked, she couldn't reciprocate for some time, but as Daniel slipped a wet hand inside her huge bra to fondle her fantastic boobs, she decided to do so as she put a hand into the water to feel around for his crotch.

Daniel soon became a little impatient and unclipped Alex's bra, dropping it into the water as he took his tongue from his sister's keen mouth and placed it on her naked FF cup breasts; massive great things he groped and licked. On the umpteenth suckle of a nipple, Alex groaned and stood, before turning around. She felt her brother touch her bum and she bent over before sliding her thong off.

Her ass stuck out, as did her swollen clit as she exposed a cleanly shaven cunt. She was so wet, and only got more so as he pulled her in reverse to the bath, sat her precariously just past the edge, and positioned his head so he could take a long lick of his twin's pussy.

She screamed louder than anything he'd ever heard, and carried on. Reaching around her backwards, he managed to cup her incredibly massive tits and tweak her nipples as Alex squealed her brother's name. He continued mercilessly licking her cunt; sliding two fingers into her eventually, and soon she spurted cum all over his face.

"Ooh, you're a spurter," he smiled as Alex stood up.

"Only for the best guys. Anyway, do you spurt baby?"

"Oh yeah."

"Good." She clambered into the bath for the first time, and sat against the edge. "Give me that cock."

Daniel knelt up, taking his hard knob out of the water. It was thick, just too big for Alex to get her hand around, and so long, Alex panted. It must have been eleven inches long; a huge banana shaped brown dick with a swollen bellend that he thrust towards her face.

Alex spat on it, moving her hand up and down to make the moisture go all over his appendage, and had to spit two more times to get the desired effect. Soon, though, his hard penis entered her mouth and she began expertly sucking it; taking in more and more of it as she repositioned her teeth to take the full extent of it.

Daniel groaned from her experienced cocksucking technique; he knew she wasn't fucking her boyfriend Tim, but had seen her twice go down on him. Alex enjoyed it so much, she was soon moving her head with such vigour, Daniel was close to cumming in minutes only.

He soon took his knob from Alex's mouth and began stroking himself off. She looked up at him expectant of a hot load all over her face just like Tim gave her sometimes when she didn't just let him cum in her mouth, and opened her mouth to receive more cum than she'd ever tasted before; all over her eyes, face, hair, some in her mouth and some dripping onto her tits.

She slid down into the water, sperm dispersing into the clear hot liquid, and then reappeared suddenly to wrap her arms around him.

"That was good," she grinned.

"That was more than good. You suck cock amazingly well."

She giggled. "I'm a bit of an expert, I must confess."

"How many knobs?"

"I lost count. Although I did count on one night out... seven. Three at once, too."

"Shit. Any nice ones?"

"Fuck me, you are bi too, aren't you?"


She blushed as Daniel fondled her tits. "I've licked a little pussy too. That girlfriend of mine you fucked?"

"Holy shit... it's a threesome."

"Not yet," she whispered, fondling around by his crotch and fondling his semi. "Good to go again?"

"Pick a room, any room."

A hot arse bucked up and down on a fat, hard knob as two related lovers romped above the covers of their bed.

But this was married couple Murphy and Catherine, having fun after their trip to the theatre with a king-sized bed, mini bar and absolutely no interruptions. That was, apart from two other guys; actors in that theatre Catherine had taken a liking too and in the spirit of their open relationship, Murphy had invited them along. They were naked, like the married couple, knobs stuck towards Catherine's mouth.

She sucked one knob, then the other, then both; sucking balls and cock as her pussy took in her husband's dick and she had three pairs of hot male hands on her moist titties.

"No girls darling?" she moaned towards her husband, who was just lying back now enjoying not having to worry about when he spunked up her cunt. She then whispered to one guy, who went behind her, sliding his knob up her arse. "Oh fuck yeah!"

"No girls... yet. Maybe later."

"Okay. I need more. More cock in my wet fucking cunt."

"Say no more," said the guy still getting his handjob / blowjob, and sitting on Murphy's stomach and pushing his cock toward his. It soon slipped in alongside Catherine's husband's into the hot slut's pussy.

"Oh wow, baby," moaned Murphy. "It's been a while since you've had three knobs in that body of yours."

"This happens often?" asked the guy fucking Catherine up her arse.

"Oh yeah," she screamed. "No talking, just touch my fucking tits. You," she said to the other guy, "snog me."

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