tagIncest/TabooLickety Split Ch. 06

Lickety Split Ch. 06


Sometime around dawn I left my brother's bed and went back to my own on the off chance that one of my parents would come into my room to tell me something before they left for work. I woke up later in the morning with a hot tongue licking my pussy. I looked down at my brother's head between my legs and sighed. "Good morning, Big Brother."

"Good morning, Little Sister. I thought I'd come and show my gratitude for last night. I still can't believe it's true," Shane said.

I sat up and pulling him towards me, started kissing him. I could taste my sweet pussy juices mixed with his own delicious taste. "Oh, it's true all right," I said, raining little kisses over his face. "If it wasn't you'd be getting a different reaction. I'd be screaming at you to get out of my room instead of begging you to fuck me again and again."

"Mmmm, I like the sound of that, 'again and again'. It looks like I'll have to get busy and satisfy all of my little sister's desires." He pushed me back down on the bed and kissed my deeply, running his hands all over my body. His hot mouth trailed down and licked, sucked and nipped at my titties. I moaned and begged him to pay some attention to my wet aching pussy.

His tongue licked over my pussy again and again, his mouth sucked my pussy lips and my clit, his tongue thrust up inside my hole and lapped up my juices. He ate my pussy forever, I orgasmed again and again. Then he rolled me over onto my stomach. I lay there totally relaxed and he cupped and kneaded my asscheeks, kissing and licking my soft skin.

Then I felt him spreading my asscheeks open. His tongue swept down my crack and he began licking my little asshole. I was shocked but it felt so good, it sent shivers down my legs and made my stomach melt.

I felt his hands under my stomach and he raised me up onto my hands and knees. His fingers slid over my pussy and one poked up inside my hole for a moment. Then I felt a finger pushing against my asshole.

"What are you doing?" I asked and tensed my asshole to keep his finger out.

"Don't worry, baby. Just relax, I promise this will feel really good. Just relax and let me in," he said and his hand rubbed soothingly over my back.

I let out a sigh and did my best to relax. I felt his finger pushing up into my ass, I moaned and squirmed at the strange feeling. But it felt good, it was sending fireworks directly to my clit. The finger started moving in and out of me, fucking my little asshole. His other hand came around to my pussy. As soon as a finger touched my super-sensitive clit I started orgasming. After a few minutes I felt his finger slip out of my ass and a moment later he rammed his cock deep into my pussy with one hard thrust.

He fucked me hard and slapped my ass the whole time. It felt so good to have his big cocking pounding into my pussy and his hand spanking my ass. I had another orgasm and when it subsided he pulled his cock out of me, flipped me over and shoved his cock into my mouth. He came hard, shooting loads of cum into my eager mouth. I licked his soft cock clean and then looked up at him.

"My my my, Shane. I never would have guessed you were so kinky," I giggled and snuggled up against him. "This is going to be even more fun than I imagined."

Two hours later, after a long shower and a messy breakfast, we rang the doorbell at Heidi and Will's. We had to wait a bit but I finally saw the curtain next to the door twitch and Heidi opened the door. She was only wearing a small t-shirt that fell to her waist, below the shirt her pussy and ass were exposed. Her slit and thighs glistened with wet juices.

"Morning, Shane," she drawled, watching my brother stare at her exposed cunt. "I guess you had an exciting night."

"It looks like you're having some excitement of your own," Shane answered.

"Yeah, why don't the two of you get in here and join us."

Heidi closed the door and we followed her downstairs into the basement den. They had thrown a mattress on the floor and Julie lay on it on her back, her legs spread wide open. Her cousin, Will, was between her legs, fucking her hard with his long cock. Her brother, Jake, was at her head, feeding his hard cock into her greedy mouth.

"Shit," I heard Shane say behind me. "I can't believe this."

Heidi laughed and took my hand. "You know, Lynn, the guys interrupted us yesterday before we finished your Lickety Split lessons."

"They did?" I asked.

"Yeah, why don't you come over here so I can teach you to eat pussy," she said and lead me over to the couch. She slipped out of her t-shirt, sat on the couch and spread her legs wide. I looked down at her pretty pink pussy and my mouth started to water. I wanted to taste my best friend's cunt more than anything.

I started to kneel down in front of her but she stopped me. "Wait," she said, "it will be a lot better if you get naked first."

I straightened up and slowly took my clothes off, exposing every inch of my skin to Heidi's gaze. She smiled and watched me stripping for her, I could tell that it was really turning her on. When I finished taking my clothes off I felt hands on my bare ass and looked back to see my brother Shane rubbing his hands over my ass. I knelt down between Heidi's legs on all fours so that my ass was totally exposed for my brother's pleasure.

I looked up at Heidi and she smiled and ran her hands over her pussy, spreading her lips wide. "Just start licking and sucking, Lynn," she instructed. "Lick my pussy and suck my clit hard. I'm sure you've had your pussy eaten enough to have an idea what to do."

I ran my fingers over her hot wet pussy, enjoying the soft slick feel of her. I moved my face close to her cunt and smelled the exciting scent of her sex. I took a deep breath and slowly stuck my tongue out, licking up the center of her pussy. I moaned against her sensitive skin, she tasted so good, she felt so good under my tongue.

"That's it, Lynn." I heard my big brother encouraging me, his hands were gently rubbing my ass as he watched me tasting pussy for the first time. "Eat that little slut's hot cunt. Fuck the hell out of her with your mouth and fingers. I want to watch you fuck your best friend's whore pussy."

My tongue slid over Heidi's hard clit and she moaned and bucked her hips towards my mouth. I sucked the little pink nubbin into my mouth and tapped and lapped it with my tongue. She was moaning louder and I let go of her clit, not wanting her to orgasm too soon. I licked down to her hole and jabbed my tongue in, sucked up her sweet juices, fucked her with my tongue.

Heidi was moaning her encouragement and approval and Shane was still behind me telling me to fuck her pussy. I felt Shane's fingers trail down my ass and he started rimming my asshole. I smiled and slid my tongue down to Heidi's little asshole, swirling my tongue around it and jabbing at it with my tongue. I could tell by Heidi's reaction that she had never had her asshole played with before. It made me feel powerful to know that I was doing something new to her.

Remembering what Shane had done to me this morning I poked a finger into her dripping pussy, getting it good and wet. I put my finger at the entrance to her ass and slowly slid it in. Heidi let out a long deep moan and said, "Oh fuck, Lynn, what in the hell are you doing to me. Oh God, fuck fuck fuck." She pushed her ass against my finger and I started slowly fucking her ass with my finger.

I looked at her cunt, spread wide before me, her little hole gaping and pulsating, begging to be filled. I stuck a finger into her pussy and she screamed and started grinding her pussy and ass against my hands. I could feel my two fucking fingers separated by a thin wall of skin. Heidi continued to moan and scream, going crazy as she started to orgasm, her pussy contracting around my fingers. I kept fucking her ass and pussy with my fingers and leaned forward to suck on her clit.

Heidi began to scream continuously as she had orgasm after orgasm. Behind me Shane had begun to spank my naughty little ass and I felt his hot cock pushing into my dripping hole. Shane started pounding my pussy hard and I kept finger fucking Heidi with all of my strength, sucking on her clit.

I started orgasming around my big brother's cock and I had to give up on Heidi's pussy and ass. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kept my face shoved into her cunt, moaning into her hot wet skin as wave after wave of pleasure racked my body. Heidi wrapped her arms around me and I heard her telling Shane to spank my ass and fuck me hard.

Shane finally came, pulling his cock out of my cunt and shooting his load all over my red-hot, well-spanked ass. I collapsed onto my stomach on the floor, breathing hard. After a moment I felt Heidi slide off the couch and kneel down next to me. She started licking my stinging, cum-covered ass, lapping up my big brother's delicious jism. When she was finished cleaning up my ass she lay down next to me and hugged me.

"Oh, Lynn...that was wonderful. I've never cum so hard before. Thank you so much!" she exclaimed and started kissing me. I could taste my brother's cum mixing with her pussy juices in my mouth.

To Be Continued...

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