tagIncest/TabooLick of the Irish Ch. 04

Lick of the Irish Ch. 04


Murphy groaned, "Oh shit, both my children are natural cocksuckers," as he lay on his marital bed -- naked -- whilst Daniel, also naked, lay down in line with him and bobbed his head up and down over his father's crotch. He looked at Alex, standing naked in the doorway and smiled approvingly.

"You're welcome," she said. "Hey, I was going to go out with mum if that's alright."

"Where to?" asked Daniel, taking a break from sucking his biggest cock yet to look back at his nude twin sister.

"Supermarket, she wants to get some supplies for later. Booze and stuff like that."

"Sure that's alright," Murphy said, stroking his son's hair to make him turn back to the hard dick in front of him and resume sucking it. "Daniel and I are doing some father-son bonding. Have fun."

"I will."

Alex left and Daniel continued sucking his father off for a couple more minutes; treated by the beautiful big appendage down his throat, the feeling of his father's taut stomach and Pecs under his hands, his big hand on the back of his head, and his pleasured groans. "I think I want to try sucking cock now," Murphy announced, and Daniel looked up; grabbing the dick from his mouth and stroking it.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm your daddy, my beautiful, handsome son," he smiled in reply, sitting up and kissing Daniel. Shit, his tongue tasted like his own dick, and it was so good. "It is my duty to make both my kids happy. You like guys sucking you?"

"Love it. Just as good as girls sucking me."

"I'll second that." They shared a fairly long kiss, with tongues and stroking of each other's naked upper bodies. "Lie down, and let your daddy give you a blowjob."

As it turned out, Daniel, Alex and Catherine weren't the only natural cocksuckers in the family. Given he wasn't anticipating this to be a great blowjob, Daniel almost squealed in pleasure as his father wrapped his lips around his huge knob, licked it and took his son's bellend right the way back to the back of his throat. No squeal, but instead a low-pitched groan as he almost exploded right there and then.

Murphy lovingly sucked his son's cock; falling more and more in love with it and him in more than a family way. Daniel groaned for the last time, and told his dad to stop.

"Is something wrong?" Murphy asked, worried.

"No." Daniel got on his hands and knees facing away from his father. "Fuck me."

Murphy was shocked, but only for a second as Daniel pulled his butt cheeks apart and exposed his asshole; just begging for his father's big cock. It was so tight, he knew he was never going to get it in there without some help, and so leaned forward for two reasons.

Firstly, he reached out with a hand to Catherine's bedside cabinet and found in the top drawer a bottle of lube. As he did this, his head almost met his son's ass. Unable to resist such a beautiful sight -- tight asshole, large balls and large cock hanging between his legs -- he opened his mouth and licked from the tip of the knob, over the balls and then spat inside the asshole of his stunning son.

"Oh yeah, that feels good," Daniel groaned gently. "Do it more." Murphy did as he said. "More. More."

"Alex?" Catherine called as she entered the supermarket toilets. "Alex? Are you in here?"

All cubicles were empty bar two; the one nearest to the door was small and locked. The one furthest away was large, but not locked for long. Alex could reach forward to open the door an inch before poking her hand out of it. "In here," she replied much quieter.

Catherine smiled and moved quickly with a few bags of shopping to the slightly open door and entered the cubicle without locking at her daughter. Once the door was locked, she turned to see Alex standing up from where she'd been seated on a toilet, and beginning to pull her sexy knickers back up. "Taking a pee, sweetie?" she grinned.

Alex giggled, covering her pussy up slowly just to tease her mother. "Yeah."

"Fair enough, I need to go too."

She dropped the bags in the corner as Alex straightened out her skirt, and removed her top and her own skirt before passing them to Alex. In underwear, she pulled her panties down to her ankles before sitting down and opening her legs. As she took a pee, Alex began to get a little coy. She'd never considered herself to be one of those people who got turned on by that kind of thing, but here she was watching her half naked mother pissing right in front of her.

The only other person who had been in here left just as someone else entered. Alex knew if she saw two pairs of feet in the same cubicle, she'd be suspicious and might even call security where two burly men named Dave might discover a mother and daughter watching each other pee. Luckily, Catherine was on to it and grabbed Alex to come and sit on her lap as she stopped peeing. A few moments' nervousness was eradicated as the person only washed their hands and left again.

"I kinda like that feeling," Alex said, refusing to hop off her mother's lap and instead throwing her clothes to the floor and following them with her own top and skirt.

"What feeling?"

"Almost getting caught."

"You've felt that before?"

"Of course," Alex blushed and stroked her mother's breasts. Catherine decided to just whip off her bra and kiss her daughter as she continued to grope her. "Sucked three guys dicks in a cubicle once, almost had my Maths lecturer catch us."

"Ooh, Mr Andrews, he's hot," Catherine panted.

"Looks even better naked," Alex winked.

"You didn't?" Catherine said, almost jealous.

"How do you think I got an A in that test despite the fact I suck at Statistics? I went to his son's party that time, remember?"

"Yeah, wished I could have stayed, some of your male friends were eyeing me up..."

"Another time, definitely," Alex promised. "Got another party day after tomorrow, actually, you and dad can come with Dan and I. But as I was saying, I went to that party, and his dad was out back in his den. Tina and I go out to introduce ourselves more formally, and in minutes he's got us both naked and he's fucking us. He's good... very experienced," Alex giggled as Catherine slid a hand down her daughter's panties.

"Just like me."

"Show me how much," Alex said, and stood up.

Catherine stood as well, and kicked her pants over to the pile of clothes that was building up and would continue to do so as Alex's underwear went the same way. Catherine put the toilet seat down and sat Alex down on it before straddling her.

Slowly, she kissed her daughter lovingly and ran her hands all around her cheeks, breasts and arms as their lips touched like they'd been lovers for ages and not just a day. Minutes passed as they just held each other by the faces, arms and tits, and just forgot they were going to have sex instead of just sitting and kissing one another.

Catherine soon cottoned on as Alex's hand began to drift down her back to her ass, and stood off her daughter. Dropping to her knees, she separated her daughter's legs with a lot of help from a very keen Alex, and then began gently kissing her inner thighs like she'd kissed her lips; only another pair of lips were going to get much more tongue.

Alex opened her legs as much as she could, as if silently begging her mother to just seal her lips around her cunt. She couldn't speak; she knew the first time she tried whilst getting her thighs kissed and tits groped she'd squeal and anyone around would instantly know what they were up to. It was this fright that someone might discover her dirty little secret that turned her on even more than her mother's delicate hands all over her fantastic breasts.

Catherine slid her tongue from her mouth to lick the very upper extremity of Alex's inner thigh and drew it across the slutty cunt before her before taking one long slurp up her daughter that made her squeal through closed lips. She was driving her crazy, which would probably get them caught, but she didn't care.

"Okay baby?" she asked, taking a quick suck on a tit whilst rubbing her daughter's clit lightly.

Alex barely trusted herself to speak, but did manage a nod and, "Yeah. Eat me, you slut."

"Sure you don't want to go home?" Catherine teased. Alex shook her head vehemently, and as a reward, Catherine began nibbling on her already swollen clit and trying to force a finger through her pussy lips.

Alex was on fire, and ready to cum any second. It was no surprise to either of them that she muffled an orgasm on her mother's panties just a few minutes later. Catherine, despite her pussy being wetter than earlier when Daniel had fucked her, was ready to grab Alex's knickers for herself and get ready to leave, but Alex had other ideas. She stood up, grabbed her mother in for a kiss -- hoping her tongue tasted of her cunt -- and then sat her down before grabbing and licking her tits.

The door opened, and Catherine went to object to them continuing, but Alex seemed to lose all inhibitions, and just keep going. A cute voice called out 'cleaner, is there anyone in here?', and Alex smiled. She stood to lean over her mother and whisper in her ear.

"She doesn't have to know we're mother and daughter, let me see how hot she is." Catherine didn't have time to nod or disagree before Alex opened the door and took a peek out. Her naked body remained concealed. She saw a girl a few years older than her; dowdy but potentially very cute and with a tremendous figure that reminded Alex of what she had back in school before her tits rocketed up yet another cup size.

"Oh, I'm sorry," this girl said, "I shut the bathroom, but I can come back."

"You've shut it?" Alex asked before the girl could walk off.

"Yes." Alex walked out into the open, her FF cup tits and sweetly moist teen pussy exposed to this girl. "Oh, are you..."

"Up for a threesome?" Alex pre-empted, deliberately badly. "Absolutely." She walked to the girl. "What's your name?"

The girl backed away, but only so much. A little moistness from her unshaven pussy gathered in the crotch of her plain blue panties underneath her skirt, and underneath her unflattering uniform polo shirt, her DD nipples attempted to break through her matching bra. "Harriet," she replied. "I have a boyfriend," she suddenly blurted out as she was backed up against a sink and Alex's naked breasts rubbed up against her covered ones.

"Good, maybe he can join us. I'm Alex, my girlfriend is Catherine."

Catherine was surprised, not by the fact Alex didn't admit they were related, but by her calling them girlfriends rather than anything else. She then surprised herself by standing and walking out into the open. "Hey sexy," Catherine said. Harriet coyly waved, and looked down to her chest that Alex was now stroking."We gonna do it here? Because my girlfriend was just about to lick me out."

"Can I..." Harriet stuttered as Alex kissed her neck, "can I... lick you out as well?"

Alex backed off slightly and grinned before kissing Harriet full on the lips. "I dunno," Catherine teased again, trying to play hard-to-get, and deliberately doing a very bad job of it. "Show us that beautiful body of yours and I'll consider it."

Alex backed off a little as Catherine closed in. With two naked bodies rubbing against each other in front of her, Harriet couldn't bear to leave her wet cunt under cover any longer. With a burning and clumsy passion, she ripped all her clothes off and stood nude before her soon-to-be lovers. Her DD cups hung a little less pert than Alex's, but the teen slut knew if she introduced this girl to her brother, he'd love how they'd fly around in his face as he fucked her. Her unshaven pussy was still kept tidy, obviously to impress her boyfriend, and she even turned around to model her firm and very fuckable ass. Alex just wanted to put a strap-on around her waist and fuck her senseless, but relented as Harriet walked to them and kissed Alex back.

It was clumsy, like her strip, but Alex didn't mind as she kissed her more, slipping her tongue in and letting her mother (girlfriend) fondle Harriet's boobs. Harriet groaned Alex's name, then Catherine's as she felt a hot MILF Irish hand go between her naked legs. This only made her settle down and begin snogging Alex much more passionately. Alex was already thinking about how lucky her boyfriend was to be fucking her as she felt her new lover's hands rub her back and run down to grab her fantastic ass.

Catherine broke up the kiss to snog Harriet herself as Alex perched up on the sink basin and opened her legs.

"Ever licked a pussy before, Harriet?" Catherine asked, breaking up her own kiss after not long at all. Harriet left her tongue linger before answering.

"Once," she said. "It was how I met my boyfriend. His sister and me went 69er after getting drunk, but we sobered up and slept together again."

"Still get it on?" Alex asked, touching Harriet's ass.

"Oh yeah," Harriet giggled. "I want a threesome with them both."

"Well, you've got a threesome here," Catherine said, and pointed Harriet to Alex's pussy before holding her beautiful big boobs. "Do you want to lick her first?"

"Sure," she said, and moved forward to start a little foreplay.

Harriet didn't lick Alex immediately; taking a little time to snog her more and lick her great tits before bending down and beginning to perform great, experienced oral sex on her. Catherine thought about helping her, but after watching for a little bit and fingering her, she saw she was more than capable of handling a hot cunt, and decided to crouch down between her legs and lick her out as well. She was well aware this was the second pussy she'd licked so far, and she hadn't even been fingered yet. She couldn't blame Alex and Harriet for being young and virile, and Harriet's cunt was so great she could just lick it and bring herself off with her right hand.

Again, Alex came quickly -- Harriet was obviously an expert, or at least a natural -- and Harriet came soon afterwards. Catherine then stood and felt herself up to orgasm over Alex and Harriet snogging.

"Should we go back to ours... mummy?" Alex said riskily. Catherine was shocked she'd mention it, but Harriet was turned on.

"Mother and daughter?" she said. Alex nodded and got a deep kiss for it. "Cool. Hey, why don't I call my boyfriend and brother? I fuck them both."

"Your boyfriend's sister?" asked Catherine hopefully.

Harriet gave her a deep kiss too and fondled her lovely breasts. "You bet. Is it just you two?"

"My dad and brother too," replied Alex. "You'll love them, they're both hung like stallions."

"Then what are we waiting for?" she said, grabbing her knickers. "Let's get dressed and go."

"What about your job?" asked Catherine as Alex went to grab their clothes.

"This shit on minimum wage or an eight-person orgy? Not a tough choice."

"Make the call, then," said Catherine.

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