tagIncest/TabooLickety Split Ch. 08

Lickety Split Ch. 08


I sat on the floor next to the sofa trying to catch my breath and trying to put my thoughts in order. I glanced at the clock, it was almost noon. Less than twelve hours ago my younger sister, Lynn, had invited herself into my bed, pleading fear of a thunderstorm. The little slut had ended up seducing me! My own little sister!

Not that it took much seduction, my little sister is one hot beautiful girl. She has long curly red hair, hazel eyes and a sweet innocent face that is belied by her sexy, curvy body. She has big tits, especially for her age. I've been watching them grow from little buds and it was like a dream come true when she bared them for my enjoyment. It was more than a dream come true when she spread her sexy legs and invited me into her sweet pussy.

And now...now I was in the den of her friend Heidi's house. Lynn had told me how Heidi and her cousin Julie had introduced her to girl on girl sex and how, after that, Heidi and Julie's brothers, Will and Jake, came in and fucked their little sisters. Lynn had decided that she should follow their lead and give her virginity to her older brother.

I'd taken Lynn's virginity the night before, pushing my cock into her hot wet cunt. I'd fucked her several times since then. We had come over here to Heidi and Will's and I'd fucked her from behind while I watched her eating Heidi's pussy, finger-fucking her friend in the pussy and in the ass.

It had been Heidi's first anal experience. She'd liked my little sister's finger in her ass and she'd liked the sight of me spanking Lynn's ass as I fucked her cunt. After that Heidi had asked me to fuck and spank her ass and of course I agreed. It had been my first time to fuck someone up the ass. I'd dreamed about it for so long, jerking my cock as I imagined it ramming in and out of a tight ass. Heidi's ass had not disappointed me. I spanked her naughty little ass until it was glowing red and then I fucked it until she was screaming in orgasm.

I was sitting on the floor trying to decide if I'd cum harder in Lynn's pussy or in Heidi's ass, which had been the better fuck. Heidi was sitting behind me on the couch with her big brother. Will was obviously shocked to find just how naughty his little sister was, he was asking her to describe her experience in full detail. My own naughty little sister had moved over to the mattress what was thrown on the floor. She was practicing her newly learned art of pussy eating on the lovely Julie who had her legs spread wide open and was shoving her wet cunt into my little sister's face.

"Hey, Shane, how's it going?" I looked up to see Julie's brother Jake standing next to me.

"I don't think I can complain," I laughed sending a pointed look at the two girls on the mattress.

"No," Jake agreed. "I guess you wouldn't want to do that. You must have had an interesting night."

"You could say that..." I said. "Lynn climbed into my bed saying she was afraid of the storm, just like she used to do when she was a little girl. Before I knew it that little girl's cunt was pumping my cock for all the cum that it could get."

"A memory that will last forever, I'm sure," he said and looked back over his shoulder at Will and Heidi who were now making out on the couch behind us. "I guess you won't forget that little scene with Heidi anytime soon either. Hell, I was just watching and I'll never forget it. You spanked the shit outta that ass...fucked the shit outta it too."

"Yeah, I'll probably be jerking off to it for years to come, as long as Lynn leaves me any cum to jerk, that is," I laughed. "It was good though, real good. I hope that Heidi's screaming convinced Lynn that she needs to try it too."

"Yeah, it's hard to get girls to take it up the ass," Jake shook his head.

"You're telling me. I've gotten a few to spread their legs but I've never gotten one to spread her ass. Hell, most of them wouldn't let me anywhere near their asshole. I couldn't believe it when Heidi actually came and asked for it. And a spanking too! That's one hot slut. Will has a lot to take care of," I said.

"You haven't done my sister yet. Heidi may be hot but Julie is insatiable. I don't think there's anything she wouldn't do," he pointed over to the mattress where Lynn was now fucking Julie's cunt with a candlestick.

"Damn. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm glad they're giving my cock a rest."

"I hope you aren't too tired. I was wondering if you were interested in furthering your experience of asses," he said. He was looking me straight in the eye but I could tell that he was nervous. I let my eyes slide over his naked body. He had a nice chest that tapered down to a slim waist, he obviously worked out. I could see part of his soft cock between his legs.

I looked back up to his eyes, "Yeah, I'd like that."

He started leaning towards me and I stopped him. "Wait! Should we do it in here. Where everyone can see?"

Jake looked at the mattress where Lynn was still pounding away with the candlestick and to the couch where Heidi and Will were in a 69. "We're having sex with our sisters and decorations, I don't think it will hurt anything if we cross another line."

"Right," I said and this time I leaned forward to meet him, to meet his kiss. I couldn't believe it. First my sister and everything else and now this. I'd always sort of known that I was bi but I did my best to ignore it, not to think about it. I figured that I might explore that side of myself later, maybe after I went to college, maybe never. But Jake was too much to resist, especially in a room full of sexual energy.

I explored Jake's mouth with my tongue, explored the differences between kissing a guy and a girl. I rubbed my hands over Jake's hard chest, thumbing his nipples. I couldn't believe how much I wanted to feel them against my tongue. I felt Jake's hands massage down my back to cup and squeeze my ass. Like a bolt of lightning I realized that Jake was going to want to return this favor.

My cock was immediately and unbelievably hard and I felt Jake's hand slip around to my cock to stroke up and down my length. I groaned and slid down to taste his hard flat nipples. I took his now-hard cock in my hands and felt its weight in my hand, ran my fingers through the precum.

"Shit, Shane," Jake groaned as I started to move down to take his cock into my mouth. "I've waited too long for this. Hurry and fuck me. Fuck my ass."

He was moving to roll over onto his stomach when his sister's voice stopped us. "No, Jake. Don't lie there...come and lean up against this chair. I can sit in front of you and suck your cock while Shane is fucking you. And you'll be needing some lube, Shane," Julie ran her fingers through the lips of her wet swollen cunt. "I've got a lifetime supply."

We moved over to the chair. I knelt down and shoved my cock into Julie's pussy, she moaned and said "Mmmmmm, you'll have to come back again when you can stay longer."

I removed my cock from the little sister and moved over to big brother. I rubbed my hands over his ass and fingered his tight asshole. "Have you ever had anything up here before?" I asked.

"Yeah, small things though...never a cock," he said. "Hurry up, I can't wait to feel your cock inside of me. I want you to fuck my ass hard."

I started pushing the head of my cock into his ass. I moaned as the head popped past his sphincter and the rest of my cock followed, filling his ass. His little sister took his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it, I started fucking in and out of his hot, tight ass. We'd both shot our loads so many times in the past twenty-four hours that our fucking lasted forever. It was so good and I thought it was never going to end.

Finally Jake let out a loud moan and I looked down to see Julie's face being splattered with his cum, her little tongue straining to catch as much of it as possible. It was too much for me, I moaned and shot my load deep in Jake's ass. I was leaning against his back, trying to catch my breath when I felt Julie pushing me away from him. My limp cock slipped out of his ass with a little popping sound and Julie started licking his asshole, lapping up my cum as it slid out of him.

I stepped around and flopped down into the chair that Jake was leaning against. "Damn, you were right," I said. "Your sister is some kinda slut."

To Be Continued...

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